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  1. KickStarter Bans Bulk Quantity Rewards over 10
  2. SEC Moves Hearing on JOBS Act Advertising Rules to August 29
  3. Kickstarter Makes some Important Rule Changes
  4. Italy prepared for Legalization of Equity CrowdFunding as Well!
  5. Kickstarter brings crowdfunding magic to the U.K. on Oct. 31
  6. Gambitious launches crowdfunding platform for video games only
  7. Open source app to start your own crowdfunding sites
  8. Why Crowdfunding Will Explode In 2013
  9. The First Crowdfunding Bootcamp Held in Las Vegas
  10. Crowdfunding changed as industry evolved
  11. Kickstarter has officially launched in the UK.
  12. Europe and Plans for the Future of Crowdfunding
  13. Kickstarter: No Equity Crowdfunding or IPO For Us
  14. Department of Financial Institutions Concerned about "Crowdfunding" Investments
  15. The European Crowdfunding Network / European Crowdfunding Association Join Forces
  16. Crowdfunding Site EarlyShares Strikes Deal With Hollywood Studio ...
  17. Outgoing SEC Chair Schapiro Delayed JOBS Act Rulemaking Over Legacy Worries
  18. Music is the game-changer! Freq.Trigger - Music modified gaming on Kickstarter
  19. India sets up village to nurture start ups.
  20. Indiegogo Spreads Throughout the World
  21. Kickstarter Raises 2 million Pounds in First month in UK
  22. Social Impact Crowdfunding Platform Launches in New Brunswick to Fight Homelessness
  23. Schapiro Resigns SEC Leaving Equity Crowdfunding at a Standstill
  24. Canadian Crowdfunding Soon?? OSC releases consultation paper
  25. SecondMarket and AngelList Team Up to Allow Equity Funding for Accredited investors
  26. 6 Months Away From the SEC Putting CrowdFunding Rules in Place
  27. SEC Deadline Nears - Yet There are No Rules Yet
  28. Equity CrowdFunding Rules Unlikely Until 2014
  29. Engadget Is Holding a $25,000 CrowdFudning Contest
  30. ECF in place Q4 - 13 or more likely Q1 '14
  31. The Wisdom of CrowdFunding - 6 Million investors!
  32. FINRA Issues Voluntary Interim Form for Crowdfunding Portals - The Ball Starts Rollin
  33. Four gadgets that define CES 2013:Of these, one has an astonishing kickstarter story!
  34. Uinvest at Crowd Conference 2012 - Sanfransisco Oct 23rd
  35. Crowdfunding Industry Survey
  36. Watsi, A Medical Crowdfundign Site Becomes Y Combinator’s First Nonprofit Startup
  37. Boltform (form builder) on Indiegogo.com
  38. SEC Almost Ready With a Draft Set of CrowdFunding Rules
  39. Prosper.com Secures $20 Million Financing and Gets New CEO
  40. FINRA Moves Closer to Equity Funding Regulations
  41. Israel Jumps Into CrowdFunding with OurCrowd
  42. FSA Approves First CrowdFunding Portal in the UK
  43. Björk cancels Kickstarter campaign for Biophilia Android and Windows 8 app
  44. Crowdvance’s Fundraising Model is a Game Changer
  45. Kickstarter? There's now an official iPhone app for that
  46. Major CrowdFunding Industry Meeting Scheduled for Feb 19th
  47. RockThePost Will Launch Their Equity CrowdFunding Platform March 5th
  48. iCrowd Launches Equity CrowdFunding Social Network
  49. In person CrowdFunding, The Next Big Crowdfunding Niche?
  50. SEC Uses the words "Soon," and "CrowdFunding" Together in Sentence
  51. Will the s.e.c. Kill crowdfunding?
  52. 44% Of Video Game Developers Will Use CrowdFunding In the Future
  53. Brian Fargo’s New Game Explodes on Kickstarter
  54. Uinvest - Crowdfunding Co @ the 10th China International Investment and Finance Expo
  55. Mary Jo White, SEC Nominee, Says Jobs Act Will be Top Priority
  56. Veronica Mars Movie? Ha! How About 16 Million in a Day?
  57. U.K. Homegrown Crowdfunding Platforms Band Together To Create Self-Regulatory Body
  58. Kiva Celebrates It's 1 millionth Borrower
  59. Crowdfunding Real Estate - Realtymogul.com Goes Live
  60. CrowdFunding Will Not Replace Venture Capitalism According to Steve Case
  61. UK Crowdfunding Government Projects Wuich Were cut by Austerity
  62. Early Shares – A Leader in Equity Crowdfunding
  63. Arizona Congressman's Threat to Enact Equity CrowdFunding Despite SEC Lack of action
  64. Y Combinator This Year is All About Crowdfunding
  65. Watch Out Banks, CrowdFudning is a Threat!
  66. The Man Who CrowdFunded Himself - Miek Merrill
  67. SEC Ok's Equity Funding For Accredited investor
  68. Equity CrowdFunding Is workign Weel for UK Businesses
  69. Norwegian site hopes to be first to crowdfund clinical trial
  70. Italy to Pass Equity CrowdFunding Regulations Before US
  71. Indiegogo Attacked in DDOS attack - Down 5-6 Hours
  72. CrowdFunding Industry Grows 81% Last Year
  73. Heated Debate Between Entrepreneurs and the SEC On Equity CrowdFunding
  74. US Leads The World In CrowdFunding
  75. Kickstarter Launches Video View Mode
  76. House Committees Hold Hearings on Delays
  77. Web tools to help you plan for death-MyOwnEUlogy.com
  78. Crowdfunding Raises over $2 million for Bost Marathon Victims
  79. Zach Braff Turns to Kickstarter to Fund "Wish I Was Here"
  80. CNBC's "Crowd Rules," To Take Crowdfunding PrimeTime
  81. Documentary About Bitcoin CrowdFunded With Bitcoin
  82. NPR Turns to Crowdfunding for Next Story, "Planet Money"
  83. Google Buys Stake in Debt Based CrowdFunding Company Lending Club
  84. Donald Trump Launches CrowdFunding Platform FundAnything.com
  85. $660 Million to Buy a Newspaper Via Crowdfunding
  86. Colleges and Universities turn to Crowdfunding
  87. Equity Crowdfunding Has been Legal in British Columbia for Years
  88. Whitehouse Hosts "Champions of Change," Event for Pioneers of Crowdfunding
  89. Microsoft to Help Students Crowdfund Laptop Purchased via "Chip In"
  90. Donald Trump's FundAnything Looks to Bring Celebrities to Crowdfunding
  91. ANTHYMN - An Online World Shaped By Music - Kickstarter Launch
  92. International Equity Crowdfunding Proves to be Fraudless
  93. News Release: ZoshPit - Australia’s Premiere Music Focused Crowdfunding Platform Has
  94. Turkish Protesters Turn to Indiegogo to Fund Full Page New York Times Ad
  95. States Taking the Initiative in Equity Crowdfunding
  96. Equity Crowdfunding Investors are Herd Like
  97. Stanford Class Project: Create Bitcoin Crowdfunding SIte
  98. CfPA Announces The 2nd Annual Crowd Investing Innovation Forum
  99. Equity Crowdfunding Legal in Italy Next Week!
  100. US Equity Crowdfunding Regulations May Be Proposed within Weeks
  101. Star Citizen: Largest CrowdFunding Project to Date - Over $14 million Raised
  102. The Crowdfund Mafia and Indiegogo Announce Joint Event at Comic-Con Int’l 2013
  103. BREAKING NEWS: SEC Approves Equity CrowdFunding General Solicitation!
  105. OUYA Launches $1 million Fund to Match Kickstarter Developers
  106. Ubuntu Edge Shatters All Indiegogo Records With Project
  107. Snapshot of Crowdfunding & the JOBS Act in 2013
  108. Raleigh North Carolina To Use Crowdfunding to Finance Projects it Can't afford
  109. Crowdfunding Rules Coming By The Fall Says SEC Chairwoman
  110. NASA Not Planning Crowdfunding Now, But May Use it In the Future
  111. Kickstarter Opens up to Canada!
  112. Canadian Cities The First to Turn to Citizen Crowdfunding
  113. Wisconsin Joins States looking to Implement their own Equity Crowdfunding Legislature
  114. Ohio Investigating SomoLend.com
  115. Australian Politician Uses CrowdFunding for Campaing Funding
  116. UK Business Angels embrace crowd funding for the first time
  117. Indiegogo Reinstates Project for North Korean News Site
  118. Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp - Oct 14th - 16th
  119. Crowdfunding Raises over $11,000 for Facebook Hacker
  120. Indiegogo Founder Presentation "How to Raise $1 million in 30 days" - Aug 27th
  121. First CrowdFunding Tv Channel Announced
  122. RockThePost Issues Letter to SEC About General Solicitation
  123. Kickstarter Canada to Allow Projects on Monday Sept 9th
  124. 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit - Free Registration
  125. Free Registration for 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit
  126. Predictions of crowdfunding trends in 2014
  127. France Takes Steps to Suuport Private Crowdfunding
  128. Kickstarter Coming to Australia and New Zealand
  129. Paypal Gets Crowdfunding Friendlier
  130. Indiegogo Teams with Embed.ly to Make Things Easier for Project Managers
  131. Homeless Man Returns $40k He Found - Crowdfunding Campaign for him already at $85k+
  132. CrowdCrux Launches Ultimate Crowdfunding Directory
  133. NJ Senator About to Introduce Crowdfunding Bill
  134. IBM Uses Inter Company Crowdfunding to Decide on Projects
  135. Housing Developer Raises Largest Equity Crowdfunding Total to Date
  136. Crowdfunding Regulation Coming to Europe?
  137. Oakland Residents Crowdfund Private Police Force
  138. One Month In, Kickstarter Canada a Huge Success
  139. Kickstarter Australia and New Zealand Projects Go Live November 13th
  140. XPrize to Soon Be Funded Via Kickstarter/Indiegogo
  141. Kickstarter Hits 5,000,000 Unique Backers
  142. Breaking News: SEC to Relax Equity Crowdfunding Required Proposal: Oct 23rd
  143. Only 11% Of US Small Business's Are Aware of Crowdfunding
  144. Senate Group Pushes SEC to Act on CrowdFunding
  145. SEC Announces Meeting to Propose CrowdFunding Rules Oct 23rd!
  146. BREAKING NEWS: SEC Approves Equity Crowdfunding Proposal Unanimously
  147. Steve Case, AOL's Founder Issues Statement on SEC's Proposed Crowdfunding Rules
  148. FundingCircle Raises $37 Million to Expand to the U.S.
  149. "As Seen On TV" Launches Their Own CrowdFunding Platform
  150. The U.K. FCA Proposes New Crowdfunding Rules
  151. Kickstarter Gets New CEO, Yancey Strickler
  152. CrowdCube to Expand Internationally Within Months
  153. OurCrowd Signs Co-Investment Agreement ith GE Venture
  154. Illinois Attorney General Gets Involved in Kickstarter Flop
  155. Kickstarter Cancels LUCI Project - Possible Fraud
  156. Lending Club to File for IPO in 2014
  157. Kickstarter Scammer Defrauds Over 100 People
  158. Bankrupt City of Central Falls, RI Turns to Crowdfunding
  159. Indiegogo Joins the #GivingTuesday Movement
  160. CrowdCube To Expand to Spain, Italy, and New Zealand
  161. Seedrs Expands Across Europe
  162. Kickstarter Project Planetary Resources Partners With NASA
  163. Mars One Turns to Crowdfunding!
  164. Equity Crowdfunding Now Legal in Saskatchewan Canada
  165. Kickstarter's Oculus VR Raises $75 Million in Series B Funding
  166. Symbid Prepares to Enter US Market
  167. UK Equity CrowdFunding Grows 600% in 2013
  168. Kickstarter Adds Major Search and Social Features
  169. SEC Proposed Rule Amendment to Regulation A
  170. First Major CrowdFunding Platform to Accept Bitcoin - Idea.me
  171. Google and Others to Offer Low Interest Loans Through LendingClub to Employees
  172. Crowdfunding record in Austria
  173. Realty Mogul, Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Releases Key Stats
  174. Seedrs Has Best Month Ever - £3 Million +
  175. WeFunder Plans for Unaccredited Equity Crowdfunding By Summer
  176. "Remembering Michael" Crowdfunding Project Removed by Katherine Jackson
  177. Indiegogo Will Host Google Hangout
  178. Edward Snowden Project "Classified" Closes, Raised $842k
  179. FINRA's 2014 Priorities Center Around Crowdfunding
  180. Indiegogo OutPost Announced
  181. Pozible 's Self Hosted Crowdfunding Initiative Goes Live
  182. eShares, VStock Partner to Provide Elecrontic Stock Certs to Crowdfunding Companies
  183. Crowd funding campaign turned Marketing Competition
  184. PitchFuse Launches (Public Beta) - Prefunding, Giveaways, and more.
  185. Get ready for SEC Equity Crowdfunding Rules!
  186. Indiegogo Raises $40 Million For Themselves
  187. Submit your entries for the 2nd Annual Crowdfundie Awards!
  188. Kickstarter Hacked
  189. Over $1 Billion raised by successful projects on Crowdfundfusion.com
  190. Fundable Acquires LaunchRock, Bringing Business Ideas to Life Through Crowdfunding
  191. DHL Shows that No Business is too Small to Go Global - Sparkbeats Team is the Winner
  192. Kickstarter's Fuel3D Signs $1.1 Million Contract
  193. CrowdU launches Certified Crowdfunding Professanal (CCFP) accreditation program
  194. Crowdfunding for IT, Website and Mobile Apps Launched
  195. Crowdfunding Pays For Students Tuition and Leaves Graduates Debt Free!
  196. Debt and Equity Crowd funding site Launched - Crowd for Angels
  197. Crowdfunding Generates More Than $60,000 an Hour (Infographic)
  198. Gulliver's Gate - The World's Greatest Miniature World
  199. The artpreneurs exclusive crowdfunding platform is launched to artists
  200. YouTube and Crowdfunding
  201. Patreon raises $15 million!
  202. GeeFunding Accepting New Projects and Charity Campaigns!
  203. Top Crowdfunding Industry Stories This Month (June)
  204. Crowdfunding Gains Ground in Japan
  205. 'Crowdfunding' platform created to fund West Michigan real estate investments
  206. Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson announces rules for crowdfunding in Indiana
  207. Alibaba’s rival JD.com pushes crowdfunding in China by launching its own platform
  208. Seedrs Starts Offering ‘Convertible’ Equity Option
  209. Real Estate Crowdfunding Continues To Make Headway
  210. Can Crowdfunding Jumpstart Early Stage Drug Research?
  211. RockThePost Merges with CoFoundersLab to Form Onevest
  212. OurCrowd Raises $60M in Equity Crowdfunding for 46 Companies
  213. Crowdcube backed by private equity firm
  214. Hard Rock Hotel raises $1.5M in crowdfunding campaign
  215. StarHub’s crowdfunding platform goes live, offering entrepreneurs in Asia new options
  216. Realty Mogul Crowdfunds Georgetown Plaza in Washington DC
  217. IdeasTap Launches Accelerator: Commission-Free Crowdfunding For Creative People
  218. District of Columbia recently proposed new rules to permit equity crowdfunding
  219. SKULLY sets new funding record on IndieGoGo
  220. Teachers turn to online crowdfunding to help supply classrooms
  221. Revolutionary New Sports Game App!
  222. Who will be the luckiest one to get the last Uncia $599 DLP 3D printer on Indiegogo!!
  223. Tips we can learn from the Coolest Cooler on how to relaunch a crowdfunding campaign
  224. http://www.gofundme.com/Argan-oil-startup
  225. Rolex service is no more a difficult task
  226. Original Psychedelic Art Posters
  227. #FundItForward week @IndieGoGo
  228. SuiteCRM 8 KickStarter Campaign is coming very soon!!
  229. iceScreen our first Kickstarter campaign Launched TODAY
  230. SuiteCRM 8 will be going live tomorrow!!
  231. Tymzup Alarm : Bet.. Set.. Motivate
  232. SuiteCRM 8 is now LIVE on KickStarter!
  233. The Biggest Misconceptions of Crowdfunding in Australia
  234. Need Reviews Cccam Server
  235. Back to the present: Hendo Hoverboard is on Kickstarter, will launch October 2015
  236. How we make Electricity bill in Excel?
  237. How imagine this forum !
  238. Doom & Destiny Advanced Could Happen (but It Needs Your Help)
  239. Kickstarter Takes Part in 4 Documentary Festivals this Month
  240. This Crowdfunding Campaign to Teach Kids Coding Just Broke Indiegogo’s Record
  241. New TV Show ‘The Next Big Thing’ Combines Shark Tank With Kickstarter
  242. World’s 1st Earphones that save your hearing & your music!
  243. New Crowd Funding Solution
  244. Get a Free T-Shirt
  245. Education Website Reviews
  246. Crowdfunding News (11/3 - 11/14)
  247. Rooster Teeth Acquired by Fullscreen after Huge Success on Indiegogo
  248. Create Interactive 3D Models for Your Kickstarter Campaign with Sketchfab
  249. LexShares Launches Platform for Crowdfunding U.S. Lawsuits
  250. Crowdsurfer Offers a New Crowdfunding Search and Analytics Tool