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  1. Sentiment-based crowdfunding research
  2. Lending Club IPO?
  3. 2014 Crowdfunding Predictions
  4. Equity crowd funding
  5. Prosper Vs Lending Club Experiment
  6. If you could make a suggestion to policymakers, what would it be?
  7. Will Equity Crowdfunding Costs Be Too Much?
  8. What do you think about this?
  9. Kickstarter 2013 Year In Review
  10. Will 2014 Be the Breakout Year for Equity Crowdfunding?
  11. Looking for interview participants within the Glasgow region
  12. Crowd funding in the music industry
  13. Solutions for donors who are not tech savvy?
  14. 3rd Party Promotions
  15. Crowdfunding to Generate $3.2 Trillion / Year by 2020
  16. Invitation for all startup / SME owners to participate in a crowdfunding research
  17. Self-dealing in crowdfunding?
  18. Paid Crowdfunding Research for UK Residents
  19. Let me know your thoughts on the crowd-funding platform i'm about to launch
  20. Kickstarter Vs Indiegogo
  21. New Crowdfunding Concept: Reward FIRST Crowdfunding!
  22. Article - "Does crowdfunding make sense for my project?"
  23. Amped Up Aliens: Red Hot Rebellion Comic Book & Concept Album
  24. * Is Fundrazr OK to use?
  25. Hot Crowdfunded Project: Kainda - Eco Personal Care 'The Hunter's Daughter'
  26. Going beyond simple crowdfunding: not just raise material resources but ideas.
  27. Crowdfunding Market Research
  28. Anyone have experience with BackersHub?
  29. Nothing from the SEC on equity crowdfunding yet????
  30. Is the future of CrowdFunding going to be 'niche' sites (along with a few big sites)?
  31. Crowdfunding Scientific Research
  32. Kickstarter still dominates most funded projects - comparison to other sites
  33. Can one of my rewards be equity??
  34. Have you heard of www.PressReleaseGorilla.com ??
  35. Anyone want to manage a CROWDFUNDING campaign for me?
  36. What really is the purpose of Crowdfund Buzz?
  37. Project funders experiences needed!
  38. Essay about Crowdfunding
  39. Crowdfunding for Projects Aimed at Seniors - Rpeorter's query
  40. Research on applying crowdfunding to realize impact investing – join the research!
  41. Kickstarter is a great market for green ransport innovation
  42. Asking Backers for Donation After Failure?
  43. SBA Crowdfunding Sites: Top 3 Tips to Get Funding Once and For All
  44. Just Another Sheep - A Graphic Novel
  45. Your input on your crowdfunding experience will help us build a crowdfunding toolkit
  46. Which name is better for a new crowdfunding platform?
  47. Kickstarter vs Indiegogo
  48. Motives for crowdfunding
  49. Crowdfund a home
  50. US Equity crowdfunding?
  51. Crowdfunding Algorithm Exposed
  52. Crowdfinding project - video
  53. can i get funds for my men product?
  54. Equity crowdfunding platforms and company screening
  55. Has anyone succeeded, without major rewards using crowd funding?
  56. Crowdfunding supporters. where?
  57. We need your input for new features and feedback for Crowdfundfusion.com !
  58. 6 days left on Kickstarter "Out of My Hand"
  59. AVP: Dissolution - A Stop Motion Fan Film
  60. Brand new project The Micro-Pouch!
  61. Help: Advice needed
  62. Help: Questions for thesis on Crowdfunding!
  63. For You
  64. Wounded Warrior Documentary
  65. Unknown Destiny (Kickstarter Project)
  66. Who are the up-and-comers?
  67. Crowdfunding platform and deal screening 101
  68. theartpreneurs are here to rock the art world
  69. How to Crowdfund a Wedding?
  70. 7 Key Traits of a Highly Successful Crowdfunder
  71. Why do you want to donate to Kickstarter? (a short survey)
  72. Crowdfunding Small Projects (<$500 Goals)
  73. Reputable Crowdfunding Managers/Promoters?
  74. CAPITALISTA - News and directory for CrowdFunding
  75. Has anyone else Pozible to crowd fund a project?
  76. Are you an artist considering crowdfunding? Read this
  77. Finders Keepers: Murder-Mystery/Thriller Novel - A Crowd-sourcing Project
  78. Research study about crowd funding. Please help me!
  79. Has anyone considered P2P (peer to peer lending) over crowdfunding?
  80. I am new to the crowd funding scene.
  81. Do you think intrastate equity crowdfunding will have an impact?
  82. Please help me graduate - Online survey about motivation
  83. Competition in crowdfunding rounds, the more the better
  84. Anyone used Prefundia's Power Ups?
  85. Landing/Leading pages should be one page or more?
  86. (Another) Master thesis on Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs
  87. Who are the crowdfunding experts?
  88. Potato Salad
  89. What does a potato salad teach us about crowdfunding?
  90. received $500 donation overnight o.O
  91. Looking for Advice on current running Kickstarter campaign
  92. Has anyone tried Bridgestarter?
  93. Did you ever want to crowdfund your idea but didn't know how to start?
  94. Pre and Post money valuation in a startup financing round
  95. Will China beat US in equity crowdfunding to the punch?
  96. Kickstarter or Crowdfunding Fraud Watch site?
  97. Bad experience of using crowfundbuzz / crowd funding marketing service
  98. Popularity Does not = $$$
  99. Crowdfunding Research: Backers' Thoughts On Projects that don't deliver/deliver late
  100. Q&A with EarlyShares CEO on the future of crowdfunding
  101. How I Made $106,830 On Indiegogo With This Traffic Generation Strategy
  102. New Crowdfunding Youtube Series!
  103. Massive Crowdfunding Challenges
  104. Have you found promoting on Reddit to be effective?
  105. Flexible vs. Fixed funding on Indiegogo or other sites?
  106. The right or wrong company to promote my project
  107. Vocca -Turn any simple light bulb into a voice activated one
  108. Open Interview Invitation for Crowdfunding Research
  109. See best performing projects of Today.
  110. Campaign Challenges
  111. Voice to voice decoder?
  112. Does PledgeMusic Misrepresent Music Crowdfunding?
  113. The 7 Super Duper Kickstarter Inventions to Innovate Kids’ Minds
  114. Anyone here has experience or knows anyone who has done real estate crowdfunding b4?
  115. News from 3ders.org-$299 for DLP printer and help donate to Asian Schools
  116. Crowdfunding cross promotions
  117. Uncia completed its $10000 goal in 4 days!
  118. The world's first Crowdfunding Board Game!!
  119. The Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy Says He Isn't In This For The Money?
  120. Saving the land
  121. Which tend to get backed more: artistic or scientific/practical campaigns
  122. Dollar Pledge Club: Episode 2
  123. Awesome!!! Flexible resin!!! $299 3D printer
  124. Fast Food Buddy Kickstarter Idea For Less Mess
  125. Using a .net TLD extension domain for a Funding company
  126. Which Crowdfunding platform do you find the best?
  127. What do you think about Neil Young’s Pono Music now doing equity crowdfunding?
  128. (Equity crowdfunding infographic) Should you consider investing in a growth company?
  129. What motivates us to participate in crowdfunding?
  130. What Crow Funding Site Is Most Favorable For a Musician to Start A Campaign On?
  131. Crowdfunding vs. Angel Investment vs. Venture Capital
  132. I built a 2D game engine - now looking for a game designer for crowd-funded project!
  133. HI Crowd Funding
  134. Crowd Funding a web app
  135. Any Significance to the lack of $1 pledges?
  136. New crowdfunding newsletter
  137. Anyone use BoostYourKickstarter?
  138. Chocolate diplomacy campaign
  139. All those playing card kickstarters?
  140. Review of CrowdCheck?
  141. New One
  142. Ooey Gooey Brownies!
  143. Support For Non-Commercial Projects
  144. Crowdfunding Industry Forum VIP Program (free promotion)
  145. New here.
  146. Thoughts on the evolution of equity crowdfunding: how far has the industry gone?
  147. Hello everyone :)
  148. Any Florida CrowdFund Campaigners New or Old?
  149. Hey, I need your opinion on this ;)
  150. Have you ever been homeless ? Disabled without income, support or hope ? I am !
  151. A week in and over 25% there!
  152. Who is the owner of the money raised in crowdfunding websites?
  153. Same old boring story format v/s new idea ????
  154. Has anyone tried to use a charity donation as a KS reward?
  155. Best time of day/month to start and end campaign?
  156. Rewards for service oriented campaigns?
  157. The Quaildogs need your help.
  158. Are crowdfunding websites made only for products that can be purchased ?
  159. A Game on US immigration
  160. "AnswerLite" New Online Q&A Community Seeks Funding On IndieGoGO
  161. Our laid-back, fluff-free approach to crowdfunding.
  162. Best Place for tour?
  163. SuiteCRM 8 KickStarter Campaign
  164. Is immigration such a boring topic ?
  165. Got picked as a STAFF PICK!!
  166. Use a Celebrity to Promote Your project?
  167. Please help me find out the success factors in crowdfunding:-)
  168. crowd funding promotion?
  169. Your Thought's SEO?
  170. Tips for promoting - with nothing to promote!
  171. Some questions about croedfunding an art project
  172. Crowdfunding research for non crowdfunding people
  173. Are equity crowdfunding investments "dumb money"?
  174. What are we doing wrong on our Campaign?
  175. I'll Contribute to Your Crwodfunding Project
  176. Help the best open source CRM become even better!!
  177. The SuiteCRM 8 KickStarter campaign is fast approaching!
  178. One week into my Kickstarter project and I learnt a few things.
  179. Introducing my idea - What do you think?
  180. Any experience with the company "Will It Launch"
  181. Sponsored Blog Posts
  182. New to the Forum, new to crowd sourcing!
  183. Have you backed 50+ Kickstarter projects? There is now a club for you!
  184. Hire an Artist Project
  185. (KICKSTARTER) Revolutionary Shoe Invention KNU MII!!!
  186. Seeking advice on how to get more backers!
  187. How To Attract Kickstarter Fans Before Your Project Becomes a Doomed Failure
  188. Help raise awareness of SuiteCRM 8!!
  189. Kickstarter Video Advice Needed
  190. Selling Perks for a free product!?
  191. Meet the man who raised $1,032,168 on Indiegogo, while spending only $200!
  192. Support Walk for ALS
  193. indiegogo funding with paypal
  194. Making sense of all available projects
  195. what do you think of 5 cents for 30mins of crowdfunding advice?
  196. Featuring Zombie Related Crowdfunding Projects Weekly
  197. It is the final days of my Keystone Kickstarter. Here are some of the lessons I learn
  198. Price discrimination and shareholder management
  199. Yeah SUP - the low cost stand up paddle board
  200. Referral program for Kickstarter campaign
  201. Alternative P2P Crowdlending platforms
  202. Crowdfunding customers exchange forum
  203. Thunderclap Ending in 2 days with 300,000 + Social Media Outreach Will Report Results
  204. Tell me your opinions about equity crowdfunding? Take part in survey and Win a prize
  205. Female science fiction and fantasy writer
  206. What do you think of this campaign ?
  207. We've heard of like for like. How about share for share?
  208. Funnell Eject Wear Backpack
  209. Kickstarter Promotional People
  210. IronFire
  211. Do you like winter?
  212. Post-apocalyptic days: Raid and Trade turns to Kickstarter
  213. E-sports Centre UK
  214. getfollowers2day.com
  215. Patreon
  216. So...Zack Danger Brown Esq - What a guy! Who knew? The Potato is still King
  217. Philanthropic giving is not new Crowd Funding has just helped to bring more awareness
  218. Can there be too many crowd funding sites?
  219. Can the many crowd funding PR companies help to get your project funded?
  220. How Kickstarter Turned Into the Venture Capitalist's Best Friend
  221. How Do You Handle Site Security?
  222. What type of crowdfunding are you MOST interested in?
  223. Worried about supporters
  224. Any way to track Kickstarter traffic to projects?
  225. Crowdfunding Anonymously?
  226. Help compiling a FAQ for Gameplay
  227. Everybody know Kickspy? Lottsa great info
  228. Your opinions about Business?
  229. On delivering perk before end of campaign.
  230. A Free Crowdfunding ebook on Amazon for you guys.. (only 24-28 Nov)
  231. Last days for Raid & Trade. Live to trade; raid to live!
  232. Need an advice on choosing a platform
  233. Partner?
  234. 2nd Attempt Launching Kickstarter - Kids Pirate Adventures Encouraging Healthy Eating
  235. Off site crowd funding
  236. Have you used paid marketing/promotion companies for your crowdfunding?
  237. Best and Worst Months to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign?
  238. CrowdBoarders- People who make a difference...
  239. Happy Monday! - Anyone looking to make money?
  240. Need critique and opinion on campaign
  241. Please support our project WiFi + HiFi Speaker
  242. Crowdfunding Survey
  243. I've got THE perfect Crowdfunding Project.
  244. The problems with equity crowdfunding
  245. Where can I get a journalist email list?
  246. Help Color-blind Documentary with 3-minute survey
  247. Any tips for promoting for a small community project?
  248. BEWARE of "Crowd PR guru" SCAM SCAM SCAM!
  249. See the IndieGoGo Factor Working For This Campaign NOW
  250. how to run a bring your 2 or 3 friends and get your product free campaign almost auto