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  1. 30 days, 45 days or 60 days?
  2. if only all those backer, supporter, media / pr, marketing, rocket companies..
  3. I'd like some advice
  4. Is Indiegogo funding sourcing sub paid a scam?
  5. Who deleted my post?!
  6. Helen of Troy. The Face that launched a thousand ships.
  7. Any sucess stories from the 50 posts VIP treatment
  8. I have an important question that I have not seen answered anywhere else. Honesty???
  9. Any Idea using Buzzfeed to promote Kickstarter campaign?
  10. Top 50 Crowdfunding Campaigns: Fifty Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns
  11. A question about Indiegogo campaign
  12. Should indie game developers always make a demo for their Kickstarter?
  13. How does Kickstarter's new payment system, Stripe, affect projects?
  14. Should I cancel an unsuccessful project that already raised 5500 USD?
  15. Do Sub-Reddits work for pre-promotion?
  16. how does mailing lists perform?
  17. Getting Customers to Your Ecommerce Store after Kickstarter
  18. Too sick to promote my campaign. Anyone up for it for a % of the raised money?
  19. What does these stats tell you? Funding progress Last updated less than a minute ago
  20. Help/ suggestions for my personal campaign?
  21. What do you think of my story?
  22. I need help to get traffic??
  23. Reward Idea for $1
  24. Game Share: Gamers making Games [share4share]
  25. I can't do the '10-30%' family/friend fund goal for my Kickstarter, help!?
  26. Help with Landing page or website for campaign !
  27. Is there a downside to starting the same campaign on many fundraising sites?
  28. Getting the word out there
  29. CrowdTell.com legit?
  30. Is this site legit
  31. adwords or facebook ads
  32. Green Inbox, feedback, review??
  33. Outsourcing for CAMPAIGN PERKS/REWARDS? Yay or nay!?
  34. A few short questions for successful start of a campaign?
  35. Reward vs coolness factor as the hook. Which is more powerful to create buzz?
  36. Has anyone used and benefited from using Thunderclap?
  37. Can this forum/site blacklist CrowdFund Buzz
  38. Feedback for PlugMob (alt to Thunderclap / Headtalker )
  39. Has anybody used Agency 2.0?
  40. Tracky-World's first motion capture sportswear- Need more traffic.
  41. Kickstarter backend pages for project creators
  42. FREE For You! The $16 MILLION Crowdfund Academy Proven Course
  43. Free crowdfunding!
  44. PR sites that will get you noticed?
  45. Crowdfunding 101 Infographic
  46. Those Website to help promoting your campaign majority are scammed? seem like it
  47. Why is this happening?
  48. Indiegogo fee + Paypal fee = 35%
  49. The usual question: Who is a reliable PR co?
  50. Kickstarter's 'Popular' Algorithm
  51. My Plan: Advertising, Launching, Shipping. ( Need your opinion )
  52. Can someone tell me whats wrong with my campaign
  53. Importance of all aspects of a campaign: opinions?
  54. Why go with Kickstarter or IndieGoGo ?
  55. I need some friendly advice
  56. About trademarks
  57. All or nothing vs take what you get
  58. A collaborative music kickstarter?
  59. Building Audiance ?
  60. RideGlide (The University CarPool) Kickstarter Campaign
  61. SmartCrowdfunding - Scam or Bad PR Company? or just both
  62. Plase help my Master thesis - 10 minutes survey
  63. DragonMage Warfare Now on Kickstarter!
  64. What charateristics are important for a succesful project?
  65. Please check us out!
  66. Fill in my survey and WIN a $20,- Amazon Gift Card! Please help me graduate :D
  67. How do you make time to prep for a crowdfunding campaign if you have a full-time job
  68. I would love some genuine feedback on my insect bar project :-)
  69. I totally SCREWED UP but can't give up - Tips for the Underdog?
  70. Fund-Raiser Not Going well any advice help would be appreciated
  71. How to Make a Crowdfunding Video for Zero Budget
  72. Best time to start a 30 days campaign
  73. How the Heck Do I . . .
  74. Master's thesis survey. Backers/Creators welcome!
  75. Parallel/Multiple Crowdfunding Campaigns?
  76. Any feedback is welcome - Young man with dreams and a Kickstarter project
  77. Want to Back Each Others Project?
  78. The Unsatisfied Inventor that Now Looks Like a Tech Startup Genius – ATK096
  79. Which platform for a documentation based project?
  80. Almost 100,000€ funded and 12 days to go, how did i do?
  81. My fiverr backs your campaign
  82. [PRE-PROMOTION] What else can I do for my Pre-Launch campaign?
  83. alternative crowdfunding
  84. Appreciate Any Feedback & Support On:Newly Launch Crowdfuning Platform
  85. Reached My Funding Goal In Less Than 7 Days!
  86. Crowdfunding's Next Hot Frontier:Real Estate
  87. Inside Pete - Kickstarter
  88. Helping People Travel The World
  89. Email to Staff Pick!
  90. Does anyone know . . .
  91. Looking for help to get our project funded!
  92. HELP! crowdfunding MSc thesis
  93. [help - research – survey- crowdfunding]
  94. How To Approach Bloggers Without Offending Them
  95. web survey on crowdfunding/lending habits
  96. We need your feedback on our live crowdfund.
  97. Any past experience with Ayudos?
  98. Is there any way I can track various donor sources?
  99. Find out how crowdfunding works, some of the benefits and risks, and our view of this
  100. What is the best way of advertising a crowdfunding campaign?
  101. How I got my project funded on the first day (a course on how to make websites)
  102. My Kickstarter campaign was funded in less than 12 hours, ask me anything
  103. Best Months to Launch a Tech-based Campaign
  104. Crowdfunding to start a small business. Questions....
  105. Quick, easy question for anyone with a project on Indiegogo
  106. About to launch first campaign would be so grateful for any suggestions!!!
  107. 70% Kickstarter projects funding success with this!
  108. Kickstarter cover image is showing up super dark D:
  109. Which were the most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns
  110. How to make an app project more successful on Kickstarter?
  111. Why is your project ranking so low on Kickstarter? How to increase them?
  112. I am a student in Taiwan. Please help me fill out the questionnaire.
  113. Crowdfunding Platform in Singapore
  114. Any advice fMy first kickstarter i made to help out my dad's cool baseball board game
  115. I will raise funds for your campaign
  116. Question about KickRank.com
  117. Potato Wars Official Card Game -- feedback?
  118. 50% off fees for game and app projects in May
  119. Kid Proof Cover
  120. Anybody Know Where I Can Get a List of Previous Donors?
  121. Live video AMA - How to build KICKSTARTER product users love
  122. Has Anyone Used Affiliates to Promote Their Campaign?
  123. Looking for a Marketing Pro
  124. Beyond Family & Friends ... What Is Your Best Fundraising Strategy?
  125. "RayGo"- What do you think?
  126. messages on kickstarter help
  127. New artistic project, no idea how to promote it!
  128. Does anyone ever try kississbankbank?
  129. charity crowdfunding community
  130. Looking for a person to setup a campaign and help with it.
  131. Birth of the Equity Crowdfunding Platform
  132. Warning! Beware of The GogoFactor
  133. Are the prices of my perks good?
  134. Looking For Big Idea’s???Get Profitable Idea’s For Your Startup Business or Company.
  135. Looking for equity-based crowdinvestors (master thesis) !
  136. Equity Crowdfunding for non-accredited investors
  137. I would like feedback on my kickstarter project
  138. Great Crowdfunding Project yet not converting high nos. - Thames Baths on Kickstarter
  139. New parental control product coming to Kickstarter in 1 week
  140. My IndieGOGO Project is NOT showing up in Searches... Why?
  141. AskHLP.com - A platform for online video consultations
  142. We Sent the Following Email to 5 different Crowdfunding Platforms . . .
  143. Thoughts about Rockethub
  144. First CrowdFunded Prepaid Mastercard
  145. Is it worth it to hire a promoter for a small project?
  146. I want to hear your best and worst PR stories
  147. New Kickstarter campaign
  148. I am looking for interesting projects to fund!
  149. Please fill in my survey and help me graduate, only 30 responses needed!
  150. Gimme a Read on GoFundMe
  151. Crowdfunding motivations
  152. Do you find that most of the funding is given early in the campaign - or later?
  153. My experience with KROWDSTER - No impact and lots of angry emails from journalists
  154. Need feedback on my video about KickBackerZ project
  155. Anyone Used TheCrowdFundingNinja.com?
  156. Has anyone benefitted from paid promotions?
  157. 42% funded in 5 hours.
  158. Crowdfunding research + new platform
  159. Consulting Firm Launches Crowdfunding Site Designed to Compete with Industry Giants
  160. Honestly just looking for advice on my campaign.
  161. Do you use Kickstarter's shipping feature or include shipping in the reward $ amount?
  162. Fiscal Funding Anyone?
  163. How to track Indiegogo landing page traffic
  164. Could this be a legitimate reward on KS?
  165. Your views on my campaign? Nude art photo-book
  166. Fully funded on Kickstarter... should we make the move to Megafounder?
  167. What game are you playing?
  168. Kickstarter campaign feedback please!
  169. Press release review needed
  170. I will Promote & Boost your Kickstarter or IGG Campaign for Free, Time Limited!
  171. Intellectual property protection and crowdfunding
  172. Print on-demand service to send awards to backers?
  173. Your opinion on Let Paper: Do More
  174. Email vs Texting Link to personal contacts
  175. opinion about a "zero" commission
  176. Your Opinion on my Kickstarter Campaign
  177. How important is pre-marketing & publicity for a successful campaign?
  178. Best time of the month to launch a campaign?
  179. 10 Days Left in my Crowdfunder
  180. Looking for feedback on Sunglasses Campaign.
  181. Quiz: What's Your Crowdfunding IQ?
  182. Equity Crowdfunding Data.
  183. Getting Early Birds on Kickstarter after they've "Sold Out"
  184. Are you getting tons of crowdfunding services spam?
  185. Net profit possible for my first campaign?
  186. What to improve on our Kickstarter Campaign
  187. FREE -Share your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Any Campaign to over 30,000 Fans
  188. New member / Wearable Computer Mouse / Kickstarter campaign promotion advice.
  189. To Help Me Achieve A Dream and Build a Gym
  190. Kids Prize Pack -Subscription Box for Kids!
  191. Kickstarter preview for Finger Mouse campaign
  192. The Hard Rock Game From Hell - Just Launched Kickstarter - need feedback
  193. How often does a Campaign fluctuate?
  194. Backed 10+ projects? I have a site for you!
  195. Is my campaign "crowdfunding worthy"?
  196. IndieVice taking the world by storm!
  197. How's your ROI for Facebook ads
  198. What's the best way to pursue this idea? Is crowdfunding the right way?
  199. Unjustified denial of Kickstarter campaign - FRUSTRATED
  200. how to get your project in the news
  201. Here's How Crowdfunding is Most Beneficial to Women
  202. New crowdfunding website
  203. How do you manage your time working on the campaign?!
  204. Help some students out, take a quick survey?
  205. Crowdfunding survey
  206. Is rewards based crowdfunding just a way to sell veblen goods?
  207. new facebook group to promote your projects
  208. What is the next step?
  209. What are the main advantages of Reward-Based crowdfunding over ordinary crowdfunding
  210. Help with my Dissertation on Reward-Based Crowdfunding?
  211. Share your opinions about this Indiegogo crowdfunding: Viaheroes drone strap
  212. In case you want more people to view your project
  213. Any advice for last minute push?
  214. Want more people to view your project?
  215. Successful ways of getting backers
  216. Live traffic in car: GPS devices on license plates
  217. Project features and PR
  218. Selling my invented Product
  219. Best facebook approach in terms of promoting your page
  220. Individual is harassing and preventing the release of my funded project, suggestions?
  221. Start one small campaign on Publush and then another Indiegogo?
  222. Where to get help
  223. Any Good PR Agency or Strategy to Promote ?
  224. crowdfunding newbie needs help
  225. UrbanPlanty team is asking for YOUR help
  226. Hello!
  227. Our first Product is live! Comments please
  228. What I did wrong that the campaign did not work?
  229. 1% donation rates - The most competitve new crowdfunding platform
  230. ANother Crowdfunding Survey
  231. Are there parents with babies here? I'll be glad to have your opinion...
  232. Please sign my petition to get Kickstarter to feature smaller projects
  233. New Crowdfunding Video Series
  234. Best crowdfunding platform for UK based projects
  235. Create your own crowdfunding software with python framework
  236. Crowdfunding Marketing and PR Question
  237. How and where can I find more Backers for my Crowdfunding Project?
  238. Launched my first kickstarter a few days ago! Only 18 years old, could use advice :)
  239. Thinking of re-launching my previous Kickstarter campaign for my fantasy thriller
  240. Need feedback on picture book KickStarter
  241. Pre-campaign - landing page - what level of disclosure ?
  242. Does anyone have stats on what a good ratio of video plays to pledges is on kS?
  243. Writing a GoFundMe Review
  244. Suggestions for promoting an offline game
  245. Help/Advice on situation...
  246. Would you be interested in this service?
  247. crowdfunding investments
  248. What is best cost/time effective way to build good grassroots base for crowdfunding
  249. Am I doing Something Wrong?
  250. We're keeping our project a SECRET until launch - is that a good idea?!