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  1. Would you be interested in this service?
  2. crowdfunding investments
  3. What is best cost/time effective way to build good grassroots base for crowdfunding
  4. Am I doing Something Wrong?
  5. We're keeping our project a SECRET until launch - is that a good idea?!
  6. Legally what's involved?
  7. Performance seems down. Looking for some advice?
  8. Free-Your-Hand Party Plate
  9. Free-Your-Hand Party Plate
  10. HOLOGRAMS FOR TABLETS AND CELLPHONES! Let me know what you think
  11. HELP! Need Review!
  12. Will it be successful?
  13. Beware of the CROWDPRBOX scam
  14. PRE-LAUNCH of "Replanner Work" Review Thread
  15. My Unique story, and a Unique Sport: CHECK IT OUT!
  16. Where find mistakes in one project?
  17. What mistakes there are in one kickstarte campaign?
  18. Video opinion
  19. NEED FEEDBACK ASAP - stuck at 25% with 24 days left on Kickstarter
  20. What is Public Relation Firms..
  21. real estate crowdfunding statistics
  22. how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign
  23. Third project press
  24. Fifth Worst Threat to Public Health - Cooking Smoke Kills
  25. Three biggest mistakes in Project Management
  26. Crowdfunding research
  27. Which people are willing to give you money?
  28. Which people are willing to give you money?
  29. how to build successful business relationships
  30. What am I doing wrong?
  31. Kickstarter Prelaunch website & contest - Nanofiber Baselayers set- feedback welcome!
  32. Please, what do you think of my Work Planner?
  33. Horror card game preview page feedback
  34. 72 Virgin Ammunition Q&A
  35. Any bad stories of real estate investing?
  36. Does anyone want to do a Contribute 4 Contribute?
  37. Feedback on my campaign... should I lengthen the description?
  38. What am i doing wrong
  39. Can someone give me any advise please?
  40. Hidding draft of project - is it good idea?
  41. Need your advices of starting a new project
  42. Please support our Thunderclap
  43. Communicating change within a campaign
  44. Looking for some general information...
  45. Our campaign is live on Kickstarter, but need some advice
  46. Recommendations please!
  47. people experienced with crowdfunding in NYC area
  48. Who ever had an idea
  49. Introducing Kickfurther: A New Crowdfunding Platform for Investors to Earn Interests
  50. Your help is needed for a dissertation!
  51. PsyMatch - application to help people connect in better and more fun ways.
  52. Kickstarter a crowdfunding platform
  53. Social Media Presence and Crowfunding for film
  54. Struggling with marketing
  55. Horror Film Kickstarter - Advice and Feedback
  56. The Sunday Comics Kickstarter Relaunch!
  57. What is the best site to order custom T Shirts for a Kickstarter Reward?
  58. Backers Nation Anyone have a review, experience with them?
  59. Backers survey needed for a student research project
  60. Backers' input needed for a student research project
  61. BackerClub will retweet your Kickstarter for free to 11,000 followers
  62. What do you think about it?
  63. Building a team for my campaign...
  64. Best Pre-Launch sites
  65. Which type of crowdfunding is less risky? Debt or Equity
  66. Where can I share my campaign
  67. Contribute $15 - get $20 back
  68. Best way to stand out for a new bagel business is to.....
  69. Kickstarters new rules and how they messed up our launch
  70. Patreon - how to do
  71. Hello is very difficult to have a good project can you help me?
  72. Why Free Crowdfunding? CoverrMe.com on why they chose to be FREE
  73. Smart Crowdfunding Is Expanding - 2 x Junior Crowdfunding Consultants Needed
  74. Highlight Coming soon in kickstarter
  75. How I can feature my project on specific sites?
  76. Feedback on my project KickBackerZ
  77. too weird idea to fund at? what do you think?
  78. Donate Crowdfunding - Software
  79. Vote For: Who Will Be The Next Frontier In Crowdfunding Industry in 2016?
  80. Vote For: Who Will Be The Next Frontier In Crowdfunding Industry in 2016?
  81. Airline seat design - Suitable for crowd-funding?
  82. Free crowdfunding platforms? What magic is this?!
  83. Forum help: albums
  84. Promote your crowdfunding campaign on social media - a must read!
  85. Visual crowdfunding
  86. please give us some suggestions for our campaign!!
  87. Regenerative Agriculture - the power of soil to save us
  88. Had good luck with Kiva Zip loan
  89. Why is crowdfunding difficult
  90. Feedback on My Crowdfunding Campaign Needed
  91. Crowdfunding during holidays - a Do or a Don't?
  92. Suggestions for our campaign! Need some advice
  93. * Drone Pro?
  94. Only 200 from reaching goal, advice?
  95. Alleviation Crowdfunding, What do you guys Think?
  96. The rise of peer to peer lending market place
  97. Vending Sinister Creature Con - share / donate!
  98. Website Tips - How to ensure that views lead to actions?
  99. Every Cause Deserves at Ice Bucket Challenge
  100. TheGadgetFlow or Krowdster or Hyperstarter?
  101. Help and support for my Kickstarter project
  102. Mid-point slump - any suggestions?
  103. Looking for a few projects to test our company's new platform
  104. A free way to get more money for your crowdfunding project
  105. Free Film Crowdfunding Starter Kit
  106. * Investor or Marketing Pro?
  107. Looking for projects on new platform with industry low fees
  108. Is this DIY project worth to become a real crowdfunding campaign?
  109. Who should we be?
  110. Start campaign and I will refund ALL fees and boost your campaign for free
  111. The social media impact on Crowdfunding campaign's success
  112. Anyone used kickbooster.me?
  113. new crowd funding channel on YouTube
  114. A very important project for me and my family
  115. Get 20% discount at The Gadget Flow with coupon code: GIVEBUY
  116. Question on Funding Goals
  117. Buyers new bargain methods, vendors also willing to accept, why?
  118. Adult Crowdfunding Site
  119. world most cheap and most effective head massager
  120. Changing Solutions Midsteam - Don't do it, and stop trying to convince people do it.
  121. Anyone on here actually back campaigns?
  122. Crowdfunding campaign for business starups
  123. DELETE my Crowdfunding Forum Account
  124. Multiple or Single Product Listing?
  125. In case you want more people to find your project
  126. Agency 2.0 Review and a Detailed Look at How Crowdfunding Agencies Work
  127. Crowdfunding for not-strictly-legal BUT perfectly ethical purposes.
  128. In case you want more people to find your project
  129. Would you help out a student?
  130. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to WrestleCafe!
  131. Come help a Student out collecting primary data on Crowdfunding
  132. What is the most accurate structure of crowdfunding?
  133. The Reiterating Device
  134. Ayudos Crowdfunding Giveaway for March 15 -March 21, 2016
  135. Help With the Campaign
  136. Looking for advice on a page for a charity orchestra's card game project
  137. What makes you NOT fund a campaign (a.k.a deal breakers)?
  138. Reward Levels for Crowdfunded Boardgame
  139. Commercial Solar System Debt/Equity Crowdfund?
  140. Anyone use Crowdfundsocial.com before?
  141. What is the best and most guaranteed marketing packages to invest in ?
  142. Help set up my archaeology consultancy
  143. Gofundsystem or Agency20 ? WHAT IS BETTER ?
  144. Critique Reward Levels
  145. Short crowdfunding survey!
  146. Bitregion Peer To Peer Hybrid Crowd funding
  147. * Marketing agency on a rev-share basis?
  148. Exchanging Small Donatons
  149. Looking for a Kickstarter Collaborator/Partner/Helper for a card game
  150. RC boat for underwater photography project, need your advice!
  151. RC boat for underwater photography project, need your advice!
  152. Question about Mass Production
  153. LATO- Album release
  154. Crowdfunding Scandinavia
  155. To all members..
  156. Contributing your time - can you do it?
  157. develop disruptive space projects
  158. ++++ do you know any % based fee crowdfunding campaign promoter?
  159. Must Read: Get Tweeted out to 13,500+ followers
  160. Press Release Critique
  161. Not sure which thread to post this in ...
  162. To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project as a creator in United States
  163. placing tracking pixel into thank you page or post-checkout page of kickstarter
  164. self made pre-launch marketing or professional help?
  165. One of The coolest Cheap Crowd Funding Projects I have Ever Seen
  166. What are some cool Kickstarter projects to back right now & why?
  167. Marketing role in crowdfunding campaigns
  168. New Indie Game
  169. Newbie to CF - advice appreciated!!
  170. The most important thing you should know before crowd funding!
  171. How do you make a post?
  172. What's your creative way to get traffic to your kickstarter page?
  173. Wikipedia co-founder here, starting edu video campaign...how to make a go of this?
  174. Statistics that will change your perception!
  175. Hypothetical If you had 72 hours question.
  176. Having issues including a vimeo embed in my kickstarter project description
  177. Crowd Monsters marketing service. Any reviews?
  178. IndieGoGo and Kickstarter Message Boards? Chat Rooms?
  179. Looking for a IndieGoGo Collaborator/Partner for a new Crowdfunding Campaign
  180. liveradio, chat
  181. Need feedback to track down and repair
  182. Should I use a Fiscal Sponsor on my kickstarter?
  183. Second Half Strategy
  184. Free New Fundraising Site
  185. HELP NEEDED: please fill in this questionnaire
  186. Let's Make Your Campaign a Success!
  187. What is your experience of ventures' crowdfunding projects?
  188. International Shipping
  189. short 3 question survey for crowdfunding insurance
  190. Would you invest in a crowdfunding platform?
  191. Big Name Companies (Google,Microsoft..) Will Not Exist If There is No Crowd Funding!
  192. Crowdfunding video?
  193. Email database?
  194. Your Thoughts On New Design Service For Crowdfunding
  195. Opinions On Breaking a Larger Film Campaign Into Mini-Campaigns As A Strategy?
  196. A survey about psychologicial factors in equity crowdfunding.
  197. Why I want to give everyone free support for their campaign
  198. Crowdfunding to buy a business
  199. Crowdfunding to buy a business
  200. Post Kickstarter Costs
  201. Boris and The Bomb
  202. Check out Embers Fatal Fury New MV on YouTube!
  203. Credit Card Processing Issues with Kickstarter Pledges
  204. Shot this update last night; did not go as expected.
  205. The Perfect Crowdfunding Project
  206. A HEAD-ON Approach to Kickstarter Updates!
  207. Anyone use Starwood Creations?
  208. * Does Anybody Know . . .
  209. 3D animation film GENO on kickstarter
  210. Looking for feedback on campaign
  211. Help! 66% funded but only 4 days to go! Advice please!
  212. * In Your Opinion, What Are . . .
  213. Crossing the finish line: So close and yet so far!
  214. We're funded!! Now what?
  215. (Indiegogo) Looking For Investors
  216. Do you think equity-based crowdfunding can be something big if it's easy to quit?
  217. Launching a new crowdfunding platform
  218. THE Best Marketing Resource
  219. Are you Excited about Crowdfunding?
  220. Who Wants to Put Together . . .
  221. Is crowfunding community still alive or need serious money to make it?
  222. How to find the ongoing blog of creator for Kickstarter or Indiegogo
  223. What you see while applying for Loan?
  224. Preview link of Kickstarter
  225. Are these companies who offer help SCAM?
  226. Protection your Idea
  227. what is process of starting a ngo ?
  228. Looking for feedback on my children's book project
  229. Fan Base
  230. Crowdfunding Clubs as Promotion?
  231. Crowdfunding a website project
  232. Anyone on here been successful through crowd funding?
  233. Opinion: The Quest for Connectivity
  234. BrightLocker Finals
  235. Are PR's a good choice to build fan base
  236. From outside USA , how you set up the project of Kickstarter
  237. Revised Price On Our All Crowdfunding Software Products
  238. Understanding and finding the best crowdfunding website for a local Cambodian NGO
  239. TV Pitch
  240. Please Rate my Fundraiser - Fighting to Get My Son Back!!
  241. My huge mistake before launching a campaign
  242. Indiegogo has community site like Campus from Kickstarter
  243. New Platform with backer protection BUILT IN. Get your project on on for FREE.
  244. Explain it to me like I am 5.
  245. Your thoughts on these blogs for a P2P platform would be appreciated.
  246. List of documentations required for approval of Bridge Loan?
  247. This is a reason why you shouldn't connect your Facebook page to your Kickstarter
  248. Where can I post my Pitch Video?
  249. My CF company for studying
  250. Crowdcube: invest from the US?