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  1. Getting the cold shoulder from bloggers - what am I doing wrong?
  2. Viber Crowdfunding Public Chat
  3. Crowdfunding without social media
  4. After a Kickstarter campaign
  5. Is Home Loan Is Secure To Approve For Foreign National ?
  6. Advice before I launch..
  7. Need some help from some kind crowdfunding participants (Survey for a project)
  8. What tools do you use to research "how to" crowdfund?
  9. How to involve people & get early product feedback
  10. Several months into basic research for a campaign with lots of questions.
  11. Got the views but not the Cash? What am i doing wrong?
  12. Why don't IndieGoGo pics display?
  13. We need a Crowdfunding Campaign Manager
  14. Two outstanding crowdsharing sites that'll help your campaign
  15. Video Feedback
  16. Is my animates good enough to bring in supporters?
  17. Advertising Agency Suggestions
  18. Need partner to make campaign about Handmade Shoes
  19. What did I go wrong?
  20. Is Crowd-funding kick-starters? Please someone differentiate these two for me.
  21. How do I delete my crowdfunding forum account ?
  22. Kickstarter Approval Limbo Advise
  23. How can I identify a good company to invest in which have high yield potentials?
  24. What every investor must look for before invest in startups for potential high gains
  25. Wanted : Campaign Promoter!
  26. Please I need your suggestion in this matter. Thank You.
  27. Why indiegogo mobile payment doesn't work?
  28. I think I have a funny video but no $ for promotion. Ideas?
  29. What are some common challenges and that investor face in investing in crowdfunding?
  30. Interested in building your own RE investment platform?
  31. Creating a crowdfunding platform
  32. Some pros and cons of equity crowdfunding. (In summary, it is a great investment)
  33. When is too late to hope for a bump?
  34. Risks that may arise in the crowdfunding
  35. Is my video too long or controversial?
  36. Thesis on Crowdfunding and sustainability
  37. My Girlfriend is in Coma - How to get funds?
  38. Types of crowdfunding???
  39. I'm Lost and Need Direction
  40. The Apprentice 2016: Samuel Boateng pitches bizarre hit and run PR stunt for cycling
  41. HELP! Seeking market validation for a pitch platform for VC / Angels.
  42. Any good place to view pitch videos?
  43. Any solo creators out there with success stories getting their product idea funded?
  44. Looking for investor to play poker * I have references
  45. The election and How it affects crowdfunding.
  46. Crowdfunders, please help me...
  47. Game Designer's Network
  48. The Perfect $core - an innovative, all inclusive trivia show that needs your help!
  49. Crowdfunding sites for INDIA
  50. What are campaign creators looking for in a crowdfunding platform?
  51. Interested in what it's like to date as a 30-something woman today?
  52. Do we have the companies who are helping to launch startup?
  53. How often did you meet unsuccessful projects in the CrowdFunding?
  54. Together let's understand backers behavior and motivations
  55. close future of crowdfunding, "tomorrow"
  56. * Does Anyone Know . . .
  57. Help SeedMoney raise money to feed people around the globe.
  58. I want to get my money back! What should I do?
  59. Want to keep up to date with the latest Crowdfunding trends and standards?
  60. Boutique Intellectual Property law firm (patents, trademarks, copyrights)
  61. Looking for experienced equity crowdfunding investors.
  62. i need an experienced partner
  63. Special 25% Off Crowdfunding Tools - Holiday Offer From Thrinacia
  64. Is it possible to get anything from crowdfunding for sure!?
  65. Story of Salad which cost approximately 55 000$
  66. What qualities and features attract you (investors) choosing a startup?
  67. * Why Backers Contribute
  68. (FreeFunder)
  69. Wallor:- Wallet for new generation
  70. Federal Crowdfunding Offerings in the US
  71. Do you want your campaign in Kickstarter and Indiegogo to have more backers?
  72. BootStrap or VC for a new product line?
  73. Data on backers behaviours: feedbacks, comments, and ideas are WELCOME!
  74. Want to invest like the rich do? Now's your chance to a point.
  75. Why now?
  76. What to ask before investing?!
  77. Big risks.
  78. How to get on tech platforms like techcrunch?
  79. Beneficial or not?
  80. In case you want more exposure for your project
  81. We need feedback from backers.
  82. Meet Gizmowl - Any Helpful Ideas?
  83. "Women Who Get **** Done"
  84. This SIMPLE Strategy Raised $396,747 on Kickstarter With NO Planning
  85. I want to know about Crowd Funding
  86. Making BIG BUCKS with Equity Crowdfunding
  87. Please tell us your story about investing in Crowdfunding. (Investors hub)
  88. Indiegogo Gogofactor or indiegogo team ?
  89. Kickstarter and Indiegogo Solutions
  90. What changes would you like to see in the crowdfunding in 2017?
  91. After helping projects for several years
  92. Paypal vs Stripe, What do backers prefer to use?
  93. I need all your feedback :3
  94. Doing identical campains
  95. New Year new vision!
  96. Do you think this "introduction" video is good enough?
  97. Need help with your campaign?
  98. Take Advantage of our draw!
  99. Any experience from Supreme.digital (KS-marketing firm)
  100. Require Investment/Project Funding?
  101. Berlin attack: Fundraising trucker thanked by Poland
  102. Need help finding a direction for a project.
  103. Is this possible?
  104. What are the things founders/investors look for in equity crowdfunding agreements?
  105. Team Fundraising - Unified4People
  106. * Is anyone using IndieGoGo Perk Item Options?
  107. RESQUEST: Delete my crowdfunding forum account and all posts?
  108. What are the best methods one can use to spread their personal crowdfund link online?
  109. Where is the epicenter of crowdfunding?
  110. 35,000 character limit on KS
  111. The Zamindar a new film. Shoud we seek assistance for our campaign?
  112. New idea of crowdfunding!
  113. Good Crowdfunding Shipping Service
  114. How could one make the cheapest crowdfunding productions?
  115. CrowdFunding Video Games
  116. What is the best platform to use to raise money for your school fees?
  117. Can a company raise money through equity crowdfunding to buy real estate?
  118. Do you have experience with good Kickstarter Gigs from fiverr.com?
  119. Delete Account
  120. If I want to invest $10,000 as a new angel investor, will I make profit in 5 years?
  121. How much money does it cost to list your company on an equity crowdfunding portal?
  122. Type of equity crowdfunding
  123. Kickstarter live and how it works?
  124. :confused: Am I giving too much information?
  125. Interested in Having your Crowdfunding Promo Video Featured on our Youtube Channel?
  126. Do you think my prototype for Rape Survivors is suitable to put on Kickstarter ?
  127. Are 'cheap' videos still effective?
  128. [TATEWADE] Need your inputs to make my first campaign better (and known)
  129. Will Crowdfunding ever replace stock exchange? (Consider i'm a novice)
  130. Constructive Criticsm
  131. Donors taking back donations before project end, help!
  132. Anyone Had First Hand Experience with Item Options?
  133. Products from China
  134. I was interested in this campaign, I like it.
  135. Looking for commercial property to buy in Florida
  136. The Right of Kings intro video
  137. Is it inappropriate to crowdfund for yourself?
  138. Is this a new type of IGG video
  139. Which crowdfunding websites can people from developing countries can raise money ?
  140. Journalism or Publishing Kickstarter Project Category?
  141. What do i need first before i star a crowdfunding campaign?
  142. any latest news about home loan in usa ?
  143. Has anybody used Kickbooster?
  144. New e-Raptor Dinosaurs Dice Towers campaign
  145. Professional investors join the crowdfunding party
  146. Tim Cassavetes, I try to do everything this guy says and I think you should too
  147. Is "Make a pledge without a reward" mandatory?
  148. Top Tips from
  149. Kickstarter video thumbnail image
  150. e-Raptor Dinosaurs Dice Towers campaign has launched
  151. You AZ - getting you from A to Z
  152. GAME LOOT NETWORK : The Ultimate Social Gaming Community : Launches $1M Funding Round
  153. I have a good idea for startupers!
  154. Will equity crowd-funding platforms be able to globalize or limited to individual ter
  155. As an angel investor which crowdfunding platform do you prefer?
  156. Are there new-campaign notifications from KS or IGG ?
  157. Crowdfunding gone wrong! Need Feedback ASAP!
  158. Video quality on campaigns - does it matter?
  159. Crowdfunding academic research
  160. Are you a backer?
  161. Reviews needed for newly launched crowdfunding campaign?
  162. Crowdfunding & business tips from Juicy Ads CEO
  163. What books can I find about Crowdfunding?
  164. I want to invest in start-ups (equity crowdfunding) what can you suggest?
  165. RedDoorz has raised US$1 million (S$1.4 million) in venture debt from InnoVen Capital
  166. Charger Survey. Please help us to decide.
  167. Honest Feedback On Campaign Page
  168. Who has brought equity in a crowdfunding platform?
  169. Brand New London based crowdfunding site!
  170. Research Study - Equity Crowdfunding in the US
  171. International Shipping Question
  172. Help me promote Ready Set Train! - The workoutgame (2-99 players), please
  173. Feedback on our Landing Page needed...
  174. Writing Course For Beginners Needs Your Help
  175. What kind of Crowdfunding is good for raising money to build a record label.
  176. Board, Bicycle, Design, Kickstarter
  177. Wear The Peace-The Clothing That Gives Back KickStarter
  178. What's the difference Venture Capital and Crowdfunding?
  180. Financement participatif ( crowdfunding )
  181. Feedback much appreciated on our alternative finance platform... Thank you
  182. Hear me out...is it possible to crowdfunding a decent down payment for a house
  183. Am Direct Provider of BG,SBLC.MT103,MT799
  184. Providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN
  185. Business & Crowdfunding tips from the Director of ICM Registry.
  186. Feedback on Campaign Site (kickstarter - not yet live)
  187. Where can I get equity crowdfunding website data?
  188. Opportunity for rejected/unsuccessfully funded or brand new crowdfunding projects.
  189. Loans, Project Funding
  190. Bank guarantee (bg) and standby letter of credit (sblc) for lease
  191. fulfillment / international shipping options
  192. Using Solar Power to Save Lives
  193. Looking to pay another KS creator to send an update about us
  194. Connect only if you live and breathe lifestyle accessories.
  195. Do KS videos lose their view count if you change the video
  196. Crowdfunding is it for me?
  197. Business & Crowdfunding tip from a World's 1st.
  198. What is the difference between the stock exchange and equity crowdfunding?
  199. Looking For a Partner
  200. Need a Good Video for Your Campaign?
  201. Feedback of my Kickstarter project (Live)
  202. Suggestions/Thoughts Needed: Smart Buckle by Gooseberry
  203. Where to see KS views
  204. I'm a Week Away and Scared as Heck (Advice Appreciated)
  205. Invitation To Join My Campaign Team
  206. [Feedback] Launching a Kickstarter Using Humor as a Marketing Tool
  207. Crowdfunding Phone Interview - $25 Amazon Gift Card for 15 minutes
  208. CostaCoin ICO & Crowd funding!
  209. Live Facebook Q&A (6/26/17) | Vibrant TV Network
  210. Get your VIP investor event ticket
  211. Google Analytics on Kickstarter
  212. How do I get strangers to notice my crowdfunder?
  213. changes in interest rates for 2017
  214. Scam crowdfunding advertiser
  215. ​Feedback On Film Campaign?
  216. Kickstarter and Indiegogo Backers List with Emails
  217. Any Discussion / Chat forums*like this one?
  218. The Value of Facebook (Likes = Presence)
  220. a new crowdfunding platforms' directory
  221. What's in the name, does it matter?
  222. Need some feedback - Vasco packing cubes and bags
  223. New Crowdfunding Business.
  224. Seedrs Partners with Exterion Media to promote crowdfunding offers in London subway
  225. 30 second Pitch hashtag
  226. Can you . . .
  227. unusual crowdfunding problem
  228. Pladges not funded?
  229. Any Innovative Perks?
  230. Help dumb foreigner ballpark shipping cost :)
  231. What are the best ways to reach crowdfunding backers?
  232. Recipe for Failure . . .
  233. Hacking Kickstarter - "How to raise $100,000 in 10 days"
  234. Campaign Marketng Tip
  235. How do you get costumers.
  236. How much is too much?
  237. Backer cancelations is killing me!
  238. How big will the crowdfunding be in 20 years?
  239. Missing body - Crowd Funding for Reward Money
  240. How can I find out what cryptocurrencies are currently crowdfunding?
  241. Is crowdfunding loan for investment property possible for me?
  242. How to choose Crowdfunding Platform to improve campaign?
  243. Breaking News - Funded Today removed from Indiegogo Partner Page
  244. What's the dumbest crowdfunding campaign that you've seen?!
  245. Don't Use Fiverr for Marketing
  246. What will the Crowdfunding look like in the future?
  247. Equity crowdfunding or ICO?
  248. What's a Mini-IPO?
  249. Share your campaign with other Crowdfunders
  250. Launching in the holidays a good idea?