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  1. Should schools and/or teachers use crowdfunding to raise $ for classrooms?
  2. Square Got a patent for This Crowdfunding Technique
  3. * Has Anyone Used Backerkit?
  4. How important are family and friends for a crowdfunding project?
  5. What HAPPENED? 25% funded on first day, NOTHING Since Then!
  6. How far will you go to save humanity from the invasion - "WHEN THEY ARRIVED"??
  7. * Shipping Tip:
  8. Survey about crowdfunding and CF platforms, need your help !
  9. Best way for finding a US Partner (for my 1st KS campaing)?
  10. What is the future of civic crowdfunding?
  11. Funding to expand an existing, successful B&B in the Caribbean
  12. * Funds disbursement
  13. Companies or people to coach you through process?
  14. Kickstarter campaign is starting off very slow
  15. A platform for creators...
  16. Website beside platforms? Yes? No? Why?
  17. Pltform or website?
  18. Bot Spamming
  19. Need help! Urgent!
  20. Recently completed an AMA on my crowdfunding platform
  21. Should there n=be a single Crypto currency/ token for crowdfunding?
  22. How can a foreign start-up raise money using equity crowdfunding in the US or UK?
  23. Ranking Crowdfunding Marketing Agencies
  24. Restaurant Crowd Funding
  25. Introducing BORN ARTIST - A project to help people fall in love with art
  26. Mystery, Magic, and Adventure: Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne with magic and aliens!
  27. Do we really need another Crowdfunding Platform?
  28. a few questions from a crowdfunding rookie......
  29. Would you accept Immortality for backing a fun new project?
  30. How to make a successful crowdfunding project?
  31. Investment Asymmetry in Equity Crowdfunding
  32. We would like your insight about real estate investing, takes one minute!
  33. http://supplement4help.com/intensacut-forskolin/
  34. Have You Heard of 30% Rule for Crowdfunding?
  35. My Kickstarter campaign is not progressing. Feedback is welcome!
  36. Popular crowdfunding script, you may obsessed with.
  37. Crowdfund Buzz Review - THEY ROCK!
  38. Looking for survey respondents for my master thesis
  39. The Best Promotional Tools for a Low Budget
  40. Something New?
  41. MUST SEE #1 DIY Best Simple Crowdfunding Promo Video Example--Inexpensive & Effective
  42. What to do for the first 24hrs after your campaign launched
  43. Stats, Analytics and Notes so far
  44. How Crowdfunding Can Help Schools and Universities
  45. Does coin payments are necessary for a crowdfunding platform?
  46. Has anyone of you run a distributor pledge?
  47. Benefits of Starting Your Own Crowdfunding Platform.
  48. Gaming gets serious
  49. New smart chargers may change the powerbanks world forever
  50. Will these crowdfunding sites help me?
  51. Looking for help with your Crowdfunding campaign?
  52. Making Money Online
  53. Social Media ads vs Search engine ads
  54. Meaning of Outreach
  55. How much did your Kickstarter cost you?
  56. Check out SeedMoney’s 2018 success
  57. Learn how to create a DIY Crowdfunding campaign
  58. Are you looking to add Crowdfunding campaigns, or capabilities to your Shopify store?
  59. Get Relief from Knee Pain Non-Surgically in New York City.