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  1. (Indiegogo) Send Indigenous Students in Peru to Post-Secondary Education
  2. (Kickstarter) Blood Alloy, a 2D Metroidvania game, is looking for development funds!
  3. (Kickstarter) Nibelungen Saga, Action Adventure game, looking for funds
  4. (indiegogo) Please help a child battling malignant epilepsy
  5. (Indiegogo) MADNESS: The last 5 Minutes
  6. (GoFundMe) Help me to build a toilet for my neighbour
  7. (Indiegogo) Days Gone By
  8. (Indiegogo) Migrating a Dragon free game.
  9. (IndieGoGo) 'Here For The Weekend' -- a Dave Vaughan Film
  10. (Kickstarter) All-Ages Fantasy Comic Book - Mechanaflux #2 (+ Animated Trailer)
  11. (Kickstarter) Legions of Steel - Squad-based Tactical game on iOS, Android and PC
  12. (GoFundMe) Aiding a child with leukemia
  13. (Indiegogo) No pads, no school?
  14. (Indiegogo) - Untitled Facebook Killer
  15. (Indiegogo) Sustainability Education and Internships for At-Risk Youth
  16. (Indiegogo) Body Boxing Boot Camp Seeks Funding to Open a Fitness Center Los Angeles
  17. (GoFundme) Need Help & Advice for a Recovery Campaign for Nephew
  18. (Kickstarter) Escape from New Orc City: A miniatures warboard game
  19. (Fundanything) 'Help me return to my family' Crowdsource
  20. (Indiegogo) Namib Eagles FC Benefit Fund
  21. (GiveForward) The Vision Heeler Project
  22. (Indiegogo) QuickTicket - Reimagine public transport in Africa and emerging markets
  23. (Kickstarter) AGENT: WILD #0. Sci-fi, action, super powered Agents needs your help.
  24. (Kickstarter) Bicycle Wild West Playing Card Deck NEW!
  25. (Kickstarter) PlaqCard - The Card You'll Keep
  26. (Sponsume) DISCARDED: A Harm Reduction Documentary
  27. (GoFundMe)Help Joe In Self Rescue Trip .
  28. (IndieGoGo) Tropes vs Rock: Video Game Edition!
  29. (Indiegogo) The Slingshot Channel Movie: "Zombie Wars"
  30. (Indiegogo) "MILO-N THE MOON" - sci-fi/drama short-film - For festival submission!
  31. (Kickstarter) Divine Blood Sci-Fantasy RPG Stretch Goals - Magic, Mecha, Mercs
  33. (Kickstarter) Crypto-Punk...A Children's Paranormal Adventure
  34. (GoFundMe) Personal debt help
  35. (Indiegogo) Help us bring FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE to the MOJA Arts Festival
  36. (Kickstarter) Animerica - Japanophilia and Anime Culture in America
  37. (Indiegogo) Scifi Comic "BotLP" need your help
  38. (Crowdhelps/Gofundme) Business Start-up for Autistic Girl
  39. (GoFundMe) Donate to ACL (Knee) Surgery!
  40. (Indiegogo) Deep Sleep - Short Film
  41. (Kickstarter) Heroes of Ahlmeran (A Cooperative Fantasy Card Game)
  42. (Indiegogo) Orphanage of 'Divine Providence'
  43. (Indiegogo) Help Me Support My Family!
  44. (Indiegogo) Kids Home Safe - Bringing Child Safety To Every Child Everywhere!
  45. (Indiegogo) New Wheelchair needed
  46. (Indiegogo) Need help to bring my family together permanently and be self sufficient
  47. (Fundly) help deMei ascend to the next level!
  48. (Kickstarter) American Election Reform Documentary
  49. (GoFundme) Help me raise money for my art business
  50. (GoFundMe) Help fund my breast surgery :D Please <3
  51. (Kickstarter) DUELING HOUNDS, Is not murder if it's on self defense
  52. (Kickstarter) New Comic book Publisher seeks funding for SCI-FI comic book launch
  53. (Indiegogo) Help me to get recognition for my brother efforts (Just $500)
  54. (Kickstarter) Graphic Novel with artwork style of Mafia Wars social game
  55. (Indiegogo) I Know That Voice World Film Premiere and Charity Campaign
  56. (Indiegogo) Project Hope
  57. (Kickstarter) Cosmos
  58. (Indiegogo) Nova Road
  59. (Indiegogo) Hosting Class in California
  60. (Kickstarter) Elsewhere: The Remarkable Sci Fi Comic Book Adventure
  61. (Kickstarter) Children's book encouraging imagination and dream chasing for girls
  62. (GoFundMe) Help Stop Sex Trafficking!
  63. (Indiegogo) Support creating the Kipaji Foundation and make Education happen!
  64. (Kickstarter) Steampunk Webcomic Needs Your Help!
  65. (GoFundMe)Please,help my start up animation studio!
  66. (GoFundMe)Bank of America foreclosure fund
  67. (Kickstarter) Reddo - 3D Immersive Language Learning RPG
  68. (Indiegogo) Please help - daughter needs multiple brain surgeries
  69. (Indiegogo) A Really Poor Family from The Poorest country Moldova needs our Help
  70. (IndieGoGo) Coward Knight A Stealth Adventure On IndieGoGo
  71. (GoFundMe) Could use some repairs
  72. (Indiegogo) Cortisol - Short Horror/Thriller looking for funding
  73. (kickstarter) Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake
  74. (GoFundMe) Linwood Talley Jr. Funeral Expense Fund
  75. (Kickstarter) Foster Home Girl Looks to Escape
  76. (Indiegogo) All Beauty Water
  77. (YouCaring) Any ideas, Fertility treatment and paying it forward
  78. (Rockethub) Lommer Light
  79. (IndieGoGo) Help us launch an amazing RealityShowMe website
  80. (Indiegogo) Grant Sasha A Wish That Could Save Her Life
  81. (Indiegogo) Help free the prisoners of the drug war
  82. (KIckstarter) "The Fellwater Tales" - A Tabletop RPG based on the novels
  83. (Indiegogo) A park instead of pavement
  84. (Kickstarter)Your Words Count in the Ultimate Writing Experiment
  85. (GoFundMe) Support, please, my desire to attend the lifechanging conference
  86. (Kickstarter) ReadyBag: Changing the way you take out the trash!
  87. (Indiegogo) Eleanor Needs Help for Operation and Treatment for One Year
  88. (Indiegogo) O THE SHORT FILM (Feature in pre production)
  89. (Indiegogo) Music Life Hope
  90. (Indiegogo) Youtube Channel to spread Happiness -AKwayFilms
  91. (Microryza) Can we use fungi to break down our plastic and rubber waste?
  92. (GoFundme) Help me finish university
  93. (Indiegogo) The lucky ones
  94. (Indiegogo) Please help me to save my daughter’s life
  95. (Indiegogo) Chronic Wellness Tracker Mobile App
  96. (Kickstarter) Super 16
  97. (GoFundme) Wedding and Honeymoon
  98. (indiegogo) One trolley for my cat
  99. (Indiegogo) Help for the rent of my flat
  100. (Zequs) #ThinkingGirls School
  101. (Kickstarter) My Life as a Comic Book Reader
  102. (IndieGoGo) OK! A drain.
  103. (Kickstarter) Unsound - feature length movie
  104. (Kickstarter) RUNAWAY EMPIRE: a novella paying homage to the victims of Sandy Hook
  105. (GoFundMe) medical treatment for Nina
  106. (Indiegogo) Student Small Business: Managing diabetes
  107. (IndieGoGo) 35mm Film About a Boy and his Robot.
  108. (CrowdTilt) Ross Ulbricht (Silkroad) Legal Defense Fund
  109. (Kickstarter) Ruckus Fermentation Bootlegger Bottle
  110. (GoFundMe) Send Cara to Australia to Graduate!
  111. (YouCaring) Save Christmas for the Wallace family.
  112. (Indiegogo) Please help this pup in need
  113. (Indiegogo) Did Princess Tatiana Romanov of Russia Escape the Bolshevicks
  114. (GoFundMe) Mom's New Car Fund
  115. (GoFundMe) Help raise funds for reliable car
  116. (GoFundme) Animal Rescue: Spaying and neutering strays
  117. (GoFundMe) Crafting Yourself - An AfterSchool Program for Middle School Students
  118. (Indiegogo) Gender Legacy Project
  119. (Kickstarter) Watch Dogs fan film: The Digital Shadow
  120. (Kickstarter) Caught Up
  121. (Indiegogo) Creative Expression
  122. (Kickstarter) Pixelsphere, a musical twist on platform gaming
  123. (Indiegogo) A Hosue - Can you help me promote my project to raise funds
  124. (IndieGogo) Crystal Shade Crowdfunding Campaign
  125. (Kickstarter) Wildstyle Basketball 3d Mobile game in development!
  126. (IndieGoGo) Senior Thesis Short Film, THE DINNER GUEST!
  127. (Indiegogo) Mother- Student short film!
  128. (Indiegogo) A College Student With a Goal
  129. (GoFundme) Desperate and soon to be homless
  130. (CrowdClan)Family loses everything in house fire, one week before their child is born
  131. (GoFundMe) Wounded Soldier ~ Please Read
  132. (Kickstarter) Zombies!...and baseball?
  133. (Indiegogo) A simple phone call.. Or so it seemed.
  134. (Hatchfund) Over and Over Again: Repetition With Variations
  135. (Indiegogo) Help save dad....time is running out !!!
  136. (Indiegogo) UNCUT: An odyssey to make every opinion count.
  137. (Kickstarter) ClipEmUp- Women lets change our bras..
  138. (Indiegogo) 10 Minutes The Movie
  139. (Indiegogo) Help a friend in love! Please read!
  140. (Kickstarter) STABCHAT - Do you like horror movies?
  141. (Indiegogo) The African Food Exchange
  142. (Indiegogo) Urban Mobility App
  143. (Indiegogo) Dimensia : Indie Game
  144. (Indiegogo) Stuck
  145. (Indiegogo) Superhero Riddle
  146. (Kickstarter)The Game: Gameshow - Bring Out the Contestants!
  147. (BitGiving) Please Support The initiative To stop Acid Attack In India Against Women
  148. (Indiegogo) Help Jemima Present at the International TESOL Conference
  149. (Indiegogo) My Lousy CV
  150. (Kickstarter) Remake of a Classic PC Game
  151. (Indiegogo) Help Naiad Save the Sea
  152. (GoFundMe) Jumpstart my great adventure!!!
  153. (Kickstarter) A Legal English Dubbed anime site
  154. (Kickstarter) Stickers Giving Artists A Chance
  155. (Indiegogo) Maze - Film project with known actors attached
  156. (Go Fund Me) Reputable News Source
  157. (GoFundMe) Hire Level Ministry Educational Sponsorship
  158. (Indiegogo) Fruit Dreams
  159. (GoFundMe) Help Me Become A Google Glass Explorer!
  160. (Indiegogo)Duck Ae's Short Term Missions - Help Spread the Good News to All the World
  161. (Kickstarter) Hear Them Roar!
  162. (RocketHub) Support a U10 Girls Soccer Team
  163. (Indiegogo) PICASSO'S WOMEN: The Darker Side of Genius
  164. (Fundly) Please help a small business devotated to health get off the ground
  165. (RocketHub) Support "2 Bikes & 300 Miles" for Outdoor Education & College Access
  166. (Rockethub) Invasion of the Burmese Python
  167. (You caring) Tuition for University
  168. (GoFundMe) Crafting Yourself - Kids' Self Esteem Art Program!!!
  169. (Kickstarter)"100" ARTBOOK where 100 AUTHORS from around the world will be involved.
  170. (GoFundMe) Gold Prospecting shop
  171. (GoFundme) Be a SUPER HERO and Help a Hard Working Woman Achieve Her Dreams!!!!!
  172. (Indiegogo) Celebrate Water: water for children and women
  173. (Indiegogo) gardning and watering
  174. (GoFundMe) Please help A Young Animator Reach His Dreams.
  175. (Indiegogo) Help Tufaan help Shanti Bhavan Children's Project!!
  176. (GoGetFunding) Victims of the Typhoon Haiyan
  177. (Indiegogo) The Road to Grad School (Can Be a Bumpy One)
  178. (Indiegogo) Cake Mixx Minecraft Server
  179. (Kickstarter) - Yazen: 1st book in the Ponith Series - By: Nicole Sloan
  180. (Kickstarter) - "eZone Transporters" Mobile Game
  181. (Indiegogo) If You Give a Child a Pencil...Children of the Nations
  182. (Kickstarter) Custom fishing rod and tackle company
  183. (gofundme) living with a chronic illness
  184. (Indiegogo) Please donate so we can help the victims in the Ukraine!
  185. (Indiegogo) Wheelgo : an escape for all
  186. (Kickstarter) Imerzion Minecraft Server Project!
  187. (Indiegogo) Help my family move
  188. (GoFundMe) Love
  189. (GoFundMe) Help us stop PETA!
  190. (gofundme) surgery for my best friend
  191. (GoFundMe) Please help me attain my AS in Mechanical Engineering
  192. (Kickstarter) Watch the veusvius teaser
  193. (Rockethub) Support JingFeng Lins Family after murder tragedy of his wife
  194. (Kickstarter) Mugs, Coasters and Mirrors by JLWIllustration
  195. (GoFundMe) Help to make my sweety happy...
  196. (Indiegogo) Support to rebuild stolen cam gear BABY is coming!
  197. (GoFundMe) Looking for a little help for my family
  198. (GoFundMe) For the Welfare of Animals
  199. (Indiegogo) NPC -Non Playable Characters- Sitcom about them
  200. (Indiegogo) Disabled person gets new PC
  201. (Indiegogo) Jackpot - A Thriller Movie by a small team of enthusiasts
  202. (Kickstarter0 Some Dance Company - Encore!
  203. (GoFundMe) Outreach 2 Teach, Help a School in Need!
  204. (GoFundMe) UCF- Knights Without Borders
  205. (Indiegogo) Geo People Finder and Geo Pet Finder
  206. (GoFundMe) Helping me achieve the impossible
  207. (Indiegogo) The Angels of Lucid Dreams
  208. (GoFundMe) The Quiet Bear - A Story About Autism
  209. (Indiegogo) Help Give the Eight Goes Children Some Good Memories Before Their Father
  210. (Indiegogo) 41N 50W - New Play UK Premiere: Based on the 1912 TITANIC US Senate Heari
  211. (Kickstarter) April Fools Day - Short Film
  212. (Indiegogo) Our generation
  213. (Kickstarter) The Owosso Harpist - The Album
  214. (Kickstarter) Infidel the Musical
  215. (College of William & Mary) Shyness to Social Phobia: A Student Research Project
  216. (IndieGogo) Help me raise money for my 1st Indie film
  217. ( Kickstarter) Zombie project "Patriot's Day"
  218. (Kickstarter) Funsplosion!
  219. (Kickstarter) Club-theater Greek Satyr play CYCLOPS coming 2 Cambridge, MA
  220. (Kickstarter) Still Alive - Multiplayer Survival Game
  221. (GoFundMe) Shaolin Temple tuition
  222. (Kickstarter) Around We Go- Short Film by Ryan Parsons
  223. (Karolina fund) The Weird Girls Project. Icelandic EDM/art film project.
  224. (Kickstarter) Beautiful New Playing Card Deck!
  225. Crowdfunding: If You Do Not Put Effort Do Not Expect To Succeed
  226. (GoFundMe) Help me Reunite my Young Family
  227. (Kickstarter) Staunch Assassin
  228. (Indiegogo) Grandmother Baby Scam
  229. (Kickstarter) Mobile Game - The Great Brain Adventure - Needs Your Support!
  230. (Indiegogo) PayNShow*Launches Unique
  231. (Kickstarter) Dream Big: IX Art Park
  232. (Indiegogo) Help Me Buy A Safety Riding Gear
  233. (Fundly) Help a single father start a new family life.
  234. (Fundly) Help Eliza O’Neill’s to survive san filippo syndrom.
  235. (Kickstarter) Beneath the Surface (series of memoirs)
  236. (GoFundMe) Your 5$ can influence peoples lives
  237. (Indiegogo) "Life is Life" an innovative Film/Documentary around the Mediterranean
  238. (GoFundme) Please help my girlfriend beat cancer
  239. (GoFundMe) Help me Fund a Short Run Production of a book I wrote for my niece
  240. (Gofundme) Help Me Relocate to My MFA Program
  241. (kickstarter) Controversial religious comedy, Saint's John, needs support
  242. (Indiegogo) Help Get Me Back on My Bike!
  243. (Gofundme) Unemployed, wife is sick, need help!
  244. (Indiegogo) Raising funds for Sumatran Tigers
  245. (Indiegogo) Like Emmy - A short film
  246. (Gofundme) People to People
  247. (Gofundme) Looking for help
  248. (Indegogo) Solar Roadways
  249. (Gofundme) I need your help returning to school!
  250. (Indiegogo) Ciudad Esperanza - City of Hope