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  1. Kickstarter - Backer 4 Backer
  2. partner/investor
  3. Can you update a funding campaign to much?
  4. Crowdfunding for a toy idea?
  5. Wrote a song about the Struggle for you all.
  6. Hot Rod Hustle <You will love this game>
  7. List of writers/editors/journalists/bloggers?
  8. * Gettin' ready to launch, constructive feedback appreciated.
  9. Best Strategy
  10. Almost 50% and I've hit a wall
  11. Looking for a KS consultant
  12. Lessons Learned from the 15 Story Beats of My CENTS Kickstarter
  13. 21 places to promote your indiegog/kickstarter campaign
  14. * What's the Most Popular and Together CF site after Kickstarter and IGG?
  15. Is anyone familiar with GoGetFunding?
  16. Frozen Food
  17. From investment banking to crowdfunding
  18. Free online event Q&A: Crowdfunding Videos that Work
  19. Looking for some last minute advice and feedback
  20. Advice for anti-bullying crowdfunding campaign
  21. Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons - A must Read!
  22. Master thesis survey on crowd funding: survey for business creators (reward based)
  23. Seeking Experienced Consultant For Very Large Kickstarter Project
  24. Mailing list? Yes - no?
  25. Free Crowdfunding Strategy Event!
  26. Advice for Successful Crowdfunding
  27. Curvebay is now live on Kickstarter, how can I maximise awareness?
  28. Need suggestions for marketing advice
  29. Goal-setting strategies: Too high? Too low?
  30. Looking for Crowd Funding advice
  31. Reward idea
  32. Week One and NO activity
  33. Reward based crowdfunding for nonprofits
  34. Breakthrough in Job Applications... Get a job in less than a week (Vjobs)
  35. Getting my toes wet in Crowd Funding with my first project
  36. 11 Things NOT to do for your crowdfunding project
  37. 16% and 19 days to go. What can I do to promote more???
  38. Last week before Kickstarter launch - review my page? Infinity Beer Pong Table
  39. Tons of views but little contributions for new lifesaving device
  40. High School Student looking to build a following before project goes live
  41. Webinar: Kickstarter Tips and Tricks
  42. What are some things I can do to promote my Kickstarter? (17 days left, 10%)
  43. Crowdfunding for starting a democratic school in India
  44. Indiegogo vs Kickstarter: 7 Differences That Really Matter
  45. I need help please, my campaign is failing!
  46. Looking for Kickstarter/Crowd funding campaign partner
  47. Is my video helping or hurting me?
  48. Mi crowfunding capaign is failing.
  49. Would anyone like to run a CROWDFUNDING campaign for me on a 50-50 basis?
  50. Struggling to Find Outsider Doners
  51. Kickstarter Link on Articles and Blogs
  52. Quicker Ventures
  53. Getting traffic to your project - plan ahead before you launch and reap the rewards
  54. Here's a _Proven_ Winner
  55. Can someone please tell me . . .
  56. Equity Crowdfunding Services ?
  57. Where can I get PayPal advice?
  58. Would love some advice... press releases for crowdfunding campaigns?
  59. The Short Film Fundraiser - Will outsiders care or just my grandma?
  60. Linking back to failed Kickstarters?
  61. Looking for Feedback on Your Kickstarter Video?
  62. Pre-Launch Questions
  63. PR Firms - The Good, The Bad, and the Hell Naw
  64. Amazon payments
  65. Landing Page Question
  66. a bit feedback on our prelaunch, landing page, videos and everything could be great..
  67. Share our kickstarter experience , a project over 150% success on KS - SPARKBEATS
  68. Losing momentum :(
  69. Crowdfunding project - Italy
  70. Looking for mentor/advice on marketing of Crowdfunding website
  71. Just launched "Who Shot Ya" Looking for advice/tips to gain more momentum.
  72. CrowdFund Base - Crowdfunding Promotion Service
  73. Does a stall in momentum = failure?
  74. Kickstarter to help local artists film documentary about local artists across America
  75. Bottle Sterilizer
  76. Please help us gain momentum! We have a village in Africa counting on us, we need you
  77. Indiegogo just launched for my new play MOB!
  78. Yinn, community based Global Telecom
  79. U.S. ceramic artist gets once in a life to work with Italian ceramic superstar.
  80. The artpreneurs exclusive crowdfunding platform
  81. Share classes, shareholder agreements and new investors
  82. Crowdfunding survey.
  83. Hi guys, how do you get the attention from bloggers?
  84. Our campaign is running great!!!
  85. Advice on Promoting My Kickstarter Project - Science Fiction
  86. The subject field
  87. tips and strategies about posting the projects in internet
  88. May I ask for advice on how to improve..
  89. 5 Crowdfunding Advice Articles To Learn from
  90. Brigandine's Grand Unofficial Translation
  91. Interviews of Crowdfunding Successes
  92. Crowdfunding beyond the 3Fs - Where is the Crowd? Looking for Honest Feedback!
  93. Crowdfunding 101: Get Started With These Threads
  94. Youtube
  95. Can crowdfunding work with a Community Share Offer?
  96. How do you get more people to visit?
  97. Top 3 Kickstarter Video Tips
  98. Is it worth using a company you pay for to advertise my Kickstarter?
  99. Need help to fund an ebook about healthy eating for children
  100. Searching for tips ..... please help!!!
  101. Very cheap way to get PR coverage article (Ma
  102. BackerSupport -- Mac/Windows Crowdfunding Project Managment & Logistics App
  103. Crowd Funding Promotion Services?
  104. Anyone here who is successful in Crowdfunding?
  105. Crowdfunding Expert Leigh Lepore Shares Fundraising Tips [video]
  106. Referral program on campaign
  107. Is there a site that tracks my Kickstarter page views?
  108. Crowdfunding 101: The Fundraising Blueprint
  109. How did you go about getting PR for your campaign?
  110. Promote Your KickStarter Campaign at our Launch Party
  111. I want you to totally destroy my campaign!
  112. Indiegogo Essentials
  113. Backer for Backer
  114. 6 Tips for Successful Facebook Sharing for your Crowdfunding Campaign
  115. Backer Exchange Group -- Back Your Project $ for $
  116. How do you get bloggers and news releases out?
  117. 7 Tips for Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign from Inventalator.com
  118. 2 Basic Guidelines for Kickstarter Rewards
  119. How the #Hashtag Can Help Your #Crowdfunding Campaign
  120. Best Campaign for IndieGoGo/KickStarter
  121. Top crowdfunding platforms for film, college tuition, lending, real estate, and more!
  122. My greatest dream ? Discover San Francisco !
  123. 10 Facts to Remember When Pitching a Reporter about your Kickstarter Campaign
  124. 4 Trends That Can Increase Your Kickstarter Success
  125. Advertising: What's classy, and what's tacky?
  126. Dealing With Failure In Crowdfunding
  127. Art of the Kickstart Mastermind
  128. Top 5 Online Crowdfunding Communities
  129. Campaign just launched and I need some help!
  130. Video Interviews of Crowdfunding Experts
  131. Kickstarter Campaign Goals: Set Your Sights For Success
  132. What Am I Doing Wrong?
  133. Tracking Backer Traffic
  134. Tips from Coolest Cooler, Most Funded Kickstarter Project
  135. All My boyfriend's Girlfriens Kickstarter Campaign
  136. Momentum--the Crowdfunding Story of the Tortoise and the Hare
  137. Packaging your successful project for shipment
  138. Can anyone recommend a crowdfunding marketing service?
  139. Crickets...crickets...empty theater.
  140. The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Kickstarter Campaign Rewards
  141. Indiegogo advice
  142. Phrases That Increase Crowdfunding Success
  143. Can you give to your own Kickstarter campaign?
  144. Advice on Making the Kickstarter Video
  145. Are Facebook ads effective?
  146. New social network media! 100% control of your data
  147. 6 Characteristics of Successful Technology Projects
  148. How do you link to your Kickstarter page?
  149. What am i doing wrong with my campaign ?
  150. The $1.3 Million Crazy Crowdfunding Case Study - High-Flying HEXO+ Aerial Drone
  151. Press Release site recommendations i.e. erelease, PRweb, worth it's value?
  152. How to make digital rewards unshareable
  153. Barriers and Motivations to Crowdfunding for the Arts
  154. KS Experience Do's and Don't's - With Live Updates
  155. Social Networking
  156. Crowdfunding and Google+ groups
  157. Kickstarter to take on two of the world's most powerful brands
  158. How to Promote a ThunderClap
  159. Featured Project in Design
  160. What are we doing wrong?
  161. Contacting Sponsors
  162. Advices need for our Kickstarter Campain please!
  163. 9 Epic Lessons Learned From Dozens of Successful Kickstarter Campaigners
  164. Tomo - Communal Savings App. Advice for my Kickstarter Project
  165. Indiegogo campaign feedback
  166. What's the Next Step if Your Crowdfunding Campaign Fails?
  167. Crowdfund promotion companies which works on commision
  168. What are Kickstarter stretch goals? (Article)
  169. Do I Need a Crowdfunding Consultant?
  170. 11 Step Guide to Creating Brand Identity
  171. Indie Games Ultimate Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight guide
  172. 8 Essential Online Crowdfunding Tools
  173. The guide to Kickstarter Add-ons
  174. BackerCamp Review
  175. How to Contact Press (for Indie Game Developers)
  176. Crowdfunding Tips and Tools from Kickstarter’s CEO
  177. Advice needed on Kickstarter campaign
  178. How to Build an Olympic Caliber $100k + Fitness Tracker Focused Startup with Crowdfun
  179. Is Invention a Mindset or Way of Life?
  180. What else should I be doing???
  181. Grab your FREE 100 coupon giveaway till 2 Nov for this crowdfunding course.
  182. Know about crowdfunding story
  183. Is Thunderclap Effective? Mine is about to end with 250 + Backers and 300,000 Social
  184. Need advice - not getting much traffic nor people to invest.
  185. How Crowdfunding and Kickstarter are Creating Social Change and Sustainable Startups
  186. How to Outsource Everything in Product Creation to Get to Market and Launch on Kickst
  187. Getting your Idea in front of those who Influence
  188. Developing a Social Media Strategy for your Online Fundraising Campaign
  189. Using a press release to broaden your audience
  190. 6 Kick Ass Kickstarter Strategies That Every Startup Should Be Doing
  191. Family Business Overcomes Adversity and Funds a Father’s Invention Through Kickstarte
  192. Can my project get funding?
  193. partner/investor
  194. 101 Awesome crowdfunding reward ideas
  195. Sanador Funding Campaign/ A Supernatural Thriller: Six Sense Meets Indiana Jones!
  196. 6 Kick Ass Kickstarter Strategies That Every Startup Should Be Doing
  197. Equity Crowdfunding and Clashing with Kickstarter: The Story of FundedByMe – ATK068
  198. Kickstarter videos...important or necessary?
  199. The Power of Patents in Crowdfunded Tech Startups – ATK069
  200. 6 Kick Ass Kickstarter Strategies That Every Startup Should Be Doing
  201. Helpful Design Tools For Your Crowdfunding Project
  202. 15+ Places to Promote Your RocketHub Campaign
  203. Manufacturing a Crowdfunded Product - Tips from MorphoMFG
  204. What are the pros and cons of crowdfunding?
  205. 16+ Tips and Resources to Create a Killer Crowdfunding Video
  206. How to export your LinkedIn contacts
  207. 5 Tips for Crowdfunding a Film or Movie
  208. What 6 Top Experts Say About How To Get PR
  209. CRUSH IT With Crowdfunding Case Studies
  210. Can I use two crowdfunding companies, one for each url?
  211. Indiegogo problem with IBAN account number
  212. How One Sustainable Startup Used Product Design to Disrupt an Entire Industry – ATK07
  213. Twelve Tips for Successful Crowdfunding via Lantern Books
  214. Kickstarter For A Sexy Noir/Thriller Feature Film Soundtrack Release
  215. Should I Hire A Crowdfunding Consultant?
  216. 4 Things You Need to Know About Kickstarter Order Fulfillment & Shipping
  217. Good To Great – The Makings of an Incredible Startup Leader – ATK072
  218. How to Crowdfund Your Travel Expenses
  219. How to export your LinkedIn contacts
  220. Six Things to Know About Raising Capital Through Real Estate Crowdfunding
  221. Crowdfunding Demographics: Understand Kickstarter and Indiegogo Backers
  222. What Startups Can Do When Kickstarter Marketing Falls Flat – ATK071
  223. How to Write an Engaging Crowdfunding Story
  224. 5 Affordable Online Tools for Startups
  225. 9 Crowdfunding Success Tips from Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin
  226. The Massive Mistake of Productive Creativity
  227. Lessons Learned from 7 Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaigns – ATK074
  228. Five Common Kickstarter Mistakes (Podcast)
  229. How To Find Serial Kickstarter Backers
  230. Crowdfunding Companies’ Post-Kickstarter Guide to Ecommerce
  231. Crowdfunding the Next Billion Dollar Business – The Future of Sports Tech – ATK076
  232. Crowdfunding Demographics: Understand Kickstarter and Indiegogo Backers
  233. Patents to Profit: Turning Clothing Stains into a Sexy Startup – ATK075
  234. How to Create a Kickstarter Campaign
  235. 7 Places for Post-Crowdfunding Promotion
  236. Raising $500k With Four Successful Kickstarter Campaigns – ATK077
  237. Best place to find quality help
  238. Mega Marketing and Unleashing an Avalanche of Kickstarter Campaign Success – ATK078
  239. How to Outsource Everything in Product Creation to Get to Market and Launch on Kickst
  240. An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Pre-Crowdfunding Research
  241. Launching an Independent Crowdfunding Campaign: Pros and Cons
  242. Forever Inventing: The Guide to Constant Curiosity and Success – ATK080
  243. Crowdfunding Companies’ Post-Kickstarter Guide to Ecommerce
  244. $500k and The Evolution of Active Wearable Technology – ATK082
  245. Small Crowdfunding Wins for Colossal Kickstarter Results
  246. 9 Practical Steps for a Powerful Campaign Launch
  247. From my perspective. (From someone that has used multiple crowd funding sites)
  248. Everything Entrepreneurs NEED To Know About Equity Crowdfunding – ATK084
  249. Why Oculus Rift Reality Is Entirely Wrong For Crowdfunding Campaigners
  250. BackerSupport 1.0 released! A little Xmas Present for Crowdfunders.