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  1. Was your project declined on Kickstarter for no reason?
  2. Services, Products or alternative incentives
  3. Looking for a Crowd Funding Partner
  4. Best Crowdfunding site for personal security device?
  5. Need help setting up an IndieGoGo campaign.
  6. Question for new campaign
  7. Need someone to tweak my IndieGoGo page
  8. What are some things creators can do to put their project over the top, way over?
  9. How to draw traffic to a campaign???
  10. Looking for current campaigns for cross-promotion.
  11. what platform is good for funding of surgery/education for transgenders?
  12. how to fund equipment
  13. Getting visitors at my crowd funding site seems impossible...
  14. Can you change existing perks on Indiegogo?
  15. Any Idea Why My Campaign Wouldn't Fly on Kickstarter?
  16. Raise funds for the same project on different crowdfunding sites?
  17. Best way to pitch a business idea
  18. kickstarter approval time?
  19. What's a good way to offer your backers equity?
  20. Looking for a CrowdFunding partner . . .
  21. Is it possible to create more projects at once?
  22. My Crowdfunding Journey before Launch and After
  23. Lets all like each others campaign to increase our visibility!
  24. How to Crowdfund - Free Download (PDF)
  25. hashtags on crowdfunding pitches
  26. How can I make (almost) everyone happy? Also, how can I appeal cross-category?
  27. Crazy Promotion Ideas
  28. What site is best for this educational funding
  29. Wide open for advice
  30. Looking for a Partner
  31. I have a public health project that needs your expert opinion.
  32. Indiegogo problem with IBAN account number
  33. Do clicks raise popularity?
  34. Can I use two crowdfunding companies, one for each url?
  35. Looking for suggestions on setting the amount of money to be raised
  36. Mid Campaign Lull, any suggestions (indiegogo) myfreeloader
  37. Services you use to promote your KickStarter project
  38. Which is best crowdfunding platform for books??
  39. Social Pre-project/campaign critique tool
  40. Still Looking for a Savvy Marketing Partner -
  41. Is it a conflict to raise funds both from IndieGoGo and directly at the same time?
  42. I'm trying to get a few thousand people to crowdfund a rental property - advice?
  43. Advice on funding rewards
  44. Getting financial help without giving away my idea
  45. Exchange likes and tweets for my campaign and yours?
  46. ReportCrowd.com Looking for Project Owners To Test Beta Advertising
  47. Would You Use Equity Crowdfunding today if You Could?
  48. Friends & Family Crowd Funding No-Shows? Avoid this advice at your project's Peril
  49. Kickstarter Not a Store. Are We Sure?
  50. Kickstarter Vs Indiegogo
  51. Manifiesto Crowd
  52. How did They Raise over $1000 000 ?
  53. Lifting a business of the ground
  54. Crowdfunding mentoring
  55. What to do to raise funds for Indiegogo Campaign?
  56. Looking for a partner
  57. Starting a campaing on Kickstarter
  58. 21 places to promote your kickstarter campaign
  59. Are there any US/UK residents who would like to help in running Kickstarter campaigns
  60. Wanna share ideas about perks?
  61. 30 People to Promote Your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign to on Twitter
  62. Looking for Experienced Crowdfunding Supporters
  63. [In Depth] Guide to Successful Projects.
  64. For those of you looking for practical crowdfunding advice.....
  65. How to collect fund
  66. Kicking and Screaming - Blogs on crowdfunding.
  67. Focus, Focus, Focus!!
  68. The Complete A-Z of Crowdfunding
  69. I need Pointers on my indiegogo campaign
  70. Generating Media Buzz for your Campaign
  71. Anyone else finding that their social media buttons don't work on IGG?
  72. Where do Kickstarter projects get their traffic from? [Stats inside]
  73. Have no idea where to start funding for healthy comfort food, on Kickstarter & GoFund
  74. Disrupting Photo Sharing from Costa Rica
  75. Second Kickstarter Food Project doing better
  76. Crowdfunding Advice
  77. Looking for people who considered making or made a donation to crowdfunding project!!
  78. Free Press Release for your Campaign
  79. Adding incentives?
  80. 5 Tips on Pitching the Media your Crowdfunding Campaign
  81. Help with Kickstarter campaign
  82. First project- album release- my experience
  83. 5 Reasons Why Guest Posting is A Great Way to Market Your Kickstarter Campaign
  84. Need Advice for T-Shirt and Beanie Kickstarter
  85. How to best promote my new kickstarter project?
  86. Top 5 - Most common mistakes by crowd funding campaigns
  87. Any comments on my first pitch before I post it? Free ebook on Future Industries.
  88. Crowdfunding Project Rewards - Your opinions
  89. 6 Tools to Automate Twitter and Social Marketing For Your Kickstarter Campaign
  90. Using Fundzinger to help promote campaign
  91. Is my kickstarter project doomed third day in?
  92. Crowdfunding Experts Needed For our Project
  93. How to find bloggers to blog about your Kickstarter campaign.
  94. First campaign launched July 1, Who has the best services for promo?
  95. Trying to set up a new business
  96. gofundme.com/businessforme
  97. Life After Kickstarter: 5 Costly Lessons
  98. Kickstarter in the UK () converting to ($)
  99. I have a revolutionary patent and want some input for possible outlets!
  100. Video or Not?
  101. Kickstarter Declines Project Over and Over - Please we need help...
  102. What if you Raise $100k on Kickstarter and Can't spend it all?
  103. What to do after Crowdfunding FAILURE.
  104. Project Updates: Public versus just for backers?
  105. 7 Simple and Practical Tips to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign.
  106. The same crowdfunding campaign more time?
  107. Why No Success With My Campaign?
  108. Need crowdfunding service
  109. Pre campaign Leg Work
  110. How to convince skeptical backers to support your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign
  111. Debt funding and Equity funding platforms
  112. I'm Looking for a Crowdfunding Marketing Partner
  113. When do Most Contributes Come In During a Crowdfunding Project (Graph)
  114. Second Kickstarter campaign - first one failed. Tips?
  115. Indiegogo Removed My Project
  116. OK first day on Kickstarter, then a drop off - How do you stand out?
  117. After successful project will new be funded as well?
  118. How To Get Popular on Kickstarter!
  119. Big Pledge - Success Rate?
  120. How do you folks get bloggers attention
  121. Kickstarter Project Not Successful
  122. The twitter Godfather skill
  123. Successfully reached our goal in less than 11 hours!
  124. Kickstarter Project: UnionHouse - Our First Album!
  125. Advice on campaign
  126. Working it! How to keep the momentum going after the first 5 days of your project?
  127. Has anyone used Crowdfundbuzz.com?
  128. Slow start? What can you do?
  129. Funding for flood victims
  130. Crowdfunding Support on Twitter
  131. Please give us your input on our running kickstarter project. Should we re-launch?
  132. How to be successful when you are in Europe ?
  133. Ok--I'm getting nervous about this whole Kickstarter thing!
  134. Registry of projects and users? Lets help eachother out.
  135. * I'm Looking for a Partner
  136. Kickstarter fail, relaunch - and lessons learned for Burning Suns (board game)
  137. Which games to launch on kickstarter after PROTEST!
  138. Creating the first cross promoting website!The Best invested dollar of your campaign!
  139. Crowdfunding: Benefits Besides The Money
  140. How to get Kickstarter Help?
  141. All Myn: Innovative fashion brand launched 30 Aug 2013 on Indiegogo
  142. What do you think of my indiegogo campaign video?
  143. Stretch Goals on Kickstarter?
  144. Indiegogo versus RochetHub?
  145. Reached Goal and Things Have Slowed at Halfway Point
  146. 404: Law Not Found Kickstarter Seeking Advice
  147. Awesome Guide to Kickstarting Video Games!
  148. Posting Here on Crowd Funding Forum Makes a Difference
  149. Advice on social media posting that doesn't get seen as spam...
  150. Profit margin
  151. Very frustrating Kickstarter experience... so far.
  152. Trying to scale my Kickstarter project
  153. Top 21 Articles On Kickstarter Preparation, Promotion, And Production
  154. Does anyone know how. . .
  155. Handling Criticism
  156. Seemed to have hit a plateu - Help?
  157. Important Question to Ask yourself Before Starting Crowdfunding for A Book
  158. Top 10 Hard Questions to Ask Before Crowdfunding your Startup.
  159. What can I do if i have not a great personal network?
  160. Is this frustrating or what? (Kickstarter)
  161. A Big Mistake I See CrowdFunders Make
  162. Off to a slow start
  163. Kickstarter campaign rewards Idea Generator
  164. Looking for Advice
  165. Pushing press releases and official marketing with crowdfunding
  166. How to reach Kickstarter communities
  167. What is wrong with my project?
  168. Amped Optics set to launch in January of 2014
  169. Crowd funding call! Help support! - BeatBox. One drum, many sounds!
  170. What to do when your campaign is "Dead on Arrival"
  171. How do I market my Kickstater to Strangers?
  172. How does anyone possibly offer international backing?!
  173. Promoting on Classified ads??
  174. Throwing in the towel
  175. How do I get more traffic to my Indiegogo campaign?
  176. I don't have a country. I have been traveling for over two years looking for one.
  177. Frustrating! Very Frustrating
  178. Refugee Artist Campaign for a Music Travel Documentary. Ideas please!
  179. I'm Looking for a Co-Founder / Partner to develop Crowdfunding Campaigns
  180. Great article about getting high-quality press
  181. Need Tips on Getting More Funding...!! Or Marketing..
  182. What a difference! Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  183. How to get ahead in Crowdfunding - 29th October, London
  184. My Project is going to be on The Crowd Funder Show!
  185. Seeking advice on how to Avoid the SLUMP?
  186. Interview invitation
  187. hiring social advertisers to help crowdfund - has it worked for you ?
  188. Gaining traffic to my Crowd Funding campaign seems impossible. Any Suggestions?
  189. I am willing to share
  190. Indiegogo CEO Gives Crowdfunding Tips and Statistic
  191. Gamification and Crowdfunding, - How to.
  192. Need help raising money for new music project any ideas
  193. Where to advertise a kickstarter game project?
  194. Pre-Crowdfunding - That 3-6 months before launch
  195. Is there such a thing as TOO MANY REWARDS PACKAGES?
  196. You start your campaign and...crickets
  197. Effective Marketing and Completing a Campaign
  198. do more people donate if you're nearer your funding goal?
  199. How to get people help and not just wait for the completed product?
  200. Concurrent Kickstarter Campaigns - for same project
  201. I've tried everything and still seeing slow progress. What should I do?
  202. Crowdfunding Virgin
  203. USABLE Project Planning Tips - what to do, when and how...finally
  204. Why is this happening? Our popular products in Denmark, dont seem to be popular intl.
  205. Easy Crowdfunding social sharing with custom landing page
  206. Kickstarters New One Reward Per Pledge Policy....
  207. How do you communicate with backers after your project is funded?
  208. Newbie, Advice needed for raising awareness for kickstarter campaign
  209. Wheeeewwww...
  210. Need Constructive Feedback? Then post here!
  211. How often do you think a project should post updates or changes?
  212. CPA Program / Technique Wanted
  213. Bank Account: Individual or Corporate? [Kickstarter, USA]
  214. Kickstarter Campaigns, 5 things you need to know.
  215. Kickstarter Campaign Advice for "Luck O' The Dice"
  216. Pay It Forward For Those Struggling to Raise Funds
  217. Indiegogo Campaign Strategy : How To Raise Money From The Crowd with PAID Traffic
  218. Kickstarter and people not funding
  219. One simple/important thing you can do to help build trust with potential contributors
  220. Just started our campaign - am I doing the right thing?
  221. Need Forum Input RE: An idea I have to Boost Blogger Respnse to Project PR Requests
  222. Avatar ideas!
  223. 101 Awesome crowdfunding reward ideas
  224. How To Raise Funds Without Sweating Friends and Family?
  225. How to Crowdfund Your Small Business to Success
  226. What to do? we're at 30% with 4 days left.
  227. Funding for Films
  228. How to start the campaign moving? I can't seem to get the right audiance
  229. Useful Tips from a Succesful Kickstarter Campaign
  230. Everything you wanted to know about crowdfunding, but were too afraid to ask!
  231. Before you start a campaign
  232. offer multiple items - OK?
  233. Successful Projects, what 1 thing helped the most?
  234. Check To See If Your Project Appears on Kickstarter Searches!
  235. Let's all like each others campaign to increase our visibility! (2014 version)
  236. All campaigns and projects, I have a question for you
  237. Is there such a thing as the 'little guy' or grassroots in crowdfunding?
  238. Campaign referral contest - A great way to keep driving traffic ?
  239. A marathon in Sierra Leone. Do we need good prizes for a charitable project?
  240. A project for a bigger project, do you think it's possible?
  241. i need some ..
  242. was wondering about feedback
  243. Side Compeition to drive support
  244. My Post-Mortem for my KickStarter project
  245. Success Rate with Strangers as backers (film project)
  246. hi, is this logic
  247. Kickstarter search question.
  248. My Project Disappeared?
  249. Anime Project on Kickstarter (Akari No Chikai)
  250. Backers refusing to use amazon