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  1. (Kickstarter) Guerrilla Filmmaking Magazine - Digital Mag for no-budget Filmmaking
  2. (Kickstarter) 'R.E.M.' - 176 page hardcover graphic novel
  3. (Indiegogo) Changing the scene crowdfunding campaign
  4. (Kickstarter) Saline and Pupper Dog
  5. (KickStarter) SwarmLocal. Anonymous Proximity
  6. (Kickstarter) Grave Soldiers Comic Book Crowd Funding
  7. (Indiegogo) Liquid Sapphire Scratch Resistant DIY Coating for Phones
  8. (Indiegogo) Rayner Gaming Startup
  9. (Indiegogo) horror film be in movie with Corey Feldman supporting role
  10. (Indiegogo)World's encrypted Email and Cloud client, packed inside a personal server
  11. (Indiegogo) A new approach to international sports events
  12. (Kickstarter) Battle Isle Strategy Game for iOS devices
  13. (IndieGogo) Hosted Reality Web Series about Small Businesses, just launched!
  14. (Indiegogo) Cast in Blood - Independent Novel
  15. (Kickstarter) The Field Hockey Game - PC/Mac/Linux
  16. (Kickstarter) My family has an RPG! It is our creative baby!
  17. (Kickstarter) Charlie's Brownies: The Ultimate Brownie Experience
  18. (Kickstarter) WarBucks: A Territory Control and Deck Building Game.
  19. (Tubestart) Justice an Indie Superhero Film
  20. (Indiegogo) Rocket Droid Pc - The Worlds most powerful Android HDMI TV Dongle!
  21. (Indiegogo) Safeguard your E-mails and Files from Hackers and Government Agencies
  22. (Indiegogo) Chilly's Bottles- 24 Hours Cold - Reusable Water Bottle
  23. (Indiegogo) Enfojer: An Analog Darkroom for Printing Your Digital Smartphone Photos
  24. (Indiegogo) Callback: An iOS & Android App
  25. (Indiegogo) Snapizzi -Single, unified, searchable library for your photographic life!
  26. (Kickstarter) Great Lakes | Classic Northern Apparel | American Made
  27. (Kickstarter) Stronghold2D - Mass Multiplayer 2D War Game
  28. (Indiegogo) FieldBattle
  29. (IndieGogo) FanBase - A Tool For Musicians To Find And Engage A New Audience
  30. (Indiegogo) VMatter - Kitchen Knives with Potential to Change Food Prep Forever
  31. (Indiegogo) crotchgear - We're servin' up 'humor below the belt'!
  32. (Indiegogo) Predator Realm - A Third Person Zombie Shooter with Multiplayer!
  33. (Indiegogo) Skulltec Advanced Gel Cap
  34. (Kickstarter) Dancing Donna: Augmented Dance App
  35. (Indiegogo) The Crystal Crypt - Independent film based on a Philip K Dick short story
  36. (Indiegogo) 10 Days In A Madhouse - Suspense Thriller - Dramatic Feature Film
  37. (Kickstarter) DANCING DONNA - First ever augmented reality dance app
  38. (Indiegogo) The Perfect Part
  39. (Indiegogo) Fundraiser for new Web-series The Mysfits
  40. (Rockethub) The Red Sable Art Supply Store
  41. (Indiegogo) Dead! A dark-comedy short film. A small New Zealand project.
  42. (Kickstarter) AntySocial Card Game (Funny, Drinking, and Poker)
  43. (Indiegogo) Baxes, self organised food distribution network
  44. (Indiegogo) Evo Eau Water Filtration Bottle REMOVES 99% of contaminants in tap water!
  45. (GoFundMe) Build a sustainability family community
  46. (Kickstarter) BEAUTY - A metaphysical short film
  47. (Indiegogo) Meet ILADORA'S new women's bike commuter pant
  48. (Kickstarter) Homesick - A Needle & Thread Production
  49. (Kickstarter) Extremely Durable Battery Pack for Smartphones and Tablets
  50. (Kickstarter) LOTH Hoodies
  51. (Kickstarter) The ReGripper: Reclaim Your Built-In Toothbrush Holder
  52. (Kickstarter) Fishspace - Create Your Own Fishspace!
  53. (Kickstarter) Whaleo - Win Life (With Your Phone)
  54. (Kickstarter) Clever Remote Control
  55. (Kickstarter) C-Student 5-1 drinking game playing cards
  56. (Indiegogo) LUME - Premium All-Weather Women's Boots with Storage, Brilliant!
  57. (Kickstarter) Failed Oasis - Comic, Teens try to survive a deadly Wasteland
  58. (Kickstarter) Mutiny
  59. (Kickstarter) Kitchen Warrior cookbook from The Culinary Composer
  60. (Indiegogo) New Action-Adventure game called, "Charity's Fate" coming to Ouya and PC
  61. (Kickstarter) Video Game: Attack of the Gelatinous Blob
  62. (Sponsume) Ananké - Sci-Fi Short Film, about fate... a different world
  63. (Indiegogo) TuneBox - The BEST upgrade accessory for your HiFi system to add WiFi
  64. (Kickstarter) Barrel Aging and Making Sours at our Queens Brewery
  65. (Kickstarter) March Against Darkness
  66. (Kickstarter) The Versa Dock - Universal iPhone, iPad, iPod Docking Station
  67. (Kickstarter) The Pirates For Knowledge
  69. (Indiegogo) Globl-c platform
  70. (Kickstarter) Kraftlyn-Legacy - Life Treasures Conservation Display System
  71. (Indiegogo) Being and Nothingness – a documentary
  72. (Indiegogo) Mark T. Ross - a casual FMV adventure game.
  73. (Kickstarter) Stealth Utility Belt - Carry stuff on the inside of plain leather belt
  74. (Kickstarter) Neo's Land
  75. (Kickstarter) Fast Industries
  76. (Kickstarter) Non-Nuclear Kill! Crowd funding project - Please take a look!
  77. (Indiegogo) Crowdfunding a crowdsourced financial literacy startup
  78. (Kickstarter) Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames
  79. (Kickstarter) Drinking game!
  80. (Kickstarter) The Rescue of Amberlina - RPG Video Game
  81. (IndieGoGo) IndieSpotted, a new website dedicated towards indie games and developers
  82. (Kickstarter) The Amityville Project: Phobos
  83. (Kickstarter) Purgatory: The eventual Game
  84. (Kickstarter) Padcaster Mini: Turn Your iPad Mini into a Mobile Studio
  85. (Kickstarter) Night Job : Choice Driven RPG
  86. (Kickstarter) Kore & Jacob Kickstarter - Multi Platform High Graphics Game
  87. (Kickstarter) World's Most Comfortable Jeans -- McMacular
  88. (Kickstarter) A Short Film About Twins
  89. (Kickstarter) thisisstuttering: A Documentary
  90. (Kickstarter) A Thousand Leaves: The artistic and educational card game
  91. (Kickstarter) Heroes Vs Villains
  92. (Kickstarter) The Astonishing Adventures of Heracles Flint
  93. Kickstarter - Dearest Jane
  94. (Indiegogo) Sky Drone FPV + Oculus VR demoed by Sky Drone Team
  95. (Rockethub) Launching my photography service.
  96. (Indiegogo) Bloody Island 2: A Fun Multiplayer Fps
  97. (Kickstarter) MINOR - a Canadian Feature Film
  98. (Indiegogo) ZIG-ZAG-LED: Virtual messages.
  99. (Kickstarter) "Permeation"; a film by Arius Blaze
  100. (Kickstarter) Me in a Tree - Helping Families Around the World
  101. (Kickstarter) Back Up! card game
  102. (Kickstarter) Arcova
  103. (Kickstarter) Cedaria: Blackout
  104. (Indiegogo) World's First CG Horror Series
  105. (Kickstarter) Taxi Journey - Windows, Wii U, PS Vita, Mac, Linux, PSN, XBLA, iPAD
  106. (Indiegogo) AKA: The Surgeon
  107. (Kickstarter) The OCD - A mental bookmark
  108. (Kickstarter) Rack Mounted Solar Shower
  109. (Kickstarter) HTML5 and CSS3 project
  110. (Kickstarter) FEZ Medusa - an Arduino-compatible rapid-prototyping solution
  111. (Kickstarter) "The Dream Cycle of Randolph Carter" - H.P. Lovecraft Webseries
  112. (Indiegogo) Feature length comedy, "Abe Makes A Movie"
  113. (Kickstarter) Knot Theory: Bow Ties with Infinite Looks
  114. (Kickstarter) Korut - a different kind of Yoga bag
  115. (Kickstarter) New and Unique DAY OF THE DEAD DOMINOES™
  116. (Kickstarter) Love Me Or Die
  117. (IndieGoGo) Legend of Zelda: The Broken Link
  118. (Indiegogo) Phenoh - Revolutionary Product! First ALKALINE sports drink!
  119. (IndieGoGo) The Super Alliance
  120. (Kickstarter) The Critical Case, an Ultra-minimalist Bumper for iPhone 5S and 5
  121. (Kickstarter) Wormhole Warfare: Escape from New Orc City
  122. (Kickstarter) Shadows Chronicles: Pandemonium (Novel)
  123. (Kickstarter) Ninja Dice!
  124. (Kickstarter) Bounce Battle...the NEW beer pong (fun for all ages) check us out!
  125. (IndieGoGo) PURA VIDA ART-BASH MUNDIAL! Celebration of Now.
  126. (Kickstarter) Terminated - The First Person MOBA
  127. (Kickstarter) Spell Chess - An expansion for Chess
  128. (Kickstarter) Forget Me Not - Never leave anything of value behind!
  129. (Kickstarter) Do I sound pompous?
  130. (Kickstarter) Texas Tears - Habanero Sauce
  131. (Kickstarter) The Great Art of Being
  132. (Indiegogo) The 3-in-1 Scooter BackPack needs your Help to reach our Goal
  133. (Indiegogo) Help make young nab - fun house official video happen
  134. (Kickstarter) eCounters & Avatars for Trading card Games
  135. (kickstarter) KINGDOM Space
  136. (Indiegogo) Archangel 2: Red Colony
  137. (Indiegogo) TableConnect
  138. (Indiegogo) Giveonthemobile
  139. (IndieGoGo) MIDRAIN - A new way to play RPG
  140. (Indiegogo) Psychological Survival Horror Game
  141. (KickStarter) Frontier Fantasy (a jrpg)
  142. (Kickstarter) Ingrid: Timeless Tale. Enchanting Music. Captivating Artwork.
  143. (Indiegogo) 'No. 1905' Wristwatch by W. T. Author
  144. (Indiegogo) Pre
  145. (Kickstarter) Dodecado - Light up your space one block at a time
  146. (Kickstarter) Girls shoes: Design Your Own Collection
  147. (Indiegogo) Charlie The Roach - PC, MAC & Linux Video Game
  148. (Kickstarter) Canadian metal, Sci-fi, concept album "Frontiers"
  149. (Indiegogo) Psychotria: Psychological Thriller Short Film in RVA
  150. (Indiegogo) Safe and secure Photo Cloud Storage
  151. (Indiegogo) Lords of Xulima
  152. (Indiegogo) - Gearless Reversible Roller Ratchet!
  153. (Indiegogo) Sunglasses Made for Healing
  154. (Indiegogo) Moshotus - ergonomic device for working and gaming on computer
  155. (Indiegogo) Feature Heist Film - "TWO CRANES"
  156. (Indiegogo) Bitzy Baby: The Crib Bumper Solution
  157. (Indiegogo) MISSION: A Sci-fi, Lucha Libre Film Starring Mil Mascaras
  158. (Indiegogo) - RED ZONE - Short Graduation Film!
  159. (Indiegogo) VixPlug: Control your home wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone
  160. (Kickstarter) RPG Themed Poker Chips
  161. (Indiegogo) IdeaSquares - Putting ideas people in touch. Make It Happen.
  162. (IndieGoGo) Fruitcake: A Short Film
  163. (Kickstarter) - Expresso - A card game for 2 - 6 players (Already 20% funded!)
  164. (Kickstarter) Signal to Noise - Rail Shooter Driven by Your Music - Playable Demo
  165. (Indiegogo) QSAlpha Quasar IV
  166. (Kickstarter) Unsacred Seed's Sci-Fi Concept Album!
  167. (Kickstarter) The SOOT Electropack
  168. (Kickstarter) Strength Stack 52 Playing Cards- The Game of FIT
  169. (indiegogo) TOM the Movie - a man becomes an international gay icon
  170. (Indiegogo) - Crazy Bounce - fun made game
  171. (Indiegogo) Bought Movie ~ The Hidden Story behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food
  172. (Kickstarter) STEEL TOWN - A Short Film about a Violent Steelworker Strike in 1892
  173. (Kickstarter) - The Bike Index - Let's stop bike theft, together.
  174. (kickstarter) Revolutionary product that will change hats for ever ... BrimSkins!!!
  175. (Indiegogo) RackPeace, A Phonestand for Convenience and Many Practical Uses
  176. (Kickstarter) JWalking Designs - Active Apparel for Women of All Shapes and Sizes
  177. (Kickstarter) Soccer Legends
  178. (Indiegogo) The Flight Deck watch, the ideal gift for the aviation fan.
  179. (Indiegogo) 3Dsimo Do you have a fantasy?
  180. (Kickstarter) Detective Scarlet - A story based ARPG
  181. (Kickstarter) Stephen King dollar baby movie documentary
  182. (Kickstarter) Max Impulse, A 3D, Anti-Gravity Racing Game
  183. (Kickstarter) Completely Royal - Elite Belts
  184. (Kickstarter) The Perpetual Light
  185. (Kickstarter) Second Mouse - a card game
  186. (IndieGoGo) - The Long Short - Drama/Sc-Fi/Thriller - Feature Film
  187. (Kickstarter) Edward Sharpe Music Video with Little Help from the Band
  188. (Kickstarter) Intimately Personal Details Leading to Success
  189. (Kickstarter) The Amityville Project: A New Miniature Game
  190. (Indiegogo) Bamboo Sunglasses at 28$
  191. (Kickstarter) In Depth with GamePanda
  192. (Kickstarter) Radiant Lionhead 3D Printer & Scanner with 3D Modeling Software
  193. (Indiegogo) Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater - Video & Tour Funding
  194. (Kickstarter) Project Bokor - Zombie Survival FPS
  195. (Kickstarter) Spin Chill: #warmbeersucks
  196. (Indiegogo) Pepe a Meditation Tool
  197. (Kickstarter) UK Feature Film, Volatile with Gamer Of Thrones Star James Cosmo
  198. (Indiegogo) QuickTicket - Reimagine public transport in Africa
  199. (Kickstarter) It's not just a project, it's a life changer.
  200. ( KICKSTARTER ) ® RAELO: Luxury Vegan Handbags, Backpacks and Cases !!!
  201. (Kickstarter) Unreal Rides - 3D race for cars NOT MEANT for racing
  202. (Kickstarter) Jewvangelist - A Web Series
  203. (Indiegogo) Sustainability Education and Internships for At-Risk Youth
  205. (Kickstarter) Mipwr: Instantly Charge Your iPhone 4/4S with Your Hand!
  206. (Kickstarter) for novel "KALI-Destroyer of Worlds"
  207. (Indiegogo) 2 Products 1 Campaign
  208. (Kickstarter) Modular Green Roofs for Everyone by Urban Canopy
  209. (Kickstarter) TRIGGER - by Chris Folkens
  210. (Kickstarter) ProTravel Carry-on: travel faster, happier & more productive
  211. (Kickstarter) Winter Deck playing cards by Ultramarine Designs
  212. (Kickstarter) Bringing OUTSPOKKEN from my garage to the runway!
  213. (Kickstarter) Lalolagi - Benath the Heavens - Comic - Polynesian Adventure Mythology
  214. (Kickstarter) Baseball Clothing Company - 543 Sportswear
  215. (Kickstarter) Adrift
  216. (Indiegogo) Heart Risk Warner: Carry cardiologist in your pocket
  217. (Indiegogo) Creative Photography: a Cosplay Odyssey
  218. (Kickstarter) Face 2 Face Documentary by Katherine Brooks
  219. (Kickstarter) Jack Rider Comic
  220. (Kickstarter) The Aqualibrium Garden - The Future of Food
  221. (Indiegogo) Design Miners - Join to dig into design history!
  222. (Indiegogo) JuJu: Touch & Learn
  223. (Indiegogo) The Interactive Web Cook Project - bringing entertainment with cooking!
  224. (Kickstarter) The COLT: Engineering A Better Hockey Stick
  225. (Kickstarter) Trip Out with the Cast & Crew of the Short Film, Trip
  226. (Kickstarter) FullFX Sports: Cold Therapy Wraps
  227. (Kickstarter) Adrift - A 6-player cooperative tower defense/dual-stick shooter
  228. (Kickstarter) Velocity Clip V2-
  229. (Indiegogo) - Altercide (shortfilm about mentally-disturbed woman)
  230. (Indiegogo) Archeblade: Free to play action MO fighting game.
  231. (Kickstarter) Custom Kegerator Beer Tap Handles
  232. (KickStarter) HopeLink - connects nonprofits to their donors #Tech4Dev
  233. (Kickstarter) NICKSTER: Educational Toys & App for Kids
  234. (Kickstarter) King of Clubs - A fast-paced card game of sweet-sweet dance moves.
  235. (Kickstarter) Cubtab, keeping our kids safe online
  236. (Kickstarter) Templar Skis
  237. (Kickstarter)CARVING A LIFE 40% funded and only 9 days left!
  238. (Kickstarter) Mahalo Bowl: Acaistas Bringing Delicious Bowls to the Bay
  239. (Kickstarter) SHIMshelf - a modulor shelving system using Japanese joinery
  240. (kickstarter) Hale Dreamer: Get more sleep with a smart Android alarm dock
  241. (Kickstarter) Wind-Blox: stop the wind noise, enjoy biking!
  242. (Kickstarter) SUPs from Pallet Wood
  243. (Kickstarter) "SlackMount" Action Camera Slackline Mount
  244. (Kickstarter) Flyte Carbon Fiber Panel for iPhone 4 , 5 , 5S
  245. (Kickstarter) "BattleAxe" The most epic dark age warfare board game of all time?
  246. (Indiegogo) Photory: Postcards & Prints
  247. (Kickstarter) My Debut Album - Jimmy P.
  248. (Kickstarter) Okapi: The Intelligent Control System for Solar Air Heaters
  249. (Indiegogo) Days Gone By - a spiritural film about a father's love for his daughter
  250. (Kickstarter) Aftermath