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  1. (Kickstarter) Naughty? or Nice? A Christmas Take on Mafia/Werewolf
  3. (Kickstarter) Cali Beach Clothing-Customize Your Winter Collection
  4. (Kickstarter) Dizzlike Profile - with dislike button everywhere!
  5. (Indiegogo) Huku: A Stylish and Portable Screwdriver
  6. (Indiegogo) COPsync911 Arms Teachers with Technology, not Guns
  7. (Kickstarter) Zombie White Playing Cards with Free Grave Digger Card Game download
  8. (Indiegogo) New Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart ANALOG Watch
  9. (Kickstarter) Haks backpacks...and a clutch
  10. (Kickstarter) Takamo Universe
  11. (Kickstarter) SODAQ: a lego-like, plug-in, rapid prototyping board Arduino Compatible
  12. (Kickstarter) Oceania online MMO RPG
  13. (Kickstarter) BotLogic.us: A Game That Gets Kids EXCITED to Program
  14. (Indiegogo) New Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart ANALOG Watch
  15. (Indiegogo) The 4th Horse The Next Global Card Game Phenomenon
  16. (Indiegogo) Creating the most amazing company ever
  17. (Kickstarter) Hitting Knob ( Revolutionary Hitting Weight)
  18. (Kickstarter) EPIC PICNIC - The morally-bankrupt card game!
  19. (kickstarter) DON'T FORGET YOUR HAT: a short film with a dark twist
  20. (kickstarter) War Stories: Modern Military Science Fiction
  21. (Kickstarter) Virtual Reality MMORPG - Realms of Goldesia - appreciate your support
  22. (Kickstarter) ZzzMask - Awesome sleep on a plane
  23. (Kickstarter) Kid Book Pet Portrait REWARDS!
  24. (Kickstarter) No Monster No! - Fabric Illustrated, High Quality, Picture Book
  25. (Kickstarter) Youareallit.com - Where movies meet their maker!
  26. (Kickstarter) The Most Awesome Poker Set in the World
  27. (Kickstarter) AMPERE - Better Bras, Better lingerie experience MALE/FEMALE Rewards
  28. (Kickstarter) a game of gnomes. 12 days left.
  29. (kickstarter) TVtibi: A-La-Carte television on any device
  30. (Kickstarter) Eden Star
  31. (Kickstarter) The first OVAL yoga mat in the world
  32. (Kickstarter) Avalon's Destruction: Help fund the Prologue issues
  33. (Kickstarter) My Apollo - a picture book sweet tale of a small boy and a rescue dog
  34. (Kickstarter) MIND-The Fall of Paradise
  35. (KICKSTARTER) Believing and Achieving
  36. (Kickstarter) DUELING HOUNDS-graphic novel artwork similar to Mafia Wars social game
  37. (Kickstarter) Greedy Wizards - a two-player card game of magic and cake
  38. (Kickstarter) This Is My Brave - opening up about mental illness
  39. (Kickstarter) Neurio: Home Intelligence
  40. (Kickstarter) HexFlex - An Adventure Tool -
  41. (Kickstarter) Steam Works video game
  42. (Kickstarter) PlaqCard - send-able art!
  43. (Kickstarter) - Hitting Knob - Maximize your SWING!
  44. (Indiegogo) Woodi Wallet
  45. (Kickstarter) ChargeSmart: Extends your iPhone internal battery by 50%
  46. (Kickstarter) BERTY - an illustrated artist's novel
  47. (Kickstarter) The Immortal Saga: The Dawn of Man
  48. (Kickstarter) Pitchfork Pod: The Travel-Friendly Versatile Video Monopod
  49. (Kickstarter) Timothy Zahn's Parallax (turn-based 4X galactic conquest)
  50. (Indiegogo) Eastronaut watches nyc
  51. (Kickstarter) Saxophone - Martino Scovacricchi's Debut Album
  52. (Kickstarter) Outer Limits Hot Sauce
  53. Rally Campaign
  54. (Kickstarter) Children's book encouraging imagination and dream chasing for girls
  55. (Kickstarter) Raindrop - A horror themed survival game
  56. (Indiegogo) AirSpaceOne - World's First pocket sized private E-mail and Cloud server
  57. (Kickstarter) - Vision Aerial SwitchBlade Professional Grade MultiCopter
  58. World's First pocket sized private E-mail and Cloud server
  59. (Kickstarter) Modo: Ember's End/Wild west steampunk graphic novel
  60. (Indiegogo) Online Social Classifieds site
  61. (Indiegogo) Yorganic Chef - Ready-made gourmet meals to your door!
  62. (Kickstarter) A Superb Clear Ice Maker – IceQimo
  63. (Indiegogo) UV Absorbing Golf Balls
  64. (Rockethub) Gypsy Camp Graphics goes LIVE!
  65. (Kickstarter) timshel: our stories deserve printed photographs
  66. (Kickstarter) You Are Not The Hero
  67. (Kickstarter) Our Space Combat Game, Red Shift
  68. (Kickstarter) Hollow: A horror-themed Adventure/RPG hybrid
  69. (Kickstarter) POPSY :: Based on Stephen King's short story
  70. (Indiegogo) App Project
  71. (Indiegogo) Scorpio Design
  72. (Kickstarter) The Eldritch Role Playing game (revised edition)
  73. (Kickstarter) Drungle - The Social Drinking Game
  74. (Kickstarter) NinjaRama - Where Stickman and Ninja meet. A action packed Ninja game
  75. (Kickstarter) Decision time
  76. (Kickstarter) Just launched! Should I be worried? :) Men's Dress shirt
  77. (Kickstarter) A gesture controlled wireless optical mouse, any suggestions?
  78. (Kickstarter) Takamo Universe
  79. (Kickstarter) Whats the most Offensive Thing you've ever seen 2 girls do?
  80. (Kickstarter) ""Products That Will Make it big but need funding""!!!
  81. (Kickstarter) Alone - An Oculus Rift Horror Experience
  82. (Kickstarter) Visions of Paradise ~ Aerial photography by Cameron Brooks
  83. (Kickstarter) Aquachef clarity™: Sous vide cooking
  84. (Kickstarter) Enter The Arena reboot!
  85. (Kickstarter) Book : Family of Enemies
  86. (Kickstarter) Art made from a signature and audio recording
  87. (Kickstarter) Armies Of Alamar
  88. (IndieGoGo) Good Business Sense: A Comedy
  89. (Indiegogo) Virtual Poker World Beta Campaign
  90. (Kickstarter) 3D MVP Lacrosse is a new videogame for phones and tablets (iOS/Android)
  91. (Kickstarter) - Baxter Begins Brand New Album
  92. (Kickstarter): adsy, a mobile web app to create & share mobile apps on the go.
  93. (Indiegogo) RETRIEVOR - Self-Charging GPS Tracking & Retrieving
  94. (Kickstarter) 1st Project $5 Convenient Key Rings
  95. (Kickstarter) Orch/Rock
  96. (Indiegogo) One Love Ride:Bicycle Journey to Brazil
  97. (Kickstarter) Throne Wars (tactical card combat game)
  98. (Indiegogo) The worlds first Stackable iPhone charger!
  99. (Indiegogo) Guess the Feeling project
  100. (Indiegogo) Rebel Speaker: Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker
  101. (Indiegogo) Teaser trailer for 'So In Love'
  102. (Indiegogo) Save Neil the Horse!
  103. (Indiegogo) ENVY -- The Story of a Stray Dog and a Homeless Girl
  104. (Indiegogo) The Rolling Soldier Web Series
  105. (Kickstarter) American Made Home & Office Wall Décor Designs
  106. (Indiegogo) Looqi - The new real-time GPS tracker
  107. (Kickstarter) The FreedMan Chair - A better way to sit
  108. (Indiegogo) The Outing - a short film with music by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  109. (Kickstarter) Tetteretet: A game of Quartet and Animal voices. Very Easy Very funny
  110. (Kickstarter) Bs Blues
  111. (Kickstarter) Sound Reactive Light Sculptures
  112. (Kickstarter) Stylish Electroluminescent hoodies and hats by NEO LUX
  113. (Kickstarter) Every 98 mins. a dog is shot by law enforcement. Help END puppycide.
  114. (Kickstarter) A superhero comic for dog lovers, cat lovers, and adventure lovers!
  115. (Kickstarter) Machine Washable Shoulder and Specialty Bags and Accessories
  116. (Kickstarter) Stumbling Jack Supply Co. - Legendary Wanderer Collection
  117. (Kickstarter) H2O-Pal
  118. (Kickstarter) Re-inventing Pre-Schoolers favorite toy- BoxiToyz!
  119. (Kickstarter) 5 Color/Material 3D Filament Printer - MADE IN CANADA
  120. (Indiegogo) Crowdfunding Fat Loss Bands
  121. (Indiegogo) Furie,ArcanePunk Antic skirmish game
  122. (Kickstarter) Game of Passion: A Hockey Documentary
  123. (Indiegogo) The Handle Pro - Video Shooting Handle For iPhone or Point & Shoot Camera
  124. (Kickstarter) Pack & Strut- Tablet Bags with Interchangeable Sleeves
  125. (Indiegogo) TipEquity
  126. (Indiegogo) 100 Glass-Inspired Ideas
  127. (kickstarter) Custom Tie Dye using eco friendly dyes.
  128. (Kickstarter) Petmetric - the lost pet search engine app
  129. (kickstarter) Artists FOURTH successful kickstarting campaign.
  130. (Kickstarter) Total Extinction
  131. In Dire Need of Support!
  132. (Kickstarter) Draft Chocoaltes
  133. (Kickstarter) gyroEchoes
  134. (Kickstarter) Short Animated Film
  135. (Kickstarter) Chain Gang Chase : OUYA & Windows/Mac/Linux
  136. (Kickstarter) Xowi - Star Trek like Wearable Voice Badge
  137. (Kickstarter) myTrakk - Bluetooth LE 4.0 Tracker and Remote Camera ShutterController
  138. (kickstarter) Sentris: Unleash Your Inner Musician
  139. (KickStarter) - Fright Fight™ 3D Online Multiplayer Brawler for Mobile Devices
  140. (Indiegogo) CAMBODIA 2014: Photography makes the difference
  141. (Indiegogo) The crowd funding Christmas draw
  142. (Kickstarter) Worn By Heroes - Premium Quality Movie and TV Show T-Shirts
  143. (indiegogo) The Quest for a Real Hard Hob
  144. (Kickstarter) StarBot Animatronic Robot Puppets
  145. (Kickstarter) Nectar: A Honey Bee Quest
  146. (Kickstarter) Chipolo - Bluetooth Item Finder for iPhone and Android
  147. (Kickstarter) SpeedBEE Rail -- Unique new approach to model train speedometer!
  148. (Kickstarter) Black Button Distilling, Community Supported Whiskey Campaign
  149. (Kickstarter) WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator
  150. (Sellanapp) AvoiDeer - animal warning system for IOS
  151. (Kickstarter) The Zodiac Project
  152. (Kickstarter) Trials of Ascension
  153. (Kickstarter) Helix Professional 3D Printer
  154. (Kickstarter) "Dogs & Me" Award Winning Web Series
  155. (Kickstarter) Tiny Diggers 2
  156. (Kickstarter) Octi-HOOPS Free Motion Commotion for Quilting and Embroidery
  157. (Kickstarter) ELEPHANT TRUNK underwear
  158. (Kickstarter) Tales of Descent - A Modern Dungeon Crawler Game!
  159. (Kickstarter) Spine Features: 2D skeletal animation for games
  160. (Kickstarter) Keybud - An elegant keyholding bracelet (ideal for running/swimming)
  161. (Kickstarter) WineShark Red Wine Hyperaerator
  162. (Indiegogo) Nature's Eats Vending - vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, & kosher snacks
  163. (Kickstarter) ZENO R25 - First Affordable Advanced Social Robot
  164. (Kickstarter) Many Maxis & More! -The perfect skirt
  165. (Kickstarter) LUCE : Design your own creative lamp with touch sensor
  166. (Kickstarter) LucasArts Devs Announce Super Roman Conquest
  167. (Kickstarter)Hench wallet: Excellent, new or passed down gift for any human age0-200+
  168. (Kickstarter) Sex and the Single Vegan
  169. (Kickstarter) High-Altitude Arduino/Raspberry Pi Project
  170. (Kickstarter) Keen: The World's Smallest (and Happist) Nut Butter Factory
  171. (Kickstarter) Fat Rabbit Farm: Mutated Bill's Sweet Revenge
  172. (IndieGogo) Custom Flow Pants-original, custom apparel, flow props, and accessories
  173. (KickStarter) Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set
  174. (Kickstarter) Go Spot Me! - Save your location to your mobile device
  175. (Kickstarter) Oman Expedition with British Exploring 2014! ! !
  176. (Indiegogo) Ardent Ember :: Tomorrow Is On Fire. A mixed media fiction series.
  177. (Kickstarter) Charge Drive: Phone Charger Cable, Flash Drive, and Tripod Mount.
  178. (Kickstarter) Last Drop Bottle Top
  179. (Kickstarter) Graywalkers Purgatory: Turn-based RPG in Supernatul World
  180. (KICKSTARTER) Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure
  181. (Kickstarter) Red Planet Rex - a voice controlled mobile adventure game
  182. (Kickstarter) William Kurelek's The Maze & Out of the Maze
  183. (Indiegogo) 5 New Films From Two Guys and a Film
  184. (Kickstarter) - Online a short film - Finishing funds.
  185. (Kickstarter) EXOTITANS
  186. (Kickstarter) Fairy Dust: Tales of Etherea
  187. (Kickstarter) AdverGamming
  188. (Kickstarter) RUIN: A Graphic Novel
  189. (Kickstarter) Trials of Ascension: A Truly Innovative MMORPG
  190. (Kickstarter) The Finn Hem Trouser & Cochise Hoodie (Fashion) - Finn Apparel
  191. (Kickstarter) Bedscales for weight and sleep tracking
  192. (Indiegogo) Employment Opportunity for Africans and Creation of African Dresses
  193. (Kickstarter) Red Baron Game
  194. (Kickstarter) Civil Unrest Custom Playing Cards by USPCC
  195. (Kickstarter) Tidewater Harvest - Video Game
  196. (Kickstarter) New iPhone game similar to Apples to Apples!
  197. (Indiegogo) Innovative Baby Bath Saver
  198. (Kickstarter) Custom Shaped Chocolates
  199. (Indiegogo) Green Rain Auto Sprinkler Controller
  200. (Kickstarter) HOST: The Card Game For The Rest Of Humanity
  201. (Kickstarter) Renae: The Rise and Fall
  202. (Kickstarter) Need Help Funding My Children's Books
  203. (Indiegogo) 3rdNut. Gear for the Fearless. Earn Yours!
  204. (Indiegogo) Vapour: Borders of Purgatory (experimental indie horror)
  205. (Kickstarter) Booty Hunters: The Pirate Adventure Game
  206. (Indiegogo) Teagim - Your Weight Loss and Detox Tea Regime
  207. (Rockethub) analoguehead.tumblr.com: Support Sarah Edwards quest to go Pro Photograph
  208. (Indiegogo) R.E.D Remote Emergency Device
  209. (Indiegogo) IRIS hunter safety technology
  210. (Rockethub) Fiveck
  211. (Indiegogo) HOUSE OF HIGHLAND - Sexy new TV Series
  212. (Rockethub) - Sportonomy - A Social Sports Management Experience
  213. (Indiegogo) Rethinking how a light switch should work
  214. (Indiegogo) HwTechBlog Startup/Expansion Crowd Fund Campaign
  215. (Kickstarter) Who Killed Darbie?
  216. (Indiegogo) Seventh Night: a Fantasy Novel
  217. (Indiegogo) - MORGAW Revolutionary Bicycle Saddles & Seatpost
  218. (Kickstarter) Star Quest 2: United Galaxies game
  219. (Indiegogo) Silicolight: Revolutionary lighting solution
  220. (Kickstarter) iPhone 5 / 5s Premium Leather Holsters with Metal Belt Clip
  221. (Kickstarter) Zombie Combat Command - 26th Zombie Combat Regiment Recruitment
  222. (Kickstarter) PowerSound - Portable Induction Speaker and Charger
  223. (Kickstarter) Outfluenza: Live Influenza Tracking
  224. The Mighty Titan #3 Kickstarter
  225. (Kickstarter) SLIMplistic Wallet by MSTRMND Collective
  226. Kickstarter Creators!
  227. (Kickstarter) CUBIT: Smart & Stylish Wearable Technology
  228. Beeriskey: A whiskey with truly distinctive flavor
  229. (Kickstarter) Teen High Zombie Squad
  230. (Indiegogo) The No Drop
  231. (Kickstarter) iPhone5, 5S, 5C Landscape stand
  232. (Indiegogo)Petition and Crowdunding Campaign for LGBT rights in Canada - Citizen Jane
  233. (kickstarter) African inspired graphic novel - Champion of Dema
  234. (Kickstarter) Lexell Stone Watches: Stone & Stainless Steel Watches!
  235. (Indiegogo) Canvas - Custom Sunglasses
  236. (Kickstarter) 20k in 7 hours - MyYogaPro - A revolutionary way to practice yoga
  237. (Indiegogo) - CioCommuter, ease up the tavel for the commuter
  238. (Kickstarter) Help A Day Without Love Fundraise their NEW Release
  239. (Kickstarter) Big Blank Calendar 2014
  240. (KickStarter) We're bringing our cultured mozzarella curd to your kitchen!
  241. (Kickstarter) Zombie Mode-bringing shark heads and Zeldavania platforming to PCs
  242. (Kickstarter) Kindle e-reader page turner for people with poor dexterity
  243. (Kickstarter) Alive and Modern: Bring Life to Your Desk
  244. (Kickstarter) castAR
  245. (Kickstarter) Obduction
  246. (Kickstarter) Clip-On Umbrella Solar Charger
  247. (Kickstarter) WOOLERMAN 2.0: The innovative winter drinking gloves
  248. (Kickstarter) Prop-ez Christmas -- New shoe accessory. Kids LOVE it!
  249. (KICKSTARTER) Raddish: Kitchen. Table. Family
  250. (Indiegogo) Conversations In Red