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  1. (Kickstarter) Her Velvet Underground- Student Thesis Film
  2. (Kickstarter) The Evoker's Path- Pathfinder Compatible, with add-on dungeon terrain.
  3. (Indiegogo) BGTRONICA DDR4 Dimm and Lrdimm PCB layout and semiconductor design
  4. (Kickstarter) Smart, Bluetooth-enabled, smart LED strips - Lumaglo
  5. (Indiegogo) New Board Game of soccer, its amazing!
  6. (Kickstarter) FameBound - Do you like Gansta Rap?
  7. (Kickstarter) Orbis Terrarum RPG - A fantasy RPG system and setting intertwined.
  8. (Kickstarter) Touchless V-Switch
  9. (Kickstarter) Undeadz Game!
  10. (Indeigogo) Looking for a Marketing Partner for this Campaign . .Card Charger
  11. (IndieGoGo) 2nd instrumental album about Love (by Eternal Love)
  12. (Kickstarter) ZingBox: A Solar Powered Boom Box
  13. (IndieGoGo) GLBrain, the new internet platform and social network
  14. (Kickstarter) 3D Printed Folding Pen
  15. (Kickstarter) - CleatGlo: A fun colorful cover-up for your boring cleats
  16. (Kickstarter) Ballistic Studios Presents - Infantry Warfighter: Full Spectrum Warfare
  17. (Kickstarter) Nystorm Treks: Hybrid Sneaker X Boot Designed for life's Journey!
  18. (Kickstarter) Peg
  19. (IndieGoGo) Film GLASSES
  20. (kickstarter) YumbutterGO! // The World's 1st Go-Anywhere Superfood Peanut Butter
  21. (Kickstarter) HUCKLEBURY: Redefining premium menswear, Backed for 365 days
  22. (Kickstarter) Juggernaut: The Role-Playing Game
  23. (Kickstarter) SmartSleep - first application for polyphasic sleepers
  24. (Kickstarter) EMWAN: the 4th book in the ARCHAEA series.
  25. (Indiegogo) digitalcoin USB project
  26. Paradise Lost: new indie 2D action-stealth adventure
  27. Kickstarter: APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat - Spiritual Successor to Puzzle Quest
  28. (Indiegogo) A New Board Game of Soccer !!!!!! Description, Images, Gifs and videos!!
  29. (GoFundMe) I Need A New Double Bass
  30. (Kickstarter) Pomodoro Penguin Goes to Print: Children's Picture Books
  31. (Kickstarter) Extremely sexy and comfortable Baba Invisible Panties
  32. (Bloom VC) Crowdfunding and Other Animals
  33. (Bloom VC) Helen Lederer WTF!
  34. (Kickstarter) Southern Boy Teas Iced Teas
  35. (Kickstarter) The World's Most Innovative Bread: Tasty/GF/V/Lo-Carb/Hi-Protein
  36. (Kickstarter) Corporia - urban fantasy tabletop role-playing game
  37. (Kickstarter) An spiritual successor to zelda 2 Indie game
  38. (Kickstarter) The Rose Card - A Message from the Heart
  39. (Kickstarter) Wanderlust : A Photography Book by Janay Everett
  40. (kickstarter) Urban Bandit: bamboo bandana bibs for babies!
  41. (Indiegogo) EliMariePhotography
  42. (Indiegogo) Boost your bodysurfing with the TM Handski
  43. (Kickstarter) Short Action Sci-Fi film "The Ultimate Challenger"
  44. (Indiegogo) Match 3 Quest: RPG, TCG, puzzle
  45. (Indiegogo) Fauna In Battle project
  46. (Kickstarter) Inkkas Shoes Launches
  47. (Kickstarter) Who Flung Poo? So close to our goal
  48. (Indiegogo) Inventive new game Puzzle Football - new take on video game football
  49. (Indiegogo) Crash Course Driving Hazard Simulator
  50. (Indiegogo) Refugio 3D Virtual Reality for smartphones starts
  51. (Kickstarter) Iron Curtains Novel
  52. (Indiegogo) Help Our Film "Never The Bride" get funded
  53. (Indiegogo) BiggiFi
  54. (Indiegogo) 3D-Printing meets Photography!
  55. (Indiegogo) Tired of shopping lines after work? The Point-of-reception app and PORT
  56. (Indiegogo) A Year in the Vines: Documentary series about wine in the south of France
  57. (Indiegogo) Ivylish - Premium Horn Jewelry That Changes Lives
  58. (Indiegogo) Thumbar - A Socially Powered Information Gateway
  59. (Indiegogo) Truth - the one thing we search for most...
  60. (Kickstarter) B.B. McBee
  61. (Indiegogo) B.R.E.A.T.H.E. is a scifi film done right! It's Moon meets Elysium!
  62. (Indygogo) Silent Hill: Lost Days
  63. (indiegogo) Allairgoo world pollution & pollen allergies alert system
  64. (Indiegogo) The Honest Honestest Truth television series great perks.
  65. (Kickstarter) Ranch Combat
  66. (Kickstarter) Wallum - The New Simple Wallet
  67. (Kickstarter) Min Maxx Wallet- the minimalist wallet with Maximum potential!
  68. (Indiegogo) The MacBook Thunderbolt External Graphics Card Project!
  69. (Kickstarter) Howler Open Source Arcade Controller
  70. (Kickstarter) HAWT Culture Chainmaille
  71. (Kickstarter) Amazing dessert
  72. (Indiegogo) Describli helps readers and writers connect w/ prompts and games!
  73. (Indiegogo) KOPii Sci Fi film needs your support.
  74. (Kickstarter) Introducin CATAPLANE! Throw Paper Planes further than ever before!
  75. (Kickstarter) Mindped's Precision Fit Trainer
  76. (Kickstarter) Let's Pumpkin - Board Game
  77. (Kickstarter) Publishing Family-friendly Digital Serial Fiction by Torch Legacy
  78. (Kickstarter) FlipMyTie a Reversible Tie Company Donates $1 To Cancer Center For Kids
  79. (KickStarter) Zodiac Wars: The Fighting Game
  80. (Indiegogo) The "Deviant" Film Project
  81. (KICKSTARTER) - Woojer is a Silent Wearable "Woofer" the Size of a Matchbox
  82. (Kickstarter) New Revolutionary Camera Shoulder Rig
  83. (kickstarter) Zero Complex, a cosplay webseries
  84. (Indiegogo) Whatcha think about this New Campaign . . .
  85. (Indiegogo) Twice Upon a Time - Bilingual Challenges
  86. (Kickstarter) The Undead Sorceress, A Multicultural Urban Fantasy Book
  87. (PlumAlley) Clare Hare Darien Launches New Sun-Protective Long Sleeve Polo Shirt
  88. (Indiegogo) HOST & CHARISM : Case & Charms for iPhone 5 and 5s
  89. (Kickstarter) Halcyon - Whole Home Smart & Circadian Wireless LED Lighting
  90. (KIckstarter) EON ALTAR, a Tabletop Videogame for 2-5 Players
  91. (Indiegogo) Acenonyx Campaign: Transforming Guest Experience Via Mobile Solutions
  92. (Kickstarter) Villain the movie
  93. (Kickstarter) Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames
  94. (Kickstarter) Daddy Don't Go- New Documentary Fights Epidemic of Fatherlessness
  95. (Kickstarter) Project Sen - 2D Action Game inspired by MegaMan X and Super Metroid
  96. (Kickstarter) Game Over: The party battle card game inspired by retro gaming
  97. (Kickstarter) Building civil dialogues online
  98. (Kickstarter) SpacemakerVR – 3d design tool where you can walk inside your 3d models
  99. (Kickstarter) "Loch Ness: The Web Series"
  100. [Kickstarter] Interstellaria - Old school space exploratio game with modern mechanics
  101. (Kickstarter) The Otherverse - Silly Tactical Board Game - Portland, OR
  102. (Kickstarter) Cavern Crawl - Board Game
  103. (Kickstarter) Deathly Desire - A Psychological Thriller Film
  104. (Kickstarter) Misra-Personalize your cords with a touch of art!
  105. (kickstarter) The Fall of Max Atom comic
  106. (Indiegogo) Arcane Souls Cross-Platform 2D Online Multiplayer Brawler
  107. (Kickstarter) SilverAir™ - Odorless Athletic Shirts Made With Pure Silver
  108. (Indiegogo) Mulele - Phase 0, a character that folllow reverse path
  109. (Kickstarter) Our L'il Bakery
  110. (Kickstarter) KBrakes are Kick Drum Anchors that keep the kick drum from sliding.
  111. (Kickstarter) PAWS (Prime Alien Watch Squad)
  112. (Kickstarter) Pirate World RPG Sourcebook: 230% funded, ends Dec 3rd!
  113. (Kickstarter) FORTRESS MOON, 1950's Retro Lunar Warfare!
  114. (Kickstarter) DIVISION: A feature-length Instagram film
  115. (Kickstarter) SUPER-EGO, a graphic novel about heroes who need professional help.
  116. (Kickstarter) The Memory of Eldurim
  117. (Kickstarter) Elfxpedition (Augmented Reality App)
  118. (Indiegogo) Want to help a College Entrepreneur take his start up to the next level?
  119. (Indiegogo) The Ultimate Bottle- Water bottle that can hold three different liquids
  120. (Kickstarter) Project Just Launched!!! Hot Mama Sommer Salt!
  121. (kickstarter) Our Li'l Bakery's campaign is now live!
  122. (Kickstarter) The Zont Deck : An Alien Card Game System
  123. (Bloom VC) Help keep the dogs warm over winter
  124. (Kickstarter) The Reefkeeper Experience - Saltwater Aquarium Master Guide
  125. (Kickstarter) Void: Flight of the Vampire
  126. (Kickstarter) Throne Wars Offering Invisible Pony! LOL
  127. (Indiegogo) A New Board Game of Soccer !!!!!! Description, Images, Gifs and videos!!
  128. (Kickstarter) BMOG: Toy robot building system where every block is a weapon!
  129. (Kickstarter) Bunny Slippers - this season "Must have": keep your feet warm!
  130. (Kickstarter) Xcope - Mobile Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Headset -
  131. (Kickstarter) "Faces of Diabetes" - a photo book
  132. (Kickstarter)The Infection Simulation
  133. (Bloom VC) Local Screen Network
  134. (Karolinafund) Flopalongs - Animated children's show.
  135. (Kickstarter) Chasing Distant Horizons: A Poetry Chapbook
  136. (Kickstarter) Off Grid Retro Encryption Toolkit. 3D Printed. OGRE
  137. (Kickstarter) Uniquely Designed Character Air Fresheners Delivered Monthly *NOW LIVE*
  138. (Indiegogo) Vindicta - Welcome to Arcanum
  139. (Kickstarter) Astronomy Diary
  140. (Indiegogo) On the Brink of Ruin: The Story of Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
  141. (Indiegogo) - Kayak Widget - Need Traffic Building Ideas
  142. (Indiegogo) Keene Athletics - Functional & Stylish Athletic Apparel
  143. (Kickstarter) Mini Multi Card Reader FOr Android Smartphones and Tablets MiMuCare
  144. (Indiegogo)The Wedg | Online Off-cloud Private Email and File Sync and Share solution
  145. (Indiegogo) GHOSTS - web-app game that turns digital trackers into ghosts!
  146. (Indiegogo) My Name is Emily, by Irish Film Director physically incapacitated
  147. (Indiegogo) E-PAFF - software uses sophisticated triangulation and GPS techno
  148. (Kickstarter + Indiegogo) The Devil Made Me Do It!
  149. (Kickstarter) Portable Wargaming Terrain - 28mm & 15mm
  150. (Kickstarter) The Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow — nautical kids album
  151. (Indiegogo) - Love Lab® - 100% FREE Authenticated Dating App
  152. (Indiegogo) Mississippi Madam: The Life of Nellie Jackson
  153. (kickstarter) Our dessert campaign is just over 10% funded
  154. (Kickstarter) Bossa Zuzu: Brazilian Music for Everyone!
  155. (Indiegogo) LEVEL 22, A stealth comedy game in the office world universe.
  156. (Indiegogo) Nantucket Mushrooms - Mushroom Farm
  157. (Indiegogo) Pelicans Part 1: Two Horrible Little Girls(Roger Sloman, Michael Maloney)
  158. (Indiegogo) A New Board Game of Soccer !!!!!! Description, Images, Gifs and videos!!
  159. (Kickstarter) Super 16! Explore an ancient planet ruined by time
  160. (Indiegogo) SumAR - The app that makes the world a great interactive gallery.
  161. (Kickstarter) 360-Chess -- Dr. Spock would appreciate this one
  162. (Kickstarter) Shadow Era: Shattered Fates - Cross Platform Card Game
  163. (Kickstarter) Shooter Fans REJOICE for LONEWOLF!
  164. (Kickstarter) RetroWorld: Relive your gaming childhood as a retro sprite.
  165. (Kickstarter) Bitybean: UltraCompact baby carrier that fits in your pocket
  166. (Kickstarter) Retrash - Inspiring a more sustainable planet
  167. (Kickstarter) Crimson Rhen of The True North
  168. (Kickstarter) The Amityville Project
  169. (Indiegogo) Fetch Same Day Delivery for iOS and Android
  170. (Kickstarter) RUNT PARTY: Jewelry inspired by pets.
  171. (Kickstarter) A TRUTH UNTOLD
  172. (Kickstarter) Dark Horse: Rebels & Rogues - A Wild West board game
  173. (Kickstarter) Not JUST an ordinary Jazz album!
  174. (Kickstarter) Top 50 Mango Chutney Jokes Joke Book
  175. (Indiegogo) Simple Music Player for People with Dementia
  176. (Kickstarter) OUTLAW INC.'s "667 beyond evil, baby!
  177. (Kickstarter) Pirates of New Horizons Mobile
  178. (Indiegogo) Heart attack survivor needs your help
  179. (Indiegogo) explain3D - 3D wiki for technical education
  180. (Kickstarter) - Kandrite - A free-to-play elemental video game
  181. (Kickstarter) MorphCase | Turn your iPod Touch into a FREE Wi-Fi iPhone
  182. (Kickstarter) cloudBoard: keep curiosity alive with hands-on gaming
  183. (Kickstarter) My Love for You Is the Sun - Picture Book
  184. (Indiegogo) Transformational book project
  185. (Indiegogo) Waking Up - TV Pilot
  186. (Kickstarter) Passport Wallet, pocket sized waterproof potection
  187. My 1st Kickstarter Project - PLiM iPad Stylus for artists
  188. (Kickstarter) Tiny Shops Burgers - Education via Gamification
  189. (Kickstarter) Grotto! (Tactical Physics/Token RPG) for PC/Mac/Linux
  190. (Indiegogo) My first crowdfunding campaign
  191. (Indiegogo) Help Us Change Self Publishing!
  192. (Kickstarter) Liquid Ambience // A boutique atmospheric guitar effect
  193. (Kickstarter) Noir at its darkest
  194. (Kickstarter) endplay - companion apps, AR and playing cards
  195. (Kickstarter) The vtalk phone
  196. (Indiegogo) New Indie game "Distance"
  197. (Kickstarter) The BloodStone Chronicles: Purgatory
  198. (Kickstarter) A Christmas Barrel: A Christmas Video Advent Calendar
  199. (Kickstarter) Advice/Suggestions 23rd Nov Comedy Movie "Mayhem Behind Movies"
  200. (Kickstarter) After Reset RPG - a sci-fi post-apocalyptic role-playing game
  201. (Kickstarter) Frank and Franklin
  202. (Kickstarter) Lark and Eagle Comic
  203. (Kickstarter) Outcasts: Surviving the Culture of Rejection
  204. (Kickstarter) Orbitkey - The elegant and practical way of key carrying
  205. (Fundable) 3D Print It - A Physical Store For 3d Printers and Merchandise
  206. (kickstarter) plugg.ee - A Smart Power Outlet That Learns
  207. (Fundanything.com) COSMIC WAVES comic book anthology
  208. (Kickstarter) Help with polymer clay journals/notebooks
  209. (Indiegogo) A SCIFI film where 2001 A Space Odyssey meet Elysium
  210. (Kickstarter) The Permaculture Orchard : Beyond Organic
  211. (KICKSTARTER) Kandrite -free-to-play game UPDATES
  212. (Kickstarter) Short film - The Miles Apart - A dark gritty noir
  213. (Kickstarter) GAME : SUPER SKY HERO
  214. (Kickstarter) Huang: A Three Kingdoms Card Game
  215. (KickStarter) Sled Master - racing madness at it's finest!
  216. (Kickstarter) In Sickness, a Zombie Thriller with Extra Bite
  217. (Kickstarter) MODUS
  218. (Kickstarter) BlinkScan: Capture All of the Image & None of the Background
  219. (Kickstarter) Toymail: We Send Mail to Toys - by Clocky inventor Gauri Nanda
  220. (Kickstarter) The Silly Little Giraffe
  221. (Kickstarter) Dex - Cyberpunk 2D RPG
  223. (Kickstarter) Sideswipe Brewing (Columbus, OH)
  224. (Kickstarter) New Party Game with great video. Do You Have the U.R.G.E.?
  225. (Kickstarter) Project Nytro - Racing Game
  226. (Kickstarter) TesserAct, a story driven physics based platformer
  227. (Kickstarter) Triomancer - A Retro Side-Scrolling Puzzle-Platformer
  228. (Kickstarter) Fate Breaker - Multiplayer Action RPG (PC/XBLA/PSN)
  229. (Kickstarter) Binary Strap - A shoulder strap that doesn't rub your neck!
  230. (indiegogo) Maximum Overkill - An Ouya GPL game
  231. (Kickstarter) ToastyTote: 5-in-1 Wrap to keep you Warm & Dry, on the Fly!
  232. (Indiegogo) Education to stop inmigration.. Help us.. Please
  233. (Indiegogo) Please help.. Soapets
  234. (Kickstarter) Wooden Bow ties Have to check them out !
  235. (Kickstarter) The Tarot of Loka
  236. (Kickstarter) DOG - SHORT FILM
  237. (Indiegogo) short film - the great and dreadful day
  238. (Kickstarter) Muckville: a memoir of the public policy life of a farmer!
  239. (Kickstarter) Lisa the painful RPG
  240. (Kickstarter) Bad Dreams Graphic Novel from Gary Winnick
  241. (Kickstarter) Rock n' Roller Watch
  242. (IndieGoGo) World Victory Wrestling
  243. (Indiegogo) Introducing the Worlds Best Screen Protector
  244. (Kickstarter) Maroon Portable Coffee Brewing System
  245. (Indiegogo) MiniMetalMaker
  246. (Indiegogo) Amino Vivo: A Natural BCAA Muscle Recovery Intraworkout Supplement
  247. (Indiegogo) Wagner Motor Works V-Strada -all terrain scooter!
  248. (Indiegogo) Mech Marines (PC)
  249. (Indiegogo) CNC milling, 3-D printing, data acquisition. Introducing, the C3
  250. (Indiegogo) Stainless Steel 80 Percent 2011 Receivers and Fixtures