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  1. (Kickstarter) Echelon Down - a film project based on Polanski's Cul-de-sac
  2. (KICKSTARTER) NAUVI- Voice Controlled Home Automation
  3. (Indiegogo) Raise your iMac to eye level with wood and USB 3.0
  4. (Kickstarter) What's That Slang? Board game - Slanguage Game Products (New!!)
  5. (Kickstarter) The I Recycle Project
  6. (Kickstarter) Scribes Arena
  7. (Kickstarter) 2-in-1 Playing cards
  8. (Kickstarter) Year of the Creature!
  9. (Kickstarter) AURISONICS // ROCKETS: Next gen IEMs Made in USA
  10. (Kickstarter) Lämmin - Luxurious High Quality Hooded Scarves
  11. (Kickstarter) Choose Your Crew: Pirates
  12. (Kickstarter) Password Reset Key
  13. (Ulule) Laser Drone
  14. (Kickstarter) SlimWrap Tyvek wallet
  15. (Kickstarter) Zoochosis - A Short Documentary
  16. (KickStarter) I Bambini - clothing for the little people
  17. (Indiegogo) Lullaby Light Up Pillows
  18. (Kickstarter) Tinker Wheels -An Innovative Reading & Grammar Game for Kids.
  19. (Fundable) The 21st Century Satellite Motel - A Classic Reborn for Today's Modern Age
  20. (Bloom VC) British Grooms Association Website
  21. (Indiegogo)CNC Machined Top's great for children, the work desk, and the coffee table
  22. (KickStarter) GPS Puzzle - Ever tried to solve a puzzle on a cloudy day?
  23. (Kickstarter) Agenda: The Story of GY Graphic Novel Trade Paperback
  24. (Fundable) A Social network for meetups that offer great Rewards! 48% Funded!
  25. (Kickstarter) Beyond our Boundaries: A Family Backpacking Video Project
  26. (Kickstarter) Iphone 5 5s cell phone wallet case that blocks the sun w kickstand
  27. (Kickstarter) Biblical Video Game "Call of Abraham" (Single-Player RPG)
  28. (Kickstarter) Grafitti Wallets..The coolest and slimmest Tyvek wallet
  29. (Indiegogo) The EmoSPARK
  30. (Indiegogo) QDesigns
  31. (Kickstarter) VARIUS DOCK
  32. (Kickstarter) Mr. T brooches
  33. (Kickstarter) Qquip: A New Interactive Tabletop Game
  34. (Kickstarter) space elevator love story
  35. (Kickstarter) TimberCraft Cabinets - custom guitar and bass speaker cabinets
  36. (Kickstarter) As Dark As It Gets - a dark humor web-series (Season 1)
  37. (Kickstarter) LEVEL - Adventure platformer- unique world shifting puzzle mechanic
  38. (Kickstarter) Non Dairy Chowder and Bisque
  39. (Kickstarter) CHEMICAL CUT -By America's Next Top Model contender Marjorie Conrad
  40. (Kickstarter) Space Corp Tycoon
  41. (Kickstarter) Neon Maps - Colorful, Artistic Poster Prints
  42. (indiegogo) Toxic Biology
  43. (Indiegogo) Modern Tank
  44. (Kickstarter) Aerospace grade CF. very slim, functional, beautiful Wallet
  45. (Kickstarter) Iggy's Egg Adventure
  46. (Kickstarter) Kevin Sorbo saves the human race in SURVIVOR
  47. (Kickstarter) Pakka Pets - indie Tamagotchi style pet game
  48. (Kickstarter) Last World Message
  49. (Kickstarter) Cops and Robbers, the card game. LIVE!
  50. (Kickstarter) The Legends of Rakasa, The Hunt For Glory Table Top Game!
  51. (Kickstarter) Airfoil: Aviation Inspired Titanium Twist Ballpoint Pen
  52. (Kickstarter) PLUMEN 002: Designer Low Energy Light Bulb
  53. (KickStarter) ShieldScrapper: Automatic Snow and Ice Removal
  54. (Kickstarter) Xenofaction on the rise!
  55. (KickStarter) ShieldScrapper: Automatic Snow and Ice Removal
  56. (Kickstarter) RingSafe | Designed so you DON'T lose your ring
  57. (Kickstarter) Tears Of Reign- A comic book.
  58. (Kickstarter) CENTS - Feature Film
  59. (Kickstarter) Bald Rock Beef Jerky
  60. (Indiegogo) 'Beauty in the Breakdown' a Short Film
  61. (Kickstarter) Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology
  62. (Kickstarter) PIXEL: LED ART - An LED display for pixel art
  63. (Kickstarter) Best new sailing and grip gloves... We need your support!
  64. (Kickstarter) TAPATUCAM avoid webcam hacking and NSA spying
  65. (Kickstarter) Riot for Romance: Out of this World Fashion and Textile Design
  66. Zelon's The Game: Game Show
  67. (Kickstarter) Tellest, an Expanding Fantasy Brand
  68. (Kickstarter) The Perfect Martini-O
  69. (Kickstarter) World Victory Wrestling
  70. (Indiegogo) Kind Chef
  71. (Kickstarter) A Legal English Dubbed anime site
  72. (Kickstarter) Irish Film - An Crann
  73. (Kickstarter) Bringrr - Never Lose Track Of What Matters Most
  74. (IndieGoGo) Skuggornas supplement - A Product Line for the RPG Skuggornas mästare
  75. (Indiegogo) Dusk of D.A.W.N. - Science Fiction/Cyberpunk Card Game
  76. (Indiegogo) Rawlemon Spherical Solar Power Generator
  77. (Indiegogo) Burel Class Cape Watch
  78. (Indiegogo) FIN
  79. (Indiegogo) Zify :India's First On demand Ride Sharing App
  80. (PUBSLUSH) The Love Story Book: Romance|SEX|Relationships
  81. (Indiegogo) Revolutional automated golf data collection by CaddieON
  82. (Indiegogo) ICE xPC - A Modular Computer as Small as Your Phone
  83. (Kickstarter) "Threshold of Oblivion" - The Drama of Life on the Brink of Eternity.
  84. (Kickstarter) Film Based on True Story of Young Veteran's Battle with Schizophrenia
  85. (Indiegogo) A Passion For Films - Need Advice
  86. (Indiegogo) ThePowerOfU.com has launched a CrowdFunding Project
  87. (Indiegogo) The Nano Wallet - Kills Germs Found on Money!
  88. (GoFundMe) 3D Multiplayer Tower Defense Game Play with friends awesome rewards
  89. (Bloom VC) Save The Guid Cheese Shop in St Andrews
  90. (Indiegogo) The Gladius - World's First Passive Submersion PC
  91. (Kickstarter) Bpen - It's more than a pen! - We need your support!
  92. (Kickstarter) Metaphase - GN Inspired by Heroes w/ Down Syndrome
  93. (Kickstarter) The Voice I Paint - Feature Documentary
  94. (Kickstarter) Legend Dary: Classic
  95. (Kickstarter) The World's Flight
  96. (GoFundMe) Help an exchange student to pursue his passion!YOU Win Venice!!
  97. (Kickstarter) Tales Of The Red Brigade
  98. (GoFundMe) Road to the Grammys
  99. (Kickstarter) Fall of Man RPG Just Launched!
  100. (Kickstarter) 3D multiplayer tower defense game with awesome rewards
  101. (Indiegogo) ABC campaign
  102. (Kickstarter) Zen Puzzles™: Artisanal, Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
  103. (Kickstarter) HOYO - A waterproof pocket for smartphones and music palyers
  104. (Kickstarter) StoryBox - What will you make today?
  105. (Kickstarter) Wearable device to help you stay alert
  106. (Kickstarter) Battleground USA, combining a love of strategy and politics - iOS game!
  107. (IndieGogo) Sierra Ops - A Sci-Fi RPG influenced by Gundam/Space Battleship Yamato
  108. (Kickstarter) The Game Crafter's - Experiment is now live! (and already funded!)
  109. (Kickstarter) Pocket Troops, iOS war game with AI controlled battles
  110. (Kickstarter) Livestock Uprising - A Call to Farms!
  111. (Kickstarter) Macropod: Revealing the World Unseen
  112. (Beacon) Science writing for a new kind of journalism outlet
  113. (Kickstarter) Apotheosis A Legendary Role-Playing Game
  114. (Indiegogo0 Live Tweeting the UK Phone Hacking Trial
  115. (RocketHub) Bingo's First time Here? AMAZING BINGO! PRESS RELEASE
  116. (Kickstarter) SYMPIUS: Wearable Devices Now Make Perfect Sense with SPINT!
  117. (Indiegogo) Inedible Recipes: Beautiful Food
  118. (Indiegogo)- Help Social Entrepreneurs Launch Awakened Beginnings
  119. (Kickstarter) 28 Minute Epic: Not All Heroes are Heroic
  120. (Kickstarter) Nature Hater - A God Bashing Game to challenge the 'Rinse &Repeat' Deve
  121. (Kickstarter) Walk On...Socks With Sole, Socks With A Great Design On The Sole
  122. (Kickstarter) Pomegranate infused BBQ Sauce
  123. (Indiegogo) Best Home Automation of 2014: Webee Universe
  124. (Kickstarter) Paradock is the Multi-Device Charger with a Twist, literally.
  125. (Kickstarter) Calling all brewers - stainless steel brewing equipment
  126. (Kickstarter) Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown
  127. (Kickstarter) Stabchat - A horror movie for the next generation!
  128. (Kickstarter) AngelBlocks: More than Home Automation
  129. ( Kickstarter) Anime Project " Akari no Chika/あかりの誓い"
  130. (100-Days) New way for booking Hotels at Canary Islands
  131. (Indiegogo) The World In The Sky - Book One of 'The Ethereal Balance' series
  132. (Kickstarter) E-SEE-ER, Mmost portable eyeglass repair kit in the world
  133. (Kickstarter) Xtreme Champion Tournament Comic (Liam McIntyre "Spartacus" Promoted)
  134. (Kickstarter) my GRAPHIC NOVEL!
  135. (Kickstarter) Tick: Fantasy novel, recommendation by International Bestselling author
  136. (Indiegogo) Zuva: Lighting a Sustainable World
  137. (Indiegogo) Get Double Perks For EzFlop - Foldable & Disposable Flip-Flops
  138. (Indiegogo) Smart Med Reminder
  139. (Kickstarter) Icarus: A Graphic Novel by Gregory Wilson and Matt Slay
  140. (Indiegogo) Truvolo for safer and smarter driving
  141. (Indiegogo) Northwestern Treblemakers A Capella Creates a New Album
  142. (Kickstarter) Opera. (the book)
  143. (Kickstarter) Mibuu - The most beautiful glass
  144. (Indiegogo) Vintage Inspired Toothbrushes with Subscription Brush Heads. Buy 1 Give 1
  145. (Indiegogo) iBeacons for iOS and Android
  146. (Kickstarter) Wearable device to help you stay alert
  147. (Indiegogo) Stuck - a feature film about agoraphobia
  148. (Indiegogo) Crazy Money Box
  149. (Indiegogo) Varas - Legend of a thief
  150. (Indiegogo)Local Food Producers Community Kitchen
  151. (Indiegogo) BluCub ~ Bluetooth Smart Hygrometer & Thermometer for Mobile Devices
  152. (Kickstarter) Strawbees
  153. (Kickstarter) ROAR - Short Film
  154. (Kickstarter) Absolute Champion - Fight for Title, Glory and Cash!
  155. (Kickstarter) Absolute Champion
  156. (Kickstarter) To The Death
  157. (Indiegogo) Children's Book - The Girl From The Seashell
  158. (Indiegogo) Way Beyond Reason - Core EP
  159. (Kickstarter) Revolutionary Tablet Case
  160. (Kickstarter) Postifier Campaign Launched: Never open an empty postbox again!
  161. (RocketHub) Helping Veterans Get Back To Work
  162. (Kickstarter) Masters of the Gridiron - Ground-Breaking Football Simulation Card Game
  163. (Indiegogo) Jack Rider Comic
  164. (kickstarter) i'm Tidy
  165. (Kickstarter) Kickstart Love. - My First Album
  166. (Indiegogo) Trying to make more than just a graduation film!
  167. (KickStarter) Strike Force Free2Play shooter game just started!
  168. (Indiegogo) Campusgrids - First time launching Campaign
  169. (Kickstarter) Fossil Brewing Company, looking for $15k
  170. (Indiegogo) It's All Wrong - A Short Film
  171. (Kickstarter) Flip! It's rummy with a twist!
  172. Adventures in oz role playing game kickstarter
  173. (Indiegogo) Campaign aims to fight childhood obesity
  174. (Kickstarter) Matador: Military-Inspired Briefcases and Wallets
  175. (Kickstarter) - Worlds first Universal 3d printer cabinet - Maker Kase
  176. (Kickstarter) Ph. D. The Game
  177. (Kickstarter) WORLDS BEST SHORT FILM!
  178. (kickstarter) The TimeWatch: Investigative Time Travel RPG
  179. (Kickstarter) GuitarMonics: The First Virtual Instrument From SoundCues
  180. (Kickstarter) Kleank: The magnetic Phone case
  181. (FundedByMe) IngredientMatcher - Recipes from what you have
  182. (KickStarter) Concrete Coast Clothing - A Lifestyle, Not a Label
  183. (Kickstarter) Eternal Dynasty: The Board Game of Generational Conquest
  184. (Kickstarter) Oceanus - A game like no other.
  185. (Kickstarter) Sevara issue #0 - do you want to live forever?
  186. (Kickstarter) Lego Sticker Sheets
  187. (Kickstarter) Apprehension - Short film
  188. (Rockethub) Phlow Natural New The Freedom Collection
  189. (Kickstarter) Dice Empire: Series One - Designer dice for any game.
  190. (Kickstarter) Iron Champ Clothing
  191. (Kickstarter) Nanotips: Transform all your gloves into touchscreen gloves!
  192. (Kickstarter) PRIMAL
  193. (Kickstarter) Grand Tactics : Rise of Novice
  194. (Kickstarter) Sparkbeats iPhone Case now Live
  195. (IndieGoGo) Atajrubah
  196. (Indiegogo) Help Us Help Others
  197. (Kickstarter) Curiosity Comic Series
  198. (Kickstarter) Smart AC - Making Portable AC Venting Easy and Secure
  199. (Indiegogo) "Innovate" - The 3D Crafting Game
  200. (IndieGoGo) Tepetricy's New Album 2014 (Hard Rock from Minneapolis, MN)
  201. (indiegogo)Mobile Quotes app created by you! and more..Buddha, Gandhi..
  202. (Kickstarter) Cisco CCNA Real World Labs GNS3, Packet Tracer + Cisco Game!
  203. (Indiegogo) Rule 16 game
  204. (Kickstarter) Dark Lands - Unique battle runner RPG
  205. (Kickstarter) Spindle Cards
  206. (kickstarter) Titanium Key-Valet: It is all about privacy and convenience.
  207. (Kickstarter) What If A Book Could Read You?
  208. (Kickstarter) Terrene Odyssey: A battle card game based on JRPG battle systems.
  209. (Kickstarter) Terrene Odyssey: A battle card game based on JRPG battle systems.
  210. (Indiegogo) ezebee.com - Helping small businesses reach out to the world
  211. (Indiegogo) Security Token for Touchscreens
  212. (Kickstarter) The Lil' Nardo
  213. (Indiegogo) Trees4Life
  214. (Kickstarter) Kleank-The magnetic phone case
  215. (Kickstarter) - Eco Spirits (RPG Game)
  216. (Kickstarter) Under Where? (Just made you say underwear) Graphic Novel
  217. (Kickstarter) BioSyndrome: A Table Top Survival Horror Wargame
  218. (Indiegogo) Nintenboxes! a capaign to bring back the classic cardboard game boxes!
  219. (Kickstarter) Sabertron: Foam Sword play with wireless electronic scoring
  220. (KickStarter) Life Captured in 3D - How3D
  221. (Kickstarter) Dark Lands - battle runner RPG
  222. (Bloom VC) My Lil Bo
  223. (Bloom VC) Affinity Internet Tv Station for Scotland
  224. (Indiegogo) OutPack - Self-Powered Portable Energy
  225. (Kickstarter) LEDGLOW Head
  226. (Indiegogo) Archangel's Emissary
  227. (Kickstarter) 'Beware the Werehouse: An Animated Short'
  228. (Kiickstarter) Time Clock Mobile App - Automated Employee tracking
  229. (Indiegogo) Creative Pet Project Art Book
  230. (Kickstarter) Pic! Six!! The Most Thrilling 2 Minute Drill in a Bag
  231. (Indiegogo) Dropmake easy 3D Labels in seconds
  232. (Indiegogo) Dawnguard - 2D Action Survival for iOS/Android/Mac
  234. (KickStarter) '15 Miles' Pre-Production costs
  235. (Kickstarter) New Card Game - The Goose Egg Game
  236. (Indiegogo) Parachuting for Dummies
  237. (Kickstarter) Anyone for a documentary film on forgiveness?
  238. (IndieGoGo) For Joshua - A film for the son of a fallen Marine
  239. (Kickstarter) TITANIUM: Key-Holder -- Multi-Function and Super-Compact!
  240. (Indiegogo) Help fund a new idea and help change the world through educaton
  241. (Bloom VC) Roomsby and the Flatsharing Revolution!
  242. (Kickstarter) Endeavor
  243. (Indiegogo) Vampeo FiLUX - need suggestions and support
  244. (Kickstarter) 39 Days to Mars
  245. (Kickstarter)My Life in Records: Use the Force and Other Stories (comic book project)
  246. (Kickstarter) Paleo Monthly Snack Box
  247. (Kickstarter) VidaPak Single Serve Hot and Cold Beverage Maker and Paks
  248. (Kickstarter) Alchemy! the card game! Make potions, unleash chaos.
  249. (Indiegogo) Using ART/MUSIC/NATURE as inspiration to help others
  250. (Kickstarter) FLmini: the ultimate LED flashlight!