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  1. EPIC GEEK GIFT - A ride in a brand new 1966 BATMOBILE!!!
  2. INCREDIBLE tasting Organic and Fair Trade chocolate polyhedral gaming dice
  3. Help Alyssa Recover - These 3 Angels
  4. YouRiding Winter Games II
  5. Launched GUILD MASTERS - a true social RPG
  6. Global Infection
  7. Arakion - Old school RPG
  8. Damon ______
  9. auris upgrade to Bluetooth® 4.0 with aptX®
  10. The Obtainium Fairies - A Steampunk Children's Story
  11. Comedy Feature Film needs help!
  12. Fallen City of Karez - The Fantasy Board Game - 200% funded!
  13. As The Crow Flies: An Actuality Documentary About Communal Crow Roosts
  14. :) Help make it happen for "McDuffy: The Urban Eagle"
  15. Thieve Clothing's New Image - A bit more than a consumer product
  16. FIST Unlimited RPG: Changes based on how you want to play!
  17. Skate King
  18. KiD iD: Find a Child. Save a Child.
  19. 3D Mic Pro: record Hollywood quality sound in any camera for your YouTube video
  20. KiD iD: A new wearable iD for kids!
  21. Help complete Dream Life book one | A graphic novel, just 30 pages from being done.
  22. FlameStower~ directly converting waste heat from any open flame into electricity!
  23. Chordtunes Project
  24. Infernal Underground
  25. Have a dog? Live in a city? Konalu has a new Leash for you.
  26. Disaster-Proof Private Cloud - the ioSafe N2
  27. OtakuPolish: Original Handmade Nail Polish, Inspired By Anime!
  28. STEMsocks: Science Socks!!
  29. Make Your iPhone A 360-Degree Panoramic Camera--6 days left
  30. Modular iPad Accessory
  31. AboutFaceClock. Hangs on a wall, corner or ceiling.
  32. Wild harem - custom made harem pants
  33. Libraries for Affordable Private Schools
  34. Awesome pillows
  35. Marshmallow Microcosm 2013 Calendar
  36. "The Good Friend" - A Personalized Book For Your Child! - Teach Anti-Bullying Early!
  37. Please help my son pay for recovery after a brutal attack!
  38. Artmoving school
  39. New suit
  40. Informigration - We help you moving abroad
  41. Vända GOLDEN EDITION - playing cards redesigned
  42. A Year In Postcards [a month at a time]
  43. Stephen Schriner Solo Album Project
  44. Malandanti the Rising : War of the 4th Darkness Trilogy
  45. The Wild Ramp - a local food market
  46. You like "Draw Something" - You'll LOVE "Scribble me' Timbers"
  47. Mannaise | Mayo for Men
  48. TERROR HOUSE - A feature film for horror fans.
  49. PiFiZone.com: Worldwide Mobile Data Roaming and Voice for Less
  50. Kickstarter for Canadians?
  51. The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment
  52. qipoqo, the task swapping community
  53. Applied Learning
  54. Chem in 10 Launches on Indiegogo.com
  55. BubbleSorter & GridSorter - Two New Web Applications
  56. Loose Leaf Tea - Dryad Tea
  57. My Koala New Sheepskin Toy that Helps Save The Koala
  58. Wanna know what magic and art will look like?
  59. Help me buy a MacBook Air 13
  60. Restoring Beekeeping In The Southwest
  61. Eco-Friendly Zip-On Covers for Stability Balls--check out myBall on indiegogo folks!
  62. Chair.i.tee: Helping women find a better seat in life
  63. Kin Valley- Help bring safe social networking to everyone.
  64. The Hunt Roleplaying Game
  65. Mushme Latex: 2013 Collection
  66. Vermont Startup: Popngoseek An Event App For Mobile & Pop Up Events
  67. Motion Capture System
  68. Endless Empires Indie Go Go campaign
  69. Darkout - A survival sandbox with HD graphics and strategy and RPG elements.
  70. Gentleman... Ricochet! Puzzle game with personality for smartphone!
  71. The DRAKE Files - A Modern Faustian Graphic Novel - Fighting the Demonic Underground
  72. plygrnd.es - Helping parents discover nearby playground to visit with their kids.
  73. Video Gaming 4 Charity
  74. ShomoLive is trending UP on igg! It's where artists, venues, agents and fans meet...
  75. Montague's Mount - first-person psychological thriller game PC/Mac/Linux & Oculus VR
  76. Noble Toy Company - heirloom quality wooden toys, puzzles and games.
  77. GlydeWrite Cleaning Shield - for tablets
  78. SwitchCube - a coworking community in BC's Fraser Valley
  79. Iphone and Android App application will help aspiring models focus their career
  80. Career Cards Put The Power of a Psychic in the Palm Of Your Hand
  81. Indie Serial Killer Short from a Young Female Genre Director
  82. Make And Play Your Own MMO's on iPad, Mac And PC Using Gameleon!
  83. New Kickstarter project: Letter Chess
  84. Watching Twit Tv Gangnam Style parody music video campaign
  85. Recyx... Will they find the energy needed?
  86. Pure Nintendo Magazine
  87. AfterEarth: The Fall. RPG - Create and Modify with us!
  88. FlipCase - New & smart way to carry your MacBook Air or Ultrabook
  89. Origin: A space first person RPG with a killer story and a new form of videogame AI
  90. Underwater Sombrero - A photography book project on the reefs of Sombrero Key, FL
  91. New Exciting Children's Book and Audio Series!!!!
  92. Last 2 Hours for the Foundation Dock for iPhone4, 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3!!
  93. High fashion harem pants!!
  94. Oakland CA Salon Fig & Clover launching natural product line!
  95. Would Appreciate Some Advice
  96. Promised Land Pastor -- photographing the Holy Land
  97. Urban Zombie
  98. Ethical Gold - Alluvial mining support and Claim development in Liberia. UK Company
  99. SALAD SHOT(TM) San Juan Salad Dressing 2oz BOTTLES OF SALAD DRESSING?
  100. 1:Face Watch
  101. Rhyme Coach | The Learn to Rap App :: Share with friends, Have Fun!
  102. PiFiZone Campaign
  103. [One artistic & adventure video game for us] : Jayce and the surrealist dream
  104. Crowdfunding to fund cancer eating virus.
  105. TekTuk - Bedside iDevice Management Made Easy
  106. Climafy revolutionizes the process of improving your home's energy footprint
  107. Gadzookery
  108. CONVOY™ THE CARD STRATEGY GAME an addictive new board game
  109. drugbunny the comic....wacky and fun
  110. Insecta, the world's insect's encyclopedia
  111. Mercenary Rodent For Hire- A new game with new innovative mechanics
  112. Welcome to The High-Low Heel!
  113. (Indiegogo) Smart.er QR Code Reader for Smart.er Shopping
  114. MagiXcan -- Imagine Computers 10X Faster. 100X? More!
  115. Rune Miniature Fantasy Skirmish Game 28mm scale.
  116. The Labyrinth
  117. Treadmill Trainer
  118. MacXTag: More Than Just a Game
  119. The Best Asthma Education App in the World...Period!
  120. Diary of John: A Horror Game
  121. Kicked of the MilliMount @ http://goo.gl/yovI1
  122. Santa's Elves Sing the Hits
  123. An Unforgiving Land, Reloaded
  124. The Monster Hunter International Employee's Handbook and RPG
  125. CrazyTime! an awesome Android game!
  126. Toss your bulky old wallet! Meet the CardNinja!
  127. FLIP3D iPhone Case brings 3D to your iPhone
  128. EINKLANG - The most intuitive software synthesizer
  129. The GlideHanger
  130. Tap it Music Pad - an easy to use musical controller
  131. Divine Space - hard sci-fi space game
  132. Designing new vibrant furniture out of the old
  133. Pint Craft - Brew your way to victory - Card Game
  134. Siliskin Glass Cups for Kids on Kickstarter - Bouncy Glass!
  135. Yono - fractal-like collaborative pixel-art app and site
  136. Headshot: Zombie Experience
  137. The World's First Reversible Magnetic Necktie
  138. MosquitoDMZ - Fight West Nile
  139. WeedLips™ Lip Balm
  140. Zena Boutique - Luxury Indian Designer Fashion to Hire or Buy
  141. Meet the noPhoto - the End of Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets
  142. RESON8TE - Alternative solution for listening to music while running
  143. Argentina´s gaming mouse!
  144. Lift'n Buddy Mobile Lift Device Indiegogo opportunity liftnbuddy.com
  145. Jean-Claude Van Jamme is recording a profoundly funky live album.
  146. SOFA - A Magazine About Couch-Surfing. (For the iPad)
  147. We need your help at Tripbnb - Social Travel Market Place
  148. WipeCoin - clean and protect your iPhone 5
  149. RX-Pass Watch-it's about time
  150. Schwoggle... Enjoy Life. Make a Difference. Be Socially Responsible.
  151. Celebrating the babywearing movement
  152. RING RULER is the first Size-Adjustable, Circular Ruler.
  153. SKYE & staghorn Australian swimwear
  154. LEDMoprher worlds first 4D LED Orb of Awesomeness
  155. KOEZY, THE wraparound jacket for women transitions from indoors to outdoors
  156. Seedling Footwear - Made out of Hemp and Organic Canvas and Very stylish!
  157. iFlask - The World's First "Smart" Flask (Smartphone Flask)
  158. Only four days left, but worth a try
  159. iMech Online - Real-Time Multiplayer Mech Combat
  161. New Attitude with MetroTude!
  162. Bakjax - the solution for lost bluetooth & tangled headphones
  163. Including a picture with your post
  164. SCRATCH - nail wraps
  165. Out Of Breath Film - Trying to get it done - 5 years in the making - Need help
  166. GEMBLO – The Greatest Korean Abstract Strategy Board Game!
  167. Consumer Participation Brings New Siliskin Glass to Market Through Kickstarter
  168. Coyote Case - a smartphone case that PROTECTS YOU!
  169. Hustle Mussel - Have a great time and let the fun begin!
  170. Bounce 2: Notes - A physics based musical app.
  171. My First Japanese Woodblock Print
  172. Samahope - Enabling anyone, anywhere to fund a life-changing surgery
  173. The Botsee Project: Let's Create New Intelligent Life on Earth!
  174. THE NE29R: Not Just Another 29 inch Mountain Bike
  175. Paradigm: Sinister Schemes, a new card game from Foxhammer Press!
  176. Ebony Kiss Indy Comic
  177. "That Feeling" EP on Kickstarter
  178. Meet Nautilus: Amazing waterproof case for iPhone 4/4S/5
  179. Never miss a call with DrBlinky!
  180. Adventure Wear
  181. Nerdplayers: the future of your shopping!
  182. Help us make our social business 'Treeach' happen.
  183. Versus Vitality - Real Time Strategy Game for your Mobile device !
  184. iStreamRadio - Do You? Radio for a mobile generation!
  185. Animajig: A drag and drop, social animation platform (great for non-animators!)
  186. Freq Industries: Portable Speakers
  187. Teleport - the best way to share content
  188. Pentora Vagen - 2D, 3D RPG Game for iPhone, iPad, iPod
  189. All Kids want to PLAY! Visually impaired children just need accessible toys!
  190. Find CALM - Refillable Skin Care - 1 Container = Endless Refills
  191. "Alone" a short film by Emerson College students
  192. Sword of the Stars: The Pit - role-playing game
  193. Mayhem Mines - A Treasure Hunting Card Game
  194. CLEANLIFT antibacterial toilet seat handle.
  195. MASSIV RACING - Massively Multiplayer Real Life Racing
  196. Ad Infinitum - open-space MMO
  197. Inbooki - a brand new form of art..
  198. Xenocell: A multiplayer sandbox action-strategy game for the PC
  199. ThermalStrike Bed Bug Proof Luggage!
  200. JackaByte Mulitmedia and Gaming
  201. Lets grant Francisco and his family a new opportunity.
  202. LoveDecks
  203. Breath of Hate - Theatrical & DVD/Blu-Ray campaign
  204. Vengeance by William Brevard
  205. The Undead Diaries Series
  206. The Smart Cup!
  207. BIONITE: Origins on Kickstarter
  208. Real Love, and Indie film that could use some love.
  209. Progress The Steampunk Webseries
  210. Psight - A Psychic Combat Card Game - Help Us Reach Our Goal
  211. Will Yall Help Make it Happen For Me!
  212. Please Help Fund A Dream....Any Support Is Extremely Appreciated!!!!!!!!!
  213. Crowdfunded stuff listed and advertised. Why nobody is interested in?
  214. Delizioso Peccato
  215. Universal Smartphone Mount - The UniGrip Pro
  216. Co-Create the Live a Grateful Life Gratitude Journal by Grateful Chics - 4 Days left!
  217. Elliot Havok Eyewear : SmartShades
  218. Old-School MMO RPG World Of Midgard (download beta now)
  219. Old-School 3D MMORPG World Of Midgard for Mac, PC, Android & iOS
  220. Mercenary Dark Kickstarter Project
  221. Mercenary Dark Indiegogo Project
  222. Meetheads crowdfunding project
  223. SweetLocks Scented Brushes project
  224. E-Unio a page wich makes many people lives easier
  225. Josi Mug - A designer mug to warm hands
  226. Ostrich Island - Your Internal Ostrich need help!
  227. Fields of Fresh - A New Epic and Dramatic RPG(75% funded so far)
  228. (Indiegogo) Meetheads project - social network avatars; many languages;
  229. Campaign: Last piece of the puzzle! (LT Lighthouse Project)
  230. Xeni Games Presents: The Iternus System and Aetherium
  231. FotoGenic
  232. Traveling Crab Studios brings you: Dead Pixels
  233. Minecraft Content Browser
  234. Teaching English to the World with a Fun New Game
  235. Nubagg. A gadget-like trash can that reuses plastic bags from Grocery stores.
  236. My First Game (Currently Untitled)
  237. Monster Truck Desert Challenge BTS
  238. A Zombie survival simulation game - from Mobile to PC
  239. The AdFlik - device that allows you to skip commercials automatically.
  240. The Legend of Zomba: A retro-inspired action/adventure game!
  241. Support & Fund My Campaign!!!!!!!
  242. Valor Playing Cards
  243. Camp Myth: The RPG
  244. The Superfogeys Sourcebook & Adventure Game from Team Frog Studios
  245. Our Journey from a Small Business to a National Brand
  246. intelliPaper
  247. ONE{DOCK} metal dock for iPhone and Samsung products
  248. You're going to want to be a part of this: Growing Gratitude App for Thank-you Videos
  249. GI-Joe style Old School Card Game, Ultimate Soldier
  250. Sanpei Optics: Revolutionary Audio-Adaptable Eyewear, You haven't seen this before!