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  1. (Kickstarter) Harbor and Home Indie/Folk band debut album!
  2. (Kickstarter) EPIC Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi short film
  3. (Kickstarter) STILL : The Web Series
  4. (Kickstarter) How to Build a School in Haiti - Help us Finish the Documentary
  5. (Indiegogo) Clickdrive: World's first dedicated, open platform for driving apps
  6. (Indiegogo) Ecreatist
  7. (indiegogo) Online 3d printing, laser cutting, and cnc milling services
  8. (Indiegogo) Introducing ShutIT - The Ultimate Android Switch
  9. (Indiegogo) AVEB Audio Visual E-Book
  10. (Kickstarter) ESUMMON - Select. Search Join (App for Gamers)
  11. (Kickstarter) project for working with producer, Keith Olsen
  12. (Kickstarter) Peyi: Teaching kids Africa from a different perspective
  13. (Indiegogo) Project To Eradicate Hunger
  14. (KickStarter Project) Redefining Living
  15. (Indiegogo) DeviClear : Water Purified
  16. (Kickstarter) The Blood Nation YAOI Comic Series by Derekica Snake
  17. (Indiegogo) Our City Radio Crowdfunding
  18. (Kickstarter) Press Release and Graphic Novel
  19. (Kickstarter) Drawing Blanks - An absurd, outright offensive drawing game.
  20. (Kickstarter) Memoire de Rayloria Anime
  21. (Kickstarter) Pass Key USB - A Convenient Secure Way Of Storing Accounts
  22. (Kickstarter) WINDFALL (Strategic Trading Card Game)
  23. (Kickstarter) Retro Futurist Steampunk Nixie Clock, Black Walnut & Copper
  24. (KickStarter) The Spirit Age is an exciting Colonial Fantasy you should atleast DEMO
  25. (Indiegogo) Pumpkin Pure: New Exclusive Superfood Low-Glycemic Sweetener
  26. (Indiegogo) Jumpercard
  27. (Indiegogo) Revolt!
  28. (Indiegogo) Reward FIRST Crowdfunding will soon be a new way to Crowdfund
  29. (Indiegogo) Grumpy Zombies needs your help!
  30. (Indiegogo) FlixHouse an Indie movie-on-demand platform. Suggestions?
  31. (Kickstarter) Postifier Campaign: Never open an empty postbox again!
  32. (Kickstarter) The Intrepid Illustrations Prequel
  33. (Kickstarter) Dear Lois: Our Adoption Story
  34. (Kickstarter) StarCrawlers
  35. (Kickstarter) PitchFuse for Mote Virtual Tabletop
  36. (Indiegogo) Uncia DLP 3D Printer: An affordable, professional 3D printer
  37. (Kickstarter) Tabletop Simulator
  38. (KickStarter) MARIO and MINECRAFT had a Baby Girl and She Kicks Some Serious @$$!
  39. (Bloom VC) A new brand of 100% pure English honey.
  40. (Bloom VC) Help Arran Brewery save two iconic Scottish buildings!
  41. (Bloom VC) A Charity Trip to Malawi
  42. (Bloom VC) Sushi Bar/Takeaway in Dundee
  43. (Indiegogo) The beginning!
  44. (Crowdfunder) Theatre in-the-round live stream - bringing live theatre to everyone!
  45. (Kickstarter) LINEAGE: The Martial Arts Strategy Game
  46. (Kickstarter) Affect: Infuse Your Drink; Inspire the Night --> Constructive Criticism
  47. (Kickstarter) Graphic Design Kickstarter
  48. (Indiegogo) Rapina Artbook
  49. (Kickstarter) Dungeon Uprising - Real- Time Dungeon Master vs Hero PC Game
  50. (Indiegogo) Super power panties - FITKNIX athletic underwear
  51. (Kickstarter) REaD PROPHECY
  52. (Kickstarter) Space Shooter RPG+
  53. (Kickstarter) TRAVELERS: A New Series Made by Teens!
  54. (Kickstarter) Zombie Company Crusade - A Military Zombie RTS game
  55. (Indiegogo) Vivo - Save a life with a text message
  56. (Kickstarter) Dirty Larry Golf + The Navigator
  58. (kickstarter) Reinvented eco-friendly jeans for leaders
  59. (Kickstarter) Duel of Heroes - Chronicles of the Lost Planet
  60. (Kickstarter) Mote Virtual Tabletop
  61. (Indiegogo) Bumlings - the FUNtasy card game campaign
  62. (Kickstarter) Mazhidden: Millions of mazes and hidden objects to find.
  63. (Kickstarter) Duel of Heroes: Chronicles of The Lost Planet
  64. (Kickstarter) Hammerhead Sharks - Underwater Photography Project
  65. TICK The final countdown! Updates, more samples, and a reward LEVEL-UP!
  66. (Kickstarter) Postifier Campaign: Never open an empty postbox again!
  67. (Kickstarter) Finally My First Buddha
  68. (Kickstarter) Noochie Golf
  69. (Kickstarter) The Original Bud Fish T Shirt
  70. (Kickstarter) REaD PROPHECY
  71. (Kickstarter) LeoCorde Clothing Launches 2/25! Feedback Needed!!!
  72. (Kickstarter) Papora - Online & Mobile Language Learning
  73. (Indiegogo) Strange Paradise: A Game by You: for You
  74. (GoGetFunding) Starting a company
  75. (GoFundMe) Help us to get our business started
  76. (Indiegogo) Yrminsul - Play as Evil - Get the demo now :D
  77. (Kickstarter)13 UNBRACKETED fantasy sports online game. No more Busted Brackets!
  78. (gofundme) PhoneFollow
  79. (Indiegogo) "Dragger" A Depression-Era Short Film for Columbia College Chicago
  80. (Kickstarter) STRAPLESS - No straps & No Brands - Modern Undergarments
  81. (Kickstarter) Building a giant man eating polyp sculpture with awesome rewards
  82. (IndieGoGo) aWebCluster - Cheap Next-Gen Cloud Hosting
  83. (Indiegogo) Requiem for Blood, a YA dark fantasy novel
  84. (Indiegogo) World Basketball Manager 2
  85. (Indigogo) iCupholder - just launched today!
  86. (Kickstarter) The Gospel of Mark Translation Project
  87. (Kickstarter) Town of Salem - Stand-alone Mafia video game
  88. (Kickstarter) A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET - Fantasy paranormal (free) ebook
  89. (Kickstarter) Living The Dream Apparel
  90. (Kickstarter) Crimson Wasteland
  91. (Kickstarter) After Reset: The Fall of Gyes - asci-fi graphic novel
  92. (Kickstarter) Duel of Heroes: Chronicles of The Lost Planet
  93. (Indiegogo) The Future: QuantuMDx's Handheld DNA Lab
  94. (Indiegogo) Citizens* - An Unbiased Documentary About Illegal Immigration
  95. (Kickstarter) Disillusioned - A comedy web series revealing the truth about magicians
  96. (Kickstarter) Strange Paradise: A Game for You, by You
  97. (KIckstarter) Nose Picks
  98. (Kickstarter) Car window mount for the gopro camera
  99. (Kickstarter) Iron Legions Mech Toys
  100. Kickstarter "REaD PROPHECY horror short film
  101. (Kickstarter) Finding Island EP for Indie Singer-Songwriter
  102. (Kickstarter) - The Toilet: A Northern Tale
  103. (Indiegogo) new form of magnatic energy on
  104. (Kickstarter) Let's replace ads with local art
  105. (Kickstarter) Why Factories Shutdown -Documentary
  106. (Indiegogo) Sustainable Siding Solution For Environmentally Friendly Development
  107. (Indiegogo) Bmw ice cream -scooter-
  108. (Kickstarter) María is Fighting Treasure For YOU! Get some Treasures for Helping Her!
  109. (Kickstarter) Postifier: Your smartphone will alert you when you have snail mail!!
  110. (Kickstarter) protocols.io - Life Sciences Protocol Repository
  111. (Kickstarter) The Ultimate Sports Bottle
  112. (Kickstarter) Sands of Ikkera - Film
  113. (Indiegogo) Fred Williamson's OLD SCHOOL GANGSTAS
  114. (Kickstarter) Fluid Dynamics: Pop Surrealist Painting Series by Lulu Lin
  115. (Indiegogo) Cupsy - Worlds most versatile beverage organizer
  116. (kickstarter) The Organic Chicken Train..
  117. (Indiegogo) HDScores - How Clean are the Restaurants you are about to eat in?
  118. (Kickstarter)Cat Cafe in LA
  119. (Kickstarter) Homebrood
  120. (Kickstarter) ORNATE Playing Cards
  121. (Kickstarter) Penny Portrait Kits - Create a portrait of Abe Lincoln from old pennies
  122. (Kickstarter) Fashion - Curve Bay - Please help a newcomer xxx
  123. (Indiegogo) Finding Forty-Two, Post apoc webseries set in the UK
  124. (Kickstarter) Introducing Navajo Tea - The Reservation's Best Kept Secret!
  125. (Kickstarter) 3monthsin'13
  126. (Indiegogo) Everyday - Mac OS X Finder 2.0
  127. (Indiegogo) Independent Cyber League
  128. (Kickstarter) Education Endeavor 3D Education Game for Mobile and Deskto
  129. (Kickstarter) StaX: A Machined Aluminum Modular Container
  130. (Indiegogo) Brugato
  131. (Kickstarter) Help out a Photography Student with a Photoshoot!
  133. (Kickstarter) Where Casual-Wear Meets Street-Wear, LeoCorde Clothing
  134. (Kickstarter) The dawn of space fighting - Watch ALTERED GRAVITY fights
  135. (Indiegogo) SEXY with New Campaign. can u help!!
  136. (Kickstarter) Celebrating Mr. Nak!
  137. (Kickstarter) Battery Life Sucks. A Solution Discovered
  138. (Kickstarter) Winged Warriors
  139. (Kickstarter) Omega Constructor: Conquer cyberspace in a new game on Kickstarter
  140. (Kickstarter) The Grand Caper - a farcical comedy show aiming for Edinburgh Fringe!
  141. (Indiegogo)CASE: a lighter and smaller wireless camera controller
  142. Kickstarter - The Sleeping Place - A Children's Book
  143. (Kickstarter) Zesty Fry Shakers Seasonings - Just Say "NO" To Naked Fries!
  144. (Kickstarter) The Hangman: an invention to secure tools to your ladder.
  145. (Kickstarter) Hoyuk: An awarded game by MAGE Company
  146. (IndieGogo) Project Marijuana
  147. (Kickstarter) Today We Fly
  148. (Kickstarter) Wishful Lie - Started 3 days ago - Could use feed back and suggestions!
  149. (Kickstarter) StickQuik™ Bands: Organize Anything and Everything!
  150. (Indiegogo) REDHED Rolling Lighted Headrest Tool
  151. (Kickstarter) Mutiny, how many will you poison ?
  152. (Indiegogo) Bitform - A trading platform for Bitcoin
  153. (Kickstarter) The Next Snuggie?
  154. (Kickstarter) Toby's Island - Indie Game in Development
  155. (Kickstarter) RhinoForce S2..Self-righting Rc flip kit
  156. (Kickstarter) Help Fund Excavation of an Ancient Roman Bath Complex!
  157. (Indiegogo) A songwriters and musicians residential recording complex
  158. (Kickstarter) Videos Showing on Mobile Devices
  159. (GoFundMe) Launching my career as Singer/Songwriter with IMTA!
  160. (Kickstarter) London 1888 - immersive and dark board game about Jack the Ripper
  161. (Kickstarter) Create your hero and save the city in Heroes of Metro City's expansion!
  162. (Kickstarter) Game changing CAD for mobile touch screen devices
  163. (Kickstarter) Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians
  164. (Kickstarter) Feedback On My Project - Nilly Bands
  165. (Kickstarter) ZODD The Immure Launches
  166. (Indiegogo) Vision Owl - HELP US OUT!!
  167. (Kickstarter) Launching the first coffee shop in a neighborhood in Chicago!!!
  168. (Indiegogo) Aurtronic: Fuel Efficient Hybrid Transmission Technology
  169. (Indiegogo) The Spanish government wants to kill the crowdfunding (Help Us)
  170. (Kickstarter) - Streets of Myth - Episode 01
  171. (Kickstarter) Epic trilogy of "visual poems" Kin Fables
  172. (Kickstarter) Calling all car guys, contractors, builders, and DIYers
  173. (KickStarter) Fight Cancer! Uptown Juice Co. Organic Cold-Pressed Juicing
  174. (Kickstarter) Cremas | An Haitian treasure finaly available LS Cream
  175. (Kickstarter) $3 gets you a pair of these super cool EzFlop Flip Flops
  176. (Kickstarter) Wild Cornwall - Wildlife film
  177. (Kickstarter) 24K Gold Luxury Spinning Tops
  178. (RocketHub) Help support preserving memories through supporting Scrapbook Me!
  179. (Indiegogo) Go! Go! Sports Girls...Move over Barbie!
  180. (Kickstarter) lift - the easy to open your garage door
  181. (Indiegogo) AudioFeel, Feel the sound!
  182. (Indiegogo) Savvy Dress Rentals (Formals and Bridal)
  183. (Kickstarter) iRotate Cases - Cool iPhone Case
  184. (Kickstarter) No Food For You!
  185. (Kickstarter) Latte Lasso-the go anywhere cupholder for shopping with oth hands
  186. (Kickstarter) Kitten Dump : The silliest mobile game you've seen in a while. =)
  187. (Kickstarter) Funding for our full feature Bad Medicine Anthology
  188. (Kickstarter) Breakthrough books & reading platorm for kids
  189. (Indiegogo)Electic vehicle 800+km!
  190. (Kickstarter) .Bk: Unique & affordable limited edition menswear.
  191. (Indiegogo) Feature film 'chosen'
  192. (Indiegogo) Trying to help others heal from abuse
  193. (Kickstarter) The Apothecary Bitters Company
  194. (Kickstarter) 'Michael' Short Film
  195. (Kickstarter) THE LAST ROADHOUSE – An off-grid town's journey for solar power
  196. (Kickstarter) Eggie Boo - New Book & Film
  197. (Kickstarter) The Midnight Grindshow
  198. (Kickstarter) Help donate 5,000 pairs of recyclable flip flops to charities
  199. (Indiegogo) Jackpot - A Thriller Movie by a small team of enthusiasts
  200. (Kickstarter) The SLUG Bus!
  201. (Sellanapp) Invest in an iPhone app the combines Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  202. (Kickstarter) Scrapbook Joey Board Game - The Board Game For Scrapbookers!
  203. (Indiegogo) Support community by helping to buy a car!
  204. (IndieGoGo) S&N: The Greed
  205. (Indiegogo) Female Entrepreneur Campaign
  206. (Indiegogo) Bitcoin Mining Contracts/ Indiegogo Campaign
  207. (Kickstarter)-The Proper Collar magnetic breakaway dog collar
  208. (Kickstarter) "Oh Sarah" Music Video & Short Film by Ralf G
  209. Kickstarter Campaign for my 335 page graphic novel Hobo Fires!
  210. (Indiegogo) The Johnny Club is Crowdfunding Safesex
  211. (Indiegogo) My Song Recording Project
  212. (Kickstarter) Runaway Bike Hot Tub: Advanced Bicycle Chain Lubricant
  213. (Kickstarter) Fantasy Football University
  214. (FundRazr) PANDOO - The world's first Personal Cloud Computer
  215. (Indiegogo) Tired of applying for jobs with no response? Vjobs is the way
  216. (KickStarter) Ew Fps Project
  217. (Fundable) MilSync
  218. (Kickstarter) Alcohol Travel TV Show
  219. (GoFundMe)) Family Truck Fund
  220. (Kickstarter) Varizoom Solo Jib/Slider for Videographers
  221. (Indiegogo) One Behind - Unique Short Film!
  222. (Kickstarter) "The Gordian Knot" feature-length film - Puzzle wrapped in an enigma
  223. (Kickstarter) Super Ketchup: Organic, gluten-free, vegan ketchup with hidden veggies
  224. (Kickstarter) Learn Spanish Verbs - Android Game
  225. (IndieGoGo) Pocholo - The Game (El Juego)
  226. (Kickstarter) New - My art + fun dog art = Awesome rubber stamps!
  227. (Indiegogo) The FashInvette
  228. (Indiegogo) Fitnotix
  229. (Kickstarter) Cavatina - a rhythm based RPG
  230. (Kickstarter) MyTask - the revolution in mobile utility and protection
  231. (Indiegogo) Help Fund Studio 605's newest film "The Woods Within"
  232. (Kickstarter) Coperation with Fist Of Jesus
  233. (Indiegogo) ParaSnowboarding for home or exercise
  234. (KickStarter) Panny Key - Redefining the keychain
  235. (Kickstarter) The Blitzmobile - The Electric Powered Bike Trailer
  236. (Kickstarter) Leah Barley album "Close Your Eyes", Vancouver Canada
  237. (Kickstarter) Tribal Card Deck now live!
  238. KICKSTARTER - Trichome Clothing Company
  239. (Kickstarter) Common Fibers - Making Carbon Fiber Casual
  240. (Kickstarter) Kickstarting Oscar, Indie game about childhood troubles
  241. (Indiegogo) The Beginning by Joan Torres's All is Fused [Jazz+]
  242. (Kickstarter) Chaos Reborn - from the creator of the original X-COM
  243. (Kickstarter) Mechadrome - Heavy Metal Combat
  244. (Kickstarter) Alternate Hilarities - An anthology of humorous stories
  245. (Kickstarter) Classic Alice - from the creator of SEX
  246. (Indiegogo) The first touch, the story of a love told by the voice of a piano
  247. (Kickstarter) THE SUFFERING: A chilling independent horror film
  248. (Go Fund Me) Help support the beginning of my Animation Career
  249. (Kickstarter) Graham Czach EP - Producers/Engineers of Smashing Pumpkins and more!
  250. (Kickstarter) Cocktails Poster Project