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  1. (Indiegogo) Clothing For a Cause
  2. (Indiegogo) Gon'Feel: GPS and Physics for GoPro camera
  3. (Kickstarter) Booty Licious Jeans…Jeans With A Purpose
  4. (Kickstarter) The Ghetto Olympics 2016 - Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever.
  5. (Kickstarter) Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine
  6. (Kickstarter) Beefed Up: A documentary on the effects of fast food and exercise
  7. (Kickstarter) phoenix-leaf: Rugged Wallet Kits
  8. (Kickstarter) AnotherWallet, 200% reached! What do you think?
  9. (Kickstarter) Funding a free site: to [icon]
  10. (Kickstarter) - LUPO - Find, Secure and Control Your Smartphones and Computers
  11. (Indiegogo) Aerial Combat Encounters - PC & Linux game
  12. (Indiegogo) Protocloud: Effortless Prototyping For Digital Designers
  13. (Kickstarter) notenook: the reusable, beautiful, hard book cover for spiral notebooks
  14. (Kickstarter) Ebb and Flow - magazine for the Outer Banks of North Carolina
  15. (Kickstarter) Huiiz - searching the internet using facial recognition
  16. (Kickstarter) MemoCase, Case with Pen & Note Paper Function for iPhone5/5S
  17. (Kickstarter) The Community Chorus of Detroit Presents Verdi's Requiem
  18. (Indiegogo) Muscletrax wearable technology on Indiegogo
  19. (Kickstarter) Ocean Energy Turbine - Limitless Clean Renewable Energy
  20. (KickStarter) Same Love: The Documentary
  21. (Indiegogo) Richard Longarms: A Fantasy Bestseller Translation
  22. (GoFundMe) The New Social Network!
  23. (Gofundme) Marybell
  24. (Kickstarter) The Tri-Lock Insert
  25. (Indiegogo) McLean HS Theatre Company: Building a Revolve!
  26. (KickStarter) Avalanche, an epic campaign for TT rpg is now live!!
  27. (Kickstarter) LOVE JAPAN
  28. (Kickstarter) Aghast - A Journal of the Darkly Fantastic
  29. (Indiegogo) MosaicAd Free Advertising Platform
  30. (Kickstarter) Seedling Gift Kits
  31. (Kickstarter) - The Province EP [4 DAYS LEFT!]
  32. (Kickstarter) Population Zero (Evading Azrael's First Full-Length Album)
  33. (Indiegogo) Helping people get to college -- debt-free
  34. (Kickstarter) Bringing sustainability to the world, one backyard at a time!
  35. (Kickstarter) Argonaut -- LGBT Relationship Drama
  36. (Indiegogo) Pizza Sticker
  37. (Kickstarter) Community Chorus of Detroit Presents Verdi's Requiem
  38. (Indiegogo) Tales of Storm - the first cross-platform MMORPG.
  39. (Kickstarter) 3 SIDES to a STORY by Stem Entertainment
  40. (Kickstarter) "Hungry Ghosts," a short film about addiction/recovery
  41. (Indiegogo) Undetectable: An HIV/AIDS Awareness short film
  42. (Kickstarter) N8V Couture The Relevant Native American Clothing Company
  43. (Indiegogo) new 3D printer - MakerDreams
  44. (Kickstarter) InDee Toons - Animated Game Characters
  45. (Indiegogo) Did you know how to save -45% of your annual fuel budget ?
  46. (Kickstarter) The Black Rose
  47. (Indiegogo) Divine - Swarovski Manicure
  48. (Kickstarter) Dirty Sexy Soccer - Be a Fair or Unfair Football Manager
  49. (Kickstarter) WilkWear's Padded Compression Collarbone Shirt
  50. (Kickstarter) Science Fiction Ebook- "Metalluc Heaven"
  51. (Kickstarter) Pixel Battlers, the retro kind of card game!
  52. (Kickstarter) Bionic Fighters - "smash bros" like multiplayer fighting video game
  53. (Kickstarter) River Town - Farming Role Play Simulator
  54. (Kickstarter) DugLife Clothing - Burying Bodies with clothes since 2013.
  55. (Kickstarter) Shark Kage- the 6-in-1 multi-use truck ramp!
  56. (Bloom VC) Let's get Swapping!
  57. (Bloom VC) Bee Part of It and Help us Spread Sand Art to the Nation
  58. (Bloom VC) Twa Burds Soaps Glasgow
  59. (Bloom VC) Do you love coffee?
  60. (Bloom VC) Help Save the Planet by Cutting down on IT landfill
  61. (Indiegogo) Virtuous: Celestial Wind
  62. (Kickstarter) Campaign to Help our Kids Become Better Readers
  63. (Kickstarter) for the ZipSeam, letting you tailor a shirt in under 2 minutes
  64. (Kickstarter) Popup Dungeon - Roguelike Papercraft RPG - Be Any Hero
  65. (Kickstarter) Metallic Heaven ebook
  66. (KickStarter) Super Bowl Rings Collection Poster
  67. (KickStarter) Dead Years - Survive With Your Dog!
  68. (Indiegogo) NonymousGaming channel upgrades with sweet perks!
  69. (Kickstarter) Chameleon - Independent feature length movie
  70. (Kickstarter) "If... Zombies" - Part 1 - Graphic Novel
  71. (Kickstarter) Sherlock Holmes Museum in Playing Card
  72. (Kickstarter) POMM FILMS First feature length film THE LAST DAY
  73. (Kickstarter) Smart jeans by Robb & Hugo.
  74. (Indiegogo) Woolings Global Footwear
  75. (Kickstarter) Bruce Allen Hutchins The One-Man-Garage-Band
  76. (Indiegogo) Project Achieve
  77. (Kickstarter Project!) Make your own Mobile Game in a weekend! No experience needed!
  78. (Kickstarter) Meet Nomz! Delicious bites of paleo and gluten free goodness!
  80. (Kickstarter) Three Day Hangover's Freaking Awesome 2014 Season
  81. (kickstarter) Femme~Con
  82. (Kickstarter) Hundreds of Paintings. Free. For Strangers.
  83. (Indiegogo) Journey Through The Elements: Fire Dance & Craftmanship
  84. (Gofundme) Code as a good reward for software project?
  85. (Kickstarter) Rock Paper Books - A Modern Collection of Classic Books
  86. (indiegogo) Love 80's Movies...You will dig my
  87. (Indiegogo) Pink Panther Amazing Adventures is Headed Your Way! MGM Studios
  88. (Kickstarter) Help Us Fund BOSSFM! Better Radio FOR Millenials BY Millenials
  89. (Kickstarter) Performance-Focused Business Socks: GoodFoot
  90. (Kickstarter) id America L.E.D Portable Charger
  91. (Kickstarter) New Fantasy & Sci Fi gamebook series
  92. (Kickstarter) Violet and the Vetrox
  93. (Bloom VC) Phoenix Star Soap
  94. (Bloom VC) SVP Jewellery - ethical rings that fit any finger
  95. Auris CS155, finally an Iphone case with a purpose / Launch april 14th / Indiegogo
  96. (Kickstarter) New project for board games website!
  97. (Kickstarter) Halo 5: XBOX One Advert - Fan Film
  98. (Indiegogo) Max Mausen - Debut Album 'Tryptiques'
  99. (Kickstarter) ArmamentApparel: Patriotic and Firearm Inspired Fashion
  100. (Kickstarter) Card game 30 years in the making
  101. (Kickstarter) Power's Out Again! Need Proof for Insurance or Utility? Chill...
  102. (Kickstarter) A Wolf Abroad - A Virtual Travel Show Experience
  103. (Kickstarter) - ChargeOriginal - Braided USB cables functional and stylish!
  104. (Bloom VC) Campaign for Justice
  105. (Kickstarter) Epilepsy Awareness Comic Book
  106. (Kickstarter) Make Your Ideas a Reality
  107. (Indiegogo Project) Digression - A 2D psychological Horror adventure
  108. (Indiegogo) Short Film: Bruno's
  109. (Indiegogo) Bully-Proofing Playbook for Parents, Teachers & Kids
  110. (Kickstarter) EPIC PICNIC - Last week on Kickstarter!! Less than $900 to fund!!
  111. (Kickstarter)$100 to Finance My Short Film!
  112. (Kickstarter) Tales Of The Red Brigade - Relaunch!
  113. (Kickstarter) Back to the Future Again...
  114. (Indiegogo) Bioremediation of Industrial Pollution
  115. (Kickstick) Mini Liquor Bottle Innovation
  116. (Indiegogo) for Lost Town multi player game book
  117. (IndieGogo) An Internet Radio Station Looking to Compete with FM
  118. (Kickstarter) Young & Klassy - Premium Quality Apparel. Made in the USA.
  119. (Indiegogo) - Anonymous posting app!
  120. (Kickstarter) Road to the Well: A Feature Film
  121. (Kickstarter Project!) Creamed honey is celestial food
  122. (Kickstarter) Charlotte, Wander On. - A dark children's book
  123. (Indiegogo) Saplings Sunglasses: Wood Sunglasses for Kids
  124. (Indiegogo) The Gardener
  125. (Kickstarter) Metaphysical Mandalas - Mind, visualized.
  126. (kickstarter) Wildy Jimi - 100% hand drawn app.
  127. (Indiegogo) Nintendo 64 Musical! Script and Music already written!
  128. (Indiegogo) The Social Business Book Project
  129. (Kickstarter) Red Room Studios - the first crowd-sourced, crowd-owned music studio
  130. (Kickstarter) Thought Collective Design
  131. (Kickstarter) The Dotti J Project
  132. (Kickstarter) Could this be the future of Mobile Gaming?
  133. (Indiegogo) Help Build African Tennis Now Initiative
  134. (Kick Starter) FunBrush ToothBrush=GameController
  135. Modern Memories Coin Rings and Necklaces
  136. (Kickstarter) Welcome to TATE'S
  137. (kickstarter) New Bar Tool the MUDDLE BUDDY (drinkers wanted)
  138. (Kickstarter) VirtuLessons- An Interactive Classroom for Music Lessons
  139. (KickStarter) Snarkbites: Sarcastic Ceramics Made in the USA!!
  140. (Indiegogo) Trespass into terror
  141. (Indiegogo) THE ART OF MIRO PETROV - Support & Pre-order
  142. Rhino Technical Ranges
  143. (Kickstarter) Stratagem, a strategy board game for the clever schemer
  144. (indiegogo) Galactic Discord
  145. (kickstarter) REVOLT device charger: Power to the People
  146. (Indigogo)Bullies and Friends
  147. (KickStarter) Space Clunker
  148. (Kickstarter) The Pale: Royalty and Thieves Comicbook
  149. (Kickstarter) Aliens and Farm
  150. (Kickstarter) The most amazing pillowcases... EVER!
  151. [Kickstarter] At 86% with 4 Days Left- PASTS, PERSONAS & PROPHECIES
  152. (Indiegogo) ReactOS Community Edition, a free and opensource Windows alternative.
  153. (Kickstarter) THE ANSWER! is "Made of Question" - help us finish our album
  154. (Kickstarter) The GreenPlay Project: The Smarter Way to Putt like a Golf Pro
  155. (Kickstarter) Hug A Bug Portable Changing Pad. Have a Squirmy Baby?
  156. (Indiegogo) Cosicure A Cure for all Herpes?
  157. (Kickstarter) Buy Build Play - A Complete PC Building Guide in 3 Formats
  158. (Indiegogo) Ocean Conservation Project
  159. (Kickstarter) to help writers get published. 30 days or 60 days best?
  160. (Kickstarter) The Bumblebee Street Sweets: an overview up until now (18 days left)
  161. (Kickstarter) Funded - Expandable portable battery. Awarded Best Product - Modulo
  162. (Kickstarter) Cowboy Up - A photobook
  163. (KS) No reason why your Everyday-Carry items shouldn't be beautiful and functional!
  164. (Indiegogo) Atomyzer - The world's first Smartphone case that sprays liquid.
  165. (Indiegogo )Pasta Elementary!!
  166. (Gofundme) Help me go to England!
  167. (Kickstarter) - Hurricane for funding
  168. (Kickstarter) Would like to share John Freeman Story with everyone.
  169. (Indiegogo) Road to Glory: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
  170. (Indiegogo) You Meet the Nicest People..
  171. (Rockethub) Organic, vegan, gluten free veggie pâté
  172. (Kickstarter) - Feed the Monarch: Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit
  173. (Spieleschmiede) *Typo 2D* game (last days)
  174. (Kickstarter) Life & Liberti: Join the #CampaignAgainstBoringPockets
  175. (Indiegogo) SUNZs. The Amazing High-tech watch buckle!
  176. (KickStarter) IRCommander large touch screen remote control
  177. (Indiegogo) Game Gorilla - An Innovative New Way To Trade Videogames
  178. (Kickstarter) Pro Aim, the newest GoPro accessory that will make filming even easier.
  179. (Kickstarter) UGOBAGS | STYLE YOUR TRIP with unlimited possibilities (SuitCase)
  180. (RocketHub) Get the Steam Going on Main Street Coffee
  181. (Kickstarter) Reusable Whiteboard Notebook
  182. (Kickstarter) One of America's Last Great Adventures - Documentary
  183. (RocketHub Campaign) Give Main Street Coffee A Boost
  184. (Kickstarter) iPhone/iPad Training Course 18days left!
  185. (Prefundia) - The After Eden Series
  186. (Kickstarter) A Tower Defense Game, Without Towers?!
  187. (Kickstarter) Phase Wars
  188. (Kickstarter) Unity 3D Virtual Online Bicycle Store
  189. I'm having a slow start. I need some advice.
  190. (Kickstarter) Last to Fire's Debut EP
  191. (Kickstarter) - Magic Meisters - Co-Op Action RPG
  192. (Kickstarter) B4 - a new film from award winning director patrick ryder
  194. (Indiegogo) 4Pzoom
  195. (Kickstarter Project) Colony 42 - Psychological Horror Video Game
  196. (Kickstarter) Mech Maker - Character Creation App for 3D Printing
  197. (Kickstarter) Anchor Town: An Alaskan Artist's Dream!
  198. (Indiegogo) Join the revolution that will change dental care forever.
  199. (Kickstarter) D-Key, Think outside the tool box.
  200. (Kickstarter) My game companies project
  201. (Kickstarter) GoRemote Bluetooth 4.0 LE Waterproof Remote Control
  202. (Kickstarter) Star Legacy - Futuristic Action RPG! (iOS/Android/PC/MAC)
  203. (Indiegogo) How to Love San Francisco
  204. (kickstater) CG Horror Series - The Arksville Homicides
  205. (Indiegogo) - Horror Anthology Film - Stories from the Carnival
  206. (Indigogo Project) Perspective - Short Film
  207. (Kickstarter) Children of War:Blood and Snow - Action RPG for PC,MAC, Linux
  208. (Kickstarter) Multi-platform Indie Game: Chrono Rider Action RPG
  209. (Kickstarter) Indy's Amazing Liquid Play Chalk!
  210. (Kickstarter) Vampire anthology. Tales Of The Red Brigade
  211. (Kickstarter) Build you own Custom Deck Box - 2 Trillion Combinations!
  212. (Kickstarter) Game of Thrones inspired game! $200 bucks in it's first 2 hours!
  213. (Kickstarter) The Drowning Man, a novel
  214. (Indiegogo) Champagne Leader's Album
  215. (Kickstarter) Next-Generation Notebook
  216. (kickstarter) A true Lobby for the people and silent majority
  217. (Kickstarter project) Dark Side Of "Holiday Heaven" by Ania Pajda
  218. (Kickstarter) Bringing Innovation to the Greeting Card Industry
  219. (worldofcrowdfunding) Next level Photostudio
  220. (Kickstarter) Brave the Elements board game launches
  221. (Kickstarter) Custom Flow Pants for the World!
  222. (Kickstarter) Celestial Tear : Demon's Revenge. Returning to the roots of JRPGs.
  223. (Kickstarter) "Harmony Hears a Hoot": A Children's Book About Hearing Loss
  224. (Indiegogo) "In the Dark" sci-fi / drama
  225. (Kickstarter) Hybrid gaming controller for future FPS gaming on console and PC
  226. [KickStarter!] Pop-Corner, healthy, organic snacks for London's bustling markets!
  227. (Indiegogo) Undertoad Coastal: Come get caught by the Undertoad!
  228. (Kickstarter) Lifeinabox Day Planner
  229. (Seedkicks) Support Shield & Honor - Bullet Jewelry inspired by Veterans
  230. (Kickstarter) Power Trip Sci Fi Web Series
  231. (Kickstarter) Arkham; a mystery, horror film based on Lovecraft's works.
  232. (KickStarter) Creeper ::: an independent Psychological Thriller film
  233. (Kickstarter) Krynea Battlefield - A fantasy battles card game
  234. (Kickstarter) The Beadsprite iPhone case
  235. (Kickstarter) MBLOK - premium memory storage - coming out May 16
  236. (Kickstarter) The Light Sentry - redefining lighting control
  237. (Indiegogo) Free home for travelers in Madagascar
  238. (Kickstarter) Magic, Population & Staff Picks
  239. (Kickstarter) Ex-Napped, A Female Driven Comedy
  240. (Kickstarter) The Beast of Verant City - A steampunk fantasy adventure!
  241. (Kickstarter) "Out of My Hand", new feature film in Liberia and NY! 6 DAYS LEFT!
  242. (Kickstarter) GaiaTown - Environmental education Game
  243. My new space fighter game with rewards!
  244. (Kickstarter) New horror tabletop RPG with an emphasis on character-driven drama
  245. Great Opportunity to invest in an innovative and new Shisha Cafe Concept
  247. CONQUER - Become Limitless In Real Life - Performance Supplement
  248. Street Heroes - A retro multiplayer beat 'em up for Facebook
  249. Have it all - Taste, Nutrition and convenience! - Get Crunched Out
  250. (Kickstarter) CoreTechs Tactics