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  1. (Kickstarter) CoreTechs Tactics
  2. State of The Art Conference Singapore!
  3. Truth
  4. /kra:ft/ web-platform for real time booking for art & crafts workshops worldwide
  5. (Kickstarter) Glomtom: Ergonomic Pad will Level Up Your Gaming Experience!
  6. (Kickstarter) Racing Tanks 2: Racing combat game for WINDOWS/WEB/LINUX
  7. Kickstarter - reward/presale based
  8. Are you an Apple lover? You'll love this project
  9. (KickStarter) Connection in animals and art (Creative Pet Project Book)
  10. Kraken Development Studio
  11. Kickstarter: Coop, Fantasy, Miniature Game - 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy
  12. ARTHLETIC- Where Art meets Athletic wear.
  13. OctaPUS - 8-way Powerpack Ultimate Solution.
  14. Please help raise the necessary funds.
  15. Kickstarter - Mysiga Phones - Made to be Coz!
  16. Kickstarter: Short psychological horror thriller, 49% funded, 6 days remaining...
  17. Adorables - indiegogo
  18. Necromancer's Way (Google Play, App Store)
  19. THE GLOAMING - A Tale of Ghosts, Quantum Theory, and Love
  20. The Nobodies #1 - Comic Book Miniseries
  21. (Kickstarter) Famatic: The Photo Frame that Connects Generations
  22. (IndieGoGo) YouthWater: The New Beverage Innovation
  23. The artpreneurs exclusive crowdfunding platform is launched to artists
  24. Titanium Drinking Straws, reusable, eco-friendly, one of a kind !!! (KICKSTARTER)
  25. (Kickstarter) Eng Case - The most UNIQUE 3D Printed Gear Phone Case
  26. Kickstarter Project to Revolutionize Children’s Education with High Tech 3D Heroes
  27. Beer Pong Lovers This Kickstarter is right up your Alley!
  28. Why Galleries Need Crowdfunding?
  29. (Kickstarter) Anthony Lent—Fine Jewelry
  30. (Fundable) Hipster Frame - premium bamboo sunglasses
  31. (Kickstarter) 12 Realms Ancestors Legacy
  32. (Prefundia) Access all your passwords with a swipe of your finger
  33. (Kickstarter) No Love For Gladiators (Graphic Novel)
  34. Franz on the Fritz kickstarter
  35. MetisR-Indiegogo
  36. Turning ideas into companies and companies into jobs without the need for capital!
  37. (Kickstarter) The Evolve Narrative Gaming System (Tabletop RPG)
  38. (Kickstarter) Explore New England, New York & The Capital Region
  39. Kickstarter: Anastasia TV Pilot Starring Nathan Lane and Slash
  40. Kickstarter: Light Bound - An arcade game inspired by the classics!
  41. (Kickstarter) Anne Fogarty: We are bringing back a fashion icon
  42. (Kickstarter) Nerdvana Coffee (Gourmet Coffee with a Nerdy Twist)
  43. (Indiegogo) The Wine Academy: The Easiest Way To Learn About Wine!
  44. Pixel Mech Defense
  45. (ANIME) Spheres Of Maria Episode 1 & 2 Web Series
  46. Desdemona Metus, L'Insonne, movie pilot!
  47. Travel
  48. Yes or no?
  49. Most awesome idea ever, must see!
  50. Bow Ties by Rukas the Cat
  51. This Insane New App will allow you to watch videos through paper !!
  52. Indiegogo Competitive Gaming Movie.
  53. The Malarkey At The Clarkey: A Comedy/Music Show To Benefit Terminally Ill Children!
  54. GOkey. Charger, Cable, Locator, Memory all in one and fits on your keyring.
  55. 4... Your Eyes Only - A Theatre Production From Greece
  56. Findster: The first GPS tracker for Kids and Pets without monthly fees.
  57. Kickstarter: College Startup Magazine
  58. Kickstarter: The Path of a Hero
  59. Soldier Bird - Flying Game with a Storyline and Multiplayer [iOS/Android/PC/MAC]
  60. "Franz on the Fritz" he rolls into October fest in this endless roller!
  61. Scrapyard Empire - An exciting card game from Galliant Games
  62. oort – first complete universal wireless Internet of Things BTLE iBeacon system
  63. (Kickstarter) Do you like music? Here's a reward!
  64. The 72 Project: A Feature Film that will be Shot, Edited and Premiered in a 72 Hours
  65. Recording an Album in Bangkok, Thailand
  66. Help the Nebs destroy humanity!
  67. (Kickstarter) Sentri: Welcome to a Smarter Home
  68. (Indiegogo) Are you interested in World News? Check out this project!!!
  69. How do YOU Market Your Kickstarter projects?
  70. (Kickstarter) Kids Place- play it safe
  71. Final encores live on kickstarter
  72. If you like music, art, AND fantasy literature, you'll like this Kickstarter project!
  73. Crowdsourcing Plateform - Grow Your Business Rapidly
  74. Fang Moon Animated Music Video Kickstarter
  75. Help my band?
  76. Glitch, a show about a video game (Indiegogo)
  77. (Indiegogo) Shortfilm about dementia and therapeutic lying: I Never Lie
  78. Vaiden: Integrating patented Astronaut technology into Athletic Apparel
  79. Jyrobike secures initial funding goal in 1 week on Kickstarter
  80. Monkey Life - A new series documenting the work of Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre
  81. Exactly a year ago, the Kickstarter-funded Atlas Helicopter made it's Winning Flight!
  82. [Kickstarter] Eta: Be a Part of Building the World's Fastest Bike!
  83. Traditional Chinese painting without a brush. Super talent discovered in China
  84. DoME - Gaming App for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.
  85. Necromatograph, A Collection of Horror Fiction
  86. [Kickstarter] Cellar Door. A lovecraftian Horror.
  87. A Game of thrones
  88. [Kickstarter] CNC Caged Dice
  89. Grand Theft Pursuit [INDIEGOGO]
  90. Eclipse: Avalon's Gate - sci-fi warfare RTS [INDIEGOGO]
  91. Shuriken - Ultra-Durable Throwing/Playing Cards [IndieGoGo]
  92. Modern Memories Coin Rings and Necklaces Please Help Fund!!
  93. Bluegic - Bluetooth Smart Home Kit
  94. Eggs for Everyone
  95. Fantasy Graphic Novel : Legends of Marithia - Patreon Campaign
  96. Advice for FINAL DAYS
  97. Guardians #4 and #5, an Indie Comic Kickstarter
  98. (IndieGoGo) alphaHIVE: Bringing Cheap Art and Culture to the Masses!
  99. Cheaper printing and supplies for artists and students!
  100. GOAL 2014 Football Manager launches Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
  101. Party Leaderboard - The Ultimate Drinking Game...your phone
  102. Indiegogo Campaign for a Physical Retail Business - Your Thoughts?
  103. Let me help your start-up
  104. (Kickstarter) Silver Lion Screenplay
  106. Mobile Gaming controller that doubles as a case :)
  107. Kickstarter Project
  108. (Kickstarter) AVGhost
  109. A Single Day and Night of Misfortune-A Graphic Novel on Kickstarter
  110. GLITCH - an existential pixel video game
  111. Have a dog? Like dogs? You're going to love this!
  112. Deuxe Sunglasses - something different.
  113. Online Vintage, Props and Handmade Store needs your help!
  114. If you are or know a woman who wears clothes, you need to see this Kickstarter
  115. Add a List of Crowdfunding sites
  116. please help raising funds to pay my medical bills
  117. QHARTZ Qi Wireless Charger, Elegant, Thin, help donate or share this
  118. 8 Planets: Captains of the Solar System - Now on Kickstarter
  119. Like Majora's Mask or the Zelda games...?
  120. Pelty - Bluetooth speaker powered BY FIRE!
  121. 21st Century Holy Bible.
  122. Automotive Safety Device
  123. Scrapyard Empire - Now Funded!
  124. campaign is for the book I have been working on called The Enchanted Fairy Castle
  125. A Grandfather has cancer" help, donate or share
  126. Donor
  127. Can't Catch Me, Olivia!, grid-destroying microgame on Kickstarter!
  128. Arrow Project's Encore Project | 100% sandal wood
  129. If you want to sketch or take notes on an ipad with a fine point Please see our proje
  130. Taken - A Slender-esque Survival Horror Game
  131. Kickstarter ignoring scams to gain commission out of big campagin funds.
  132. FINDERS KEEPERS: a Geocache Murder Mystery/Thriller
  133. First Kickstarter, Critiques Welcome
  134. Tasbiha Bracelet, Please Share and Like, Critique and Review.
  135. Save Swaziland
  136. Revocharge. Wireless Charging Case with Locking Mount for iPhone 5S & 6
  137. gamingartwork.com - A community Fan Art Printing and Selling service. (Kickstarter)
  138. I am making a "precampaign" for a Movie I had created a group, a fb page, now what??
  139. Haunters: A haunted house comedy
  140. When Kickstater will open its italian version?
  141. Pop Dice: 3D Printed Dice New Kickstarter
  142. A New Project Need You Help!
  143. Video Game Baby's A to Z
  144. NEW - DZ10: The secret to more ENERGY and less BLOATING after every meal is finally..
  145. Green Beetle Shop on Kickstarter, Cool Insect Art
  146. Alaska! Claim Your Glacier Kickstarter Campaign
  147. The Wild Wild Pixel: Our Love Letter to Classic Point and Click Adventure Games
  148. Filiming a Documentary, Looking for some backers
  149. 'Mythfits'-A comedy TV pilot involving a Genie, Unicorn, and Cyborg
  150. Vaiden: A Sports Brand Using NASA Technology - 7 Days Left / 34% Funded!
  151. The Underleash™ has launched on Kickstarter. Looking for last minute critique!
  152. Plugable Pro 8 Docking Station with Charging for Venue 8 Pro
  153. Noteu: Physical Notification Device
  154. Need some inspiration ....
  155. Game Over: The pocket portable video game inspired battle game
  156. My Knowledge Clothing Company -- Encourage//Inspire//Live//Dream
  157. BABY M : The revolutionary Baby and young Kids monitoring and entertainment System
  158. My project: Secure peer to peer instant messaging and video chat app
  159. Noteu Has Launched!
  160. For those interested in history, culture and untold stories
  161. Comic book on Pole Dancing! Campaign slump...
  162. The new must have Microchip lovers.
  163. "Paparazzi" a frantic 2D multiplayer game!!
  164. Just Released - The Crowd Episode 004 - Do You Have A Crowd?
  165. Technology Product: Need Some Inspiration
  166. Underground Playing Cards: The Diamond Edition- My First Kickstarter
  167. Altruist Superhero Novel (First Kickstarter!)
  168. Eco-Friendly BrigMi Hybrid Sandals: by Brigands Militia, USA
  169. Anime Gaming Bar
  170. Stress and the mid-campaign slump.
  171. BABY M : a great project with great rewards
  172. J.A.E.S.A : Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
  173. Golden Spike Playing Cards on Kickstarter
  174. letusbeus - Creative Content Channel
  175. Egg salad
  176. homebrew kickstarter
  177. 4chanimations – Animated Web Series
  178. (Kickstarter) Turn Any In-Game Character into a Real-Life 3D Printed Figurine
  179. Help!!!
  180. Fitle reinvents the e-shopping experience - Kickstarter
  181. Savanna's college fund
  182. Lessons Learned in securing highly coveted opportunities as a black male -Kickstarter
  183. Director launched Kickstarter about his uncles discovery of 100-year-old sternwheeler
  184. Craft Wine Made in Los Angeles
  185. Send A like and share on your page and I will too!
  186. (Kickstarter) Ebook designing
  187. Project HNY Kick Starter (A Must See)
  188. Asset Wallet - Less than 10 days and only 78% funded.
  189. (Kickstarter) Help expand GameColony.com mobile games while keeping the games free!
  190. Advent Saga Tactical Card Game: Kickstarter is currently LIVE!
  191. Con*Quest Adventure Journal - A journal for comic-cons Kickstarter
  192. Game of Thrones Trivia while brushing teeth?
  193. Zcan Wireless soon on #indiegogo
  194. The Shirt Reinvented: Evalino Designer Shirts that are stain and liquid proof
  195. Good day friends. Thoughts on my campaign would be greatly appreciated
  196. OrbFlex...
  197. Please help me with my campaign for Swipe Knight
  198. Kablam the strongest screen protector on its way to reach its 1st stretch goal
  199. Art Engraved Wood Sunglasses! Thoughts and Excitement!
  200. 2 Days In - New to Kickstarter
  201. G.i. Jullie
  202. Need feedback on campaign!
  203. My craft/fashion Kickstarter Project / Never give up & keep going!
  204. PackList.. the social packing app. Never bring 5 packs of hot dogs again.
  205. Get tweeted out to 69.5k followers @CrowdFundingBB
  206. Help to promote a project!!!
  207. Learn To Make Video Games Through Unity 3D - Complete Course
  208. Lawn Buddy Mobile App
  209. Unique prited 3D Lenticular book for Children
  210. Help Make Me Straight (Indiegogo)
  211. Redneck Roadtrip Album - Help Fund Travel Expenses for Recording
  212. Check out our Rockpepper bags. Any feedback is welcome
  213. Saving the World with Only a Cell Phone...Kickstarter for Social Entrepreneurs
  214. Short horror film looking for funding.
  215. Help funding the idea of this social mobile app!
  216. I would really love some feedback on my project. 11 days left.
  217. New popular Live Game project
  218. usbeduino the arduino project
  219. New Jersey singer/songwriter looking to record debut CD
  220. Kickstarter Inventors Podcast
  221. I Like You Better Now! (9 days left and $2,990 to go!)
  222. OF Press - A WordPress Theme, Framework and Site Builder
  223. Kids to Pilots - An ambitions project to teach children aviation
  224. Looking for funding my project - Student EcoShop&Go
  225. Lawn Buddy Beta
  226. The Good, The Bad and the Anxious
  227. 3D Car Park on IndieGoGo
  228. Team Animate Entertainment Kickstarter Project
  229. MILLENNIAL - A New Comedy Web Series
  230. Music Video project has stalled
  231. Visual Search is Here - Google, Yahoo, and Bing Take Notice
  232. Digital art startup campaign
  233. BerryNapolli - Smart and gorgeous planter!
  234. Tuition to attend the DAVE School
  235. Award Winning Children's Book Author Looking to Publish More Books!!
  236. Please take a look at my Indiegogo campaign for Little Cans
  237. Best Rewards and General Advice needed please :)
  238. Would really appreciate feedback on Kickstarter campaign!
  239. Groove: its a fitness tracker, its a smart watch, its balance of life restored.
  240. Wood Sunglasses - Hatchet Eyewear -
  241. Hybrid conversions kits for vehicles in developing countries
  242. Braven Arts - A fantasy turn-based RPG inspired by the 16-bit JRPG classics
  243. Ask for comments about our campaign
  244. Wake the Dreamer Hits Kickstarter
  245. Possum Kingdom Country Store: community through local goods
  246. Feedback needed for upcoming indiegogo campaign
  247. "A Pint for Your Thoughts" new Kickstarter campaign
  248. Launching Metatropics - A Nootropic (Cognitive Enhancer) Supplement Line
  249. Hump: Help Underprivileged & Malnourished People. A new humor/humanitarianism project
  250. MaximusLife: Goal setting made visual, digital and fun for life & work (Indiegogo)