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  1. Virtual Reality to Rival Oculus Rift - Kickstarter Success Interview
  2. Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee Every Month
  3. #Crowdfunding platform won't #promote you unless you #promte yourself !
  4. Tiny handheld projector + Interactive touchscreen
  5. Kickstarter JUST started! 1st Day In!
  6. Video games and fitness go hand-in-hand!
  7. (Indiegogo) 3D Pocketcopter
  8. Bring your KickStarter campaign to our KickStarter launch party
  9. Why Non-Beauty Pageants Should be the New Thing
  10. Check it out , Zcan Wireless just live on #Indiegogo, #Boost #productivity Anywhere
  11. Kickstarter LIVE Feedback or Suggestions??
  12. New Kickstarter campaign for Run with the beast film!
  13. Indiegogo Pre-Launch Feedback Please
  14. Is there a way to get last minute press?
  15. 50% funded in seven days with a 50K goal. Need some advice...
  16. Its's Here! Affordable 3D Designer Mobile Cases.
  17. Vid blog & cookbook feat Ramen Hacks to turn ramen into an epic meal- Kickstarter
  18. Need help with "Mitch and Tanner Save America!" campaign!
  19. Just Launched: Help Build Wheelchair Accessible Woodworking Shop for Disabled Veteran
  20. New Kickstarter Campaign: The Adventure of the Non-Professional Lame Beginner Gamer
  21. Thin Is Key (indiegogo) world's leanest keychain
  22. Campaigning to open up an equestrian consignment tack shop! A Bit Tacky~
  23. Silent Beacon : Alert & track people in case of emergencies.
  24. Ristro - Food name pronunciation app tailor-made for the restaurant experience
  25. The Lawn Buddy Website Has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED
  26. (Kickstarter) Classic board and card games wherever you go
  27. New platform to bring CRITICAL thinking back to education (IGG)
  28. Kickstarter for Jurassic Park Jeep Replica and road trip documentary
  29. (Indiegogo) Only $299 for Uncia DLP 3D Printer! Donations to Asian Schools too!
  30. (Indiegogo) Only $299 for Uncia DLP 3D Printer! Donations to Asian Schools too!
  31. New Card Game Project Kickstarter
  32. 5000 supporter`s Kickstarter Project!
  33. Outer Space Girls ANIMATION SERIES
  34. What are your projects about? Mine concerns music in kenyan industry.
  35. Crowdfunding the Carbon Fiber Wheels of the Future
  36. Fund the Comical Series: I Should Have Gone to Community College
  37. Kickstarter project not pick up steam!!!!!
  38. Demigods Rising funded in 4 hours with $35.000 goal.
  39. (Kickstarter) Raibarong: New Asian Heavy Action Comic Book is Coming Up!
  40. Kickstarter Project - Thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  41. Aerial Photography/Videography Project Feedback Would Be Appreciated.
  42. Adventure Camp
  43. "Rules of elite forces" comics
  44. Limited Edition Challenge Coin (Kickstarter)
  45. Lawn Buddy Beta - Android
  46. Lords of Steel: AI Wars, new mobile turn-based strategy game
  47. Searching for the Northern Lights (Indiegogo)
  48. Just launched a campaign for AudioTrip - The Ultimate Guide to Europe. Feedback?
  49. Not long left now, but still $50,000 off our goal after raising $84,000!
  50. Cards for kindness - kickstarter - the good deed diary!
  51. Mobile Service - Win to Win Solution
  52. Kickstarter Project - EduRealty.com looking to grow!
  53. Pixelwear t-shirts
  54. What do you think of our kickstarter?
  55. First Internet security system for consumers - easy, effective and affordable!
  56. Debut CD crowdfunding...feed back on project layout, etc. welcome
  57. Our first videogame on Kickstarter - Would appreciate your feedback!
  58. I'm Halfway There - only 8 Days Left
  59. New Campaign Just hit over $120,000 in a week! iSensor HD
  60. Looking for feedback - Getting Ready to Launch
  61. FaceForward — learn how to read faces !
  62. Wimble - Gamified Life Management
  63. The Projects: Rise of Redemption - A TV Pilot
  64. Bill Tiller working on another swashbuckling adventure
  65. EzeeCube: Stackable media center to manage content
  66. The Four Year Struggle to Inventive Success
  67. NAME THIS MOVIE, where backers don't just fund a movie, they help shape one!
  68. Looking for tips and Advice on my Indiegogo campaign
  69. (IndieGogo) Penumbra - a film about addiction
  70. Exposure Advice? (Kickstarter) Lunchbox Movies - An outlet for indie filmmakers.
  71. Sleek soundbox that lets you visualize your music with rhythmic lights
  72. My kickstarter launched -- we're raising 10k for turkish towels -- What do you think?
  73. Crowdfunding for equipment for our youtube channel
  74. We are almost there! Any suggestions for us to boost the campaign?
  75. New Kickstarter Project To Eliminate Mess In The Car
  76. PokerKiuKiu.com - Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia Terpercaya
  77. Equipment for youtube chanel
  78. My Kickstarter project - "The Seance" a Gothic, Victorian Horror Novella
  79. Revocharge: Magnetic snap on charging system for iPhone & Android with Smart Lock and
  80. Cheap Supercomputers for Educational Purposes @ indiegogo
  81. Only 7 more $599 3D printers, And Uncia will donate one to an Asian school!!!
  82. Leo Tek Inc. Revolutionary Vertical Grow System
  83. Looking for feedback for Kickstarter project, would to hear your thoughts!
  84. Crazy kickstarter!!!
  85. iRBeacon - the remote that makes your home smarter @Indiegogo
  86. Find out if someone's been in your office or if your package has been dropped!
  87. My first crowfunding project
  88. Only $299 for a DLP 3D Printer?!
  89. Original, Unique and Luxury watch. High Standard, Low Price by TRIARROWS
  90. Our Kickstarter - Digital Privacy Reinvented
  91. My Clothing line on Kickstarter - Feedback needed
  92. Elemental, A Brand New 3D Action Game Is On The Way!
  93. My new indiegogo campaign
  94. Bluetooth/Voice to Digital Sign for Cars
  95. The P.I.E Hub Kickstarter Youtube Project!
  96. Looking for feedback - Kickstarter technology
  97. Middle of Campaign Doldrums
  98. What's a good viewing rate for Kickstarter videos?
  99. 2runners endurance challenge project
  100. Puppets Performance: Acting Like a Man
  101. Star Wars: Sith Rising - My Kickstarter Project
  102. Our Second Campaign on Indiegogo--- Upgraded Uncia DLP 3D Printer
  103. My story: Dremico's Halloween Card Matching Game.
  104. Kick Starter - Student Designs Amazing New Educational/Family Board Game - Feedback
  105. Dear Providence - Recording Debut Album
  106. Ronald McDonald House Picture Day Project
  107. I'm a jazz pianist, recording an EP of 4 original tunes of mine
  108. My Kickstarter: Dremico's Halloween Card Matching Game
  109. My indiegogo Documentary movie about running
  110. Customize A Game Kickstarter Campaign Launched
  111. (Kickstarter) Indie Online Game: Trouble In The Manor
  112. Kickstarter Preview - Much needed Feedback - First Campaign - Board Game
  113. Family Fun Learning Lets Kids Learn Programming
  114. Have you seen . . .
  115. My Kickstarter: Formless, a cinematic action web series
  116. My Indiegogo project: Iphone projector/battery case 3in1
  117. Employment Procrastination Project Kickstarter!
  118. Campaign Preview - save children’s lives
  119. Trying to Bring the Farmers Market into the Digital Age and help support local makers
  120. New to Kickstarter...Help a Mama out!
  121. Just launch a Kick Starter, hitting 50% but slowing down, what else we can do?
  122. Just launched my bands indiegogo and need to get momentum going, help?
  123. Funders Photobook
  124. Launching my Campaign
  125. Share my campaign and i will share yours
  126. Looking for feedback - any idea for let me get goal ?
  127. You tell the story
  128. Fun game to play with famiy and friends
  129. [GOFUNDME] Campaign to upgrade my digital art equipment!
  130. A TEA you will be interested, for dreamers inspirers kickstarters
  131. My Clothing Line on Kickstarter - JUST LAUNCHED!
  132. Level up Tabletop RPGs and Promote Charity
  133. The Somewhere Out There Project
  134. Funding acheived! Some lessons I learned ...
  135. Innovating Old Ideas for Crowdfunding Success
  136. Pick A Vowel - The Board Game Designed for Your Family!
  137. Brownie Lovers Unite!
  138. Be the first! You like brownies?
  139. The £75 pledge
  140. (Kickstarter) Armies of Riddle TCG Game (Physical and Mobile)
  141. 3 days left for my Punk Rock Comic Book.
  142. Seasons Playing Cards - FUNDED in first day!
  143. Loraine - 'Exist' Debut Full Length
  144. MY INSANE SHAKESPEARE Just Launched on Kickstarter!
  145. Business Directory Crowdfunding
  146. Winter is Coming, brace yourself with FuelWear
  147. Join us and play! Kickstarter Game starting at $10!
  148. Touchwood for life , campaign now running on kickstarter - "where luck meets style"
  149. Help Us Bring Israel's Greatest Ancient Warriors To The Silver Screen !
  150. Kickstarter (staff pick): Convert your smartphone into a molecular profiler
  151. The Gift-Knight's Quest: 55% funded, 25 days to go
  152. Support my Dream, Family & building a great community!
  153. The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Kickstarter Campaign Rewards
  154. YBgreenMe™...'Human Power To Sustain Global Wellness'
  155. Florida rewards based Crowdfunding Site
  156. Friday Funday - Featured Web Series & Short Films
  157. Awn-It, Sunblocker-Sunward Wind Blocker-Rainblocker-Watering System-Light Displacing-
  158. Social Media Website for Gamers
  159. Adi: the stay-put plate launches on September 13th! Would love some feedback
  160. Phoenix Dawn: A role-playing adventure game set in a world of magic and mystery.
  161. If You Need Money to Reach Your Funding Goal
  162. German Startnext able to be succesful in US? Feedback appreciated
  163. New Project - Seldon Crisis
  164. Out of Reach - meet allies, build siege weapons and burn enemies strongholds!
  165. Looking for feedback on my new IndiGogo campaign
  166. What are some good prizes for funding a book on kickstarter?
  167. My Indie terror scifi film on kickstarter
  168. Parallel is a new women's magazine, with a political edge. We need your help!
  169. The BlowBand!
  170. My indiegogo campaign
  171. New York, a literary journey - A Indiegogo campaign
  172. Runners Rejoice: Wearable Tech, Sports and Revolutionizing Health and Fitness
  173. My First Kickstarter Campaign - Feedback is most welcome!
  174. I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends
  175. Broken Grey Wires, art and mental health.
  176. Warped Vision PC Indie GoGo
  177. Teespring Tshirts
  178. First Online EXCLUSIVE & INTERACTIVE Concerts - Indiegogo share your opinon with me
  179. My IGG Campaign: a project in the sharing economy
  180. Photography Kickstarter Campaign: Diversity of California Wetlands
  181. Help my 3d dream become real through GoFundMe!
  182. (Kickstarter) Rock it like a Redhead
  183. A dream called Prosperity – Italy 1434 (74% funded)
  184. (Kickstarter) Armies of Riddle - Redo Mobile Game for iOS and Android
  185. Welcome to the BADGE - A unique approach to every moment.
  186. Dragon Playing Cards!
  187. CrappyFudge... Fund the *movement*!
  188. Missioncraft: The Future of Teamwork
  189. Caesar III remake crowdfunding
  190. Immortal Memories: Share and preserve stories, photos and life for hundreds of years.
  191. SPY: Real World, Live-Action Espionage (a new Kickstarter project)
  192. First crowdfunding effort - a silent film about London
  193. Here Be Dragons Games - A Crowdfunding project for new kind of game
  194. Plusberry Pi - Turn your Raspberry Pi to a Media Box - case study
  195. Golden Beard Project : an idependente comic book
  196. (Kickstarter) Ghostwoods Books, a small fair-trade publisher publishing funds
  197. Lovecraft Tales - a 2d side scrolling adventure game
  198. (Kickstarter) The Message - A CGI sci-fi action short film set in Tokyo, Japan
  199. My first crowdfunding campaign - The WOLYT Sleeve
  200. Galaxies Apart - My First Kickstarter drive
  201. (IGG) HelloSpoon: A fun and Adorable Mealtime Assistant Robot.
  202. Marketing Partner Wanted
  203. Limitee: Limited Edition Graphic T-Shirts!
  204. Pre-launching Kickstarter Campaign - Feedback and comments are welcome!
  205. Being a new parent is tough. I'm building Newbee to make it a little easier.
  206. Please help me design & share.
  207. The picnic portable, actually afford, naturally fired 900F+ cooker
  208. This Way to the Egress' NEW album, 'Great Balancing Act'
  209. Final Days: Tumbleweed Express, the Steampunk Railshooter! Feedback appreciated!
  210. Office Putty - For Office Workers to Manage Stress
  211. “Revolutionary new product will save lives and has a multitude of uses
  212. [IndieGoGo] Crowd-funding campaign for Guns And Speed - MMO Free-To-Play
  213. I just added a video for my project Galaxies Apart.
  214. What do you think of gammification of education? Specifically, human anatomy....
  215. A "Keep it simple stupid" Kickstarter Project: The Keystone
  216. My indiegogo campaign to launch my children's history book series off the ground
  217. The first crowdFunding campaign in my life!!!
  218. My first: The ZERO G Bottle Belt
  219. Prismland Kickstarter Campaign
  220. Bay Area start-up outfits your Tesla Model S
  221. NEW SCI FI BOARD GAME - Coming Soon to Kickstarter - What do you think?
  222. New kickstarter campaign, Game of Thrones banners
  223. Our first Indiegogo campaign! A lens that can turn smartphone into microscope!
  224. Beyond-Human a Metroidvania Hack and Slash [Kickstarter]
  225. (Kickstarter) The Dice Chest: A High Quality Dice Box and Rolling Tray
  226. We've just turned your household artwork into high-level security! Now on Indiegogo
  227. Fairy Willow's Troll Workshop
  228. Amazon Challenge, a new game app
  229. 1st campaign : High quality automatic watches under 200$, will love feedback guys
  230. How Did We Get Here? Documentary film about Canadians during WW1
  231. My music project on patreon
  232. Prismland is Kickstarter's Featured Project in Design!
  233. Upcoming campaign: Numinoes tabletop game
  234. Brick Shoes to Help White People Dance
  235. (Kickstarter) VirtualUI™ –a comprehensive HTML5 UI-Remoting Solution
  236. (Kickstarter) - iPhone case that holds headphones, feedback appreciated :)
  237. [Kickstarter] Romance in NYC - Shot ENTIRELY on the iPhone
  238. FaSolYa a new muscial app game
  239. The Hooky: a simple, solid, spinny keychain - KS Staff Pick and funded 17% day one.
  240. (patreon) 3rd Episode of CG Horror Series is HERE!
  241. My ultimate Passion Project!
  242. * Looking for a Partner for a New Crowdfunding Campaign
  243. Fitzroy Pierpont Montegue
  244. [IndieGoGo] Code Here - A more personalized coding experience.
  245. ** Comic Book Kickstarter: Digirat! **
  246. [Kickstarter] Sweet T's Bath Essentials
  247. [Indiegogo] WiQuad - The Smart Wifi to keep you stay connected always by WaferLabs
  248. BBee : The cheapest solution to call the world (our crowdfunding project )
  249. (Kickstarter) Elegy for a Dead World: A Game About Writing Fiction
  250. SeatUnity - Aircraft Seating redefined