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  1. New to crowd funding; looking for any advice on how to make my campaign better...
  2. unique movie crowdfunding
  3. My new campaign for SLASH/UP - A cinema & horror icons mash-up series.
  4. BANANAnutHEAD - Apparel & Designs Kickstarter Project!
  5. Help us build the first One Stop Web Portal on Indiegogo
  6. Sudoku Wars
  7. Would love some feedback on our campaign!
  8. Help with our Home Security IoT Device!
  9. New Game on Kickstarter Space Movers SciFi Board Game and Comic
  10. HEADSHOTS - an action comedy by a female director and cinematographer!
  11. Made big newbie errors but really want to learn & improve - can you help?
  12. (Kickstarter) Through Time: Slow Time In This Fast Paced Adventure
  13. Rescue the Prince, a beautiful pixelart game
  14. this product is worth to take a look.
  15. Remix Playlist App Project - A DJ at the touch of your hand.
  16. Our First Indiegogo project for our erotic comedy film series
  17. Cats - A Photographic Anthology my first kickstarter campaign
  18. Hundreds of Paintings. Free. For Strangers. And You.
  19. Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE! Would love some feedback!
  20. Preview link for Tabletop RPG Kickstarter launch
  21. Please Help My Animation Project!!!!!
  22. Crowdfunding: Anime cartoon short
  23. AMIKO - now live on Indiegogo! What do you think?
  24. Can you tell me what you think of my kickstarter for a comdey webseries?
  25. Your Last pair of sunglasses, EVER!
  26. The Untold Unlocking Of Secrets review needed
  27. Lazy Hands
  28. Thunderclap Help!
  29. Now I'm Confused, An adult animated comedy
  30. We are so close to reaching our goal!!!
  31. Plight of Humanatee: A Shirt Design Project
  32. We just reached 10% of our goal...but is it worth continuing?
  33. "World's First Wireless Magnetic LED Letters" - Would love to hear your feedbacks
  34. Photostack IndieGoGo campaign has launched. Please take a look
  35. THE GLOAMING Is Back!!!
  36. Great Music hand free app game
  37. indiegogo campaign improved
  38. (Indiegogo) VITAphone NEO - A Smart cloud intercom system.
  39. Launched on indiegogo and reached 30% in 4 days. Whatis the average conversion?
  40. How to gain interest & find the right audience for a web series Kickstarter campagn?
  41. Funnell Eject Wear Backpack
  42. The Al Capony Comedy Podcast. Staff Pick, a little over 50%! Advice for growth?
  43. Beta version of SPY launches - players welcome!
  44. New eBook Series for Children
  45. Handcrafted copper mask pendant - limited editions.
  46. Upgrade. Roll. Destroy...our first Kickstarter
  47. Do you like interesting national dishes ? Try our Potato Dumplings with Bryndza.
  48. Smart music receiver campaign with many mistakes
  49. I would like some feedback on my Art Project kickstarted I just lunched.
  50. Nubarron: The Adventure of an Unlucky Gnome
  51. (Kickstarter) The World's First Radiation Blocking and RFID Blocking Cell Phone Case
  52. Hate dealing with tangled earbuds? Say hello to Spoolee!
  53. Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren's Past -FANGAME-
  54. (Kickstarter My Doodles) Would love some feedback on our Campaign
  55. Giving away rolexs and used cars to try and raise funding.
  56. feedback on a new Mind Game project
  57. what is FAQ in crowdfunding ?
  58. Stingray 3D Printer (Kickstarter Page Needs Feedback)
  59. Signed up Backershub, Will be posting Results in here.
  60. (Kickstarter) Michael: A short film about fear, loss and the unknown.
  61. Marvel teases return of Saturday morning cartoon X-Men
  62. Kickstarter - Funding debut CD
  63. We're launching a Campaign for our awesome iPhone case, would love feedback!
  64. New Portable Raspberry Pi Gaming Tablet Now on Kickstarter!
  65. Single Mom's Campaign
  66. 3x30 Yoga Seeks Support To Launch Yoga Video Series
  67. Super Jet World- the next generation version of the helicopter game!
  68. Smarten-up your life by Cielo WiGle
  69. Random Acts of Fitness - For a Fun and Fit Life
  70. Chaos of a Shattered Existence: A Collection of Poems about Life, Love, & Loss
  71. Love to Give - A social media platform built around charities.
  72. Hunter Magnet Gaming - Video Game entertainment
  73. [Kickstarter] Snowspirit: The Virgo Key
  74. 5 days left and so close to goal! - Splash Infuser
  75. Irish Fresh Air Bottled..!!! New Kickstarter project
  76. Trouble bringing in traffic
  77. Nureads - Our first crowdfunding campaign for authors and readers!
  78. ONITGAMES: changing the game trade-in business
  79. 2 lessons I have quickly learned.
  80. Photography studio Kickstarter project
  81. Does this Campaign make sense? Will people rally behind it?
  82. Indiegogo project at 7% 9 days running
  83. To any Arduino lovers, Recommended Balanbot: Best Arduino Self-balancing Robot Ever
  84. Help me spread the word
  85. 552% of the objective, 55,197€ funded, 6 days to go, what did i learned ?
  86. My Videos - Do you like how I broke them up?
  87. MillionDollarJack
  88. The Best Kickstarter video ever!
  89. The Best Kickstarter Sub-Categories and Changing Categories Mid-Campaign?
  90. ESPN/TVA!~!~New Jersey Devils vs Boston Bruins live streaming
  91. NoseBound - An episodic Noir adventure game with paranormal cases coming to indieGOGO
  92. NIMBUS Lamp on Kickstarter reached its funding goal with days to spare
  93. Can someone Help me please, i have a fundraiser on indiegogo, and need help
  94. Excited!My very first campaign live on Indiegogo. Any advices? Many thanks!
  95. My First Kickstarter! Looking for feedback and tips.
  96. Get Pluckin Crazy
  97. My Lessons: How To Get Traction For Your Crowdfunding Project
  98. Floatek: World's First Submersible Pool Cover
  99. Hempri : Sustainable, Organic, Hemp Shorts
  100. :) my dream
  101. Portable Raspberry Pi Gaming Console: Our Kickstarter - we're 3/4 of the way there
  102. Support an Emerging Artist
  103. The Second Girl
  104. E-sports Centre / Gaming cafe
  105. Scarecrows, an illustrated fantasy book for the whole family
  106. Indiegogo - a futuristic laser umbrella, pulverizing rain drops !
  107. Daily/Weekly fantasy football
  108. Ardanus: Elemental Wars - A New Online Multiplayer Card Game
  109. Knotty Pretzels "The Official Pretzel of Beer" Kickstarter Campaign
  110. Operation I-Play Seeking help! ;)
  111. Are you ready for something different in gaming?
  112. Cool crowdfunding article!
  113. Lace up your boots, El Luchador Fantastico Grande is here!
  114. Hi Everyone! Please help me publish my book!
  115. Night Shift comic
  116. Walpie (game/app)
  117. Kitty Cafe Nottingham - Bringing Cat Cafes to the Midlands!
  118. Flexcharger, Redefining Charging
  119. A shout out to small businesses! siteChisel.com wants YOU!
  120. A new VR Adventure from one of the artists on Riven: the sequel to Myst
  121. Kickstarter - Indie Christmas film sequel, MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY 2, seeks backers!
  122. Bluetooth headphones that let you sync music with friends! Our 1st Kickstarter
  123. Night Shift Comic
  124. Lessons so far
  125. Rising End: an RPG game that is fully customizable
  126. Super helpful Page!!
  127. $1 for chance at getting free land by just telling your friends? Are we nuts?
  128. MOKIBOX | Worlds Best Aluminum WiFi HiFi Wireless Speaker
  129. JTownsend's Yellow Series: Art to fund Medical Tech to save or at least extend life.
  130. Mikme – Wireless Recording Microphone
  131. Messages on Kickstarter offering boosts for $5
  132. Ambitious business started by kids needs support.
  133. My Movies lists and database website
  134. Help with my campaign: Smart Tripod - Smart Shooting with Arduino.
  135. The Naked Pixel: Help us raise the funds for a NUDE photo shoot with the lovely Sara
  136. (Kickstarter): Childrens chapter book 7+ about the adventures of a modern leprechaun.
  137. Science Fiction Novel "I Dreamt of Trees" — Indiegogo Campaign
  138. 53 Facebook shares, lots of interest, only 8 backers...why?
  139. Does anyone have experience with using 'Crowdfunding Experts, Coaches, or Mentors'?
  140. Need ideas from the Kickstarter community on how to get past the midway point!
  141. The "Songwriters Showcase" Crowdfunding Project
  142. my comic needs you guys its great and id hate for it to fail
  143. $20,000 Kickstarter Campaign To Enable Production of Sought After Food Allergy Video
  144. Please Help Me Reach My Goal! I Would Appreciate It So Much! Thank You!
  145. Just Launched: AutoTrans Messenger on Indiegogo
  146. A Game for 2 to 10 players (Ages 4 -99. Helps Reduce Alzheimers, due to Sharper Mind)
  147. The Slatewood Lamp Collection - Wood and carbon fiber lamps - Feedback please!
  148. Help 'The Broke Writers Club' --- A user-generated literary website with cash prizes!
  149. Turn your TV into a Smart TV!
  150. ChefBot Kitchen Scale, Your smart sous chef.
  151. New Project & really nervous - ultra thin 3in1 watch at unbeatable price.
  152. Split your Screen up to 4 screens
  153. MOKIBOX | Worlds Best Aluminum WiFi HiFi Wireless Speaker
  154. MultitalentZ - A friendly community and web series of talents all around the world!
  155. P2PTrainer - More than just fitness Kickstarter!!!
  156. Avalonplay - The social network for gamers
  157. Kickstarter: Be in a book!
  158. Our first crowd funding project "the BU desk" is on Kickstarter - feedback please!
  159. Thinking Cleaner adds WiFi to your iRobot Roomba, HomeKit ready and is now live!
  160. Advice and Feedback on Live Kickstarter Project
  161. What's the Most Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding Platform?
  162. We are hoping to crowd-fund the most human app release ever!
  163. New Creative Project! Independent Film about Real True Love!
  164. NEW Indiegogo Project! World's 1st multi project!A Movie,a comic book, a video game!
  165. 2nd Attempt Launching Kickstarter - Kids Pirate Adventures Encouraging Healthy Eating
  166. The most realistc Medieval settlement.
  167. Youth Entrepreneurs paving the way for others thru Dance!
  168. Breaking Truth - Campaign for freedom of speech and Freedom of press
  169. Former Soldier Needs your Help To Transition
  170. Does Facebook ad help Kickstarter project
  171. Pledges cancelled
  172. KS updates with ads for other projects
  173. Successfully funded "The Naked Pixel" how I did it.
  174. WEB Résumé - An Online Résumé for Everyone
  175. One Village in Color - A Comedy 4 Part Mini-Series
  176. The Octaloofah- The Most Fun You've EVER Had in the Shower!!!
  177. "The Naked Pixel" Fine Art Nudes collection. 2nd edition
  178. Sphynx is a 3-in-1 on the go razor with everything you need to shave
  179. Hanger - modern hat stand
  180. FUNBOX: Cartoon NEED HELP!!!!
  181. FOLDIO 2 Kickstarter project just launched.
  182. NEW CROWDFUNDING!!!! Funbox and COMICS
  183. Sasha Daniel Debut CD Kickstarter campaign
  184. When music meet MOKIBOX
  185. SAVAGE - A Short Film
  186. FunBox - Awesome Cartoon
  187. I need your help with this, what can I do?
  188. DC Deadbeats: The Perfect Gift for Zombie Lovers!
  189. Dream Dodger Game is Live Now on Kickstarter! Feedback and Backers appreciated!
  190. RocketHub - Brand New Campaign
  191. The Stellar Babies Multicultural Dolls - Help Turn a Dream Into Reality
  192. The man who invented idea of TETRIS, proposes the idea of a new game!
  193. The new built temple needs to be equipped with the speaker system.
  194. The coolest Kickstarter project that almost no one knows about...
  195. PhoFilled - A Food Truck that serves Pho. Check out our Kickstarter!
  196. Game mechanics manager used for gamifying websites.
  197. I launched my campaign !
  198. (Indiegogo) Shonen Junction - DBZ like Cartoon
  199. Termite Display for Your Office - Seriously cool.
  200. a potential scam in the making?
  201. 1964ADEL is on CNBCTechCrowd
  202. Rage of the Adzhaak
  203. Check out this cool indegogo EARN MONEY WITHIN A YEAR
  204. Voiceboard, world's first Voice and Gesture controlled presentation tool.
  205. I write a book - History of Russia with Putin in comic form
  206. "The Naked Pixel" 3rd edition Fine Art Nudes collection
  207. Gummy-Tip Condoms Kill HIV & make using protection fun!
  208. FlexCharger :: R-evolutionizing the way you Charge
  209. Flexcharger: The only charger you will ever need.
  210. (Fundsurfer) North by Southwest Anthology just got funded
  211. Iris analyzer for automatic diagnostic of diseases - fast, cheap, simple!
  212. The World's First Social Lottery - AlottoFriends!
  213. Check out our Kickstarter!!
  214. Mokibox audio is portable, adaptable, high-fidelity and is currently being funded
  215. Kirial's Crafting Lounge
  216. Kickstarter Campaign: Cyber Threat Awareness: Operating Safely in Cyberspace
  217. Funding The Release Of My First EP
  218. Incorporating donors in interesting ways
  219. Help this project to be better
  220. "One of the more interesting & unusual crowdfunding videos I've seen" Mark Stolaroff
  221. Brand new Kickstarter project: Shipooling, a new way of shipping
  222. A Kickstarter That Every Homeowner Should Back
  223. What to do. Need your advice on getting the word out.
  224. Universal Charging Cable : Lighting, 30-pin, microUSB
  225. Ployes Q1 has reached its funding goal of $50,000 on its first day!
  226. Wireless Charger for GoPro now on Kickstarter
  227. NerdSuckerPunch Productions Kickstarter
  228. Kryan Wars - New Kickstarter Project needing your help!
  229. Newest wearable gives your kids unparalleled safety
  230. only 5 days to go "The Naked Pixel" 2nd addition successfully funded
  231. The project which will increase quality of medical care for the poor.
  232. Worlds First phone to phone Charger with NFC on indiegogo
  233. Goal reached. The BTunes: Transform Wired Headphones Wireless
  234. This Camapaign offering a few Miley Cyrus tickets as a rewars for a donation.
  235. Hero Station - Next Generation Gaming Console
  236. Kung Fu Boy - Sci-Fi & Action Film (Indiegogo Campaign)
  237. My Campaign, Nay My Dream
  238. New Project started today: New Guitar Production Line
  239. Need help & advice with promotion of campaign... Pleeeease!
  240. TreadGaming - Exercise while Playing Games
  241. Promoting Us Promotes You
  242. The Einsteinium Foundation Awards 1M To Science Researcher @ The Univ Of Pennsylvania
  243. Game of Quests - a game + activity tracking app
  244. An independent mag that highlights unconventional and fascinating creatives.
  245. Never seen soap like this before!
  246. Kickstarter for Kryzol: Self Assesment Web Tool for Couples' Relationships
  247. Untimely Turn Film - Indiegogo Campaign
  248. Crowdfunding to improve and restart an already existing software product.
  249. 3d printed affordable heroclix and other figures!!
  250. My dream and how you can help it come true