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  1. Help Start a Community Training Record Label
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me try to back your project up and also promote it
  3. "Crush Your Tansition" Veteran Transition Guide
  4. Help Publish "The Anatomy of Severe Weather" http://kck.st/1wcFGcj
  5. Start an import/export business
  6. Funbox: Hardworking animated series on YouTube on INDIEGOGO
  7. A new step for the development of talent
  8. Our Campaign has launched 5 hours ago, LIVE from the Dashboard Admin Panel here are..
  9. Super Fapper energy drink on Indiegogo!
  10. We started our innovative project on Indiegogo
  11. Im starting a webcomic series on kickstarter!
  12. $60K in 60 days for an ambitious student
  13. The Infinity Mirror
  14. We've launched a campaign about 3D printer on Kickstarter!
  15. Our Video Game Project is Now Live on Kickstarter
  16. NEW CAMPAIGN-A Year of Short Stories
  17. Short Horror Psychological Film
  18. Trigga APP, Future Alarms, Social Wake UP!!
  19. we`re giving away a preview PDF as a free issue but people have to promote us
  20. Carbon Fiber Money Clips
  21. Do you really want your dog to eat THAT stuff?
  22. Crowd Funding Newbie - Secure Grip Earphones that Won't Fall Out of Your Ears
  23. Daylees : Make money in the simplest way, Your own way !
  24. I can help tweet your project to my 13,000 Twitter followers! Round 1
  25. Longbow Training Associates - New Concept, Military
  26. Umbrella for your Bike on Kickstarter
  27. Unique 2D RPG | Designed and Created by a small gaming community!
  28. MAGE Games!
  29. | Kickstarter| A Trial of Dreams : A fiction novel in the making!
  30. (Indiegogo) Smart Magnetic Mounts Power your iPhone, iPad, Android on the Go!
  31. Check out my campaign draft and tell me what you think before I launch it
  32. Roam the Blue Ghost - an art book of watercolour illustrations of hauntingly.....
  33. POLYWAR - Unique low poly video game on Kickstarter!
  34. In need of funding help! A BFA Thesis Film!
  35. Heart of the Brain - a musical journey
  36. Can Kickstarter rescue journalism?
  37. My Psyche Put To Music- Help Me Record my Original Songs!
  38. ExoDrive Cases - Phone cases that enable microSD expansion for ALL phones - Now on KS
  39. Do rewards generate more buzz than the product's own cool factor?
  40. A complete guide to the world of IT, Network, Microsoft, Web Design
  41. Skyfall - Rise of Monster
  42. μHack - DIY Hardware Hacking for Everyone - but really, you need to check it out
  43. Looking for sponsorship to take part in yacht race! ;)
  44. Classic Alice: A Literary Webseries that Encourages Youth to Read Classics
  45. Fantasy Dynasty: a game blending Civilization and Europa Universalis
  46. Wish Detective: Enjoy & Be Responsible!
  47. Wrummy 3-4-5! Our new word rummy card game needs assistance
  48. Crystal Wash 2.0 - 1000 Loads of Detergent Free Laundry. Laundry Goes Hi-Tech
  49. Nerdy Book Series Teaches Kids Alphabet with Pop Culture Characters!
  50. To Challenge a God an exciting video game inspired by Retro Classics (Cross promote?)
  51. A dynamic new team in tourism - Hungover
  52. Herb-N-Juice--Electric Food Truck Chicago
  53. Mt. Everest Geocache Project - Get your message to the top of the world!
  54. 6 Quick Questions on Crowdfunding (Survey for Creators!)
  55. Modern Memory Custom Coin Rings
  56. Why are YOU backing projects?
  57. World's first motion capture sportswear-Russian and GermanyTraffic
  58. Coolest Clock is on this Monday, 2nd February 2015, live!
  59. The coolest hand made jewelry :) Need Your help!!!
  60. Esquoia - Reusable Pocket Notebook
  61. Create voyage
  62. Kickstarter fun!
  63. "Stadium Crashers"
  64. Check out my GoFundMe site! Passionate about art! Need help with my project :)
  65. Hello, please help me
  66. World's First Magic Mug!!!!
  67. world's first Portable Clothes electric Drying Rack
  68. "The Naked Pixel" Fine Art Nudes collection. Jordanlehn
  69. we are making a star trek like smartwatch for kids!
  70. 2,000 Portraits - you are included for $1. (kickstarter)
  71. BEAUMONT - A Short Film from the Bully's Point of View
  72. Our first kickstarter project
  73. Nebula Online - new Sci-fi MMORPG on kickstarter
  74. Dallas, a step into American fashion FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER
  75. Down at the Wharf: A children's book and song
  76. Tattoos on Kickstarter
  77. Need your tips on our Art Indiegogo campaign!
  78. Please critique my campaign!
  79. My first Kickstarter campaign on a journal for your emotion is live, pls check it out
  80. Webcam security project!
  81. [GOFUNDME] Help me create my first game!
  82. Making buildings & homes smart by tracking people, no wearables. Soon on Kickstarter
  83. UviCube now LIVE on Kickstarter: The easiest way to keep your baby safe from germs
  84. We're Thinkg of Providing This Service:
  85. I can ALSO help tweet your project to our 7,000 Twitter followers! + Facebook etc..
  86. Ill-snow: A post apocalyptic noir thriller
  87. Help the Cat Army of Qonqr take over the world!
  88. Coolest Clock launched 5 hours ago and we have our first 3 backers already, Wooooot!
  89. Wow, the most disturbing card game I have seen on kickstarter.
  90. One week, 40% backed, and hopes are high!
  91. Poker For War Children - Back me! - I Win; You Win; They Win; See details inside
  92. Island Dice
  93. Monster Catching Tabletop RPG - MajiMonsters!
  94. Why isn't anyone helping me? Please help!
  95. New board game like 'modern Carcassonne'
  97. For raised up
  98. (indiegogo) new start-up with big rewards
  99. "Make the Dungeness Schoolhouse Stage ADA Accessible" Vertical Platform Lift
  100. Tweet your project to our 19,000 Twitter followers! ROUND 2!
  101. What if everyone was just like you?
  102. (Kickstarter) The Midwest Adventure
  103. BBQ so good it will make you slap your MAMA!!
  104. Pointie Tactical Marker - an epic concealable self defense tool
  105. New Wooden Sunglasses Concept
  106. 'Azmara': Your favorite SNES/Gameboy RPG reinvented for Android and iOS
  107. Failed Crowdfund- Still got investor Interest. Read for Free Samples
  108. Support Martin Luther King fighting racism in Germany!
  109. Play4Cash
  110. New Beard Oil project on Kickstarter
  111. Three Card Games!
  112. Desert Mirage (Live-Action/2D Animated Feature Film)
  113. Project New World - World's first truly global, multicultural and interactive fiction
  114. Please Help Us Get The Word Out!
  115. Poker Grinding Fundraise! Give it a look!
  116. Selfie - When You Cross the Line
  117. Indie fragrance line- Need feedback!
  118. MAGE Company Upcoming Campaign
  119. Kickstarter promoters - are they worth it?
  120. Please HELP!!! 15 days left... )
  121. Meteorite: A unique gift
  122. 12 Episode Web Series crowdfunding campaign
  123. PRELAUNCH QUESTION - Whatcha think: the minimalist standing desk that fits your life
  124. The Aurora Mission - This is a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel
  125. Looking for feedback
  126. Time Stop Issue #1 Comic Book Needs Backing
  127. ParkParrot: Simply Find Open Parking!
  128. Carpack - car organizer reinvented!
  129. Just Launched Kickstarter for My Comic Book, Ninjasaur
  130. New Comic Book Campaign/Indiegogo
  131. New short film
  132. New Comic project on Kickstarter! Over 30 creators! New Universe of Characters!
  133. Please help us fund our project
  134. uCharger - Charge your iPhone with any chargers!
  135. A fun childrens book utilizing invisible ink and a magic wand to interact
  136. A Great Project: FlyShark Smartwatch - Everything at the Touch of Your Wrist
  137. Can You Keep A Secret? Feedback & Support Please :)
  138. We Need Funding For Our Parking App!
  139. "Quotes" - Inspired by Dixit & Cards Against Humanity
  140. Are you interested in make-up? This is my indiegogo campaign!Perfect also for a gift!
  141. Kingdoms in Chaos MMORPG Game now on Kickstarter!
  142. Dino Dude Ranch is on Kickstarter
  143. Seeking fund for a social network mobile app
  144. Please help me evaluate the upcoming KS project
  145. High-proof Alcohol Infused Nondairy Ice Cream?!
  146. Help Nooledge to grow up. Nooledge is a new YouTube for knowledge sharing.
  147. 1st ever Indiegogo styled t-shirt for everyone!
  148. Kickstarter for Shadowbane: Age Of Aelfborn
  149. Finally a tablet mount that adjusts easily and does not wobble
  150. Xavi's KITCHEN will change the way you see food
  151. Letís support youth financial education and entrepreneurial thinking!
  152. Are you interested in 4K video (Ultra High Def)? How bout sex drugs and murder?
  153. Harem anime short - Funds NEEDED
  154. Rapide 3D Printer: Let's make 3D printing affordable for every school office and home
  155. Will back your campaign with $1 to $5 Pledge
  156. Help Passionate Musicians Create Their Dream Album
  157. Three Sheets To The Wind?
  158. The Egg - Kickstarter Project. PopPhoto Endorsement. 5 Days to Go
  159. Indiegogo please give some feedback (my first time)
  160. 6 days, fully funded and havin' fun! Here's what worked...
  161. Laptop Fundraiser 97% and 5 days left! ART perks!
  162. Please support me and our future
  163. Please support my good friend and his goals!
  164. Will this get any donations?
  165. Kickstarter - give me some feedback
  166. Universe OS Operating (Eco) System
  167. Wormhole City Sci-fi Adventure PC Game
  168. Taking popular video games and turning them into fitness motivators.
  169. Collateral the Board Game by Wilcro Gaming
  170. A convertible car organizer to de-clutter your car and prevent slide-off!
  171. Upix app - Photo/Video sharing application for Iphone/Ipad/Android
  172. Concerts Across The Country
  173. Kickstarter Launched Today for my Comic Book Time Stop
  174. Deck of Fitness Cards on Kickstarter!
  175. Crowdsourced book of volunteering stories and the benefits of giving back
  176. Revo Active Spoiler
  177. Adaptalux / An Adaptable Miniature Lighting Studio
  178. Mexican Street Food on a Double Decker Bus in Bristol
  179. BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) - Virtual hacking game on kickstarter!
  180. Ferrofluid - A Symbol of the Future Technology - Kickstarter Campaign
  181. New Campaign Launching March 23rd on IGG - Duopad
  182. Indiegogo to fund platform for sexual creativity
  183. Glamorous photo booth for weddings and events
  184. Anathema - Post-apocalyptic thriller
  185. Tomb Raider Divinations fan film
  186. Plase help my Master thesis - 10 minutes survey
  187. Importance of Video and How to Get one Cheap
  188. A project for Runner and Cyclist - GoMore wearable stamina sensor
  189. New PC RPG by SSI vets: Seven Dragon Saga on KS
  190. ~~~**Tight New Game**~~~ (heheheh)
  191. Home & Garden / Shower crowdfunding sites
  192. Wastelanders: A Post Apocalyptic Trading Card Game
  193. Computer for Photo and Video Editin
  194. Bat Challenge - New PixelArt Android Game!
  195. Beard Lab - Beard Oils, Moustache Wax and Grooming. Kickstarter Approved!
  196. Kickstarter most impressive Project
  197. Private performance and other cool rewards - young people's jazz club
  198. Help us build our company, luxury bracelets!
  199. Looking for constructive feedback
  200. Diverge and Fast Forward
  201. First Project on Kickstarter - Learn Node.js By Building 10 Projects
  202. My Kickstarter is 90 percent there with 64 hours left
  203. I Need Help Funding My Aerial Photography Project
  204. From the Street to the Stage
  205. Need help for project implementation biotechnology ordinary people
  206. Get Han & The Radio Flyers to Spring Scream 2015!
  207. UON - First modular Android monitoring device
  208. Fujian Trader Educational Board Game Kickstarter ends in 2 hours!
  209. Any thoughts on celebrities on Kickstarter?
  210. The Land of Art support help start a creative workshop.
  211. Want some t shirts and hats? No Rest Apparel Clothing Expansion
  212. So I am new to crowdfunding and would like your input on our first project
  213. First Time Kickstarter! Awesome unique T-Shirt!
  214. Taking Internet Privacy and Security to a whole new level - beamust campaign
  215. Slickynotes: A New Generation of Post-it nores: Glue Free-Double-sided-Dry-Erasable
  216. A brand new 30 days Self-Watering Planter and a romantic getaway 
  217. DuoPad - The Next Generation Trackpad
  218. Twitter Taken Care of!
  219. Guilt Short Film Kick Starter
  220. (kickstarter) Calling All GAMERS!!
  221. The Weight of Air,
  222. Video games brought into the real world!
  223. "A Chaotic Life!" - Our first crazy card game (only $10 with free shipping within USA
  224. Kickstarter Launched! Renewal Cards, The Most Amazing Cards You will Ever See!
  225. FILAMENTO - World's Next Generation 3D Printer Material
  226. TheMerchRoom
  227. The first SmartLock that doesn't need a Smartphone!
  228. Revolutionizing Online Guitar Education - Shred-Machine
  229. Guilt Short Film Kick Starter Please Help!
  230. ACp: your wall outlet in your pocket
  231. Enigma magic system kickstarter project
  232. New photographic book: ELEMENTS - IMAGES of ICELAND
  233. "The Unluckiest Bastard" book crowdfunding
  234. Visupedia: The visual & collaborative encyclopedia
  235. Through Hearts & Minds, Love in todays world
  236. Political Punchout - Where you can legally knock out politicians!
  237. Vr | Letters From the Virtual Reality Frontier
  238. Want to Back Each Others Project?
  239. Can I Include a Mailform on My Kickstarter Comments Page?
  240. Need Help for "Data Recovery Software Project"
  241. EUHPORIA - Are you happy?
  242. All Washed Up - a documentary about the unexpected treasure
  243. Under Stress - Short Film crowfunding project. We Need Your Support!
  244. Deck of the Dead: Zombie Card Game on Kickstarter
  245. Dog and Cat Card Game--need help
  246. The Youth Entrepreneur is Back!
  247. NEW Zombie Card Game on Kickstarter
  248. Honeoye Falls Distillery - craft spirits Kickstarter
  249. Skillmore Academy Pilot
  250. Meme City! A totally fun bluff game!!!