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  1. New Web Series Campaign based on my Fictionpress/Kindle Book JONNIE the GIRL
  2. We have a good product, but our visibility is poor, can you help us out!
  3. Kickstarter - Feedback
  4. Revolt Comics Road to Comicon
  5. Finally launched our Kickstarter but we need your support!
  6. Micro Batch Beer Brewing Kit! reinventing home-brewing - 40% funded in 24 hours!
  7. TALKING PADLOCK: The Lock Which Talks - is seeking funding
  8. Superherho hoodies
  9. 4K / Ultra-HD /2160p HDMI Video/TV Out Cable for Smartphones
  10. The Bethnal Leather Backpack We're 100% Funded!!
  11. Mobile App Development Course
  12. Chocolate Milk Series: Sketch Comedy
  13. Food P0rn - A lady-centric erotic comics anthology
  14. Alewood - The Wild West tabletop drinking game where your Pint glass is your pistol!
  15. Advice on Promoting Kickstarter Comic Book Project
  16. Introducing the Dayhatch Collection watches by Philip Ashton
  17. Need support for Run CRIMINAL! android game by DCOM Softwares
  18. Introducing NAVVY
  19. CALLING ALL BOOKWORMS | Help me publish my YA-urban fantasy series
  20. Zeblazed's New Groundbreaking Album
  21. Indiegogo Wallet Campaign Advice
  22. New style of Music festival
  23. Cardbored! a scavenger-hunt based active-play card game!
  24. The Rock Bar - Mobile Bar/Event Platform (Please Review)
  25. REXED: An Interactive Comedy Series on Indiegogo
  26. The Latin American Adventure: inspire people to embrace the "digital nomad" lifestyle
  27. Bring back the SEO level playing field !!!
  28. Meteorite: A Unique PaperWeight on
  29. Little Bites of Heaven--Desserts for a good cause!
  30. World's first polarized sunglasses
  31. Allens Candle and Soap Company
  32. One Take Series
  33. My passion!!
  34. Kickstarter - Portrait artwork Backers receive their own personal artwork! 38% funded
  35. Indiegogo Campaign - Feedback Please!
  36. Help me with my dream!
  37. A-Drones Mini Sub!
  38. Free skateboard and graffiti event
  39. MOW - a design and creative lamp on BUSYBEE
  40. The GOATPOCALYPE is on Kickstarter
  41. A-Drones Mini Sub! Come help!
  42. Live updates to show our IGG campaign from pre-launch to the end
  43. Creative Liberty Supply & Gift Co. -- Fundraising For Expansion
  44. Need funds to create and publish a book
  45. New feature film, FINDING WALDO, seeks support
  46. UTO - the 21st Century food takeout app is live on IndieGoGo!
  47. A tablet/ipad shade that lets you use your device outdoors
  48. 16 days to go and 30% funded :)
  49. Dragon Killer Jag
  50. Turn your Headphones into pure Awesomeness!
  51. First of its kind, waterproof box, solar, power bank, light and signal device
  52. Awaken - a new dark fantasy game now funding on Kickstarter!
  53. 24Tees - Premium T-Shirt Subscription Box
  54. Promoting campaigns for free
  55. Dream Chaser, Turning dream into reality
  56. Triptive - Travel in Payments
  57. Non-Profit R&D Project: Border Patrol and Detection Humanoid Robot (Autonomous)
  58. Track | vote| decide
  59. New Comic Challenged What It Means to Be Super!
  60. They Wake Up - a new drama/thriller series. (Trailer video featured on the page)
  61. Great NEW Concept Just Launched on Kickstarter
  62. Chaos fighters Game now on JoyBit
  63. [NEW] Medieval Era Text-Based MMORPG Browser Game Kickstarter!
  64. InkShares for publishing a book: yay, nay, or eh?
  65. Optimal thermal protection case. - We are Amited.
  66. Come Support the Future of Keyboard Apps on Kickstarter!!
  67. Thinktanku - a hilarious party game on Kickstarter has just launched!
  68. Tales of Darkness Open-World RPG Campaign
  69. Bat Challenge - 20 days until the end.
  70. World’s Smallest, Lightest and Smartest Portable Generator Live on KickStarter
  71. Kickstarter for the 1st Age of the Atroximals comic book
  72. Need feedback on DIY Destinations on Kickstarters
  73. Over The Hills And Far Away - a game set in the War of 1812 [Kickstarter]
  74. Picture perfect! - £1 sketches - great rewards!
  75. Trading support on our projects
  76. Alewood is now on Kickstarter!
  77. BTsox BitCoin Cloud Mining Low Prices Service - MyProyect
  78. Friendary - Innovative Online Social Platform
  79. Indiegogo Feedback: Home Based Laundry, what do you Think About?
  80. FUNBOX! Web Show: Animaniacs Returns
  81. The Death Games (Kickstarter Project)
  82. 30% funded with 22 days to go!
  83. Apple and Android Watch Universal Remote Control
  84. (Kickstarter) Only 15% funded and 7 more days to go! Please help get the word out!
  85. New Kickstarter Project : PhoneCycle, the easiest and greenest phone recycling
  86. New Upcoming Kickstarter Project - IndieVice - SmartPhone into a Pro Camera
  87. Kickstarter for New Animated Feature Film from Legendary Cartoonist Bill Plympton
  88. Nanocloth - The worlds first unstainable table cloth (Need help promoting)
  89. I Will Match Pledges Until I Reach 30% - 35%
  90. The Root - Automated Hydroponics System
  91. Occasional Muse - Daily doses of Spreading positivity
  92. [KICKSTARTER] "Theme Planet" - One Pig. One Elephant. And a Hell of a Ride!
  93. We’re going to start a social fashion brand. And you can become a part of it!
  94. Balboa, a brand that feeds
  95. Looking for some feedback on my board game Kickstarter campaign
  96. Inked Native Designs-Jewelry that's not for the faint of heart
  97. A Project that Leads to Social Integration for Children with Autism
  98. (Kickstarter) The Adventure Case: the Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Accessory
  99. (Kickstarter) Zipline - New Social Media App Centered Around 60 Second Video Creation
  100. Project MyRoom - A new way to customize your homepage
  101. Crowfunding Swag - Shirts for the KS/IndieGOGO Fans
  102. Students working - your website looking fabulous!
  103. MY NAME IS HOTOTO - a surreal short film about a criminal with a crisis of identity
  104. Year of the Goat Fun Horror Comic on Kickstarter
  105. Hey Bartender! is now on Kickstarter.
  106. (Kickstarter) Soloist - A comic about a female pilot in the golden age of aviation
  107. Step into the future of Organic Bags
  108. The World's First Customisable Luxury Leather Wallets. Handmade in England!
  109. Only a Few Days Left to Support Blue Shift: The Animated Film
  110. Spicy Sauce: Ketchung!
  111. Crowdfunding campaign for a short film dealing with personal and family issues.
  112. "Wake" Short Film Project
  113. Reinventing the vehicle air freshener - FreshAir, The Scent That Makes Sense
  114. Short Film, former Astronaut adjusting to life back on earth
  115. Austin Action Indie Film!! only 23 hours left!!!
  116. Muribot: Bringing university level robotics to consumers of all abilities
  117. Ultra Pure Quartz Production Project - Indiegogo - good rewards
  118. rhythmshare - Indiegogo project
  119. Skillmore Academy [Johnny YONG BOSCH, JUSTIN COOK]
  120. Dragonfly Spit campaign
  121. Spritelings! Bring a new designer plush toy to life.
  122. The Bluetooth Multimeter connect to the smart phone via Bluetooth
  123. You Park Like **** Cards - Kickstarter
  124. Another Day The Series
  125. The light bulb that revolutionizes the way people use lights.
  126. Underwater Robot for Exploring the Deep - Will You Help the Project?
  127. Wolves Den and Rayvens View Kickstarter
  128. Non-Profit Underwater Research Robotics - Help Today!
  129. Giving YouTube Shout-out to a Cool Project: Over 1K Subscribers
  130. The Interns: Part One Kickstarter Help
  131. 24Tees - Premium T-Shirt Subscription Box - now 68% funded & 5 days to go!
  132. liteCam Game 5.0: Changing the gaming world forever!
  133. New treatment for Lower Back Pain launched on KickStarter
  134. Crowdfunding in turism
  135. Gardners! The most innovative multi-tool in 6000 years just went LIVE on KS.
  136. 4% Funded: Can anyone push this Sub the Extra Nautical Mile?
  137. New Web Series Needs Funding - Please Help Us Out
  138. Limited edition photobook 'kanojo' - kickstarter
  139. LunaLuxx, The World's First Lamp with a Lightsource that Levitates in Midair!
  140. BOT libre! - "free open artificial intelligence for everyone"
  141. The Crystal Children - YA Fiction
  142. Indiegogo - Skillmore Academy
  143. Deal With It - A new drinking card game
  144. Virtual Reality Entertainment Complex
  145. fyrecamp - The best rewards for Gamers
  146. Kiss Cat:The World's First 3 Second Magical detector
  147. PanzerFlash: extremely durable usb flashdrive in an elegant steel body
  148. Kickstarter for Pokémon Posters
  149. Almost 10% funded: Underwater Robotics Update!
  150. Turn Your Phone Into A GoPro Camera!! Action Mount is now Live on KS. What now?
  151. 81% funded, £4900 raised, 29 hours to go!
  152. Indiegogo - Printing the SpaceRamblers Graphic Novel! Please support the project!
  153. New Tech Device - Any Way to Improve the Project Page?
  154. Trapped Magic|A Short Dark Fantasy Film
  155. "Subjected to Happiness" short film support
  156. Aeterna - Ruby, Brass and Aluminum Top Project
  157. Record breaking horror comic We Kill The Dead: a love letter to the slasher genre
  158. City of the Dead Kickstarter - A roleplaying game of survival horror
  159. Mirror of Desire: novel, art-book, multimedia app! New Indiegogo campaign
  160. The JetSpike! AKA The Best Invention Ever!
  161. Support UNDER, a new musical about Student Mental Health headed to NYC FRINGE!
  162. WingShare - Say goodbye to business cards
  163. Runic Royalty Playing Cards
  164. Hear How Audio Gear and Musical Instruments Sound Before Buying Them
  165. Classical turn based RPG project just launched. A-01: A world of evil.
  166. Catapult your campaign to ☆ celebrity ☆ status
  167. FivE - We want to make music you'll LOVE!
  168. Psychosis - A comic about the demons we hide
  169. My Magical Adventure: High-Tech Personalized Children's Book
  170. Promoting design students - Help us start some creative careers
  171. Aeterna - Beautiful Ruby, Brass and Aluminum Spinning Top
  172. New Card game with cool graphics crowdfunding on Kickstarter!!!
  173. 12 Realms Campaign - Official Thread
  174. The Mind Hero (Kickstarter) -- Deep game which teaches actual psychology too
  175. Minichua - Customizable 3D Printed Dog Figurines
  176. Dragon Soul - Retro 16 bit side-scrolling platform game on Indiegogo
  177. Spearhead - A modern naval game
  178. (Kickstarter) Skillmore Academy: Starring Yusuke Urameshi
  179. State Parkers - Sharing Knowledge Through Experience
  180. Dino Dude Ranch is off to a great start on Kickstarter
  181. Help Me Spread The Music!
  182. Your opinion on my Indiegogo campaign
  183. My Latest Game: Daydreams Paradise is now on kickstarter!!
  184. Twin Peaks themed Logging Town
  185. 'Sound of a City' - a documentary about live music in Bristol
  186. The Jura Time Machine
  187. The UFO Hotel now on Kickstarter!
  188. Never Ending Night and my passion for games
  189. Sunglasses made from cellulose acetate with interchangeable lenses
  190. The Midwest: An Adventure-Land
  191. twlive.net | Kickstarter campaign
  192. TITAN Mixer Bottle - "The World's Most Revolutionary Mixer Bottle" on Kickstarter
  193. Sheep Happens - A game about Sheeps and Goats
  194. SPLATTERPUNK THE MOVIE! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/splatterpunk-the-movie#/s
  195. Severed World - A 2D Retro ORPG on Kickstarter!
  196. LUNA Smart Sleep Mask with Sunrise Ligh Wake-Up alarm, NAP sleep, Lucid Dream inducer
  197. Leaviticus Films Prop funding
  198. Tabletop gaming portal launches KS!
  199. A New Unique Royalty Free Market Place For Musicians & Composers. What Do U Think?
  200. Free $199 Smart Plan Promotion package up for grabs!
  201. A New Innovtive Hack'n Slash F2P game
  202. The Humming Blade: help me achieve my life goal of publishing a novel!
  203. ROCK SLINGERS- Opinion needed on our kickstarter project
  204. A Shadow named Envy
  205. End Game Review
  206. Brainstorm: Daily Planner for Creative People
  207. www.thefactwall.com+ wideo for your product+webspace for rent
  208. GaragePen : Your 7-tool Companion
  209. Get a Credit on an Independent Film!
  210. A New Action/Drama Western Series
  211. Please review my Kicjstarter Project
  212. UK-Based Group, GLUM, To Bring Back Grunge With Debut EP
  213. Your Feedbacks and Advices are Important
  214. Unique Gallery Opportunity
  215. New startup aims to focus on dating violence, sexual health, and STDs.
  216. MIOT, the Internet counter
  217. The Golar on Kickstarter - Portable, Fully functional power anywhere on the go!
  218. The Cube Personality Short Film!
  219. Awesome opportunity for gamers!
  220. a photobook about Japan, as seen through its trains
  221. Ikwetta - Handmade Fashion that Empowers Talent!
  222. Check out my kickstarter project.
  223. Pressd Apparel Kickstarter Camapaign - 33% of 10k goal in just 4 days! - Ask us how!
  224. Do you think Crowdfunding should be free? Rose Crowd will create the worlds first....
  225. Fuzzballs Kickstarter for Super Kawaii Shirts
  226. Kickstarter for Hand-crafted Accessories
  227. Hobo Hammocks - Hang a Hammock, Help a Hobo
  228. accessories shop
  229. Space Case 1- The most Technologically advanced suitcase ever designed
  230. World of Mythology on Kickstarter. Need your opinion guys!
  231. Help Make It Happen for HandyGals
  232. Outdoors Patch - The system neutral RPG that will blow up your mind
  233. Support my kickstarter project on see-through toaster
  234. KS | Masters of Football | 3 Jun - 3 July
  235. Would like some good feed back
  236. Treasure Hunt - The Social Party Card Game!
  237. A New Innovtive Hack'n Slash Game
  238. I'd love feedback & support on my Kickstarter campaign. Thanks so much!
  239. KS | Boardgame + Football | 3 Jun - 3 Jul | MoF (art updated)
  240. I support interesting projects on indiegogo & kickstarter
  241. Unique Printed Socks made in USA- Kickstarter Campaign live now!!
  242. Modern Coalition: a Strategic Mobile Game
  243. Support my Community Based Video Game on KickStarter!
  244. Victoria's Path - Fantasy Web Series with AWESOME perks!
  245. Leave Feedback on my Kickstarter Campaign
  246. My Indiegogo Campaign!!!!! Please donate, or at least share?
  247. BCON-The most complete SMART HOME device
  248. Skillmore Academy: Explorers Movie
  249. Super: Issue 3, The Most Overfunded Comic on Kickstarter
  250. (indiegogo) we can help all kids in the world!