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  1. LoominUp: Give Designers a Chance to Shine
  2. JK wallet is my first Kickstarter campaign. Now live!
  3. Grain-free Breakfast Cereal?
  4. Kickstarter for first ever online only convention
  5. Fall of Troy Epic Playing Cards
  6. [Highlight] high bulb changer next project
  7. A very interesting project: Magic Luminescent Moon
  8. 3 Days Left on 17 Year Old Writer's Kickstarter!
  9. Need some advice and help with a slow to launch comic kickstarter :)
  10. KICKSTARTER - 12 year old fiddler - 1st CD Project
  11. New Kickstarter: The Redesign Habit - budget-friendly green design
  12. Nimbus 2.0:The World's first Smart Towel Rack is important for your life
  13. WowKit is a toolkit that everyone should have.
  14. THE WORLD’S FIRST MAGICAL CABLE, your phone becoming a magician
  15. Succesfull Art campaign
  17. Mini Cube - 3 in 1 Multi-Function Portable Gadget
  18. G-Strings by Lucky Cheeks - is it too sexy?
  19. First Kickstarter - Repurposing Leather - Would love feedback
  20. My First Kickstarter project : Jewelry inspired by Nature . Feedback needed :)
  21. First Kickstarter Campaign: Spokenlights-Customizable LED Bicycle Wheel Display
  22. Backing and tracking Wok in Progress
  23. #SocialCut: the Ausker Experience. Making life better, one slice at a time
  24. Bristol Festival of Literature raised £1,406 on Fundsurfer
  25. Music therapist Kickstarter for new CD!
  26. Help out the very first Bay Area Comic Anthology!
  27. Budget + Eco-Friendly Interior Design How-To Guide & Toolkit
  28. My first IndieGogo Project - Bitcoin Cloud Mining :)
  29. Kickstarter Release of BACPAQ Qi Wireless detachable phone charger
  30. Stryngs - Made to measure shoelaces (kickstarter project)
  31. Gentleman Wallet - The Slim Handcrafted Leather Wallet
  32. Ausker, the best knives, the best price. Any advice?
  33. 12 days to go for Fall of Troy Epic Playing cards.
  34. Our last 12 days for Our fall of Troy epic playing Cards
  35. 10 days after launching on kickstarter only 2 backers. Need help! Please advise!
  36. We believe our product, ChopTainer (on Kickstarter) will change the way we cook
  37. Octastare - Not So Smart - Just a Holder!
  38. (Kickstarter) THE WORLD's FIRST POWER BANK WITH BEAUTY KIT - Feedback pliz!
  39. Jail Me Project On Kistarter
  40. HardWhere -- the Pocket LINUX PC Multiuser Oriented
  41. Large-scale project on Kickstarter Flaming HEart!
  42. What do you think...
  43. One Cable - Connects to Everything
  44. Soldiband - A Simple, Fun, and Affordable Wallet
  45. Short film from New Zealand - new to kickstarter/crowdfunding!!
  46. Zombie Sheep
  47. End Qatar World Cup Slavery
  48. My new KS projecrt Binary dice, read the Dice in Binary code
  49. College's #1 Party Game - Sounds good, but we may have some issues
  50. Boston & Stewill Watch
  51. The solar tonneau cover. get 120 volt power for your outdoor needs
  52. Kickstarter Art Project: Racial Inequity in America
  53. Seahorse Tool - A versatile keychain
  54. An Innovative Alcohol Marketplace- My Biggest project EVER!
  55. Sanctuary: Pysychologial horror in one house
  56. Handmade Leather Wire Organizer, $3 only !
  57. Luxather's Clutch Collection
  58. [Relaunch] STELLIGHT – The Next Generation Smart Bike Light
  59. ClipPics photo frames - my first solo Kickstarter went live today
  60. Our first Indiegogo went live - the PowerClip
  61. The World First Smart Bluetooth Leather Jacket
  62. Pacific Northwest's rising rock/metal trio Dark White Light
  63. INCREASE Your Backers: SHARE for SHARE
  64. My first project: Sport Camera Slider, Fast movement, fully programmable.
  65. CatchMe --- The social compass
  66. Help Asian American actors be represented in the media through comedy!
  67. Ap news: Emerging film maker pitches online to raise funds independently
  68. 'Tears Of Avia' Kickstarter Launched Sept 21, 2015 - [Fantasy-RPG Video Game]
  69. Love board games? Come check out our Kickstarter campaign for LATICE!
  70. 1st project reach 300% GOAL, second project we offer $5 perk for our product!
  71. Campaign to get worldwide theatrical release for an inspiring movie on women freedom
  72. 'Endless Night" Kickstarter, 5 days to go! - [Sci-Fi Short Film]
  73. Sukecchi funded in 8 hours!
  74. Paradise - A Post-Apocalyptic Series
  75. My New Artistic Campaign :)
  76. Ninja drinking game anyone? My first Kickstarter camp, need you're support!
  77. 10 Days left! Rothschild: The Sheep will Wake - A procedural open-world horror game
  78. The first infrared portable parking sensor in on Kickstarter! No drivers excused :)
  79. 7 hours left on The Art of Loish Kickstarter - with nearly 7500 backers!
  80. iMerchant App - Lets make a different and gain levels at the same time!
  81. Bring the exoskeleton to life! Don't wait for the future, bring it! Project Exosus
  82. Salto - Captures your every move. VR, AR, film, VFX, gaming
  83. My own crowdfunding project - A Meeting With Houdini
  84. Interchangeable, Polarized Sunglasses: Need to Drive More Traffic
  85. TTI... » The Thing is... || A New way of talking "Technology"
  86. Truly Ground-Breaking New 4K Ultra HD Digital Image Display
  87. My own fundraising for donut cafe, need our help!
  88. THINKLOOP - The World's SMARTEST Traveler Pillow
  89. Gridiron Marker- a 10 yard rope with an attached marker to keep track of yardage
  90. High bulb changer my second project on kickstarter soon
  91. Party plate reinvented
  92. The Spin Wrench- The worlds most efficient tool! Our first kickstarter
  93. The Elevo Sun Shade Now Live On Kickstarter!
  94. Calling all Cricket Fans!!!!
  95. Substantia - the invasion begin
  96. Getting Ready To Launch Kickstarter for my book Medcomic. Educational Medical Comics!
  97. Launching Kickstarter for my book Medcomic! Medical Comics to help Pre-med students
  98. My little personal funding for a Laser CNC startup business
  99. Bracket x Enya designs, prints, and ships you unique limited awareness apparel.
  100. 12 BILLION DOLLARS found
  101. Kickstarter campaign. Hot sauce, rubs and mixes
  102. Calling All Film-lovers For Infinite Short FIlm
  103. MESHABLE CHRONO - designed for designers. + Kickstarter Oct 6th +
  104. Raid & Trade: War on the Streets
  105. 3D printed wine rack [first Kickstarter] - stuck at 20% goal, anyone can help us?
  106. Maiden Merica: Funny shirts for the mentally endowed.
  107. Kingdoms of Xalnor Playing Cards
  108. Our Kickstarter project has officially launched! Check out our word puzzle game!
  109. First KS - TubShroom - A Tub Hair Strainer that Works
  110. Glowme - smart case for smartphone, that glow! LIVE LIVE LIVE !!!
  111. Rodeo Judge - Kickstarter - Creative mobile card game - $2 Needed
  112. Exclusive, Limited Edition, Screen Printed T-shirts From UK Illustrators & Artists.
  113. [Kickstarter] M4 Audiophile Earphones Designed for Musicians
  114. $30K Goal Reached in 3hrs !
  115. What is LIFE?
  116. Legend of the Hunters - A modern fantasy novel and my first Kickstarter - Tips please
  117. What is LIFE?
  118. Opinion regarding our educational campaign for the environment protection
  119. The Outlierman Kickstarter Campaign
  120. My very unique project and what I plan to do with it.
  121. Don't Go Alone - A Pocket Dungeon Quest Expansion (tabletop game)
  122. No more boring shower with NepTune Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  123. Popular science short film campaign!
  124. Convert your tablet or smartphone into a HOLOGRAM! Success in 5 days!
  125. Home - A Fantasy Comic Miniseries Kickstarter
  126. Fractal No. 1 - Waves in Tyranny
  127. Heist³ - A Science Fiction / Heist Novel on Kickstarter
  128. Going to start Kickstarter campaign! Need your opinion!
  129. World Care Entrepeneurism Crowdfunding
  130. Perfect your workout form with Ollinfit
  131. Ollinfit - The Wearable Personal Trainer
  132. An entire RV solar power system in a portable pack: Power your life anywhere! $50k in
  133. Art Director behind Marvel's biggest trailers unleashes the first Cinematic Universe
  134. Support NEW Ozmo Smart Cup & App - Healthy Hydration & Global Aid
  135. Redesign of a NYC historical map ON Kickstarter
  136. Elected The Game Kickstarter
  137. [VIDEO GAME] Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure
  138. Live Music Sessions In The Back of A Van
  139. GhostKey - Titanium Multi-Tool Key ----- What a wonderful gadget !
  140. (kickstarter) New keyboard that reduces typing errors by 40%
  141. (kickstarter) SpaceShifting USB dongles circumvent NetFlix, Hulu, HBOGo geoblocking
  142. Prevent Electrical Shocks with Shock Shutter Outlet Covers!!
  143. SHEEP HAPPENS - A new strategic card game - Now Relaunched
  144. Dare Mighty Things
  145. MYNT: Remote Control + Item Organizer
  146. The SteakAger: Dry Age Steaks Right in Your Fridge
  147. The LightBox: A wireless, interface-free light switch.
  148. DIY musical endeavour from San Diego, CA
  149. Rockshow: The first hard rock pop-up book
  150. T-shirt campaign 100% of profits donated to The Ruamkatanyu Foundation
  151. Just Launched: Coffee & Tea Diagram on Kickstarter
  152. ╰☆╮Witch's Coven╰☆╮ Halloween Visual Novel Kickstarter
  153. Being 30 Years Old in the world
  154. Omninox - reducing teacher grading time from hours into minutes
  155. First Bicycle's Cafe in Egypt EVEEER!!
  156. Kickstarter for Build Your Wings Apparel
  157. (Kickstarter) Alistar Project
  158. This projects is amazing on kickstarter !
  159. Last 24 hours!
  160. Lauched Today - Cypress Umbrella - The last Umbrella you will ever buy
  161. KickStarter Campaign for Lovecraftian sci-fi game: The Nightmare from Outspace
  162. Super Axe Boy - a super-axeciting hybrid platformer [ON KICKSTARTER]
  163. New kickstarter project : Ota's world
  164. Apparently I'm a maniac and need help with my rewards...
  165. Landscape Painting Road Trip ((And Some Surrealism Too))
  166. Helixee - The guardian of your connected life [NEW on KICKSTARTER]
  167. Wheels of Time - Photography project showing the world hidden between wheels of time.
  168. Nalacards/3D pop-up greeting cards from Christmas
  169. My First Graphic Novel - Cowboys and Demons in the old west
  170. Reyakt- Providing you with more gaming content!
  171. Art Zine Launch - Collection of LA Designers and Architects
  172. Just launched my first Kickstarter campaign, 82 Cubanos, a photo-diary through Cuba
  173. SectraVault, Tell me what you think.
  174. Discover BotNGo : The world's first AI for your flight searches!
  175. Our human nature - A PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT
  176. First kickstarter - Magnets to help you make pixel art
  177. FORCED: Eternal Arenas, an action game with deckbuilding
  178. Crowdfunding Indiegogo Campaign for 3D Social Casino Game-Gamentio
  179. Spooky zombie project reaches target in time for halloween
  180. Victoria Klewin & The TrueTones debut album
  181. The fastest, smallest, and safest dual-charging cable in the world launching on KS
  182. Forbes 30 Under 30 Kickstarter Project
  183. Have you seen this cool Kickstarter Project? Come check it out!
  184. Manga Webcomic Kickstarter fund, come help spread the word!!!!
  185. Just Launched- Precision Machined Shaving Brushes
  186. Like nothing you've ever seen before.....
  187. Education by Games
  188. stockplop - award winning, innovative SSD enclosure. faster. simpler. more unique.
  189. KOSTIREV - A Clothing Brand Like Never Seen Before
  190. Fun Table Tents!
  191. VEAR - Innovative Rain Pants to Revolutionize Your Bike Commute
  192. My project - 2016 Martini Pin up Girls Calendar
  193. Please lend a second set of eyes before I launch
  194. I need support for our Thunderclap campaign
  195. 99Blast The card Counting Game (First 4 Days great. Last 3 not so much. Advice?)
  196. A best Christmas Gift for you and your kids! on Kickstarter now
  197. Best Project I ever seen: TransForFun Robots !
  198. Started my indiegogo, it's for a horror film
  199. (indiegogo) Longship: A card game of Vikings and Cthulhu
  200. Indy Scene Wrestling the Video Game
  201. Free Kickstarter Project Promotion w/ FastBacker
  202. DEVELOPMENT HELL: We are going to need a kick in the butt
  203. The Letter, a horror visual novel
  204. Sci-Fi to redefine LGBT portrayal released today in partnership with Vimeo On Demand
  205. Mercantia - Italy 1252 - launched today!
  206. Created my first project called Lunar Dream
  207. Project that could save many college students
  208. Finally Launched - Mstick - One Source Multi Use Smart LED Light you will ever see
  209. "Winter is coming". Knitted products from brand "Damico"
  210. The Unbelievable Stories of Willpower Behind the World's Greatest Successes
  211. stockplop - the SSD enclosure you've been waiting for - unique. simple. different.
  212. Armuseli: When ART becomes FASHION
  213. My first campaign, when to launch?
  214. TouchOne Keyboard - The first ever dedicated smartwatch keyboard
  215. My first comic book, 'TALES OF GILURRA' (Sword & Sorcery/High Fantasy)
  216. Pickpocket - the slimmest guitar pick holder yet
  217. How I got my Kickstarter back on track when all seemed lost
  218. NFC Wallet, what do you think?
  219. Vertical planter project:- Eu based
  220. A stunning and sustainable bamboo water bottle which filters on the go
  221. Beddi – the world’s most intelligent alarm clock speaker with smart home connectivity
  222. DELHI CLOTHES smart and helpful proudly made in india
  223. Is it a Fish or a Robot?
  224. Help! Did everything wrong on artistic service campaign
  225. PreLaunch!. Portable photostudio for objects, READY EARLY BIRDS!
  226. The 3D Challenge: Cats, Titanium, and a Great Bottle Opener!
  227. MonSTARs: Feed their Addiction
  228. Squire by Baron Fig—The Pen Is A Mighty Sword
  229. First Crowdfunding Project!!!! Very excited!
  230. World's Fastest Mobile Broadband BETA
  231. We are started our 3D Short Film Project
  232. High-quality wooden robot, the best ever! Its so much fun
  233. Documentary about Miniature Wargaming (Free Beyond the Gates of Antares Giveaway too)
  234. Ghostbusters Movie - Real!
  235. Gaming for life.
  236. Business to Prevent Skin Cancer
  237. Andromeda Wild launches on Kickstarter
  238. Michigan-based recycled 3D-filament.
  239. eXPLOR
  240. LIVE in KICKSTARTER. A Mobile App Tool for Sport & Practical Shooters
  241. LIVE in KICKSTARTER: A Mobile App Tool for Sport & Practical Shooters!
  242. ARCHIPOSTERS - if you love architecture, you'll love this collection!
  243. Koguma, the Piggybank for Wildlife - live NOW
  244. We've launched our Kickstarter campaign! Please, support us!
  245. Feedback for Robotics shield kickstarter project
  246. Support Refugee Siblings
  247. T-shirt Crowdfunding Campaign for Horror Film
  248. Second Earth: Chronicles of Krystal(RPG)
  249. PicGlu, a new tool for better selfies & group photos !
  250. First Kickstarter Project - we are almost 50% funded after 1 week!