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  1. Pay it forward concept Kickstarter Project
  2. Kickstarter launched with early success and early backer problem
  3. Michigan-based recycled 3D-filament. We made the local news!
  4. Free sample for writing review of Kickstarter campaign.
  5. Launching first ever KickStarter campaign. Our company is depending on it's success!
  6. New Kickstarter Project
  7. Best Christmas Gift Ever --- WooBot Toy
  8. Access your desktop computer anywhere, any time without leaving it on!
  9. New Campaign looks to bring The Sneaker Culture to the Big Screen
  10. (Finally Live) The Gem Users Comic/Graphic Novel
  11. Alone: new film about solitude and privacy
  12. I want to be first success crowdfunding in my country
  13. Our First Kickstarter Campaign - The 10 Fold Chair - A super strong cardboard chair!
  14. First Kickstarter Campaign - We hit our goal in 30 hour | Ultra-stretch denim
  15. On of the very first Kickstarters back at it
  16. Star Trek: Renegades
  17. Coming to day 5 and we have only hit 5%. What are we doing wrong?
  18. My first project 80% funded in a few hours - any feedback welcome!
  19. First Real Kickstarter attempt: 11% 10 days, whats wrong?
  20. Help us! We need your help to develop a large project!
  21. New Gravitron v2 Drone FPV Racer
  22. Just launched first ever crowdfunding campaign. Advice appreciated.
  23. My First Project - Omega Ultra Christian Lounge & Nightclub
  24. My GoFundMe
  25. Our First Kickstarrter campaign has launched- Room in Room: Warmer Winter, Lower Gas
  26. My GoFundMe - Gaming Channel and Stream Channel
  27. Upper Pub. What about it?
  28. Please check my first campaign and tell me your suggestions!
  29. GPCats on Kickstarter - We want to help save the lives of cats!
  30. Recording an Album of Original Songs
  31. Coloring book for adults about Paris
  32. BuyMe4You The Airbnb for all the Homemade products
  33. Hello guys, i just started my project: Trip for story!
  34. My first Indiegogo Campaign, a Device to Save Child from Heatstrokes
  35. A new age of personal air purification. MyTree Bonsai.
  36. What do you think of my second Kickstarter: *long KS name*?
  37. 144% in 5 days
  38. My restaurant kickstarter just went live - any tips or advice?
  39. Gingerbreed - Sci Fi Comedy kickstarter needs your help!
  40. Hi Everyone, 1st Ever Campaign, Feedback wanted, Support Appreciated
  41. Johnny Reboot - GoFundMe
  42. My first project - Eye protect - Save your eyes on time
  43. My Kickstarter project got interviewed!
  44. Occultists Record Label: Esoteric Inspired Electronic Music! Check it out and comment
  45. Lifefile, live on Kickstarter now.
  46. Back To The Future Self Drying Jacket On Kickstarter
  47. Rye Scribe - Our First Kickstarter!
  48. Social network for people nearby
  49. Last day for Miniature Wargaming!!!
  50. Wizard of Oz Documentary - Going To Digital Platforms
  51. Effective Pre-Launch Websites? Independent or Commercial?
  52. The ultimate cutting board. First 24 hours $11,000 in funding
  53. The Biggest Mosaic of Names Ever Made!
  54. First Kickstarter Project! Sculptors Dream ♥
  55. GravityGame
  56. Jail Break - Tabletop game that is our first Kickstarter
  57. Starting an Entertainment Group
  58. MobileRadio (app) launched on Kickstarter today
  59. Waterproof laptop case for Macbook - 80% funded in 5 days
  60. Ttanti, watches from Patagonia! Beautiful Concept!
  61. RoboMustache - Wooden Robot Assembly Kits
  62. Our very very first kickstarter! So exicited!
  63. OneTime Messenger App – An innovative app which offer ownership of company to its use
  64. smartwatch chargingdock for various types
  65. Back and promote my campagne and i will back and promote yours
  66. Creative Work Material Stolen
  67. DARYLYNN watch - high quality and affordable
  68. Oomph. Kickstarter of the Day - Dec 13th
  69. Miss some classic? Star March - Android/iOS multiplayer shoot 'em up
  70. Craft Wallet - Need opinions to launch on 1st of January
  71. Just a young artist trying to creatively spread Indian culture and his work
  72. The Adventures of Wonder Pickle!
  73. Cook food at .60 cent per meal
  74. The Infinity Pen - The only pen you will ever need.
  75. PANAFRICA - Colorful and Socialy responsive sneakers
  76. I will try to get to my goals.
  77. Zmei Paris, Exclusif accessories for Apple Watch & iPhone
  78. Hei hei who are enthusiasts and like kids and sport?
  79. TheSarcasmFont - A reverse italics keyboard for Apple and Android Kickstart Project
  80. WAYNG Creative Lab, Support the New Generation
  81. Campaign to finish Psychological Thriller from Far East - Mind Cage
  82. Sushi notes!
  83. Do you have a dead speaker lying around that you wish to revived it?
  84. New Kickstarter Project! BrainShield™: World's First Impact Diverting Decal
  85. Life Hack Planner - daily habits, rituals, and scheduling! Thoughts please!
  86. The Mach Series - Mechanical Automatic Watch Inspired By The Propeller Blades
  87. Royalty Free Graphics Builder Application For Indie Games Developer
  88. SELF-PUBLISHING: The Hours in Miles (Thriller - college fiction)
  89. The Worlds First Freetographer and The Hall of Photos Museum
  90. The aim is to deliver only positive and good news. Every day. Kickstarter campaign.
  91. Life Hack Planner - Just Went Live - Could Use Your Help
  92. Rock climbing in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  93. Asian noodle restaurant on kickstarter. Any advice is appreciated
  94. Drama feature film about the destruction of family relationships.
  95. Jobin
  96. "The Naked Pixel" artistic nudes Keri Irace & Scarlett Monroe 500+images 22hrs left
  97. Spider Charger - 6 USB POrts and 2 standard receptacles
  98. Waterproof Action Speaker : Enhance your sports experience with M + ONE
  99. Iris, a female lead comic book
  100. The Craft Wallet - My first Crowdfunding Project
  101. Debut IGG: Cable-less, fastest charging mobile power bank on the market
  102. How about some new RPF dice? NatEmo Dice!
  103. New at crowdfunding. Funding for PostProduction..any advice is much appreciated
  104. Music lovers, check out Seventy Lies, the rock opera!
  105. Blaze - Miniature, Powerful, Hackable Display with Touch
  106. Turn your unused computer storage into $$$
  107. New Film Human Instincts launches on Indiegogo
  108. 75% raised from within Kickstarter? What does that mean?
  109. My final project
  110. Only need £288!
  111. Hello. Please help me to promote my new project.
  112. A Rock Opera With A Purpose
  113. NEW dimension to your SMARTPHONE. AWESOME! All supported devices.
  114. My new project
  115. Orilamp - The World's First Smart Origami Lamp
  116. Free social network for e-commerce: advertise and sell your product/service for free.
  117. "Solon" - a hybrid graphic novel
  118. Thoughts/Feedback/Critiques on our Sports/Travel TV Show pilot Campaign!
  119. SheetLocks (Help Your Fitted Sheet Do Its Job)
  120. Research project: Share your thoughts on backing campaigns
  121. xkritor: The tool for Writers
  122. Fund Affordable Web Hosting Services
  123. Launching a Watch Company on Kickstarter - Ask me Anything!
  124. the Damaged Four
  125. Incubating the Future - our Barnraiser fundraiser
  126. L'Enfant - A World War II Short Film
  127. The Airbnb for Unuse computer storage.
  128. Travel project. Help needed
  129. Bristol's First Cat Cafe
  130. Highlight are now Live in Kickstarter
  131. HighLight Bulb changer are now Live in KICKSTARTER!!
  132. * Feedback please
  133. Dashy Square - A rhythm-based game with 21 sountracks from 16 different artists
  134. The world's first and only desktop vaporizer with a revolving, six chamber design
  135. Help us support American workers and families in funding goods Handmade in America!
  136. Keep art in Bosnia alive!
  137. Evocative Clothing - A brand, an image... a dream.
  138. Notable American manufacturing
  139. Unique Design - Contempoary Jewellery inspired by nature
  140. Wallert. Slim your wallet and keep it Smart, comments and reviews please?
  141. DANVER BAG - Your packable sport & travel bag.
  142. VIVID Dream Journal - The dream journal designed to help you lucid dream
  143. Please help spread the word about JS Shoe on Kickstarter
  144. Flickerstrip lets your create you own LED strip show without the code(KS coming soon)
  145. (Indiegogo) Gamebook: Eternal Escape - new mobile game (gamebook/text quest)
  146. Talking Heads Up - The 1v1 Web Talk Show
  148. [Kickstarter] Epic Video Game for Steam, only £85 left, but running out of time!
  149. A new Kickstarter - Cranial Structures
  150. Feedback/suggestions welcome on Quip Anomaly Kickstarter Campaign
  151. Greeking.me - Tasting Greece like a local!
  152. I'm developing a free social network for e-commerce and would like to hear your ideas
  153. 1st ever Crowdfund Participants design a legel tender silver coin
  154. Dirigible Disaster - A real-time cooperative board game is funded on Kickstarter!
  155. Need Help With My Campaign!
  156. Hook Sinker Apparel -- Fishing Apparel Reimagined
  157. Kickstarter: Excremental Politics and The Brain: Trump, Clinton and Poo Project!
  158. New Kickstarter: Waterproof Lipstick and Activator Based Eye Shadow!
  159. A platform for creatives just like you to share projects and ideas
  160. Minecraft RPG server - Lost Kingdoms
  161. Ladies & Gents, spread the word or pledge today! Windsiege: The Forgotten Lands
  162. GripBell - Over $120,000 Raised Within The First 24 hours!
  163. Platform Game for mobiles in Kickstarter
  164. Do you need feedback or backers? We got you
  165. Tick Tock Timer - Touch Screen Relay Scheduled
  166. Fitness trend Tilts towards gaming.
  167. Single female launches her first Kickstarter project. Please help!
  168. Please help me to promote my new project on Kickstarter: The oobulous™ Island Arena
  169. Handmade DIY Chocolate Mold Kickstarter: choco-care
  170. TechBnk Wants Your Creative Projects
  171. Back up plan kickstarter - feedback and sharing needed please
  172. Need feedback on a children's book fund called Dear Diary... What could be better?
  173. JLP Live Shoot "Hiro"
  174. Help King Dragon make music
  175. Mark Oblow x CanPlan: Anyone want to help a good cause?
  176. Help Us Kick Off our Kick Starter - NFL Fan Challenege
  177. The Ghost of Peter Sellers (campaign)
  178. (Kickstarter) Purpose: Your Journey To Find Meaning
  179. (Kickstarter) Purpose: Your Journey To Find Meaning
  180. Shitstorm - The game
  181. please take a look at our 1st campagin in kickstarter, any suggestion is appreciated
  182. New book under a Creative Commons License (FREE)
  183. Crowdfunding for a film. I would appreciate any tips/suggestions/shares/donations
  184. Crowdfunding - Scifi short film
  185. 365 Days of Summer: a Backpacker's Journey
  186. Creative Angel
  187. (Kickstarter) Incense Zen Website that sells low priced Incense Sticks
  188. What is more important Life or Love?
  189. Digital Water Heater Indiegogo Support this project and give feedback about project
  190. A-Glo 2.1 Ultra-Violet Playing Cards Live on Kickstarter!
  191. BroCo Premium denim withcheap price
  192. Will you check out my Event Management Agency crowdfunding link and give me feedback?
  193. We will back your campaign
  194. KICKSTARTER Need to get the word out on my classic horror film "The Babysitter" Tips?
  195. new crowd funding channel on YouTube
  196. Check out my ''World's smallest titanium dice project'' on Kickstarter
  197. QooPow qooMeter is living on Kickstarter now!
  198. Coda's Link - Launching my first book. Please check it out and see what you think
  199. my indiegogo campaign for wearable penis prosthesis
  200. A card game Draw Cards ///thanks for your feedback
  201. "The Naked Pixel" Ali Pakele
  202. A film project by Jason Lao -- Embers Fatal Fury -- Back this project in Kickstarter
  203. 2 DAYS LEFT: choco-care chocolate molds!
  204. Web hosting for pledge (UK)
  205. Visual Inventory by LignUp - access your items by smartphone camera!
  206. PRIVILEGE WATCH - a timepiece will grant a priority
  207. New revolutionary App - Crowdfunding-Campaign on Kickstarter!
  208. "Teatro delle Possibilita'" - Theatre workshop for children with special needs
  209. Video Game Campaign now live! Cross-promotion anyone?
  210. Please take a look at my 1st campagin in kickstarter: a solution to the rain
  211. ScopeAround camera turns smartphones into tool for science, health, repairs.
  212. Party Plug
  213. Fashion Coloring Book
  214. Buy an Owl Bracelet- and hel us save the Owls!
  215. New Card/Drinking Game Kickstarter - Funded in 3 days
  216. Deliver Us The Moon is on Kickstarter & Thunderclap!
  217. coming soon page Indiegogo
  218. Butterflies the Film- Help Support an Indie Film!
  219. Leatherweight - The Sound Material
  220. ANICORN Series K452 Watches - battery-free space watches
  221. Epic Nerd Camp! A Summer camp for Geeky Adults!
  222. Check out my film Kickstarter (Forbidden Gay relationship)
  223. Bluejay - The world's first smart mount is now LIVE on Kickstarter
  224. i Nudi: A Tribute to Lovers Hanafuda and Poker Cards on Kickstarter
  225. Kickstarter funding for an awesome new Manga! (5 days left!)
  226. Familink - Changing the way you connect with the people you love the most...
  227. DNA Lifestyle Coach: Genetics test for health and wellness
  228. Hi! First time Kickstarter here. Could you please give me some feedback?
  229. Full Grain Leather Bag by Nesafi - Help Us to Launch Our Brand
  230. Comfortable underwear under $13 US dollars
  231. Help stop outrageous markups on luxury goods!
  232. The Synergy| The Supreme Thong For The Active Women
  233. Siren's deck. Super UNIQUE magic Deck.
  234. Worlds First Apparel Club, need feedback please everyone
  235. Royale Luxury Leather Goods, NEED FEEDBACK EVERYONE!!
  236. Brazilian Shred - Donations needed!
  237. Lord of Poker - the first role poker game at Kickstarter
  238. Social Media platform for Cancer Patients
  239. Check out my kick starter for an indie game called Stray
  240. Female Saudi singer-songwriter - EP campaign!
  241. Sick of Cards Against Humanity?
  242. PYS - A Cooler Way to Protect Your Webcam **100% FUNDED in 24 hours**
  243. Checkout "DUO - The First Wearable to Track Oxygen and Heart Rate" on Kickstarter
  244. Calliope - Microbudget Sci-fi Feature Film
  245. Crowdfunding for debut-album-release on Startnext
  246. Agency for a 100k+ campaign?
  247. [Kickstarter] Bram Stoker's DRACULA - interactive game book / solo roleplaying game.
  248. New translation on Kickstarter about blindness and education
  249. City Life : Rp Game project on Kickstarter
  250. (kickstarter) trium delta 3d printer