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  1. Calliope - Microbudget Sci-fi Feature Film
  2. Crowdfunding for debut-album-release on Startnext
  3. Agency for a 100k+ campaign?
  4. [Kickstarter] Bram Stoker's DRACULA - interactive game book / solo roleplaying game.
  5. New translation on Kickstarter about blindness and education
  6. City Life : Rp Game project on Kickstarter
  7. (kickstarter) trium delta 3d printer
  8. Our new project on Kickstarter elev8 portable camera jib for GoPro type cameras
  9. International Short Film about music and life
  10. Nightmare Warriors Comic Book on Kickstarter
  11. First Kickstarter! Apocalytropolis-Free-for-all arena card game
  12. Time Eater (game, graphic novel, &more!)
  13. Help with Stretch Goals!
  14. Beautiful Worlds, LLC
  15. The Quest To Save Hip Hop, new indie pc game
  16. Anyone up for cross backing
  17. First Kickstarter Project: Project Comic Novelist: Art Materials and Printing
  18. First Kickstarter Project: Project Comic Novelist: Art Materials and Printing
  19. Most advanced Watch Case with Power Bank *LIMITED EARLY BIRD PLEDGES*
  20. 3 days to go - help us unlock our $20K stretch goal...
  21. My Cheesy Kickstarter Project - The Laminated List
  22. SlidyPro - new accessory for GoPro
  23. Turn 2x4s into custom furniture with endless variations - The UX4
  24. Norns Avigate: Automatic Pilot Watch by Norns on Indiegogo!
  25. The Conester - Spill Proof Cone Shaped Coaster! - Kickstarter Campaign THOUGHTS TIPS?
  26. DOERS.coffee | 100% Your Custom Roasted Coffee Delivered
  27. Wrath of the Abyss
  28. Silhouette Socks by William Bong - Newbie
  29. New Business Startup Crowdfunding Campaign
  30. Rocket Glass Works: Handblown Glass Design made in the U.S.
  31. Reinventing the Smartphone
  32. What is Lux? [Kickstarter][MMORPG]
  33. Cat Cafeproject is nearly funded
  34. County Line Boards....my first project and passion
  35. Pitfall Paradise
  36. LOD Comics- The Lightbearer
  37. MoneyRun (Augmented Reality mobile game)
  38. The All New PiNAPoL Computing System + BLADE Cell Phone! (Looking for feedback!)
  39. (Kickstarter) New Home ingrediant Recipe app!
  40. The Fall of Season
  41. Blackthorne A Bold and Compelling Detective Series
  42. DEALERS card game
  43. We Will Give You 10% of Funding Goal !
  44. NecronomiCards: A Lovecraftian horror card game of strategy & luck
  45. Blood of Magic Kickstarter
  46. Interstellar Reptilian Elite 8000: A Mockumentary about Lizard People
  47. Vero High Current, Silent Powered Headphone Amp on Indiegogo
  48. Custom Knife Builder Needing some upgrades
  49. River North Neckties 100% Fine silk custom luxury line of neckties.
  50. Lets get this funded
  51. Hand Drawn Art mini prints
  52. Damage Type DICE for tabletop games
  53. Meeting up with locals!
  54. i Nudi: A Tribute to Lovers Hanafuda and Poker Cards (Relaunch) on Kickstarter
  55. A Mini Super Computer! (Feedback Requested!)
  56. My first ever kickstarter campaign!
  57. CLICK, World's Best CAMERA HOLSTER & iPHONE 6/6s/Plus CLIP
  58. Join The Travel Movement!
  59. COFFEE Lovers got us funded over $55k in days! Rafino refined grind is a game changer
  60. Unbiased Advice / New Kickstarter Campaign- The Shlocker
  61. MULTI : All in One Smart Router, Cyber Defence, MultiServer and Opensource Center ...
  62. Incredibly Fragrant Incense for Incredibly Low Prices
  63. Aether Captains returns! April 18th
  64. Animation series "BOGLEY VS UFO"
  65. Stop wasting time when planning a holiday!
  66. 'Your Superhero Origin': an inspirational book about overcoming adversity
  67. Upstarts! A SciFi-horror-comedy! Check it out
  68. TIRED OF LOSING YOUR PHONE? Say no more!
  69. KOLON the tabletop video game
  70. Photo Book Project - Artist Nude in Nature
  71. Heroes Vs Villains: Rise of Nervo / New Kickstarter Campaign
  72. GIF Jockey - play GIFs like a DJ!
  73. Fit Style bags: would love your input!
  74. A game about Diversity and finding your Place in the World. Clique Now on Kickstater
  75. Winner of British Invention of the year 2016 is live on KICKSTARTER
  76. 'Upshot' - Short Comedy/Crime Film
  77. Big Angry Monsters! A game of Kaiju Battles & Destruction
  78. Minimalist upcycled leather bag - eco friendly
  79. Puzzle Tussle - NEW Online PvP Match-3 RPG
  80. Connecting travellers - Navigers
  81. Developing the first e-reading solution for World's 3rd biggest language
  82. Power, corruption, the NSA and Donald Trump all in a new card game!
  83. ROBOT WESTERN: The Comic Book Series
  84. * Anyone have a good method of tracking CPA pledges?
  85. Undecima - Online Browser-Based Multiplayer Strategy Game
  86. Fantasy Crowd a messenger inspired by video games
  87. Diamond Tactical Military Grade PlayStation / XBOX Carry Bag
  88. Become a 'Booster' for Robot Western and earn $$$.
  89. OPLØFT - A height adjustable work surface suitable for any desk
  90. New Kickstarter: Adult Coloring Book that helps you deal with stress at work
  91. First pages of ROBOT WESTERN issue 01
  92. 2016 Political Candidate Coloring Book
  93. YOU LOSE - High-Quality Outrageous Apparel
  94. The Bugs ! The cooperative card game to learn programming !
  95. Find Local Sport Activities!
  96. The Theft-Proof Drawstring Backpack - Stretch Goal #1 Early Delivery
  97. The perFIcT Fitness App
  98. The most comfortable & affordable underwear
  99. New Game on Kickstarter
  100. Algerian death metallers lelahell launch crowdfunding campaign
  101. Lux - 56% and 40 hours left!
  102. The Globe Talents : social network and marketplace and more !
  103. Outliers Notebook - Instantly turn your Notebook to e-Notebook
  104. (Indiegogo) INTERMOSTAT
  105. 3D Printer: Build-A-Bong (Biodegradable Options Available)
  106. Buffer - The Odor Free Gym Tee. Quality Tested. 99% Bacteria Free, 92% Odor Resistant
  107. Kickstarter Manga Campaign "The Immortals"
  108. Planted - A robot and plant as best friends
  109. A Classic Chronograph Watch Laser-Marked with Your Name/Message - $0 Retail Markup!
  110. Check out our standing desk on Kickstarter - Its LIVE!
  111. Check out the Fort Knox of coasters! Live on Kickstarter! Funded within 4 days!
  112. A new card game: Jurassic Kittens - Special pre-launching offers
  113. New KS project- Scientist review website and forum
  114. (kickstater) National Parks Photography
  115. Comics or Art books? where does my new book go? The ABC Double Ds of Burlesque
  116. Poopycat Landmarks
  117. Askey! Did you lock the door?
  118. A rather UnTypical project
  119. V Wallet: Ultra Thin Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet by Protected Cards
  120. Biophilia: America's Natural Landmarks are in decline
  121. Bee The Swarm - Funding Charities through Video Games
  122. Only five days left "The Naked Pixel" Chalk (Artistic nudes)
  123. You Lie! - The Deceptively Simple Card Game of Confidence
  124. The #ARMY17 Project - Kenyan/Rwandese football content
  125. Support Navigers-connecting travalers campaign on Indiegogo and grab rewards
  126. (kickstarter) Zephyr: Winds of Change By portal dragon (3daysleft)
  127. (Indiegogo) The Alinker - A Radically Different Mobility Aid
  128. Dotty The Clock! A project from a 18 year old folk!
  129. What are some cool Kickstarter projects to back right now & why?
  130. [KS] Shhh...it! The foolish card game
  131. Youth Optimisation & Innovation, with a lot of Joy coming your way!
  132. Only 24 hours left "The Naked Pixel" Chalk
  133. Indiegogo Project - Drink Premium Coffee While Supporting Local Coffee Growers!
  134. [KS] Lordprotector - a geeky zombie card game
  135. Bitfortip.com - Tip and earn Bitcoins
  136. Space Mates - A unique platform game.
  137. (Indiegogo) Make Jehan's 5-star dream come true
  138. Story Talk
  139. Story Talk - Something New to Listen to
  140. The software revolution is coming...
  141. (kickstarte) Army of Kurents
  142. Monster Café - A childrens' book
  143. Magic Guitar Keysheet en Kickstarter - Help us share it with the world ^^
  144. [KS]Chronicles of Elyria - Epic Story MMORPG with Aging & Death
  145. 3dSunshine: a revolutionary level-editing platform that turns gamers into game design
  146. Jail Break - Relaunch is live!
  147. Army of Kurents
  148. New IndieGoGo campaign -
  149. MX: A gender neutral clothing line.
  150. Little Achilles | Are you ready for the smallest epic ever told? (Indiegogo)
  151. New Indiegogo campign : Eagle : Clothing & Accessories
  152. Worlds First Touch enabled Programmable Digital Tshirt
  153. Mobile device operated AI for playing tabletop boardgames
  154. What do you think about our project on kickstarted?
  155. What do you think about our project on kickstarted?
  156. New Kickstarter is the Uber of Live Streaming
  157. V Wallet: Ultra Thin Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet by Protected Cards
  158. [KS] ISO City! A classic city builder for mobile
  159. New Smart Solution Finally Sets Your Music Free. Ending the #PassTheAux Era!
  160. [Kickstarter] - Music video for Adhd, Autisme, Tourette.
  161. Amsterdam Game Free
  162. Money for Sharing
  163. Make the Gauntlet great again
  164. Sniff Relief - Heated face mask that alleviates sinus pressure/congestion all NATURAL
  165. Pathfinder RPG Setting: feedback welcome
  166. [KS] Device for one-handed typing + air mouse
  167. Rustle: the Card Game - fleece the competition!
  168. The ultimate gadget for your everyday life - Please leave some feedback
  169. Battle For The Universe - Card Game
  170. INGREM: Gaming/Workstation
  171. Vulnerability is Sexy - The Game
  172. Apocalypse Later, a short film to star my career!
  173. DRUNK STORYTIME: A New Take on Disney Fairytales
  174. The Hail Veil-Specially Designed to Reduce Hail Damage from your vehicle
  175. DropArt - Electronics kit that lets you capture stunning water drop collisions
  176. Card Master Early Backer Page and Info
  177. The Darkest Alley - A Deep Web Film
  178. PWNs: The Unique Game of Strategy You'll Never Play the Same Way Twice!
  179. Athena Apparels Kickstarter Project - Spread the word out please!
  180. Kick Before You Drown: A contemporary circus show
  181. Checkout WUNMIXER! A machine able to separate the mixed municipal solid waste
  182. A coloring book and word search puzzle game!
  183. Mega cool souvenirs made from iron
  184. Dream Island A Dating Sim Action RPG
  185. DICE Specialized damage type dice.
  186. Linype - Need your reviews
  187. Linype - Appointments made easy
  188. Balcony Bar - World's Most Convenient Bar for your Balcony
  189. Rustle: the Card Game needs your help!
  190. Megalodon Is Coming! Please Help Us Fund The 1st Ever Under Water War App..
  191. Funded Life - Crowdfund Your Way To Home Ownership
  192. Penitence: A New Kind of Spaghetti Western
  193. Chernobyl & Pripyat 30 years on.......
  194. Naturalia - Young Adults Book
  195. Cuboak - Modular and Reusable furniture
  196. Energy saving underfloor heating system- I guess I need some help.
  197. The Source: A Sci-Fi Webseries Kickstarter
  198. Healthy Cup Noodles, Gourmet, 100% Natural, No Nasties & Gluten-Free
  199. Personalized books for ill and marginalized children.
  200. Candy trees for any event available check my project out!!!!
  201. The Ravenwood Collective is a Female owned and operated collective focusing on shared
  202. The Elemental Conductors - RM
  203. "Got your Back" Kickstarted project to save lives and property...
  204. The CryptoKey: Biometric USB Drive and Password Manager
  205. Dwindle - A Psychological Survival Video Game
  206. I made a blanket out of ice and snow!
  207. Medieval Strategy Board Game - Kickstarter
  208. Indie studio of 2 veteran developers making a game to compete with AAA titles
  209. My invention on Kickstarter stops Hoverboard explosions but I cant get any interest
  210. FantasySubs - Fantasy Football app/service that automates roster mgmt
  211. Time, and Again - Short Sci-fi drama with ex-Dr Who
  212. Storyfab: the augmented reality game everybody was waiting for!
  213. CTRL Z - A science fiction romantic comedy KICKSTARTER NOW LIVE!
  214. Pre-launch - don't miss out!
  215. Rustle: the Card Game - perfect for the casual gamer
  216. On a mission to change the world! <3
  217. Veteran developing mobile games
  218. Final 11 Hours of My Campaign!
  219. Mesmerizing levitating "Air Flower" blends technology and nature!
  220. Is the length of my video kickstarter suicide
  221. Feeding the Kraken! A Crowd Sourced Recipe Cook Book To Feed Children
  222. Suggestions to Invigorate Campaign - The Story House: Bookstore on Wheels
  223. One For Us, A Collaboration ROCK album
  224. ESports Gauntlet Kickstarter Campaign
  225. L'appel: See eyewear differently!
  226. Really another piece of junk?
  227. Wykerr paracord keychain @ indiegogo
  228. Cloud Pictures Books
  229. Please look at my campaign and help me raise the funds...it will change lives.
  230. We're trying to save lives and struggling...
  231. Rustle: the Card Game - perfect for the casual gamer
  232. A 3-in-1 edcuational robot for kdis age 8 and up. 4 days left and 99% funded.
  233. New Card Game - with a unique Bitcoin theme
  234. Can We All Have Success In Crowdfunding
  235. The Push For Cleaner Energy! - Indiegogo Project
  236. Where to share my Documentary Project?
  237. Weight loss challenge and entrepreneurs competition
  238. Delta: Volume 1 by Ryan Nichols
  239. World's Smallest Coffee Maker
  240. Miniature - The Story Puzzle
  241. Pro iPhone Masterclass- You recorded THAT on an iPhone!?
  242. imprint-X
  243. Hear Me: Talking Without Pausing.
  244. Spy DNA tactical squad RPG now on Kickstarter
  245. Lightime Kickstarter is now Live!
  246. EliteNote for Windows 10 now in beta. Check out the KickStarter!
  247. Cute Little Bastards - an evil new cardgame!
  248. No Epilogue. A short film!
  249. BE PART of the first Andes time-lapse short film!!
  250. FUJOBOX - An Anime (Yaoi) Subscription Box