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  1. The Tales of Ollundra - Fantasy Anthology
  2. EVEREAL Band launches Kickstarter Campaign
  3. An invention that makes TV simple
  4. Deeep.Space - A Journey Begins - Feedback
  5. Unexpected Race
  6. Wine Tasting
  7. Bearpit Social - café and social hub
  8. SHOTFACED- The Drinking card game
  9. Augmented Reality app in education bring fun and inspiration
  10. Join my Kickstarter and lets make magical girl games!
  11. AR interactive coding game for beginners ages 4-10
  12. The Golf Ball Club- Brand New High Quality Golf Balls, Delivered!
  13. The Golf Ball Club - Brand New High Quality Golf Balls, Delivered!
  14. EasiSpread - The Instant Heated Butter Knife
  15. Cloudylight - Coolest lamp you will ever own!
  16. Catch the Wave --- Build the Best Robot Possible, with Fireduino
  17. Chat-based game about digital detectives
  18. 'Gone Dark' - short film with a truly UNIQUE Kickstarter strategy
  19. Record in 3d for $89!
  20. AvatarWorld - Legacy of the Reaper (on indiegogo)
  21. First Kickstarter: Photography (interesting rewards available, such as music album)
  22. Hydra - A Plant Care System for Beginners and Serious Gardeners
  23. Blizzard at Sea - 'Ruminations' the fourth album from a small Iowa band
  24. Feeding Friend: Specialised, self inflating, nursing, support pillow
  25. "Unbranded" Album by Meghan Fink on Kickstarter
  26. Office Suicide Saga, a game about being as evil as your boss is :)
  27. Kickstarter: Last Chance to Grab the New Robot Starter Kit --- Fireduino
  28. In the Dark: A horror online graphic novel about a boy with paranormal skills
  29. Action packed feature film
  30. Everything Europe - new European-wide lifestyle and entertainment site.
  31. FitFactory: Custom Menswear w/ In-Person Fittings: Guaranteed Great Fit
  32. StrataCards self-playing poker deck on Kickstarter!
  33. StrataCards self-playing poker deck on Kickstarter!
  34. Merkd Gaming - Get Paid to Play Games
  35. Hip-Hop Flavored Dance Studio
  36. Hound9 Clothing
  37. Punky Pine and Bakwudz Fo'wud
  38. Project ECHOZ -- action-adventure
  39. Sentimental Trickster: BL/yaoi visual novel (demo) (Kickstarter)
  40. Learn from my mistake
  41. Bad People - The Party Game You Probably Shouldn't Play - $40k raised on KS already!
  42. Wright Watches - Exceptional Quality Automatic Watches for only €199
  43. Dare To Declare - A relationship based card game
  44. Emily's Bean Coffee - A premium brand of Highest Grade Coffee Beans
  45. Cojones : Challenge crowdfunding app
  46. The ultimate party creation app for consoles- Help me out
  47. A new way to say Hello
  48. VirtualCraft by LetMeOutAnimations
  49. Idolcam : Action Camera with 3 Axis Gimbal--No More Shaky Video
  50. Short Film about Suicide Awareness! We need to talk!
  51. Teen Depression & Suicide - Student Feature Indiegogo Campaign
  52. Come to check my project
  53. Tips and support in funding my Sports Cards project
  54. Our unique post apocalyptic feature film - What do you think?
  55. MUUTEA • CREATIVE TEA BAGS / Emoji, Skull, Galaxy, Van Gogh, Halloween, Zodiacs...
  56. Second Space - The animated series
  57. Portable Coffee and Tea Brewing Mug - What do you think?
  58. 10000 liters of coca-cola + mentos...
  59. The World's first 2-in-1 JetLag Supplement - Indiegogo
  60. Competition App Indiegogo
  61. Jam Karet clock: Tell time with colors for a new perspective
  62. Corporeal Magic - The spell collector: A brand new way to game!!
  63. Fan the sea - a story driven, relationship management game.
  64. [Board Games]12 Realms - Dungeonland Kickstarter - MAGE Company (Coming October 2016)
  65. Web Series - The Duel - Reality Competition [VIDEO]
  66. Huge Maps for Tabletop Gaming -Kickstarter
  67. Save Time and Earn Money with the COCO App
  68. Kickstarter Project.
  69. KickStarter Relaunch
  70. Kickstarter campaign for PCB tool
  71. Vita fx the most open and flexible health network
  72. Introducing DIY Electronic Door Lock – AMADAS Smart Lock
  73. Bloom Bras Lifting Spirits (and other things)
  74. Empowering Youth Through Technology
  76. Help keep children from drowning.
  77. QBox: World’s First Modular Power Bank
  78. Tradefit - The social network for trades & engineers
  79. Kickstarter project - Solar Armour UV Polo Shirt Sun Protection/Fashion Statement
  80. Kickstarter: Encore Jukebox App
  81. Moorebot, a SUPERCUTE home robot with A real eye
  82. Mechanaflux #4 - Now Live, Needs Backers, Needs Advise
  83. Kickstarter Project - Lightspeed Frontier, a sci-fi parody video game!
  84. Italian Luxury Polarized Sunglasses | Made with Love
  85. Huge global audience, no success...
  86. The Claw - Bottle Opener Multi-tool with 18 Other Functions!
  87. 3D Pawn - CHESS played on a cube
  88. Dunia: The Great War an Open World Action Adventure RPG in fictional medieval Africa
  89. Gangster® Build a Brand, a Story, the World's Best Headphone
  90. Just find a perfect gift for my kids!
  91. Unusual way to create an online game.
  92. Classi - A Smart Strap For Your Classic Watch
  93. Classi - A Smart Strap For Your Classic Watch
  94. Pay off your debt with spare change.
  95. The FIDEM Hoodie - Where History Meets The Future
  96. The new Social Network for communication, business and entertainment
  97. Cooper - Back to Space VR @Kickstarter
  98. Gadgeteers, the blind-bidding game of awesome inventions!
  99. SPIRIT® The Drinking Card Game
  100. "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" Remake
  101. A Crimson Man (85% funded!) - A live-action sci-fi adventure about fathers, sons, war
  102. Photobook Series...
  103. New Cooperative Brewery on the Horizon!!
  104. Hydra - A Simple, Automated Indoor Plant Care System for Plant Lovers!
  105. Indigogo- gelato cielo
  106. Our second campaign for Room in Room - Add a Versatile Room Right onto Your Bed
  107. Iconic Sea Birds" a kickstarter photobook project about the Puffin and Gannet
  108. World's Only Cloud Digital Signage System with HDMI Input
  109. Make your mailbox SMART
  110. Master Your Fate: Fate Foretold [Kickstarter]
  111. Stop the Germs! A 2 player tile-laying game that comes in a pill bottle.
  112. Mark Cuban Collaborates on Kickstarter Publishing Project
  113. "Certified Badass" - Super Simple and Goofy Kickstarter
  114. Woven: Reknit Your Character, Solve Puzzles (PC, Mac, Linux) [Kickstarter]
  115. ODDIO headphones. The most versatile headphones on the market?
  116. Hitchcockian style Thriller explores Fear of Falling from New Perspective
  117. MAGIEN - The Jewel of Secrets - Thousands of Pendants in ONE @Kickstarter
  118. Doggie Treat Warrior - Kickstarter
  119. Mollö discovers the world - illustrated children´s book [kickstarter]
  120. IDEENBRETT: Light,mobile whiteboard better than a flipchart!
  121. The AirBnb Boat
  122. New campaing in Indiegogo "Urban Electric Scooter E-kick E-Scooter"
  123. Lost Ember heading to Kickstarter
  124. Does anyone want this smart water bottle?
  125. FirstSighty - First Sight, First Smile, First Desire
  126. Patagonia Documentary: Adventure for CONSERVATION and EXPLORATION
  127. Poster of historical military weapons in World war 1 & 2 - KICKSTARTER
  128. The Puzzler Box - A lasercut puzzlebox with treasure in every box.
  129. MEET NXROBO BIG-i: The First Personalized Robot!
  130. Live Beacon: The World's Simplest iBeacon
  131. Jewelama - android game in development needs funds for promotion and final stage
  132. NAIRI: a cute point&click adventure for a mature audience! (PC) [Kickstarter]
  133. New Kickstarter: Remedy The Card Game
  134. Kickstarter - Mr. Love & Mrs. You & Their Wonderful Planet
  135. RggBer, a open hardware dedicated to image processing, is on Crowd Supply
  136. Monforti: Sartorial innovation in luxury watches. In October on Kickstarter
  137. WhytebOOyee Gear
  138. getFire.net desktop&mobile social&local
  139. GRAPHIC NOVEL: Destiny, NY
  140. The Pitch - a short film that is secretly an homage to filmmaking
  141. The Campaign - Hilarious Party Card Game
  142. Do you like cooking? Would you like to improve your diet but not have time enough?
  143. Colossal Blob - A fun card game for everyone! - Supported by Hasbro!
  144. Peace of Mind is More Affordable than Ever: SENS8 LIVE on Indiegogo___AMA!
  145. Koppo - Sustainable wooden watches
  146. Do our rewards seem valuable to you?
  147. The Ultimate Horror Movie Encyclopedia
  148. Slice Planner - First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars
  149. New Kickstarter Campaign - World's 1st Active Living Soap!
  150. SENS8 Featured on Producthunt, a GREAT community to promote the Campaign!
  151. FULLY FUNDED! LUMINNO GlowaSwitch - Light Switch Plate Reinvented
  152. IAMRUNBOX Backpacks and Garment Carrier on Kickstarter - feedback appreciated!
  153. ANANKE: A Sci-Fi Graphic Novel Series (Live on Kickstarter!)
  154. Make Hyrule Great Again - posters
  155. Geo Location Video Guide in 4k!!!
  156. Check inn motel - indiegogo
  157. Asylum of the Doomed (Live now) B-horror themed tabletop game
  158. Arcane Age - real-time multiplayer action game on iOS/Android
  159. Build the Studio
  160. ACTON BLINK: Most Advanced eBoards EVER - LIVE ON INDIEGOGO
  161. New arcade 'health bar' needing help
  162. Having a massage everyday is as important as having water, food and fresh air!
  163. Shredded Rhino --Activewear Apparel --(Veteran Owned)
  164. $300,000 to repair Wizard of Oz's Slippers?
  165. XLP Dice v2.0 -- 25% funded in 24 hours!
  166. Polly's Closet - Not just Accessories but a Community
  167. MODI - Create something with module
  168. Re-creating Amelia Earhart's Favorite Flight Jacket
  169. Shy Boyz Kickstarter (Or Anti-Kickstarter)
  170. X200 Clean Personal Portable Power-Hub is on Kickstarter
  171. Сrowdfunding in innovative transport. Profit 1000% in 3-5 years!
  172. Kickstarter - First MORPG for VR - Redemption's Guild
  173. Luupa - Your Smart Personal Reminder Medication Reminder at Indiegogo
  174. LumNKEY Launch December!
  175. CapSlide Nespresso and Keurig Pod Holder for unter cabinet mount @ Kickstarter
  176. The Aubergine Pillow!
  177. ChocAmo Cookie Cups | Sip. Bite. Feed Your Soul.
  178. Mindstream: World's 1st Crowdfunded YouTube Studio
  179. The Fully Interchangeable Watch! - Feedback
  180. brimsuits - Sun Protection for Babies & Toddlers - LIVE
  181. Real WarBots. Strategy game with real robots!
  182. SeaSack | Most useful beach bag ever made. Collaborating with Sole4Souls
  183. New Kickstarter: Rules Twist - Add custom house rules to existing classic games
  184. I Know What It's Like to Be A Struggling Musicians
  185. Please help by joining my FREE Thunderclap for LUMINNO GlowaSwitch?
  186. The Hatebox - Kickstarter's First Empathy Increasing Device - Any feedback?
  187. Teres Cache : The most singular and sleek coin experience
  188. New Kickstarter: The Need To GROW (documentary) Only 60 years of soil left on Earth!
  189. World's smallest RC car! You gotta check out how much engineering goes into this!
  190. * Looking for a Partner for a New Product Campaign
  191. Where there is light,there is wifi.
  192. Help fund fishing lures for a growing community
  193. We are Live and Ticking! Check out our watches!!
  194. KlipAL® The Ultimate Smartphone Companion
  195. FINAL 3 DAYS to Pre-Order LUMINNO GlowaSwitch on Kickstarter! 127% Funded!
  196. Kickstarter for an environmental initiative -- www.SaveUrbanRivers.org
  197. Safeguard your treasures w/ the LD West Backpack's secret pocket!
  198. Game of Trolls - A New Breed of Take That Card Game
  199. I'd welcome constructive feedback about our KS campaign TabletHookz™ please
  200. ILLUSIO Augmented Reality Breast Simulation Launched today on Kickstarter
  201. Support me to raise for Social Entrepreneurship Campaign
  202. IS IT A BIRD? KS For The Curious Mind
  203. Kickstarting a science fiction novella - Parallel Town
  204. Outstanding! Made To Measure leather jacket campaign
  205. Peary Lock - The Lock for Single-slider Zipper Bags
  206. Paw Fury and the Bacon of Destiny - A 2-D Plattaformer video game
  207. Superfood Protein: The World's Healthiest Protein Powder - Kickstarter
  208. HUXTR - Make Money On The Go
  209. 30 days(ish) New Innovative Luxurious Idea in a Tourist trap *Vegas*
  210. Let's Save Ancient Cities And Traveling In Time-With VR
  211. Smart Garden- Your solution for better food.
  212. The meanest man in texas
  213. My project the bracelet.
  214. Help make it happen for Liamigua Hydroponics in St. Kitts
  215. Se our Bauhaus inspired 2D Lamps on Kickstarter
  216. [Video game] Return to Earth - sci-fi action adventure / 'metroidvania' game!
  217. Soy Candles with Wood Wicks in Camping Mugs
  218. Brothers Socks: Wear 14 days straight without washing!
  219. Snasci Artificial General Intelligence
  220. [Film] A Kitten is diagnosed with a rare incurable disease called FIP
  221. LaPasyon: Redefine Your Bedroom
  222. A New, Transparent Pre-Workout!!
  223. Heimdall - The Family Guardian
  224. the new class electric kick board <TRANSBOARD>
  225. Crowdfunding the Perfect Yoga Mat!! [Final 7 Days, Special Offer to Forum Members]
  226. [Smart home] Welcome any feedback from my KS project Yoswit
  227. Flip N Flop Handbag
  228. A Reality Show About Hope and Second Chances
  229. * Here's a Great New IndieGoGo Feature
  230. Crowdsale announcement: Mercatox - a new platform on the market. Beta- version releas
  231. Ever Designed Your Own Acetate Sunglasses?
  232. THE WOLF Unisex Timepieces - Where contemporary minimalism meets vintage classics
  233. ORGAFAST the first sextoy all in one !
  234. Tough political times are coming - TECH TRUMPS HATE
  235. Green Cultural Travel Club
  236. i found a very interesting project on kickstarter
  237. Circle: A Smart & Neat Looking Panic Alarm
  238. Pretty Boys and Animals: A Coloring Book
  239. Project | World Football Trifecta Leagues
  240. DIY hydroponics system in home .
  241. Solar UPS Power Supply to low consumption equipment
  242. RUN FOR IT - a horror-based escape room
  243. Project online, help is needed!
  244. Project: Liberty - An open-world MMORPG game - Developed under one developer!
  245. About Fashion Wallet
  246. Journal 29: Interactive Book Game
  247. Feedback on landing page for my coffee maker project
  248. How to avoid SCAMS when looking for promos for your campaign?
  249. The Winkel Board : New One Stop Arduino Compatible Development and Prototyping Board
  250. Feedback Requested - Kickstarter Campaign - Glow Rings and Glow Ring Charger