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  1. * Have a Great New Crowdfunding Product - looking for a Marketing Partner
  2. My RPG Game Indie GoGo campaign Launched !!!
  3. Idea Jab - The card game for developing business Ideas
  4. Kickstarter: Last Chance to Grab the Disc Wallet
  5. Kickstarter Exclusive | THYMOS GadgetCare: The World’s First Self-Sanitising Shield
  6. Atlas Time Co: A New Generation of Contemporary Watches
  7. BITRISING: turn $12 in $90 000 by refering only 2 people
  8. Super Dice Set Launched on Kickstarter!
  9. Support 9Fest: Emerging Filmmakers!
  10. Amazing bean - limited ed. Ashcan comic
  11. Just launched my first Kickstarter!
  12. Trace The Grace - Debut Memoir on Kickstarter -
  13. Lets Make A Difference With Quotemeclothing Kickstarter. Spread the positivity
  14. Never buy an expensive apple charger cable again!!
  15. Lambo 2 in 1 Backpack Carrier - First time on Kickstarters any advise help!
  16. UVee by Clean Light Laboratories - Kickstarter Campaign
  17. My project launched on Kickstarter
  18. Peace of Mind for Parents and Kids The Emotional Resiliency App That Knows You Better
  19. Falkland Islands Residency 2017
  20. Need Feedback on Product Idea
  21. The Nightmare Patrol #2- Horror comic!
  22. "The Pursuit Of Serenity" Art Project
  23. WiCub: WiFi IoT Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  24. I started a hobby project in indiegogo
  25. Amazing, Magic Cardboard Sculptures that follow you! Physical rewards starting at $3
  26. Something new, a touch sensitive drone. My kickstarter
  27. Bounce Jerky - All Natural - Hand Crafted - Quality
  28. New Kickstarter - Let's Change The Music Industry! - Crowdfunded Record Label
  29. Augmented Reality Zombie Survival Mobile Game - Kickstarter
  30. My first Campaign about Gold and Design...
  31. My first Campaign about Gold and Design...
  32. Ties From One-Another
  33. We recently launched our Kickstarter campaign - A Unique Spinning Toy
  34. Crazy Horror/Thriller Indiegogo Campaign Raises $10k in 3 days!
  35. RetroGame Kickstarter! (fixed)
  36. Socially-Conscious Jewelry Company Kickstarter - Doing Good One Charm at a Time
  37. Unsure about my first crowdfunding project
  38. My first ever Kickstarter!!
  39. City Siege Factions - a Kickstarter Video Game Project
  40. New KickStarter Campaign! AirHooks for AirPods (No strings attached!)
  41. Help My Dream Come True
  42. The GarBQ
  43. We made a pair of underwear to take on Mr. Donald Trump. 88% funded on Kickstarter
  44. Make a Contribution Today! LingvoBot Language Learning App for Android and iOS.
  45. Sunnyville Super Special Kickstarter
  46. JUST LAUNCHED! Talking President Trump Man of Action Figure
  47. Ankor - A multi Tool Flashlight for a Multitude of Adventures. KICKSTARTER!
  48. Lost in Chance - The Movie Campaign
  49. Definitely The Craziest Intro Of All Crowdfunding Campaigns
  50. We just launched our first campaign and could get a little advice / support
  51. The only Minimalist Watch you will ever need!
  52. ALQ - Find everything you need, or share your things and make a profit -
  53. Emotive Chess Project - Chess Pieces With Dynamic Emotions
  54. My new macro photo book project
  55. The Pedestrian - a 2.5D puzzle platformer in an immersive 3D world
  56. A Funny cat’s love story, please look the Kickstarter video!
  58. Biopunk - scifi concept short for a feature film set in a dystopian London
  59. HoldUm's - The First Nano-Suction Glasses Holder (150% Funded and Going)
  60. Our 4th Kickstarter and at last it looks like we've found a successful formula.
  61. These dinosuars are SO METAL (our 4th successful campaign!)
  62. "Hard Road" Short Film Kickstarter Campaign - Rewards for every $10!
  63. VRLD - free online VR platform
  64. Adam's Adventure now live on kickstarter! Video game for RPG lovers everywhere.
  65. Earn Daily Dividends When You Crowd Fund Our Project
  66. Handicraft Leather Boat Shoes & Loafers Starts at $49 by 3rd times creator
  67. SMASHED Kickstarter Goal!
  68. Just Launched ! Soca - Journey to the East Documentary
  69. Non-Fiction Book: "We Look Up: Trekking & Volunteering in Post-Earthquake Nepal"
  70. Interested in Vietnamese Coffee Culture - we go on a LIVE STREAM in less than 2 hours
  71. Ultraforged Studio and Soul of Dream
  72. Indigo go.com- A book to help father's cope with the loss of a child
  73. FaveEm.com - What's you fave?
  74. Freshrents: Brand new kickstarter campaign!
  75. If you are interested in diverse coffee cultures, this might be for you...
  76. Education Through Expedition- Life time opportunaity for local school children
  77. A Kickstarter creating unique Original Illustrations & prints!
  78. follow X - Next Generation of Wireless Follow Focus For Ground & Air on Kickstarter
  79. My New Kickstarter Graphic Novel/Children's Book- PUNK TACO!
  80. A Van Called Home Documentary
  81. We pay 8% Commission as Affiliate for our Kickstarter Campaign
  82. Crowdfunding for a Second Hand Store website and app
  83. Never die by ignorance
  84. "Anew: The Distant Light" - a new indie video game from Bioshock, Star Wars devs
  85. Hunt Me Down - FPS Game - Kickstarter.com
  86. SafeTea Towel
  87. El Diablo - Short Mafia Film (IndieGoGo)
  88. Intellecy Smart Water Meter with Leak Protection on Kickstarter until March 9 2017
  89. LYNQ: The No Nonsense 6-in-1 Charging Hub
  90. Beginners Website Design Program
  91. Very promising and interesting project.
  92. Preview request
  93. CardTales: Base Edition!
  94. Seeking feedback for upcoming Polimind Papercraft campaign & sharing strategies used
  95. A new animated series to educate and inspire kids!
  96. Hand-Dyed artisan Sneaker from Italy!
  97. Handsocks! Children's Mittens for Safety and Comfort
  98. Thingzo - The device that tells you the last time something moved!
  99. Elements the Digital Card Game!
  100. A Painting Business That Promotes Sisterhood
  101. "The Lake Murders" Full Feature Documentary
  102. [indiegogo] Science Connected: Bring Science To Your Screen
  103. Onova Project A Cyberpunk Game !
  104. Ever needed to speak in public? Pitch Cards is for you!
  105. Help finish and publish my book
  106. LOBUTI: A new kickstarter charitable sale campaign
  107. Project Child Kickstarter
  108. www.tabletopmusic.com - The Adventurer's Collection Tabletop Soundtrack!
  109. 87% funded, over $29k raised, Premium Menswear For Every Part of Your Life
  110. [Kickstarter]*BadFella - Shocking Culture Clothing
  111. Videohead - A Science Fiction Feature Film
  112. Have you ever want to sent a thing to future ?
  113. Mosha Online, my campaign is Up!
  114. Book on Immigrant experiences in America
  115. Brew Soldier - Trying a Kickstarter "All in 1" 7 Day Campaign
  116. The Greatest Martial Arts Story Ever Told
  117. Pinn | All-In-One Handsfree Device For Your Smartphone
  118. Nextion Capacitive Multitouch Displays: Design Pro HMI for Embedded System in Hours
  119. [Kickstarter] Wargaming Ruined City Project
  120. Aickar ELF - The World’s First Transparent Aroma Diffuser is Live on Indiegogo
  121. Advertising my project - Please for tips
  122. LIMITED LAUNCH: TravelPass - the €5 Card for Cards
  123. ghostboyworld a 210 page Art Book
  124. Elegant timepieces at a fair pricing - The Parlieri 11827 Chronograph
  125. Mad World Film - What questions do you have regarding mental health?
  126. e-Raptor Dinosaurs Dice Towers campaign: new update
  127. Electric Bikes on CrowdFunding
  128. Help? A portable coffee brewer that regulates the temperature of your coffee.
  129. History in 1/6 scale: Roman Emperor Commodus action figure on Kickstarter
  130. The joy of sleep
  131. Another review from The Dice Tower
  132. Indie Comics Unite!
  133. 1st Kickstarter Protein Coffee K-Cups
  134. Kickstarter for a poster about friendship!
  135. My first Kickstarter! Pug Pins: A Pug Enamel Pin Set
  136. The Front End series: illustrated posters of iconic cars
  137. Eccentric Fidget Spinner
  138. Mizu Chef's Knife - Feedback on our campaign
  139. The Updated Flux Generator
  140. Meritocracy - The Historical Card Game
  141. [KickStarter] eMinnow the worlds first robotic fishing lure
  142. $5 travelpass - limited time only!
  143. "The Hooligans" Web-Series (Only 5 days left)
  144. They Say "You Can Tell A Man By His Shoes"... Equerry
  145. iPal Baby - Virtual Baby Childcare Simulator
  146. My very first Kickstarter! Bamboo Charcoal Underwear
  147. COMIC HACKING (we need support)
  148. Kickstarter for BaadFood #1, a Sci-Fi comic
  149. Supporting Local Musicians - My First Attempt at Kickstarter
  150. SMARTRULER Multi-Function Creative Sketch Tool EARLY BIRD 12$+3$ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
  151. SMARTRULER Multi-Function Creative Sketch Tool EARLY BIRD 12$+3$ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
  152. SMARTRULER Multi-Function Creative Sketch Tool EARLY BIRD 12$+3$ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
  153. SMARTRULER Multi-Function Creative Sketch Tool EARLY BIRD 12$+3$ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
  154. SMARTRULER Multi-Function Creative Sketch Tool EARLY BIRD 12$+3$ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
  155. Our first campaign on Indiegogo. Unique Wood iPhone Cases
  156. Wallflower Systems. The only product of it's kind.
  157. Finally live - The perfect Carry-on, by Marlowe
  158. Travelpass - $5 card for cards - limited release
  159. Seebit: the first app that tells you names of actors from the videos you're watching
  160. Suggestions on raising seed, Projected 400% profit forecast in 1 year
  161. The Musicassette Comeback
  162. Check Out My New Crowdfunding Product
  163. The Thunderchickens are GO!
  164. Indiegogo......KANOA Truly wireless earphones
  165. Take a look at my Swiss made Watch campaign which is launched today on Kickstarter
  166. HITCASE PRO 2.0: The Ultimate Photo & Video Case for iPhone LIVE on Kickstarter
  167. Wear The Peace-The Clothing That Gives Back KickStarter
  168. Any Marketing Pro Want to Duplicate the Success of the BauBax ?
  169. The First App for Workplace Happiness built with Positive Psychology [KICKSTARTER]
  170. Kickstarter for hunters (also info about setting up referral program)
  171. INTERPRETAME.COM - "The all-in-one web-tool for interpreters and translators”
  172. Help Me Fund My Rap Album! :)
  173. KickStarter - Scuba Regulator Bag - Divers Designing for Divers
  174. Sock Aid On & Off: Never need to bend over again
  175. This Kickstarter is looking to solve the biggest health problem of all.
  176. Need support for 405 Gamers!
  177. Airpaq - The everydaybackpack upcycled from airbags and seatbelts
  178. Artiquill - Natural Language Powered Grammar Correcting, Writer-Oriented, Editor
  179. Chameleon phone case! :)
  180. A Jacket Like the BauBax
  181. Mr. Charger designed by Eero Aarnio - Live on Indiegogo
  182. Caffeinated energy gum trending on Indiegogo!
  183. Cosmic Wildlife Enamel Pins (Already 800%+ Funded)
  184. Busy building? We'll help you build a fun bond with a special child in your life.
  185. * Gimme a Read on My Latest Campaign
  186. Last day: Get travelpass for $5 with free shipping!
  187. KamiDrop: A Fresh Take On Monster Collecting (iOS & Android)
  188. Real STONE MacBook covers and Smartphone Cases
  189. Sustainability, it's for the future!
  190. Check out my crowd funding project!
  191. Please check out my campaign, True Stories - Real Stories, Real People
  192. Ever heard of the Smartgolf putter? Just launched on Kickstarter!
  193. Get a copy of my new and unreleased electronic Album! Help replace my stolen laptop<3
  194. VibePlayer: Feel the music in vibrations on your smart device
  195. Smart and Stylish Watering System for Your Plants
  196. Introducing Projects in Laravel - Learn By Building 10 Real World Apps
  197. Check out my new Kick campaing. Rent'alot
  198. Support Life Air Compact Disc R&D
  199. Last Chance: TapDock - Ultimate Multipurpose Dock for Smartphones / Tablets / E-Books
  200. Anyone Interested in a Profit-Share?
  201. "Back to the Future"-inspired, climate controlled jacket
  202. Support a Diverse Children's Book
  203. INWEIGH- World's First SMART Baggage Solution
  204. Svako Designs
  205. Do you love coffee as much as we do? Come and explore with us....
  206. Gia Giraffe - Yoga Pants That Help Save Giraffes
  207. Check Out My New Crowdfunding Product!
  208. Our very first Indiegogo campaign! Norwester watches - Swiss Made inspired by Nature
  209. Mind the Gap watches- Be a rebel
  210. The Adventures of Mr. Polly (and YOU)
  211. First truly travel optimized playing cards - The Airdeck is LIVE and 50% funded after
  212. The only marketplace app to buy and sell news and intel
  213. Our first crowdfunding project - MUKE Leather Set
  214. Kickstarter project to help young children hang up their clothes - SAVE PARENTS TIME!
  215. 'The Weitz Method'
  216. Film 102 - Indiegogo Campaign - Diverse romantic comedy - web series
  217. Reblade : Boomerang & Frisbee 2 in 1 In The Size Of A Pen
  218. Fantasy - A Surreal Film About A Married Couple Seeing A Sex Therapist
  219. Introducing Cable Label - Checkout our Kickstarter
  220. STAY DRESS - weighted pins to keep dresses down in the wind... Now on Kickstarter!
  221. Just Launched on Kickstarter: a webtool to help you make electronics easy and fast
  222. A new habit creating life logging tool
  223. Sunglasses made from ROCKS
  224. DAPPR WATCH | Vintage Pilot Collection - Live on Kickstarter!
  225. Pink Angler Fish Enamel Pin designed for my girlfriend! Feedback appreciated :)
  226. 2nd Kickstarter: Chess of Blades, an 18+ BL/yaoi visual novel
  227. Smart Buckle turns your Watch into a Fitness Tracker Instantly!
  228. Osgrich: A minimalistic designer Clock [Kickstarter Project]
  229. Hello World a children's book your child can act along with!
  230. La Cosa Nostra O Busto- A Mafia Short Film- Coming Soon
  231. [KickStarter 6/12-7/12] 1.25" Mermaid Princess Hard Enamel Pins - $12 per pin!
  232. Rock generation festival launches on kickstarter lets rock to make a difference
  233. Groundbreaking Sufi-Inspired Music for Peace Project
  234. Invest in the Future of Television. Be a Part of the Vibrant TV Crowdfunding Now!
  235. Universal VR case for watching VR, 3D or 360 video. Can serve as a phone stand too!
  236. Fresh Bedding Reimagined with Coffee
  237. Television Viewership Habits are Changing | Is Vibrant TV Network Ahead of the Game?
  238. Flamingo Hard Enamel Pin
  239. Live on Kickstarter - follow X a filmtool for follow focus
  240. A NEW type of Cardholder - CO. MEN has launched!
  241. KRAFT anime series - Kickstarter until July 25 2017
  242. The Captain's Log - A Journal for life's journey
  243. Musk Skateguitars - up to july 9!
  244. Card Game "Bite Me Cutie" - A Super KAWAII Animal & Food Game Kickstarter
  245. The Future of Television?
  246. Tattoo Studio
  247. Fall into the world of imagination and inspiration, A World of Cinematic Music
  248. First Casual AR Smart glasses for Everyday Life
  249. Tabletote Laptop Stands - Amazon Best Sellers - KickStarter - LIne Extensions
  250. This Haier Xshuai Smart Robot Could Use Amazon Alexa - Only $299 Now on Indiegogo