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  1. Explore Patagonia Through This Feature Documentary!
  2. Graphic RPG Kickstarter!!
  3. Tabletop Gaming Vault! Store your gaming gear in style!
  4. Luwi giving women control back when it comes to sex.
  5. The Universal Shopping App
  6. KKMC Design - Are they on route to compete with Bellroy and Mont Blanc?
  7. Symphonica: Designer sustainable wood speaker & accessories for iPhone / Android
  8. Innovative Future Transport SkyWay
  9. [NEW!!!!] JOYPARCEL: The subscription box that brings you JOY!
  10. VARIANT WATCH CO.- Premium Timepieces at a Fair Price. CAMPAIGN LIVE!!!
  11. Strengthen your relationship with our scrapbook for couples in love :)
  12. Mining Rigs with Competitive Price
  13. Love & Growth Through The Eyes of The Universe: Poetry Book
  14. Art Monograph from Singapore : Inkpulse
  15. [HYPE!] Fantasy Arena Combat Boardgame and Pro Graphic Novel
  16. Preparation of Asterionas Cretan House's campaign. Cretan dash and hospitality!
  17. Kyokushin Karate Manga Textbook
  18. Female Werewolf Hunter Comic Series
  19. Saplai Premium Footwear- Fully Customizable Fashion
  20. Fidget Guiders - World's Fist Fidget Spinner Shoes!
  21. The Clique Collection: The Most Innovative Wallets
  22. AIBoostAg - Artificial Intelligence Booster
  23. Crowdfunding Expo Opportunity
  24. The worlds cleanest Fitness & Yoga Mat !!
  25. Trippy - A Wireless Speaker with Place and Play Technology
  26. The ONLY Magnetic Stereo Speakers that can be Attached to Any Surface on Kickstarter
  27. My Kickstarter project: SeaTalkie keeps you SAFE and CONNECTED during water sports
  28. For those interested in the small farm business, introducing the AGRowBot.
  29. Feedback on my Seed and Spark movie campaign.
  30. Bribables - A Story About Corruption & Good
  31. Would you back our 7 most functional bags and cubes?
  32. Computer Networking Audio Book
  33. FlasKap: The First Ever Flask in a Lid!
  34. Keatz : The Lonely Bird - A 2D Old school Action Platformer now on IndieGoGo
  35. Giveaway for our kickstarter campaign! Try to win New iPhone 7 Black (32 MB)!
  36. Everybody Familiar With The Backer Directory?
  37. Lottery ticket perk?
  38. Crimson Hunter: Portal to Hibanoki Volume 1 Comic on IndieGOGO
  39. Playing Cards For Tiny Hands
  40. World's First Adjustable Grip Spinner! - GRIPSPINNER
  41. Out of the Woods. An American McGee physical card game
  42. Organic tea online store. Worldwide free delivery
  43. Around the Board: A Webseries and Online Community Dedicated To Tabletop Gamers
  44. Radiant In The Shadows [Kickstarter]
  45. This is some much more than "bags for luggage
  46. Indie Women’s International Film Festival in Brooklyn Launches Kickstarter Campaign.
  47. Karma Output
  48. The smallest Folded Bike
  49. The future transport innovation on Indiegogo
  50. Eradicate Malaria, Dengue & Japanese encephalitis.
  51. Rattlesnake skin Pens by WoodNotch -- NEW KICKSTARTER
  52. what is current best real estate deal in Miami?
  53. Scandinavia and the World: A game of living countries
  54. Cannibal Inferno - At 91% with 7 hours to go!
  55. Enter The Reveries - An thrilling artistic hand drawn mobile game
  56. Turtle Rover - World's first rover for Earth exploration
  57. (Indiegogo) Smacircle S1: The eBike That Fits In Your Backpack
  58. The Seeds of Dissolution - Kickstarter Project We Love!
  59. Fund Christian Festival: Music, Speakers, etc. All Glorifying God
  60. Make your phone an Action Camera!
  61. Smacircle Trolley Bag
  62. A lightest ebike in the world
  63. How good is it?
  64. An ebike with Carbon Fiber Frame
  65. Potential New Marketing Partner
  66. Smacircle: The World's First smallest $649 Foldable Electric Bike
  67. The Little Bird from B.Sensory added to AXF
  68. UKSH 14 crowdfunding rewards are one of a kind...
  69. After a Year of Helping Others, Dozens of Posts, & Countless Messages, It's My Turn:
  70. A collection of 10 magical illustrated Snowman greeting cards by Mark Molchan
  71. what loan is best as per your experience?
  72. what is perfect time for fix and flip loan ?
  73. what is perfect time for fix and flip loan?
  74. We are a team that loves to see people have fun ,help me help others
  75. MONSTER DICE mini figures YOU ROLL!
  76. Redefining The Self-Help Industry
  77. Perversion for Profit? Yes... and in time for holiday shopping.
  78. Really enticed by kickstarter newsletter but not sure
  79. Christmas Soft Enamel Pin Kickstarter Campaign
  80. Awesome Fidget lighter Case
  81. The Naked Game - A card game for couples
  82. Has Anyone Used the Crowdfunding Backr Directory?
  83. Has Anyone Used the Crowdfunding Backer Directory?
  84. Most Productive Marketing
  85. Profit Share - How to Get Paid?
  86. NEON KNIGHTS: 2086 - CyberPunk Battle Racing Board Game!
  87. Crowdfunding an Entertainment Center- Is It Possible?
  88. Please support my Kickstarter project to make the highest rated Selenium Webdriver
  89. Great Incentives, Including a Trip to the Virgin Islands!
  90. Introducing Astronaut Memory Foam Travel Pillow for All Travelers & Adventure Seekers
  91. Video On Demand Platform For Self-Help
  92. I just created my very first KickStarter campaign
  93. Startup Founder and CEO Is Hosting an AMA!
  94. The HANGONATOR is an all natural - new tech bio frequency hangover prevention patch!
  95. Marketing Ideas
  96. Make your own mineral water, just like nature with Mitte.
  97. Fightlings: The Card Game is now on Kickstarter
  98. World War What - Virtual Reality First Person Shooter
  99. Eventfull agrotourism in Crete, Greece!Explore it!
  100. You are worth to spend your holidays in the island of Crete, Greece the next summer!
  101. Blade of Unagi - Live on Kickstarter
  102. THEM! - A Collaborative Art Project (For fans of weird aliens and monsters)
  103. Feedback on landing page
  104. Atomic Tarot
  105. AprendeApps Drag n' Drop Mobile App Creator
  106. Campaign now live!!!!
  107. Check out my campaign!
  108. Important feedback!
  109. A Homemade Fudge Kickstarter Campaign
  110. Looking for comments about our campaign - EV4 Bike on Indiegogo
  111. * Why does this campaign have a funding goal of $1?
  112. Crowdfunding Campaign live! - Fund the next generation of entrepreneurs and coders
  113. * Rewards Based Fulfillment
  114. Saint George | The Tree of Secrets
  115. Don't you hate when monsters destroy your work place?
  116. STRESSED OUT! Kickstarter Page funded 25% on First DAY! Nothing EVER Since
  117. Rick and Morty Pins
  118. How far will you go to save humanity from the invasion - "WHEN THEY ARRIVED"??
  119. Crowdfunding A Rattling and Expansive Album of Covers
  120. * Campaign Perk - Interest in Subsequent Campaigns?
  121. Re-launching my fudge campaign on Kickstarter.
  122. Music Festival for the less fortunate 2nd edition of Anonymous Sun & Moon Festival
  123. Steel Fighters League - The "One man" studio game live on Kickstarter
  124. Ultracompact, highly portable, reusable and eco-friendly alternative to paper cup
  125. * Am I Dreaming ? ?
  126. * Any Marketers Who Want to Get Rich?
  127. Our first Kickstarter campaign is 450% funded!
  128. CM1 - A Smarter Fridge
  129. Choreo: Legend of Loco - A 2D Musical Platformer (Kickstarter Campaign and Free Demo)
  130. Androktasiai: a 3d Animated Sci-Fi Action Thriller Film, Now on Indiegogo!
  131. DeceBus – a Volkswagen T1 that will revive from its own rust
  132. Indiegogo: Edible fruit coating
  133. LET AI Glasses with Alexa & Bone Conduction Audio
  134. Du Lac & Fey - Narrative Adventure Game
  135. "The List" What if Santa saved children at Christmas? (Comic Kickstarter)
  136. Creating Friendships & Helping the kids!
  137. My 1st Kickstarter Project: Crown Verto Bronze Watch
  138. New Kickstarter Campaign Proving We Live In Virtual Reality
  139. New Kickstarter Campaign Proving We Live In VR
  140. We are helping this project on Kickstarter. Proof we live in simulation.
  141. A very controversial video on kickstarter
  142. Do you believe that Earth may be virtual reality and we are sims?check this kickstart
  143. Controversial Kickstarter Campaign
  144. Most Controversial Kickstarter Campaign.
  145. Most Controversial Kickstarter Campaign.
  146. Most Controversial Kickstarter Campaign.
  147. Just launched on Crowdcube my green energy project
  148. 100% Premium Leather Limited Edition Handmade Sneakers at Unbeatable Prices
  149. Rooted Attire: clothing brand that is making a difference in the world
  150. MagC Boost - World's first MacBook Battery case. Clip-On-And-Go.
  151. HealFast - Recovery from Injuries and Surgeries!
  152. Rooted Attire: clothing brand that is making a difference in the world
  153. HealFast - Recovery from Injuries and Surgeries!
  154. The Cold Case of Noella Bejerot, A Comedic, Murder Mystery Game on Kickstarter!
  155. The Bible of the Sacred Clowns
  156. Ecotourism in the Altai region
  157. KlipAL - Modular | Metal | Multi-functional - Smartphone Holder: Launch Date is Set
  158. Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter (Comics)
  159. Spinblock Table Tennis Club in Indiana- World Ranked Players. Desperate for help!
  160. Techo Autowater - Make any faucet automatic
  161. Straight from a Scientist Podcast Kickstarter!
  162. Help us spread the word! Hangman Prints App on Kickstarter!
  163. DTing - World's First Easy-start Gesture Controlled Robots
  164. Sprite Beads Kickstarter
  165. Analog Fantasy - Fantasy Adventure Visual Novel
  166. Custom Printed LEGO Minifigs!
  167. Just launched: The Worlds Most Versatile Button.
  168. Traverse - our crowdfunding campaign
  169. TDA Magnetic Button: Limited Perks start from $1 - First come, first served.
  170. Help improve surgery with us! ( no payment required)
  171. Cross-Pledging Community Indiegogo - Let's all grow together!
  172. The Indiegogo pre-launch page for As The Sun Rises Movie UK is now live!
  173. Oak bark leather Belt campaign
  174. The Most Versatile Smartphone Holder is Now Live on Kickstarter
  175. Inexpensive Grand piano muffler system, play at night and the morning!
  176. Cosmos Invictus: A true Sci-Fi Collectible Card Game on Kickstarter
  177. Your Heartbeat Can Prevent Sexual Assault?!
  178. Perfect Ten- Great new App- Connecting users to local businesses in a fun way.
  179. check out and share my campaign
  180. Unleashed - An indie 2D dark RPG
  181. Introducing The Closet Key: Canada's Premier Personal Styling Service
  182. New crowdfundig project from freldo
  183. Dylyver. Blend of ride sharing, social delivery & long term income - Indiegogo
  184. Kickstarting a coop magic colony building game!
  185. VR headset now crowdfunding
  186. Automated Living
  187. SSC Tycoon - Business Simulator
  188. KlipAL - Final Week Special Reward Added
  189. May I introduce my Kickstarter project here?
  190. 1up comics and collectibles
  191. Ostium. Door to Health.
  192. World Without Borders
  193. Real Doll - Short Film
  194. "Lost in Time" a young adult novel
  195. Short Film - Four Seasons
  196. Kievan Rus’ – geopolitical simulator
  197. Introducing LADYSCUMBAG: Archetype of Collective Fourth Wave Feminist Evolution
  198. Introducing BORN ARTIST - A project to help people fall in love with art
  199. Introducing BORN ARTIST - A project to help people fall in love with art
  200. Healthy Options Cafe Opening
  201. Bad Boys Wrestling
  202. Bad Mouth - A Party Game for Trash Talkers
  203. Dreamare Now live on Kickstarter
  204. Around the World in 575 Songs
  205. Aifred Health: Using Machine Learning to Improve Treatment Efficacy in Mental Health
  206. Introducting my 1st KS project: STERKUR watch - Iceland Silfra Dive 300m
  207. The Constellar Epoch Series | Affordable Luxury Watches For Your Wrist
  208. Two birds, one stone. More donations.
  209. New Sci-Fi Space Western comic Kickstarter has launched from STAR CROSS Comics
  210. 1st Kickstarter project: RISE & FALL #7 (of 12) 40 PAGE COMIC BOOK
  211. My first kickstarter campaign, mobile game Rise UP
  212. If you like getting creative and laughing, this is the game for you.
  213. Designed a Vinyl Record Display Case to show records as art: CLRCASE on Kickstarter
  214. My 1st Kickstarter Project: Cubeł
  215. Sectri City - an immigration dystopia
  216. Galactic Legends - FREE TO PLAY MMORPG Coming 2019 $1 beta!
  217. Constellar Epoch - Amazing Watches At Extraordinary Prices | Miyota 9015 From $169
  218. CYOA Style Gamebook; Kickstarter
  219. Coolest troll figure for Trump - our very 1st Kickstarter project need your support!
  220. Please help us put an end to over consumed plastic in a $25B industry
  221. Book: BABYLON BY BUS. Bob Marley & The Wailers Live on Kickstarter
  222. First large-scale Free-to-play MMO space simulator - remains 1 day up to launch
  223. VENGEANCE, a New Thriller Short Film by 17 year old Luke Flaherty
  224. Feedback on my Project Page needed - Not Yet Live!
  225. D&D and Ferret Inspired Shirts | Fierce Ferrets - Geeks Growing a BUSINESS!
  226. Floral Ovens Kickstarter Launching Tomorrow
  227. ROE - Menswear Manufactured in Britain - Live on kickstarter
  228. A Keyboard Crowdfunding
  229. Boxscoop The Easy Cleaning Litter System | First Campaign!
  230. Gaming Keyboard Project - Crowdfunding
  231. The Fibos - Cosmic Invasion (Indiegogo Campaign) #1 Reward : 1 on 1 Unity3D Course!
  232. Our 1st Kickstarter Campaign: Bitcon Cards
  233. Bidding Wars! - a simple game for the whole family.
  234. Midterm Madness: Political Cups and Plaques
  235. Help make it happen for Chicca Jump: A Unique 2D Arcade Mobile Game on Indiegogo
  236. The King Of - check out our game on Kickstarter
  237. Help make a difference - promote or donate to ifundwomen
  238. Rita the Fetish Art Book
  239. PileR - The Considered Social Network
  240. You have NEVER tasted ANYTHING like this BEFORE
  241. GetFire.net Social PWA & Patreon
  242. Chocolate dietary supplements
  243. My 1st project-Ropot-Intelligent Robot Cooker
  244. The Fingerprint USB Flash Drive Prototype
  245. Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Blaze Benefactors
  246. Ovoo - Not a joke. First bbq gives you electricity (Kickstarter July 2018)
  247. OKU - The last remote you'll ever need
  248. Campaign for a fantasy comic book called Vile Divine
  249. Inequality-opoly: The Board Game of Structural Racism and Sexism in America
  250. Pocketify - Kickstarter launch is coming soon