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  1. (Indiegogo) Project J
  2. (Kickstarter) Trip-Tography Texas Summer Tour
  3. (Kickstarter) Hero May Die
  4. (Indiegogo) Short Film 'Christie' - the impact of HIV/AIDS on women, families
  5. (Indiegogo) Cosmo - virtual galaxy
  6. (Kickstarter) All Quiet on the Martian Front
  7. (Indiegogo) Schein: Lost in a Swamp - a Wisp is your Guide - Light is your Hope
  8. (Indiegogo) The VeryMeri Experience
  9. (Indiegogo) Help Fund For Our Flash Cure and Dryer For Screenprinting
  10. (KickStarter) StarMage Comic
  11. (Indiegogo) Flawless short film - Raise awareness of domestic and family violence
  12. (Kickstarter) Cash for Gold
  13. (Kickstarter) Stackin' Kickz Clothing
  14. (Indiegogo) Greek cuisine to get me to London next month! Take a look...
  15. (kickstarter) Inner Warrior : The Duel [ Online PvP Based Game ]
  16. (Kickstarter) Cymbil Spellcraft: Co-Op Action RPG / ARPG Creator Toolset
  17. (Kickstarter) Zooligans Card Game: You build the zoo
  18. (Kickstarter) Child Custody, Visitation and Support Manager
  19. (Kickstarter) Gig2Go by WrighTrell - Change the way you gig!!
  20. (Kickstarter) Thoughtful Threadz™ Debut Collection: InnovaTees™
  21. (Kickstarter) - Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Core Rulebook)
  22. (Indiegogo) - Fund Safe Guns
  23. (Kickstarter) Banana Man Comic Book
  24. (Kickstarter) Poke-A-Monsta Game
  25. (Kickstarter) ModelBox 3D: A Fast and Affordable 3D Visualization Tool
  26. (Kickstarter) Phaedrus Motorcycles
  27. (KICKSTARTER) Tainted Gaming presents an MMORPG Tainted Realm
  28. (Kickstarter) Smart Citizen Kit: Crowdsourced Environmental Monitoring
  29. (Kickstarter) Dreams of Typhon - A Dungeon Crawl Card Game in Space
  30. (FundaGeek) Possum Vision - UV/IR Visual Scavenging Signals
  31. (FundaGeek) LogicGem: Free Web Version
  32. (FundaGeek) The Solar Revolution
  33. (Kickstarter) StoryQuest Online MMORPG
  34. (Kickstarter) Flexible Wireless Charger
  35. (indiegogo) Dead Space: Convergence short FAN film
  36. (indiegogo) ONE TRICK PONY APPAREL 2013 RANGE
  37. (Indiegogo) Sports Studs
  38. (Indiegogo) JackClamp - An innovative tool for DIYers, woodworkers and metalworkers
  39. (Indiegogo) TESS reservations for iPhone and Android are available now
  40. (Kickstarter) The Lost Shark: Searching for the Art of JAWS
  41. (Kickstarter) LivingPlug: Redefining the Ubiquitous Duplex Electrical Outlet
  42. (Indiegogo) Always Starving Clothing Line
  43. (Kickstarter) Darkmatter Xbox Laptop and DIY Kit
  44. (Kickstarter) Survivor X
  45. (IndieGOGO) Nexless
  46. (Kickstarter) Natural Decadence Gluten-free Grahams!
  47. (Indiegogo) Stiktab™ iPad Velcro Mounts
  48. (Kickstarter) Marriage equality project.
  49. (Indiegogo) #RIP - A short film starring Missi Pyle and Naomi Grossman
  50. (Indiegogo) GymPlay
  51. (indiegogo) Traffic Prints: An advanced analytics software and Wordpress plugin
  52. Dungeonstone 3D Terrain ~ Caves & Caverns Kickstarter
  53. (Kickstarter) Introducing GG Caps - Ponytail caps for Girls on the Go!
  54. (Kickstarter) From Homeless to Hollywood
  55. (Indiegogo) Kauai Beach Guide Android App
  56. (Kickstarter) PACK OF HEROES - A superhero card game with 30 unique hero characters!
  57. (Indiegogo) PORTABLE COFFEE SET will bring happiness to all of you who enjoy picnics
  58. (Kickstarter) Card Beams
  59. (Kickstarter) Chill Bottles!
  60. (Kickstarter) Lew & Hueys Riccardo. Bringing affordability back to the watch industry
  61. (Kickstater) New 360 Degree Helmet Mounted GoPro Camera Mount - GoSwivel360
  62. (Kickstarter) Patchwork Battles - Groundbreaking New Customizable RPG
  63. (Indiegogo) Henri Guitars - Getting Custom Guitars Off The Ground!
  64. (Kickstarter) Continuing the Duncan Series - An Educational Children's Book Series
  65. (Kickstarter) Comic book project needs a boost!
  66. (Kickstarter) Heavy Gear Assault
  67. (Kickstarter) Syria - A short film
  68. (Kickstarter) Scarlet Huntress Anthology! Werewolf Comic book!
  69. (Kickstarter) Cthulhu: At Darkest Tides Reborn
  70. (Indiegogo) Kolors of kathmandu - katie green
  71. (Indiegogo) LIFE IS SWEET! Story of a Sugarcane Field by J Muzacz
  72. (Kickstarter) Dungeon of Elements
  73. (Kickstarter) Phisical keyboard for Iphone and Samsung S3/4 that uses NO electricity!
  74. (IndieGoGo) Independent Rom-Com Feature Film
  75. (Indiegogo) SSRacing for iOS and Android.
  76. (Kickstarter) "The Award Goes To" Blind Bidding, Hollywood Lampooning Card Game
  77. (Kickstarter) Jac Henri Slim Wallet - Time is ticking
  78. (Indiegogo) Christian Rock CD by Exit 244 - The Blindsided Project
  79. (Indiegogo) SUPERCREW COMICS
  80. (FunderHut) NettieBear Motherly Love Project
  81. Indiegogo Rediscover the Prairie (on horseback!)
  82. (Kickstarter) Book for Female and Same Sex Aspies
  83. (Indiegogo) Help Center Call Center: A New Web Series
  84. (Kickstarter) X-Out
  85. (Kickstarter) Vineyard Valley - A Social Winemaking Business Sim!
  86. (Indiegogo) What is the Truth movie?
  87. (Kickstarter) Peach Twins: The Empowering Lovable Children's Book
  88. (IndieGoGo) Help VacuPractor Stop Back Pain In The Military
  89. (Kickstarter) Model Warzones Magnetic Table, Terrain, and Bases
  90. (Indiegogo) need money to fulfill my dream
  91. (Indiegogo) Do Something Para La Tierra
  92. Kickstarter pressents the OCD Handbook
  93. (Indiegogo) Youtube Indie Partnership Project
  94. (Indiegogo) Social Earning Site: Freepion
  95. (Kickstarter) My Debut Album - Ending in 6 days! FULL DOWNLOAD FOR ONLY $1
  96. (Indiegogo) Build The Arcadean
  97. (IGG) Choosable-path (RomCom): Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: A Novel Approach to Dating
  98. (kickstarter) New Inline Skate Brake
  99. (Kickstarter) Announcing the OWL reprogrammable guitar effects pedal
  100. (Sponsume) An Evening at Home with the Austens
  101. (Indiegogo) InVite.Co: Mobile App for inviting contacts to social gatherings
  102. (Kickstarter) Raizin' Taste- Brownies and Cookies
  103. (Kickstarter) Berlin based art project Eðli needs your support
  104. (Indiegogo) i-Drunk Bluetooth breathalyzer for smartphones
  105. (IndieGoGo) Just Drive - A film with a plan to pay it forward
  106. (Kickstarter) Help us bring back the famous Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Show
  107. (Indiegogo) Fearless Heart Film - a Socio-drama about the economy in 1929
  108. (Kickstarter) Wooden Bowls, Vases, Lamps and more
  109. (kickstarter) ONIKAGI: Modular Leather Wallets for Humanity
  110. (Kickstarter) Oleander Fall 2013 Accessory Collection
  111. (Kickstarter) Mommy's New Best Friend
  112. (Kickstarter) ARAIG - As real as it Gets
  113. (Kickstarter) Shindig Machine - a collaborative absurdity engine (party card game)
  114. (Kickstarter) 'The Energy Room', publishing my debut novel!
  115. (Kickstarter) The Chronicles of Jason Vann: The Case of the Melted Fox SIGNED COPY
  116. (Kickstarter) Project: Rising Wasteland - A Twisted, Indie Post-Apocalyptic PC Game
  117. (Kickstarter) Do Your Job Card Game
  118. (Other) Soylent
  119. (Kickstarter) MFD Backcountry Backpacks and Collapsable Water Bottles
  120. (Kickstarter) SUBCONSCIOUS - American Horror Story on a World War II Submarine
  121. (Kickstarter): Elemental Clash: The Master Set (Customizable Card Game)
  122. (KICKSTARTER) Three In One Picnic Basket!
  123. (KickStarter) PLAN 4: A Game of Resources
  124. (Indiegogo) Localized - The Time Lapse Movie
  125. (Kickstarter) ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone
  126. (Kickstarter) Rehearsals and Returns
  127. (Kickstarter) Endica VII The Dream King (Coop Metroidvania Indie Game)
  128. (Indiegogo) HeartWave - Monitor your body energy through your iPhone
  129. (IndieGoGo) Custodium gps tracker, Open Hardware, Arduino compatible
  130. (indiegogo) Antitheft Child Protection Car Alarm Don't forget your child in the car
  131. (Indiegogo) HaamLock, A Smarter Bike Lock
  132. (Indiegogo) Backword - A Reverse Search Engine for Words
  133. (Indiegogo) Convoy the card strategy game - lite
  134. (Indiegogo) Scoupons.com - Leveraging Patronage for Schools to Grow Business
  135. (Kickstarter) Spike Art Creations-3D Art Using NASA Invented Ferrofluid
  136. (Indiegogo) Knob-Sentry
  137. (Kickstarter) SETA Smartphone Stand for iPhone, Galaxy +
  138. (Kickstarter) Total Decay
  139. (Indiegogo) DISPLACEMENT: A Quantum Time Thriller
  140. (Kickstarter) Wooden Creations Hand Made Wood Bowls, Vases, Cribbage Boards, more.
  141. (Indiegogo) ERod Electronic Fishing Rods for one handed operation
  142. (Indigogo) Nightmare 2
  143. (Indiegogo) Rebel On A Mountain - The Kalendar EP
  144. (Kickstarter) Middle of Nowhere - Survival/Horror
  145. (Kickstarter) TagPodz - A stylish Pet Tag Holder for Dogs
  146. (Kickstarter) Lamplight Media Dragoncon/Publishing
  147. (Indiegogo) Incredible New Men's Wallet (very different from the rest)
  148. (Indiegogo) Drip Ship: We Print, Ship & Manage Your Custom Clothing Line
  149. (Kickstarter) Cubeloid: New 3D Puzzler for Desktop, Mobile, OUYA, Web
  150. (Kickstarter) Muckgers: Rutgers campus media for a new generation
  151. (Kickstarter) Havoc Boards: Custom realistic maps for playing RISK
  152. (Kickstarter) Raccoon Tail
  153. (Kickstarter) The Ice Mitt- The future of Ice Massage Therapy!
  154. (kickstarter) Watch Stand Reinvented
  155. (Kickstarter) Poke-A-Monsta Game
  156. (Kickstarter) Custom Tap Handles from Nano-Brewery: Hop Dogma Brewing
  157. (Kickstarter) Tangfori TI Drive: Titanium Constructed USB 3.0 Flash Drive.
  158. (Kickstarter) Chēnmēru Chainmail Jewelry
  159. (Indiegogo) For The Love Of Rose
  160. (Kickstarter) WW1 Virtual Trench
  161. (Indiegogo) The Black Tower - A J-RPG based on a Space Fantasy novel
  162. (Kickstarter) Benki: Connected Devices Done Right.
  163. (Kickstarter) Patent Pending new Design for Women of all ages and Style Choices
  164. (Kickstarter) Tiny Ocean. A short film set in Detroit
  165. (Kickstarter) The Big Fix - A Noir Card Game
  166. (Indiegogo) Working Outside the Box
  167. (Kickstarter) Monster Mutants Multiplication
  168. (Indiegogo) Turtleback High
  169. (Kickstarter) Capture the Flag: A Medieval Math Game
  170. (Kickstarter) JumbieArt presents Spectral Leggings
  171. (Indiegogo) Locksmith scams in america
  172. (Indiegogo) Old School Zelda Style Game
  173. (Kickstarter) Campaign for Beer brewers
  174. (Indiegogo) The Thompson Tee - American Made & Sweatshop Free!
  175. (Kickstarter) The Family Rock Dramatic Short Film
  176. (Indiegogo) "The Reunion" Thriller/Horror Feature Film
  177. (Indiegogo) "Tonight Is No Different" Film on Domestic Violence
  178. (Kickstarter) Dutch Design: the bicycle bell with an extra L
  179. (Kickstarter) iThe Dirty Girls Social Club Movie - Based on the bestselling novel
  180. (Kickstarter) Capture the Flag: A Medieval Math Game
  181. (Kickstarter) LiTime Clocks' Infinity Clock Project
  182. (Kickstarter) Minions & Immortals
  183. (Indiegogo) Mancäve Brewing Company...A firkin an original brewery!
  184. (Indiegogo) Umbrella of Damocles Festival Completion
  185. (Kickstarter) Shirts to drool over... literally! A project for my special needs son
  186. (indiegogo) catching and manufacture ! Need you help !
  187. (Kickstarter) Planit - Day planning so simple, even your mom will use it!
  188. (Indiegogo) HoneyDo.es - Level Up in Real Life - Android and iPhone app
  189. (Kickstarter) Very scary webisodes based on LIGHTS OUT the old radio series
  190. (KickStarter) Stupidi-Tees Slogan & Custom Tee-Shirts
  191. (Kickstarter) Something Different - card game with a changing rules every turn!
  192. (Kickstarter) YU Handcraft : Eco-friendly Handmade Bags
  193. (Kickstarter) Tonaba strategy card game
  194. (Indiegogo) X-hale Smartphone Breathalyzer!
  195. (Kickstarter) Mobile pubslishing app to give big writing talents an edge
  196. (Indiegogo) iTray the best iPad, iPad Mini or tablet case available!
  197. (RocketHub) Orchestral Musical Score for Halo-based Internet Series
  198. (Indiegogo) Ninja Cleaner
  199. (Indiegogo) A Better Life
  200. (Indiegogo )Note & Mark Bookmark
  201. (Indiegogo) Perdition County - Short Epic
  202. (Kickstarter) - Explory mobile storytelling app from creators of Flash -- 2 DAYS
  203. (Indiegogo) Cruel the Ash (16mm film about Maine)
  204. (Indiegogo) African Pride
  205. (Indiegogo) House of VHS - fantasy/horror film
  206. (Indiegogo) AnswerCents.com: An Effective and Socially Conscious Q&A
  207. (Indygogo) Guerilla Radio's own station
  208. (Kickstarter) The Bad Dream Reliquary, a Graphic Novel Horror Anthology
  209. (Indiegogo) Random Studios - Randy, iOS Game
  210. (Indiegogo) The very cool 'Slim Traveler' pill box!
  211. (Indiegogo) Zappi Talking T-shirts
  212. (Indiegogo) Hood Bruthas now up on
  213. (indiegogo) Stray Cats Game for Android / Iiphone
  214. (Indiegogo) Flexsola, the flexible house
  215. (Indiegogo) Free DLP Printers
  216. (Indiegogo) The Complete Kingston Trio Documentary
  217. (Indiegogo) The Badge Movie (Post-Production)
  218. (Indiegogo) WomenLEAD campaign
  219. (Kickstarter) - Viita Ball - Mobile Supplement System
  220. (Indiegogo) Tilted Straits: The Web-Series
  221. (Kickstarter) Origami wood lamp series
  222. (Kickstarter) The Phollet (fall-it) The minimalist Phone Case + Wallet
  223. (Kickstarter) Simple Circuits
  224. (Indiegogo) Broverstock - Discounted shopping for guys
  225. (Kickstarter) Chill, Optimal Beer Temperature Monitor
  226. (Sponsume) SoundShoots
  227. (Indiegogo) What-U-Bring, the new easy event planner App
  228. (Kickstarter) The Outcast - With Rewards
  229. (Kickstarter) Fragment RPG
  230. (Kickstarter) Streetwear Never Looked So Green!
  231. (Kickstarter) Leddie - networking, lightning and wirelessly controllable LED pad
  232. (Kickstarter) Man-PACK What's a Man-PACK? Check it out!
  233. (kickstarter) 5 inch Orc bust resin kit
  234. (Kickstarter) SCROOSER | urban mobility | - move ahead on fat tires and fun !
  235. (Kickstarter) Dark Fate!
  236. (Indiegogo) Mnemophobia
  237. (Kickstarter) Grammy nominated director - Help us make The Grace of Jake!
  238. (IndieGoGo) Requesting critique before launching curbKicked project
  239. (Kickstarter) Internal Cloud Clipboard
  240. (Kickstarter) Silicone Ball/Mason Jar Water Bottle
  241. (Kickstarter) Battle Boards - Steel backed portable tabletop gaming boards
  242. (Kickstarter) Fargo Web Relay Controller
  243. (Kickstarter) DTX embedded modules
  244. (Kickstarter) REAPERS
  245. (Kickstarter) The Great Gaias RPG
  246. (Kickstarter) Hand Turned Pens from Exquisite Burls, Hard Woods & specialty Acrylics.
  247. (Kickstarter) SolePower
  248. (Kickstarter) Band-it - extra small minimal wallet
  249. (Kickstarter) TechStyle Haus
  250. (KickStarter) Disgruntled Pheasants An interactive group game