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09-21-2012, 10:15 AM
Optimum Technology Holdings Ltd
Investment target: £ 472,500
Pitch Expires: 57 days


Optimum Technology has developed a revolutionary nano technology for the production of biodegradable barrier films used in a number of high value global healthcare product markets.
Barrier films are part of everyday life.
For most us we see them when they are used to pack meat, cheese, prepared meals, liquids or other foodstuffs on the supermarket shelves.
However, barrier films also play a key role in the performance of a number of disposable medical devices that are critical for the patients who have to use them.
Take ostomy pouches for example.
Ostomy pouches are used by people who are likely to have suffered from cancer or other serious disease and as a consequence, have had a significant part of their digestive system removed by surgery.
As a result of the surgery, these patients are unable to pass food waste in a conventional manner by using the toilet and have had their digestive system diverted to the outer surface of the abdomen.
The point at which the digestive system emerges from the surface of the abdomen is called a Stoma.
To collect the waste products from food that they consume, it is necessary for the patients to wear an ostomy pouch over the Stoma.
The patient has no control over the rate of filling of the pouch with waste products since the digestive process is an involuntary action.
There are over 110,000 users of ostomy pouches in the UK alone – 1 in every 540 of the entire population. In a city the size of central Birmingham, there will be 1800 people who need to use an ostomy pouch.
The proportion of ostomy pouch users per head of population is similar across all of Europe, North America, Australasia and Japan.
To date, all ostomy pouches are manufactured from films that are based on polymers derived from fossil oils and are not at all biodegradable. The disposal of soiled pouches by the patient can be a real problem that severely impacts their lifestyle.
Conventional fossil oil based film ostomy pouches have to be disposed of in the household trash. In practice, the patient wraps the soiled pouch in several layers of plastic (usually old supermarket carrier bags) and puts the pouch into the bin. Despite being wrapped, eventually, the odours from the waste material contained within the pouch leak out and create a very unpleasant odour.
Imagine the problem of disposal if the patients’ pouch becomes full whilst they are out shopping or visiting a friends’ house or at the cinema? There is no means of discretely disposing of a soiled ostomy pouch away from the home.
For most patients, their lives and daily activities are governed by the cycle of their ostomy pouch filling and requiring to be change for a new pouch – this can be up to four times a day in some cases but usually at least twice a day.
Now imagine a situation where the pouch was marine biodegradable – that is to say it biodegrades in a water environment such as the sewage system.
Patients would simply be able to flush the pouch away and replace it with a new, clean pouch.

In line with our business plan, we are now seeking to raise £472,500 in return for which we are offering 10% equity by way of 830,00 ordinary shares at £0.57p per share in the business.
This represents a discount to investors of 43% on the current 7,500,100 shares issued and fully paid up at £1.00 per share.
The funds raised will be used to commercialise the technology by manufacturing commercial quantities of film and additional biopolymer based components for formal evaluation and pouch manufacturing trials at the pouch production facilities of our licensee partners. Validation, testing and the development of manufacturing protocols also require to be completed prior to the conclusion of valuable out-licensing deals leading to the sale of pouches in global markets.
IP and the Market
We currently have four patents in relation to the technology and anticipate generating more patents and IP as the business plan evolves in the coming years and we enter new and additional product markets.
The global market for ostomy pouches in 2012 is worth £1.3 billion (growing at 3.5%-4% annually) and is effectively serviced by three large healthcare corporations who manufacture pouches for the North American, European, Japanese, Australasian and ROW markets.
Optimum Technology has formal agreements in place with two of these three large healthcare companies whereby each has agreed, under specific terms of confidentiality, to run a series of full production trials to manufacture pouches on their fully automated production machinery using our film for evaluation prior to concluding a ‘license to use’ deal.
Whilst the ostomy market is our first target, our technology is not limited to this sector and can be used in the Urine Collection market (global value >$2 billion), the Hygiene market (global value >$30 billion) and the Medical Packaging market (global value >$50 billion).
To date, the board of Optimum Technology has invested >£4 million of its own funds in developing the technology to its current status.
The Company has no bank or other third party debts or liabilities.
The technology has been tested in accordance with ISO 8670 parts 1-3 Ostomy collection bags: Requirements and Test Methods and meets the requirements in terms of biodegradability of ASTM D7081 - 05 Standard Specification for Non-Floating Biodegradable Plastics in the Marine Environment and EN 13432 Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation - Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging.
The Business Model
Our business model is to license the technology to established Tier 1 and Tier 2 end user product manufacturers in their respective markets in return for an up front license fee on signing together with a royalty payable on each manufactured product sold.
A recognised UK based medical films manufacturer, who will pay a further royalty to Optimum Technology for each Kilo of film produced, will manufacture the film itself for sale to the pouch manufacturers. Discussions are already underway with such a film manufacturer (a recognised global brand company) who approached Optimum Technology in June 2012 with a proposed collaboration deal to manufacture the film.

http://www.optimum-technology.com (http://www.optimum-technology.com/)