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04-23-2014, 04:59 PM


Motion Tyres Limited is a new mobile tyre installation service that will exist to provide a service to busy people by fitting new tyres on their drive or at their workplace. We are selling convenience and practicality.

And we aim to succeed by being different. We want to overcome the industry’s reputation for grumpy mechanics who leave you confused as to exactly what you’ve agreed to.

Instead, we aspire to give our customers the courteous, transparent and respectful service they deserve – employing friendly and professional fitters who offer a friendly and professional service. And all at a competitive price.

Our goal is to replace the murky garage waiting room and outdated magazines with something more responsive, more convenient and more in tune with the customer.

To achieve this, we are currently looking for £75,000 of investment for 20% of the business to allow the company to be launched and aim to achieve the following:

Grow net profits (PBIT) YOY from £6k Year 1, £320k year 3 to £1,031k year 4
Increase vehicles from 3 in year 1 to 27 in year 5
Give Year 4 ROI of 217%
Majority of investment to be used for equipment purchase
Share buy back Year 5 for those investors that want it

We know that mobile tyre fitting is not a new offering. What is new, however, is mobile tyre fitting that’s driven by customer service.

The existing major tyre fitting companies have not embraced this service as they have large fixed base garages that they need customers to visit and the two major players in the mobile market have the same reputation for poor customer service that blemishes the rest of the industry. Good news for us.

But the best news is that the current market share of mobile fitting is only 3% (Source Tyre industry fact book) This means there’s significant potential for growth.

Combine this with an increase in demand for easier and quicker solutions to everyday problems (as shown by the boom in home shopping and the potential is clearly there for us to exploit.

We want Motion Tyres to be a revelation – for both the customer and the industry.


Attached to this pitch is a graphical representation of how this all works. Motion Tyres customers will be presented with a starkly different experience to that of a standard garage. Customers log on to the modern highly responsive website and in a couple of clicks choose the tyre they require, make payment and arrange a fitting time.

Motion Tyres mechanics then travel to the house or workplace to carry out the replacement. In a nod to its promise for flexibility, the service will also be available at evenings and weekends, helping to grow the customer base and word of mouth recommendations. Unlike some services which leave customers waiting, the Motion Tyres fitter call the customer first things in the morning and en-route and aim to be precise about arrival times. During fitting, little things like rim protectors are used to ensure nothing gets damaged and wheels are cleaned when fitting is complete. All fitters wear uniforms, vans are clean and tidy and ready equipped with everything needed to provide a high quality, professional service.

All these little things are things the customer is not necessarily be expecting but all designed to always leave the customer having positive thoughts about the company meaning that it will quickly build a high quality reputation.