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Lelocks Trent
07-26-2012, 08:47 AM
i2 Art Ltd
Investment target:£ 60,000
Equity offered: 20%


i2popupgallery.com is an already built Online Art Marketplace designed to bring the Art community together in one place. Artists and galleries from anywhere in the world can create their own ‘Pop-up’ gallery, making it simple for art lovers, collectors and buyers everywhere to find the perfect piece of Art or an Artist to commission. With no closing times or geographical boundaries, it is the shopping destination for Art.

We want to take i2popupgallery.com to the next level; develop our growing community and attract more paying subscribers. In order to make ourselves known as the UK’s biggest and best online art marketplace, we require your investment.

Market and Revenue Model

With 465,000+ artists in the UK alone, our target market is vast. We will only need just over 1% of these artists to take a one-year subscription in order to meet our five-year target of 5,000 subscribers. We don’t take commission on sales, just a one-off fee of £100 for a year-long Pop-up Gallery, with shorter subscriptions and Pay-As-You-Go listings also available. This offers subscribers with excellent value for money, as their Pop-up Gallery can act as their all-in-one advertising tool, for a lot less than most Art magazines charge for an advert for one month.

With such a huge potential market base, i2popupgallery.com can grow organically with the help of your investment to put our name on the map. As we receive more revenue from subscribers, we can invest in directing more buyers to the site, making it the essential place to visit for buying and selling Art.

What sets us apart?

Pop-up Galleries – whilst there may be other ‘Art Marketplaces’ on the internet, it is rare to find one in which Artists and Galleries can open their very own e-commerce ‘Pop-up Gallery’ portals.
Commission free – i2popupgallery.com does not take a cut of sales from Pop-up owners
i2 Pop-up Gallery Team – we have a dedicated team working hard to increase the profile of all of our Pop-up Gallery owners and spread the word about their work.
Expertise – i2popupgallery.com was grown from the roots of a real bricks and mortar gallery. With our experience of running a gallery, we are familiar with the Art market needs as well as the needs of the business.

Please feel free to visit i2popupgallery.com and our YouTube channel to learn more, and chat with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Watch our video (it's about 9 minutes long) and provides more details, or for a real in-depth understanding, please look at the detailed documents that you can download.

Currently awaiting EIS approval from HMRC.
About i2 Art Ltd

Steve Izatt

Steve has been successfully running businesses since 1998. As a senior programme manager, he has worked with major, multi national organisations in retail, manufacturing, financial services, government and the UN system. He is experienced at managing multi million pound projects and managing large teams of consultants.

Over the last few years, Steve's attention has increasingly turned to using these skills more directly within our own business and to our own benefit. As a man full of ideas, and with an entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of hard work outside of the normal working day is beginning to reach fruition.

Sarah Turpin

Sarah is the day to day manager of i2 Art Ltd and as a practising artist is passionate about art herself. Ideally for our venture, Sarah brings a wealth of experience as she has over 14 years marketing experience in both publishing and retail.

Nel and Madeleine

Sarah is ably assisted by Nel and Madeleine, both graduates who have brought bags of enthusiasm to the pop-up gallery. Nel is a very talented graphic designer and this has allowed us to keep a lot of the website assets in-house in terms of design and construction; Madeleine is a recent Business graduate specialising in marketing and has been key in developing all areas such as site refinement; supporting documentation and social media marketing.