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08-30-2014, 04:07 PM
Hey. Just acheived funding for my CD and I'm completely excited to be able to do it. I wanted to share some things I learned, particularly for my musical 'brothers and sisters'...

1. Have patience. Don't stress if you don't see pledges everyday. They'll come as long as you are consistent with your 'reminders'.

2. Updates, updates, updates! I kept putting live and demo versions up every couple of days or so. Gave me new content to 'promote'. Now I'll update how the project is going.

3. Play your music anywhere (bars, restaurants, clubs, stadiums, open mics, parties). "Push" the Kickstarter campaign where you can.

4. Find similar styles of musicians and see if they'll help push your campaign. Do the same for them.

5. Do a radio show to play and promote it. Internet or airwave.

6. Did I mention open mics? Especially acoustic sets (more venues...at least by me).

7. Have fun. We're musicians.

My campaign still has two weeks left. Check it out and please consider pre-ordering a copy.


08-30-2014, 08:18 PM
Glad to hear that you were funded. I'm making a documentary so it might be a bit different but I get what you're saying. Good luck on your music.

09-01-2014, 02:12 AM
Sweet info! We have a different creative project (A Trading Card Game), but some of the tips there are really useful! :)


09-03-2014, 09:38 AM

Only 10 days left to pre-order my debut CD. There are a bunch of cool @Kickstarter only items.


Damien White
09-03-2014, 09:49 PM
Congrats. The updating is key because it keeps things fresh.

09-06-2014, 05:40 PM
Damien...100% agree!

09-07-2014, 12:18 PM
I'm on my second Kickstarter campaign. The first was for a CD too. I like the idea of having new content to update and promote. Definitely going to do that for my second campaign, which is about writing and not music.

09-08-2014, 10:50 PM
Congrats! I agree, so far, the updates have been incredibly important.

09-08-2014, 11:35 PM
Congrats and thanks for the ideas! They might not completely match everyone's projects, but I think the premise can be used for a lot of different types of media!

09-09-2014, 04:58 AM
Thanks for the tips! I might can use one or another

Naomi Psylacine
09-09-2014, 05:19 AM
thx 4 yr info :)

09-09-2014, 09:39 PM
So....it's hard to believe there are only 4 days remaining in my debut album Kickstarter campaign. Things are starting to get organized and happen! I can't wait!

Please check out the details and hear some demos of the songs for the album by clicking the link below...


09-11-2014, 02:49 PM
Congratulations on being funded! Most musicians I know who go this route end up doing flexible funding, and live with not getting quite what they had hoped. It's become such a popular way for indie musicians that I think it's a bit saturated, and there's serious backer fatigue going on right now.

John Sedawie
09-11-2014, 04:45 PM
Congratulations on your success! My project doesn't involve music but I believe your tips are still helpful.

09-13-2014, 10:33 AM
Thanks, everyone!

09-15-2014, 05:17 PM
Although all of your tips are aimed at musical crowdfunding campaigns, most of them can be applied to pretty much any campaign really. Glad you got your funding, and I hope your band are successful!

09-15-2014, 06:11 PM
So updating the Kickstarter project regularly is key?

09-15-2014, 06:31 PM
Thanks, LimaKhan.

HappyFix - it seemed to work for me. Gave me things to post about on a regular basis over the life of the campaign.

Also, even though my Kickstarter is over, you can still pre-order my CD at my website: www.rickbarthnj.com

09-15-2014, 06:56 PM
Think I'm going to have to keep updating mine! I had a little boom but now it's gone a bit quiet. Know of any good places to promote your campaign on the net (aside from the obvious FB and Twitter!).

Gerald Abraham
09-24-2014, 12:18 AM
I'm working on my first kickstarter campaign right now and I appreciate all the tips in this thread. :)

09-24-2014, 02:31 AM
congratulations on your successful campaign and thank you for the great insight. I am currently going through a little bit of a kickstarter slump right now. Been trying to stay positive but it can be a drainer at times. Good luck with the rest of your campaign.

Best Regards,

09-25-2014, 07:34 AM
Thanks for sharing your experience! I really need to read things like this :-)

09-25-2014, 10:19 AM

09-25-2014, 10:26 AM
That's great rickbacoustic

09-25-2014, 05:54 PM
Thanks for the tips and gratz!

09-26-2014, 05:13 AM
Guys for any funding needed check this out and contact me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESgXeYPzPlM

09-27-2014, 01:43 PM
The keys to your success have me very excited for the outcome of my current kickstarter project! Thank you very much for sharing. We still have a few weeks to go and have made over 80%! I'll certainly check out your project!


09-27-2014, 08:29 PM
This is transferrable to other types of projects as well. We've been running our game-project campaign and have been hitting up as many live events as possible to demo our project :)

James Jeang
10-01-2014, 01:22 PM
Thank you for your tips! And also Congrats!

10-04-2014, 07:15 AM
Thanks for your tips! Even if my campaign is of a different type I'm sure your advices will be very useful, thanks!

10-07-2014, 01:24 PM
Appreciate the tips! So nervous for our upcoming Kickstarter launch! @Mouscase

10-29-2014, 06:00 PM

Good luck to all of you that replied! I'm sure your campaigns are going strong!

Just a follow up, I'm recording my album and it's coming along GREAT!

You can pre-order at www.rickbarthnj.com.


10-30-2014, 04:13 AM
great tips, thank you!

10-30-2014, 04:04 PM
That is great. I am struggling with mine but I am also new at this. Pls any advice on how to get more pledges?


Joshua Todd
11-03-2014, 08:23 AM
I like the advice about the updates as well. I think that would definitely be key as it keeps people interested and lets them know you're serious about what it is you're trying to raise the money for. Thanks!

Lou Tambone
11-03-2014, 10:10 PM
Glad to be a part of Rick's success. I'll be posting my link soon. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

11-04-2014, 05:56 PM
Portable Raspberry Pi!:

Andy Green
11-06-2014, 10:48 AM
Great tips! Patience has never been a strong virtue for me, but I am working on that one. LOL!

11-07-2014, 07:06 PM
Great to see you were able to complete your campaign.
Wished I had to chance to play my website at bars and parties. (it's a website) :(

11-08-2014, 01:27 PM
Thank you for the great tips and great job. Good luck with your future business!

11-08-2014, 03:39 PM
Good tips. Mine isn't music but the lessons are good, especially patience and constant updates!

11-09-2014, 05:26 AM
Congrats and thank you for sharing your tips. :)

11-09-2014, 12:05 PM
Thanks for sharing the ideas!

I am really struggling with the update concept for my project. I'm about 7 days in and only have 3% funding of a 45k goal. I'm not really sure what I can update about or what I should update about. I mean I would understand an update if I had exceeded my goal and wanted to thank everyone and talk about next steps, but I'm obviously not yet at that point. Should I just update for the sake of updating and hopefully stirring up excitement? Does that move me up the Kickstarter priority scale?

If you have any ideas on things you would like to see me update please let me know. Thanks!!


The Mouse Outfit
11-09-2014, 08:16 PM
We are one week into our campaign but haven't updated yet. Are backers automatically updated about updates?

11-10-2014, 02:23 PM
Congratulations & Thanks for your idea

11-10-2014, 10:57 PM
Thanks for the advice, hopefully all the success stories will give pointers out.

11-13-2014, 03:34 AM
Thanks for the advice. It's ashame Kickstarter doesn't have more ways to track things. We have had cross-promotions and tons of Kickstarter updates with our campaign (Ambi Climate: The Smart Add-on For Your Air Conditioner (http://www.ambiclimate.com)), but I can't tell whether they had much of an effect as we had very little engagement from our backers unfortunately. Bit disappointing.

11-14-2014, 06:39 PM
Thank you for the tips, I didn't realize how stressful this would be! And I have only just started.

11-16-2014, 10:56 AM
Congratulations on your success.

11-17-2014, 11:48 AM
Really good tips dude I'm definitely taking the advice

11-17-2014, 11:52 AM
Thanks for sharing and congrats on your project.

11-20-2014, 07:01 PM
Am happy you were successful. Great job staying with it. thanks for the encouragement.

11-26-2014, 10:25 PM
Thanks for the tip, Updates seem to be the way to go.



11-27-2014, 01:36 AM
Congratulations, and thank you for the motivation to keep pushing forward

11-27-2014, 08:19 PM
I second basically everyone on here. Congrats on bring funded and thanks for the advice!

11-29-2014, 02:02 PM
Great job on reaching your goal!!! I see the key was also not waiting for online community to come running because you built it but because you also went out and got them to come online. Great thinking!

11-30-2014, 08:30 AM
Good advice mate :)

01-01-2015, 08:31 AM

Well, the album I Kickstarted is done! Check out a sample here...



01-01-2015, 10:35 AM

Well, the album I Kickstarted is done! Check out a sample here...



Good stuff. Great to see (and hear) a success story.

01-02-2015, 02:17 AM
Great advice! Definitely been doing all of that. One thing I noticed works really well is to ask for $1 pledge, people 9/10 will donate way more then that $1

Congrats on the success!

Amy Thompson
01-02-2015, 01:03 PM
Congrats on your project

Crosshair Designs
01-05-2015, 05:49 PM
Congrats on the funding! I like the idea of constantly updating and I will your advise thanks!

01-06-2015, 02:48 AM
Congratulations on your project!
And thanks for your advices.

John Kidd
01-08-2015, 08:25 PM
Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Zach Roberts
01-10-2015, 02:49 PM
Thank you..really great advice here. I do begin to panic when I don't see donation coming in.

01-10-2015, 07:38 PM
good advice :)

Super Fapper
01-12-2015, 09:16 AM
Realy useful tips - thnx.

01-12-2015, 09:56 AM
Glad to hear that you were funded. I'm making a documentary so it might be a bit different but I get what you're saying. Good luck on your music.

Congratulations, Rick!

Thank you for your great comments here, too!

I especially liked:

"4. Find similar styles of musicians and see if they'll help push your campaign. Do the same for them."

I think it`s valid for everybody! we may and can do this for every campaign / project owner, together..

01-12-2015, 10:16 AM
thanks :)

01-12-2015, 03:37 PM
Congrats on getting funded and thanks for the advice!

Jason Sylvestre
01-13-2015, 04:05 PM
Thank you for sharing the advice! I really do appreciate it.

01-13-2015, 09:16 PM
Congrats and thanks for your tips!

01-14-2015, 09:29 AM
Thank you your tips, will keep in mind :)

01-14-2015, 03:07 PM
Good news!

01-14-2015, 09:15 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience!

01-21-2015, 07:58 PM
congratulations on your success!

01-22-2015, 05:49 PM
Really good stuff. Thanks-

01-22-2015, 10:36 PM
Thank you so much with what the article is great though many thanks

01-22-2015, 10:49 PM
Very interesting, I’ve spent a lot of time to read and think about it, thanks for your ideas.

01-23-2015, 08:20 AM
I am a musician as well, however I have had a hard time receiving funding so far. I like your tips and I will try some of them in the coming weeks! Would you mind looking at my page and giving me some advice on how I can better reach people? Also if you like what you see, could you share it with your followers? I would be happy to do the same for you. Thanks so much! :)

Here is my link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1997430990/my-psyche-put-to-music-help-me-record-my-original

01-24-2015, 12:17 PM
Ahh thanks for the advice. It's interesting how many musical and arts projects are getting funded through kickstarter. :)

Kate Hackett
01-24-2015, 08:27 PM
We learned to NEVER EVER EVER do physical perks. :P What a nightmare

01-25-2015, 07:39 AM
Thanks! Very useful.

01-25-2015, 08:14 PM
Thank you.

01-27-2015, 04:50 AM
congrats and thx for the tips!
We have just started a campaigne too :)

02-04-2015, 02:39 PM
I'm not doing a live music campaign (there is music with it) but some of the ideas would work for me as well. Thanks.

02-05-2015, 10:52 AM
Congrats !

Ink Badger
02-05-2015, 12:58 PM
good info

Artistree Films
02-05-2015, 03:10 PM
Very inspiring! Thank you!

02-05-2015, 03:16 PM
Thanks! But how to get that social media exposure for free?

02-06-2015, 02:48 PM
Congratulations on your funding!

02-07-2015, 06:55 AM
Thank you everyone.

If you'd like, you can check out the result of my Kickstarter here:


Good luck to everyone on their campaigns!

~ Rick

02-12-2015, 11:20 AM
Good for you! I hope you do very well now that you are funded! Good luck to all!

02-13-2015, 04:49 PM
Great tips! Thank you for the info/advice!

Fred Diaz
02-13-2015, 05:10 PM
Good pointers