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Chris V
10-21-2014, 10:47 AM

I would like to introduce this startup i'm currently working for that's being crowdfunded at Symbid at the moment.
We already managed to raise 49K (82%) in just four days, so it's going well.

TruQu is the first platform where it is possible to give ratings to professionals. There are many platforms where you can rate a hotel or a restaurant.
Use our platform to get insights of the qualifications and skills of professionals.

TruQu for Professionals
Professional can use TruQu to collect ratings and reviews. They can use them as testimonials for other jobs, they get good feedback to improve their skills and they are able to show what they are good at. This way they are able to obtain more assignments

TruQu for Businesses
Companies can use TruQu to gain insight into the performance of employees and externals. Their business account allows them to invite professionals and let them get reviews & ratings. They can transform these ratings & reviews in relevant data and information

Want to know more?
Visit our campaign at Symbid.com (https://symbid.com/ideas/6239-truqu-rating-for-professionals) or take a look at our website at www.truqu.com (https://truqu.com/)

11-25-2014, 09:54 PM
Thanks For This

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