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10-12-2012, 02:30 PM
Antyx Animation (Fantums) Ltd
Target £ 150,000


An opportunity to be part of a "shake-up" of the animation market, by taking a children's series directly to the consumer, at pocket money prices.

“THE FANTUMS” “Imaginary Friends that they don’t want you to have”

The Story So Far..... A children's animated series developed from an original idea by Anthony Hall...to date the company has developed;

• Full industry bible already completed - detailing the characters, setting and sample story boards.

• Script written by a multiple BAFTA winning scriptwriter Andrew Offlier, who is well known for creating Super Ted and Fireman Sam amongst others.

• All IP trademarks are secured.

• The concept of digital story telling i.e. story telling that allows the user to interact with the set, characters and story.

The unique delivery method, straight to i-tunes, enables the business to by pass traditional TV and hence the company retains all intellectual property and value. The company believes this will help to create a paradigm shift in the way that children's cartoons are funded in the future, allowing them to push the boundaries in ways broadcasters shy away from.

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Exit Strategy

Based on minimum revenues we are offering:

Option a) Investor exits at end of year two through the company converting equity to bank debt based minimum projected income achieved premium of 20%.
Option b) Retain investment for the full 3 years (seasons) / 39 episodes full return of original investment plus 100% premium and the retention of shares for residual future dividends.
Option c) Retain shares and receive dividends.

About Anthony Hall
... a qualifed accountant, who since leaving British Gas in 1998, has worked as a consultant, blending accountancy skills with those of learning and development. Anthony has worked with clients as far removed as Disney, Ministry of Defence and ASDA to name just a few.

His passion for learning, and the inspiration inspired by watching the development of his 3 children Alexandra, Charlotte and Zac, has led him to create The Fantums.

Anthony has brought together the best illustrators, script writers and digital animators to create a children's animated series that is intended to make the whole family roar with laughter.

Anthony is probably the world's first genuinely creative accountant !