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10-18-2012, 03:22 PM
Currency Exchange Business Ltd
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Foreign currency exchange is an integral and well-known procedure of modern-day lifestyle. In the international marketplace people and business will always have a need to change currencies. Most people and businesses do not understand exchange rates - what’s important is the amount received. If you have £1000 and want Euro’s, you want €1200 rather than €1150 …it’s as simple as that!

People and businesses are becoming more savvy and astute especially in the current financial climate. They are looking for a better deal or that extra few Euro’s or Dollars. They may compare some high street changers or use the Internet in their efforts to get ‘the best’ price but do not have the time or inclination for an extensive and thorough search. The only way to get any form of easy comparative rate at the moment is on-line. How good is this comparison? It only compares 10-15 companies (2-3 percent of the market) and their daily-advertised rates. How do you get to the other 97% of the market to search for the best rate? Unless you want to do a lot of phoning around or traipsing up and down many high streets (would take you days and probably still only find 10% of currency changers) - there isn’t a way to do it!

What is missing is a service that will offer an extensive search of, not only mainstream advertised rates, but also private companies, brokers and traders. A complete and fast service that will find the best rate without fuss or inconvenience. Currency Exchange Business Ltd (CEB) has developed a platform and portal for such a service and have access to hundreds of companies and brokers with whom we will negotiate ‘the best’ rate. A rate that is up to 5-10% better than high street and on-line rates with our unique and exclusive operation.

We will do everything for the client very quickly and also add the benefit of protection against loss, theft or fraud. All the client has to do is sit at home in front of their computer for 5 minutes and enter their exchange request and details. We do everything from there. There is nobody else offering such a service in this market. We will be the first, the biggest and the best!

I have looked at most of the pitches here (and previous ones) and they all have their own merits, objectives and potential but, for a minute or two, I want you to relax your brain. Walk away from this pitch and just forget about all of these investments..........are you back? Did you go and make a cup of tea or coffee? I hope so. Now, just imagine how things would be if you had invested all those years ago in an unknown start-up company like: Microsoft; Google; Youtube; Amazon; Apple; Ebay; Betfair; Facebook or Twitter (to name a few)! Your investment would have grown exponentially, maybe by 5000 or 10000 percent! But, where can you find such an opportunity today? Well, your first consideration must be 'Market Potential.' Can the market sector of the new company/product handle or accommodate exceptional growth? What is the market sector? What if you could find a product that has enormous growth potential and is in probably the biggest market sector in the world? Foreign currency exchange is such a market and this project has such potential. In the UK there are 55 million (avg.) journey's abroad every year which equates to £billions a year in currency exchange alone! This excludes commercial, business and other personal Forex. Would you like to be part of a company that has a unique and niche foreign currency product with the objective to capture 10-20% of the market (see market potential table)? The figures are somewhat mind-boggling but a reality.

So, what will make this business work? Well, apart from being in arguably the biggest financial market sector in the world with the continual growth and demand for foreign currency, it will be the drive and determination of the management team. This business is so unique and has so much to offer. You are not investing in some new technology or product you are investing in a sound, stable and established market product that is used every day in the business, personal and travel arena and will continue to be used tomorrow, next year and next decade. We have identified a niche market in currency exchange and we aim to be the first, the biggest and the best, I hope you come on-board for the journey!

The Introduction; BP; cash-flow; financials and team etc. are all explained and detailed herewith.

Many thanks for looking.

Exit Strategy

There are a number of options as the company should become a very strong cash generator and the diverse location of its income also makes tax efficient structuring a highly attractive aspect of any ownership structure and valuation.
In summary, the following options will be available:

Listing in 4 to 5 years
Trade sale in 2 to 3 years
Maintain private ownership with organic growth and global development – shareholders continue to receive dividends

About David Garbutt

My background is in finance starting in insurance and then to investments and foreign currency. I have an extensive sales and marketing background and diploma. My forté is probably in project/business development management. I have the aptitude to consider all parameters and make sure they coalesce and I have the ability to 'think of' and identify a new product or service then piece them all together and make things happen. Please see 'Management Team' in BP.

Share Types

This company is offering both A and B shares. If you invest more than £5000 you will receive A-shares which have full voting rights. If you invest less than £5000 you will receive B-shares which have no voting rights but are otherwise the same as A-shares.