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07-30-2012, 11:21 AM
Zip Cup: Ultra-Convenient Collapsible Travel Mug
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Zip Cup (patent pending) is the first truly convenient coffee cup.

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Conventional travel mugs are bulky, leaky and a pain to carry around all day. You might remember having a collapsible cup when you were a kid, but Zip Cup is different. Instead of relying on friction, Zip Cup has been engineered to safely extend via sophisticated locking/sealing mechanism. It holds a full size cup of hot coffee without leaking or dripping (when extended or collapsed).

More features:

Ultra-convenient: collapses to fit in your pocket or bag
Versatile: holds 16 oz. (coffee shop size medium) hot or cold beverages on the go
Safe: Reinforced locking system means no leakage in your bag--uses the same technology used on spaceships and submarines
Stylish: eye-catching design available in a range of cool colors and customizable designs (coming soon)
Eco-friendly: BPA-free and recyclable
Pays for itself: save 10-25 cents on every cup of coffee you buy
We invented Zip Cup because we were looking for this product, and it didn't exist.

Zip Cup solves two problems:

Problem #1 - Conventional travel mugs are bulky and cumbersome to lug around all day. They can also be leaky, messy and hard to clean.
Problem #2 - We throw away 58 billion paper cups in the US each year, which amounts to a disgusting amount of waste. We know we should carry a reusable cup...but...(see Problem #1)

Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to squeeze a travel mug into a small bag or your pocket? Felt bad about tossing a paper cup after using it for just 10 minutes? Had a paper cup unceremoniously slosh hot coffee into your face or trousers?

If so, please welcome Zip Cup into your life. It's a turbocharged version of the flimsy collapsing cup you may have had as a kid -- now with safe locking mechanisms, spillproof sealing and stylish design. When collapsed, a 16 oz. Zip Cup is approximately the size of a pair of socks, and a 12 oz. collapsed Zip Cup is about the size of a hockey puck.

The Zip Cup team has spent years perfecting Zip Cup, bringing it from idea to reality. Itís finally ready for production -- the first round of Zip Cups will be produced at 16 oz. (coffee shop size medium) and we will soon add more sizes.

We have invested heavily in engineering, design and prototyping. Our Indiegogo goal will fund the final costs of preparing Zip Cup for production--primarily factory tooling.

The best news is that if you support Zip Cup on Indiegogo, at almost every level you actually get at least one Zip Cup, below-retail prices. You can think of it as a discounted pre-order, a way to stock up on inventive gifts for the coffee or tea drinkers in your life. We're even offering a limited number of Zip Cups for just $15, which is a whopping 40% discount from retail price.

Based on market research we are confident that we will reach our goal on Indiegogo. And if we fall short, we have alternate financing options to pursue so that we can fulfill our campaign perks.

Zip Cup will have an immediate environmental impact: if you help us hit our goal and get Zip Cup in the hands of just 5,000 daily coffee drinkers, we can prevent over 1.8 million paper cups from getting trashed next year, saving 20,000 gallons of water.