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07-14-2015, 04:16 PM
Hi to everyone. I am Alexis Georgiou from Cyprus. I am 27 years old. From the age of 14 I've wanted to produce electronic music (starting from harddance,trance and now EDM) and the last five years I actually begun to produce EDM. I've been working for the last 2 years and finally I gathered some money to go and study EDM production in the SAE Amsterdam. It's a six months course and from what I've read they cover a pretty interesting and professional spectrum of information that certainly can't be learned from youtube videos although I did my fair amount of research. I know that many of us share the same dream of learning edm production but don't have the resources to do so, so I'm willing to share many if not all PROFESSIONAL information I can get from a Professional course with you. Here is where I need your help and in return I have some (hopefully) interesting rewards. I have created a small site(with my extremely limited knowledge on building a website) where with your help I can fund my study in Amsterdam. I have to raise almost €8000 since my laptop is from 2008, money for accomodation and necessities and some of the money for the course payment. If you are interested take a moment to look at the rewards since many of you would be really interested. I'm also open for suggestions and questions from all of you. Feel free to contact me privately or on this thread. I promise everyone will get an answer since it's the first time I'm taking this course of action due to economic needs and I really need your support. This is the site: https://fundadreamcourse.ecwid.com/ (https://fundadreamcourse.ecwid.com/) This is my Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/hliebmy twitter account @allexiofficial and my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/alex.georgiou.140 Thanks for ALL your support and hopefully we can make this work (I'll post this thread on other forums also so if you come across other posts feel free to share your thoughts anywhere) PS: the site works with paypal and if during payment you are requested to write a billing address you could just write anything but please add your email so I can send you the rewards. I'll be updating you as much as I can on how much money we've raised :)

07-15-2015, 08:09 AM

I was circling the forum to promote my new project and suddenly I read your story.
I'm the director of a new music producer and promoter, so you may be interested. Please take a look at the official website:


And please let me take advantage of your post and share my crowdfunding page:


We are planning to get a rehearsal studio for new musicians.

Thank you!