View Full Version : HUGO BROYLER - a high-speed, sci-fi, grindhouse graphic novel

Mike Kennedy
07-20-2015, 05:34 PM
Hi everyone,

Please check out our newest graphic novel project on Kickstarter, HUGO BROYLER, a fast-paced future-noir thriller, featuring a murderer's row of top comic industry artists from around the world.


If you are into comics, you will likely recognize some of the super-start artists attached to the project, including : EDUARDO RISSO (100 Bullets) RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE (American Vampire, Blue Beetle) LEANDRO FERNANDEZ (Punisher, Hulk, The Names) MARCELO FRUSIN (Hellblazer, Loveless) GERMAN PERALTA (Moon Knight, Axis: Carnage) MAX FIUMARA (BPRD, Abe Sapien) RENATO GUEDES (Wolverine, Superman) CAIO OLIVEIRA (Super-Ego, No More Heroes) BENGAL (Batgirl, Naja) DJET (Poet Anderson) MATTEO DE LONGIS (VOX) FRANCISCO RUIZ VELASCO (Pacific Rim, Hellboy) NATHAN FOX (DMZ, Haunt, Blue Estate) BEN CALDWELL (Prez, Dare Detectives) BEN TEMPLESMITH (30 Days of Night, Wormwood, Squidder) ZACH HOWARD (Wild Blue Yonder, The Cape) DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON (Ghost Fleet, Space Mullet) BRYNDON EVERETT (The World of Cassyno).

We're not looking for much, but can use all the help we can get! This is a blockbuster style action thriller filled with amazing artists from the comics world, and we really need support!