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07-31-2012, 09:18 AM
Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case
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With Yellow Jacket, you'll never be unprotected again.

Yellow Jacket has been designed as the world's first smartphone defense case. We intend to protect both the user and the smartphone from harm. The case contains a 650K volt stun gun capable of taking down an attacker. Yellow Jacket also has it's own external battery, capable of giving the smartphone up to 20 ADDITIONAL HOURS of standby BATTERY LIFE.


While creating this product, we realized that this would be a device people would place next to their face. Because of this, CREATING A SAFE PRODUCT WAS THE NUMBER ONE FOCUS OF OUR DESIGN TEAM. Yellow Jacket features a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap, both intended to prevent accidental discharge. In less than a second, a user can disable these safety mechanisms by moving the switch forward, rotating the cap downward and then be ready to press the activation button to fire the electrodes and be prepared to confront an assailant. The smartphone is securely snapped into Yellow Jacket's inside housing assembly, and the rubber sleeve then wraps around the device, giving Yellow Jacket a smoother look, feel and added protection to your smartphone.


Yellow Jacket is charged through the same charging cord as the matching smartphone model. The first Yellow Jacket model is for the iPhone 4 & 4S, so in this case, an iPhone phone charger could be plugged into Yellow Jacket. As previously stated, Yellow Jacket is capable of extending your smartphone's battery life by up to 20 additional hours. A switch on the bottom is capable of alternating Yellow Jacket's battery from standby power of the stun gun to actively powering the smartphone. Also by switching this device to powering the iPhone and plugging the device in, the iPhone can be charged without requiring removal from the device.


The size and weight of Yellow Jacket was of second most concern behind the safety features of the product. Yellow Jacket is very comparable in size to an Otter Box Defender or Mophie Juice Pack. Coming in around 1" in thickness, it adds another 3/8" in heighth and nothing in the form of width. The device weighs approximately 4 ounces, and when coupled with an iPhone comes in at 8 ounces, keeping the device impressively light. Overall, Yellow Jacket in no way hinders a user from one handed operation or extended periods of time holding the device.


When the time comes, Yellow Jacket must work and must be effective. We have designed Yellow Jacket to work in an intense, life threatening situation. The shock Yellow Jacket delivers is incapacitating and capable of inflicting pain and injury, but the effects are temporary and a victim will recover in a matter of minutes. We have also designed Yellow Jacket to be out of sight and out of mind unless that situation. Simply put, Yellow Jacket is there when you need it, and safely stored when you don't.


Your Yellow Jacket defense case is scheduled to arrive in early September. We appreciate your patience during this pre-order phase of our business. If there is a way to produce and ship them to you sooner than September then we will find a way to do it.


We will be sending an email to you as the campaign comes to a close in order to determine the color of your Yellow Jacket and/or your T-shirt size. If we do not get a response from you in a reasonable amount of time we will send you a black Yellow Jacket and a medium sized T-shirt.

07-31-2012, 09:59 AM
I guess this indicates how concerned many are about their personal security.


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