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Lelocks Trent
07-31-2012, 11:03 PM
What a cool idea!

Uwingu-A New Way to Fund Space Exploration, Research, and Education
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Reaching for The Sky

Uwingu, which means “sky” in Swahili, is a small start-up company, consisting of astronomers, planetary scientists, former space program executives, and educators who passionately want to create new ways for space exploration, research, and education to be funded.

Let’s face it, in many ways the political process that funds space exploration, research, and education is broken. This was poignantly highlighted last year by deep cuts proposed to NASA's education programs, and this year by the deep cuts made to planetary science and exploration projects in the President’s NASA budget. And that's not all, it seems like every year there are threats, and many years they materialize as budget cuts.

When those budget cuts happen, like this year, good programs and researchers often have nowhere to turn for funds.

We at Uwingu are extremely concerned about cuts to NASA, and we're taking action. So we’re working on some projects—still under wraps—that we plan to launch beginning this fall.

Our objective is for those projects to generate a new, private sector funding source of millions or even tens of millions of dollars annually for space exploration, space research, and space education projects of all kinds.

First, though, we need to raise at least $75,000 in start-up capital to bring our first project to market, launch its marketing campaign, and fund its operations.

Would you help us turn our ambitions into accomplishments by pitching in with a donation that will help us get launched?

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Thank you!