View Full Version : International Short Film about music and life

Simeon Geyer
03-08-2016, 06:18 AM
Hey guys,

first of all I want to say thank you for all the amazing posts, information and help you guys offer.
I just joined recently and read through as much as I could and only wish I'd done so earlier...

I'am a filmmaker / DoP and I'm currently working on an international short film with incredibly talented guys from all over the world. So far we are 18 main team members from 11 countries but since none of us is blessed with never ending financial resources we are trying to fund a part of this project through crowd funding. The rest will be covered by film funding from London, UK and Berlin, Germany.

To give you a short idea what the film is about we wrote up a log line.
"After the death of her abusive father a struggling artist runs away, to find love and ultimately her own voice."

Why should you back our campaign? What do you get out of this?
We want to tell a story, that not only appeals to musicians but touches many peoples lives. In return we are offering to involve every backer into the process of creating a high quality film. We are running a production blog where we give honest insight into the process. Not a glossy making of video, that shows how awesome we are but rather a diary of everyone working on this project. We are talking about our thoughts, our failures our success. And of course there are nice gimmicks and give aways we through in there as well.

If I caught your interest head over to the kickstarter campaign to get much more information and details about the whole journey: