View Full Version : The Hail Veil-Specially Designed to Reduce Hail Damage from your vehicle

Michelle Ramirez
05-23-2016, 12:01 PM
My name is Michelle Ramirez and i am the daughter of Darla Johnson, the creator of this new invention called The Hail Veil. Its specially designed to reduce hail damage for your vehicle. I first came up with the idea about 8 years ago when living in Austin, Texas. I was watching the weather on the news (it was one of the first storms of the season) and they were saying Hail in the forecast. We had just moved into our new house in the hill country so my car and alot of boxes were still in the garage. Problem was my two daughters were living with me and both of their cars were in the driveway. I remember thinking to myself why isn't there a product available that I can put over the car to reduce damage caused from the hail. Needless to say after much research there really wasn't anything out there that was affordable and easy to use. So I ventured out to figure out a way to make something light enough, small enough and efficiant enough that everyone can use. It has been a journey but we are finally ready to introduce to the world, The Hail Veil!!

We just launched our kickstarter campaign today and I am trying to spread the word as I am in charge of all social media and the kickstarter campaign. I came across this forum on a blog I read and I am looking forward to any help or input on how to get more pledges! Please check out our page and let me know what you think!!