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Jorgen Albrecht
06-03-2016, 08:07 AM

First let me introduce myself, so you get to know the person behind this kickstarter project.

My name is Jorgen and i live together with my girlfriend for about 2 years now. After 2 years living together in our appartment ment we decided to build a house together to start our life long future.

When we first met she said to me she had ( in her eyes ) a strange hobby, and she didn't want to tell me right now because she was ashamed of herself. After convincing her she told me ( after a few days ) she was writing a book, nothing big she said. I felt like she had not much confidence about it so i asked her if there was a chance that i could read it, actually i am not reader at all , i had never read a book in my life. But because she was so mysterious about it i really wanted to read it. She sended me the first chapter trough email. In the email she wrote this message : "Don't find me weird because i am writing a book, its just a thing I do when i am bored". I READ THE WHOLE FIRST CHAPTER IN ONE GO!

After a couple of hours i sended her a text message I finished the first chapter. She said i was lying because she couldn't believe i read it so fast.

I was amazed how good it was! for a guy like me that never read a book i suprised even myself that i read the chapter in one go.

To make a long story short, after many times convincing her to read another chapter, i read the whole book ( allready +- 300 pages ) and i was even more amazed.

Why did i started this kickstarter project? In the two years we are living together, she had 3 appointments with a publisher. But when it was time to leave the appartment she got panic attacks, she started doubting herself, her book and everything she was confidenced about an hour before. She thinks they are going to laugh at her, break the book down and reject her. She is afraid to get rejected so I want to give her the chance to do it all by herself. But with the house we are building it is for me a bit tricky to do it without her noticing it.

I want to give her with this kickstarter the start she deserves and that she knows that not only me is supporting her, but you all that fund this project, to get her confidence to get it all on the right track !

Thank you all!

I would be ever gratefull if this is a succes

Link to the Kickstarter -> Here (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1794044047/naturalia-young-adult-book-surprise-for-my-girlfri)

Jorgen Albrecht
06-03-2016, 08:43 AM

Little update i forgot to tell you all about. She even has a whole idea about making a second book. she told he about what she wanted to do and it will be amazing to.

BUT she said to me she doubts that her first book wil be ever published.... Oh i hate her lack of confidence because the book that she already has written is amazing and i will walk over fire if her book will not be a success ....

So please guys help funding my project , or my feet will hurt ;)