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08-01-2012, 09:56 AM
Investment target:£ 100,000
Equity offered: 20%


Dizzyjam provides a print-on-demand system, allowing music artists to have an online merchandise store without any cost, or having to deal with issues of stock, distribution or payment processing. Bands upload their artwork to Dizzyjam and create online shops which they then share with their fans. When we receive an order for merchandise we print and dispatch it, then send the profits to the artist.
It's a proven business model that is making money for us and for the thousands of artists who are already using our system.
While the music industry struggles to find revenue from record sales, merchandise is becoming ever more important to the income of artists across the spectrum. Over $1billion was spent on music merchandise last year, with a clear and continuing upward trend. Our fundamental understanding of the market gives us a significant competitive advantage over the generic print-on-demand services that are avoided by most bands due to their poor product quality or lack of understanding of musicians’ specific needs.

We have already built a user base of over 2500 bands worldwide, including six UK Top Ten acts, and a third of our sales are exported (the majority to the USA, a market we're very keen to foster). Our business model is very scalable and we are projecting annual revenues of £2million by the end of year three.

We intend to make Dizzyjam the first port of call as the leading merchandising service for any artist, anywhere in the world, who wants to generate revenue from their merchandise. With the extensive web technology Dizzyjam has developed we will also expand horizontally taking advantage of other niche markets that require promotional merchandise or printing services on a low capital investment, sell to order function such as universities, societies or sports clubs. We have already developed one such site which is due to launch in August. Your shares will include all of these offshoots.

We are also in the process of negotiating partnerships with a number of key suppliers and relevant services to increase our membership and reach. We have recently worked with MySpace on their merchandise for the Camden Crawl, and we're a sponsor of Swn Festival.

We have proven our business model, and are now seeking investment to help us fully take advantage of this exciting moment and establish market dominance. Dizzyjam is seeking £100,000 to enable us to promote intelligently to our huge potential market. Every penny will go on growing the business. Having already invested thousands of pounds, the founders are committed to building Dizzyjam into a world-beating company, and with your investment we are incredibly confident we will turn it into a multi-million pound enterprise. We intend to exit with a high valuation sale within 5 years.
Invest in Dizzyjam today. Help us grow our exciting company, and own your share in our future success. We've grown 50% in the last two months, and have some very exciting plans.

About Neil Cocker, Dafydd Griffiths, Milen Nedev

The management team currently consists of Directors Neil Cocker, Dafydd Griffiths and Milen Nedev.
Neil is an entrepreneur with several creative enterprises under his belt. As a co-founder of one of Wales most successful record labels, a board member of the Welsh Music Foundation, a global touring artist, and having orchestrated a campaign for a Top Ten hit, Neil has a very clear understanding of the thinking of those in the independent music sector, as well as a commercially clear and driven mindset.
Dafydd was a key staff member of the world’s oldest music shop, Spillers Records, for eight years and has developed an empathy with both the fans of bands and what drives them to make retail decisions. Dafydd has also been a key member of successful bands that would have used a business like Dizzyjam if the service had been available.
Milen is the founder and managing director of MTR Design, an agile web development agency. Throughout the years Milen has won, directed, and successfully completed a number of web projects for clients such as British Gas, BAA, Channel 4, River Cottage, The Telegraph, ExxonMobil and Jamie Oliver.

08-01-2012, 11:13 AM
Hi Randy,

Thanks very much for posting about us here. Very kind!

We're really happy to hear any thoughts or comments from anyone. Feel free to drop us a line via info@ or via the PM system on this forum.



08-02-2012, 09:05 AM
Hey, thanks for stopping by. Seems like you have a nice little business plan put together. Can you tell me how this business differs from those like Cafepress? From the £100,000 you raise, how will it be broken down to benefit the company?

Lelocks Trent
08-02-2012, 09:33 PM
What do you mean by "UK Top Ten acts"?

08-06-2012, 08:46 AM
What do you mean by "UK Top Ten acts"?

Artists or acts that have had singles or albums in the top ten of the UK charts.

For example, Toploader and Utah Saints, both of whom have shops with us.

As for how we differ from Cafepress - from a production point of view we're very similar. As far as the artists signed up to us are concerned we're providing them with a much better, and more focussed service. We provide tools that are relevant to them (e.g MP3 uploads) that they won't get on very generic sites like Cafepress. Plus, we concentrate on providing music-specific, excellent quality products, rather than flood them with low-grade options like g-strings and very thin cotton t-shirts. We will take this approach to the other markets we intend to work in.

A full breakdown of how we intend to work with the investment is downloadable from our pitch on Crowdcube.com.

Hope that helps!


08-07-2012, 10:06 AM
Great responses. That's pretty impressive that you have those big names. How did you go about marketing to them, or do you have inside connections with the UK music industry? Do you plan on having further rounds of funding in the future or will this be the only round?

08-07-2012, 04:40 PM
Great responses. That's pretty impressive that you have those big names. How did you go about marketing to them, or do you have inside connections with the UK music industry? Do you plan on having further rounds of funding in the future or will this be the only round?

Hi Fred,

The community was seeded by our music industry contacts, as that's our background, but the vast, vast majority has come through word of mouth. We like to think that the great service we provide is what encourages people to spread the word on our behalf, as well as the natural "viral" nature of our service, as bands promote their Dizzyjam shops to their fans (some of whom will be in bands etc themselves).

We've done basically no marketing because we really have no time among all the shirt printing! I'd be surprised if we'd spent £1000 over the last two years on marketing. Much of the investment budget will be set aside to market the company to the millions of bands worldwide who could use our service.


08-08-2012, 09:30 AM
Thanks Neil. I am considering an investment :)