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08-01-2012, 10:19 AM
Hannah Harber- The Be Free EP
This project will only be funded if at least $4,000 is pledged by Friday Aug 31, 12:00pm EDT


After years of writing, erasing, writing some more, sharing the stage with a handful of incredibly talented musicians and all-around amazing people, and lending my songs or my voice on various projects...it's time to make my first EP! Although, each one of these songs came from my heart, an endless amount of people are responsible for the inspiration behind it, and that synergy and love will hopefully be carried over into creating it.
As an independent artist, I have a great amount of freedom to create music with sincerity and honesty...music that I'm proud of that's built from my thoughts, prayers, wrestling with life, and awe for creation. However, I count it a blessing to be able to launch this Kickstarter with the idea in mind that this music is in no way an independent endeavor. I need YOU!
With your help, I'll be able to record, mix, and master the EP along with pressing physical copies, and pay the musicians and team making it possible at Sun Hill Studios in Gainesville. Iíve prayerfully considered every cent that will go into creating this EP and whole heartedly believe we are capable of finishing the project with $4,000. Starting today until August 31st, you can join me in creating my first independent release. Your help can come in one of two ways:
1) Choose a package at the right and help me fund the project. Iíve put together a few packages that I think youíll dig...or if you have something else in mind and would like to negotiate a custom package of some sort Iím definitely open for input... although Kickstarter wonít actually let you give me ten million bucks (darn it). The idea that youíd give up a couple cups of fancy coffee, or a couple brews, or would dig for change in your best friendís couch to have one of those packages makes me incredibly grateful.
2) Spread the word. Positive word of mouth is just as helpful with this project and for independent artists in general. Sharing it on your Facebook, blasting it to the Twitter-verse, emailing your friends who are music lovers, etc will help me immeasurably. If the $4,000 isnít raised by August 31st, no donations will be given, no packages will be sent, and no EP will be made...Please help me get the word out.
Ultimately...THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to check out this site... for sharing your hearts and maybe even a few of your dollars... for your incredibly motivating love and the beautiful reminder that I've been given songs to dig up from myself for a reason. The dreams of my heart couldn't be realized without you and I'm so humbled and grateful for the chance to see them come to life.
Let's make an EP!