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11-25-2012, 11:45 AM
Bike Leasing Company Ltd
Investment Target: 100,000


Bike Leasing Company is a, revenue-generating, high-margin, premium bike leasing business.
We are poised for rapid and sustained growth.
We provide the most economical way for enthusiasts to ride premium bikes (2-8k RRP), especially those who regularly like to trade up to the latest models.
Margins of 48-60% are achieved through revenue generated from the lease itself and end of lease sales.
We have 20+ signed manufacturers who appreciate this new on-line route to market. The model is proven to work with both individual and business customers.
We have applied for SEIS pre-approval and have made some progress to this end with the inland revenue.
They have requested some further information and we hope to gain this approval in the coming weeks.
Investment is required for us to market our proposition and gain market share.
We want to create a snowball effect of cyclists adopting leasing as a means to enjoy their hobby to the full.

Exit Strategy

Bike Leasing Company is expected to become a purchase target of existing large companies in the sector, both in the UK and overseas, as well as leasing companies in other sectors.

About Paul Mander-O Beirne

As well as being a keen cyclist and entrepreneur myself, I have a vested interest in making premium bikes more affordable - it's the only way my family will permit me to enjoy my hobby to the full!
I have 20+ years of experience of solving operational problems for businesses across multiple industry sectors, multiple nationalities and varying sizes.
I have project managed business transformation and performance improvement projects that have brought about significant success and growth for those businesses.
I see challenges as opportunities, and have the determination to succeed.
I have brought in Martin Naylor, to further enhance the management team. He is an experienced strategic marketing professional who has held European leadership roles in marketing, business development and analysis functions.
He has been a Chartered Marketer since 2003 and has deep strategic-marketing knowledge. Martinis multi-lingual and has worked across B2B sectors including Finance, Banking Technology & Recruitment. B2C work has included Insurance, Leasing, Cinema and Hospitality.

We have an international team supporting us with marketing and graphic design roles as well as web development.

12-07-2012, 11:40 AM
Interesting concept that works well with cars and vans.

premium bikes (2-8k RRP Wow, I remember the last bike I bought was about 200, though that was some time ago. I guess these ones are very much at the top end of the market.