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05-06-2017, 08:19 AM
Hi! I am Alba Collado, and, like many Interpreting students, I had to juggle speech-providing platforms, with a recorder, printed self-evaluation sheets copied from a book, excel/word-created glossaries, and the availability of other people in order to assess myself and test my recently learnt vocabulary. How would it be possible to go through this process independently? Why wasn’t there an easy-to-use application available, that would allow all of the aforementioned factors to be united in an all-in-one platform?

This question frustrated me throughout my studies, and while I was writing my final thesis I set my mind to design such a tool. My tutor loved the idea, yet she thought it was too big a project for a graduate paper, so she advised me to keep it and see if in the future I wanted to make it my PhD thesis. Those were my initial steps in the formation of my idea.

I put my sketches in a drawer, graduated and jumped into the working world.

Some years later, while living in Hamburg (Germany), I shared an apartment with a brilliant Computer Engineer with whom I quickly became friends. One night, talking about our dreams and aspirations and how we imagined our future, I shared with him this vision of a self-learning platform for interpreters and how I wished I could implement it someday, and to my surprise, he took a great interest in the idea. He encouraged me to pursue this dream, and not only offered to build it, but also added some great ideas to make it more attractive through gamification. I though at the time that it was just talk between roommates, but a week later we were checking if there was something similar to this on the market, one month later we had acquired interpretame.com and stepped into the exciting path that brought us here today. My partner is Marco Antonio Pajares, with whom I have been working with for the last two years.

After quit my job i am investing 1000% of my time on my dream

Campaign: https://igg.me/at/interpretame
WebSite: https://www.interpretame.com