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08-02-2012, 10:09 AM
DishClips Mobile App - Food Porn
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Have you ever been to a restaurant, looked at the menu and couldn't decide what to order? How about getting your food and being surprised or dissaapointed? Well with out app that won't happen. Millions of foodies around the US will sharing their favorite dishes using 17 second of video on our app and you can too. Now you can see your food before you order and then share that food exprience with your friends and millions of foodies everywhere. That's the app we're building and that's why we need your help.

Who are we?

DishClips is dedicated to revolutionizing the way diners discover, experience, and share restaurant dishes. We've had thousands of foodies asking us to create a mobile app so they can express and share their own food experience using video. We've designed and developed our first iPhone app and are beta testing it now. But we need your help. We need to develop additional back-end components and beef up our infrastructure to provide a great user experience. As you know, video applications take up a lot of bandwidth and processing so our current setup just won't do.

What We Need

We need your help and your support! Every dollar goes to funding that creates jobs in our local community. Your money will directly assist with the following:

$10000 for remaining API components and cloud computing infrastructure
$10000 for development of our iPhone application
$10000 for the development of our Android application
With any money left over, we can promote the app, build better infrastructure, and continue to improve and update the website and apps.
The Impact

Since the start, we've been dedicated to creating an application that will help diners find new and exciting dishes, not just restaurants. We believe video is the tool to do that. At just about any restaurant, there's at least one dish that you'll love and DishClips intends to make that easy to find.

Other Ways You Can Help

Firstly, you're awesome for wanting to help. Pledging funds, however, is only the first step for getting the app launched. Here are some of the ways you could help us tremendously:

Download our upcoming app: Stay tuned and be a part of the revolution. Download our application and use it to share your favorite dishes with your friends and the world.
Rate us honestly and constructively so we can build a better app for you
Tell us how we can create a better way for discover, experience and share new food. We're always listening and want to make sure we're living up to our committments.
Become a beta tester of our app. We're always looking for more beta testers. Thank you!
Lastly, spread the word about our app and use it to share your food experiences with your friends and family