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Lelocks Trent
08-02-2012, 06:22 PM
SymbeeStars - iOS controlled LED lighting
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What are SymbeeStars?

SymbeeStars are the nightlight of the future. They are battery operated, super low power lights that you can stick to any surface and control with your iPhone 4s, iPad3 or optional remote - with more Bluetooth 4.0 devices being added (Android is around the corner).

SymbeeStars have beautiful interchangeable shades and full color light capability. They are as much beautiful accenting light as anything else. They can be programmed to shift colors, pulse and glow, and fade out over time (perfect for your sleepless child). With the onboard audio sensor SymbeeStars also keep a log of your child's nightly waking activity (accessible on your mobile device).

How SymbeeStars help you with your sleepless child

As parents, we all know that repetitive, soothing stimuli help transition a child to sleep. SymbeeStars provide soft illumination that can follow a preset or user-definable pattern. These lights can slowly dim over time as your child nears sleep. Every aspect is customizable, such as the pattern you choose or the time frame for the dimming.

For toddlers and older children, Symbee Stars can be that comforting light but with a truly magical edge. Imagine falling to sleep as you watch a wash of blue/green watery glow travel from one sea creature to the next, then back again, like a gentle current of water. Want to save on some battery life? Have these dim as your child falls asleep, then softly turn on again if your child wakes. The on-board microphone is ready and listening for your child, and doesnít waste battery life keeping the lights on all night.

<Geek Alert!>
Humans are hard-wired to respond to patterns in nature. Think of a candleís flame: long, fluid lines are interspersed with flickers and waves. Fluid dynamics are not random behavior either. Symbee Stars light patterns imitate these natural phenomenon because we know organic patterns that are a mid-point between order and randomness are preferred by humans. (Hagerhall, et al., 2008)

I don't have a sleepless child - what else can I do with SymbeeStars?

Don't have any young kids? Do you love beautiful lighting? Are you a gamer? musician? laserium fan? Like cool hi-tech stuff? Need an awesome party light? Want to add some hi-tech coolness to your dorm room? Then SymbeeStars are for YOU.

The possible applications of SymbeeStars are amazingly diverse.

Turn your house or garden into a beautiful space. You could use them for precisely controlled decorative lighting in your home, or fill your patio with fireflies to create a romantic space.

Being able to control your lights from your iPhone means your lights can interact with any application that is Symbee enabled. Imagine SymbeeStars on your walls coming to life in response to the games and books your child experiences on the iPad. Enjoy mood lighting that customizes itself to the music you are listening to on your iphone or ambient simulations like sunsets and rain.

Why not have interactive spooky lights this Halloween or beautiful seasonal lighting for the Holidays? SymbeeStars will be your favorite decoration year round.

SymbeeStars are an exciting platform to develop on, and Symbeeco is enthusiastically dedicated to making the platform readily available to developers for a host of application possibilities.

Here is a partial list of some of the things that can be made possible with SymbeeStars iOS applications:

- Symbee lights react in response to room ambiance
- SymbeeStars interac with click and explore apps
- SymbeeStars to monitor sleep habits
- SymbeeStars real time light shows in response to music from your iPhone or iPad
- SymbeeStars color based image morphing
- SymbeeStars lettering effects

SymbeeStars are a playground for developers!

I don't have a smartphone. Can I still use these lights?

Excellent question - Yes. Put in batteries, stick SymbeeStars to any wall (with the provided 3M command strips) and they work. A simple tap will turn them on and they will automatically fade out over time (to preserve battery life). Use our optional remote control to control brightness, pulsing patterns, colors and fade out options. Devices are already positioned to handle BlueTooth4.0, so sometime in the near future many more mobile devices will be able to control SymbeeStars.

These sound pretty complicated to set up. How do I get them working?

We put a lot of effort into making SymbeeStars zero effort for you! SymbeeStars work right out of the box. Download the app from the App Store, and youíre ready to go. If you donít have (or donít want to use) an iDevice, use the optional remote control. There are no IP addresses, no passwords, no configuration. Itís that easy.

08-03-2012, 03:17 AM
Neat, a cool idea that's sure to appeal to all age groups. :)