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08-03-2012, 01:38 AM
How many "personal" ventures are successful? It's got to be difficult to get things like this funded, no matter how good a cause it's going to...


Carbon in today’s society is a dirty word. Carbon footprint = dirty, carbon tax = even dirtier, carbon emissions = a big no no. My mission? To rid the world of this dirty word, or at least give my best efforts in trying. How? By doing my job! I work for the government, my job is a give grant funding to Australian manufacturers to undertake projects to lower their carbon emissions and to fund new carbon friendly products. Think new technologies, exciting projects, cleaner and greener methods of operating and innovative solutions. Clean Technology solutions are still very much in their infancy, my aim is to equip myself the best I can to help business successfully implement these projects.

Send me to the European Clean Technology and Investments Conference in London, to equip me with the cutting edge developments in the clean technology sector to best help Australia transition into a low carbon economy. This conference brings the best and brightest from around to world to discuss and learn about clean tecnologies on a global scale.

An article published in Australia Manufacturing Monthly on 7 June 2012 “Australian manufactures lagging in clean technology race” states that Australia is ranked 26th in the manufacture of clean technology products. Help me bring Australia into the forefront of the race and become a real contender in clean energy technology! The issues and challenges surrounding clean technology are on a global scale, making a connection between the common issues faced by Australia and the world will be a crucial step in moving forward in a low carbon economy.


• Learning about the main issues and challenges that are impacting the development and implementation of clean technologies around the world.
• Engaging with industry leaders and experts in the clean technology field through networking and discussion panels.
•Interactively working through case studies of current clean technology projects with other conference attendees.
• Actively participating in practical workshops
•Learning about new technologies and companies producing clean energy products

About me: I have a degree in Laser Physics and am always seeking answers, or better solutions, to....well prettty much anything. I’m passionate about making a difference, about shifting with the needs of the globe on a. economic and environmental scale and putting my best efforts forward to creating a positive change.

What your money goes towards? The cost of attending the conference ($1,200 AUD) plus airfare (Sydney to London) and basic accommodation. I am only looking to cover the essentials for what I need, “extras” will come out of my own pocket which shows that I am serious about this proposal and not just looking for a free ride.

* perks will be actioned on the event of meeting my funding goal